Secrets from the Day Spa Salon

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Lucy loves going to the Day Spa to get her hair and nails done. It is the best Salon in town and it is THE place to go if you want to hear all the latest gossip. Lucy is a curvaceous blonde with hair down to her shoulders. She takes great pride in her appearance. Therefore; the Day Spa is the only place in town to go if you want an exceptional job done. Every hair dresser holds a masters license in cosmetology. All the manicurists and pedicurists are specialists at their trade, but Larry is the most skilled of all the nail specialists. Everyone wants him to do their nails and only settles for one of the other nail specialists if he is unavailable for an appointment. Larry is always solidly booked and it is next to impossible to book with him. Lucy and a few of his regular clients are smart enough to have standing weekly appointments with Larry. Lucy’s appointment is every Wednesday is at ten o’clock. One week he does her manicure and the next week he does her pedicure. When she needs a hair appointment, she usually books with a hair dresser on another day or after her appointment with Larry.

Larry is a tall slender black man who is of average height and weight. He is a fairly handsome man and everyone assumes Larry is gay because of his occupation. People often think that men who do nails are almost always gay. His business is booming so he plays along and acts the part of a gay nail specialist. He comments on all the women’s fashions and hairdos. They love that he is gay and feel free to talk girl talk in front of him. Larry is considered one of the girls so no topic is out of bounds among the girls that get their nails done there. Larry especially enjoys when they talk about their recent lovers. They talk freely about the size of their lovers and how many orgasms they have while making love with their husbands, boyfriends, and in some cases strangers that they have taken to their beds.

Since Larry is presumed gay, the women are not as vigilant to block him from seeing up their dress when they are sitting for a pedicure. While giving a pedicure Larry is often treated to unobstructed views of their panties and in some cases their bare pussies. As far as his clients are concerned, he’s just one of the girls so it doesn’t really matter.

Lucy is always raging to her husband about how great Larry is at his work, but her husband thinks nothing of it because Larry is gay. Why would he be jealous of his wife praising the work of a gay man? Lucy looks forward to her pedicure because Larry always ends it with a magnificent foot massage and a wonderful massage to her calves. He wraps her legs and feet in a steaming hot towel for awhile then uses hot stones to massage her feet and calves. The stone massage is followed by a manual massage of the same area. He uses his fingers to massage deep into the tissue and he massages each toe individually. He makes a sawing motion with his fingers between each toe and pinches each toe individually. It always gives Lucy chills when he does her feet. On many occasions she almost had an orgasm during the foot massage. Larry intuitively always seems to stop just before her orgasm crests; just before it sends her into convulsions. She is always tempted to ask him to continue until she goes over the edge, but is afraid a powerful orgasm would be embarrassing to explain. She always leaves her pedicure appointment needing more and usually goes straight home to masturbate. Her husband usually gets a big unexpected sexual surprise each night after her pedicure appointment. It never occurs to him to wonder why.

Lucy and Larry always engage in idle conversation during her manicure or pedicure. They chat about anything and everything. The topic varies from time to time. Today the conversation centers on travel and Larry happens to mention he is going to Kansas City for a week. Lucy tells him that she and her husband go to Kansas City a couple of times a year just to get away and to shop. Larry informs her that he plans to spend a week relaxing and maybe do some shopping.

“I wish I were going with you. I could use the time to shop and see the sites. What do you think, Larry? Would you mind if I went with you?” Lucy remarks; thinking of him as just one of her girlfriends.

“What would your husband think about us traveling overnight to Kansas City together?”

“Nothing I suppose. My neighbor, Karen, and I take overnight trips all the time. I will even pay for the gas. You can drop me at one of the hotels and I can rent a car to get around town. You can pick me up when you are ready to return.”

“Well it’s fine with me if it’s okay with your husband. I would enjoy having company on the drive up there and back.”

“Okay, give me the dates for the trip suadiye escort and I will inform my husband.”

Lucy’s husband has no problem with Lucy driving to Kansas City with a gay man. He sees it as nothing different than going with one of her girlfriends. Larry makes the hotel reservations and Lucy spends the next couple of days gathering her wardrobe for the trip. When Larry arrives, Lucy’s husband loads her luggage into the car and wishes them a safe trip. He makes Larry promise he will take good care of Lucy.

Several hours later they check into the Marriot Hotel in downtown Kansas City. Their rooms are on the eight-floor across the hall from each other. Lucy is tired from the drive and decides to take a nap before going to dinner. Larry tells her he will pick her up at six o’clock for dinner. She asks him to make it seven o’clock so she would have time for a shower.

Larry made reservations at the Golden Ox, a restaurant near the famous Kansas City Stockyards. They each order a thick steak and a loaded baked potato. Larry orders a bottle of red. The steaks are cooked to exactitude and the wine is chilled to perfection. After dinner they chat while finishing off the wine. When they get up to leave the wine has its impact on Lucy. Larry has to help her wobble back to the car. By the time they arrive back at the Marriott, Lucy is passed out. She passes in and out of consciousness as Larry helps her back to her room and strips her of her clothes. He tucks her naked body into bed and hangs her clothes in the closet before retiring to his room. When Lucy wakes up the next morning she has a terrible hangover and is at first shocked to find she is naked then remembers that Larry had seen her safely back to her room.

The next morning Larry offers to take her shopping and she takes him up on the offer. She thinks it will be fun to have him along to help with the selection of her outfits. They decide to spend the whole week shopping together, seeing the sites and dining at all the good restaurants. Lucy decides its better having Larry long rather than a regular girlfriend. She feels safer with a man, even though he is gay. It is mid-afternoon when they return from their last day of shopping bliss. They are both worn-out and decide a short nap is in order before going someplace for dinner. Lucy naps for two hours and then takes a long relaxing hot shower.

There is a knock on Lucy’s door promptly at seven o’clock. Lucy looks through the peep hole and sees that it is Larry. She is in the middle of picking an outfit to wear to dinner and is dressed in only her panties and bra. She hesitates for a minute then decides to open the door because it is only Larry and he had seen her totally naked when he put her to bed the night she drank too much wine. When Larry enters her room he does a double take when he sees her dressed in her panties and bra. The bra is made of a sheer material and he can clearly see her nipples through the fabric.

“Lucy I can wait in my room until you are dressed if you would like,” he says as his eyes drink in her voluptuous body. He can feel a stirring start in his crotch and is afraid an erection will give away his secret of not being gay. That can cause him to lose his entire clientele.

“Don’t be silly, Larry. This is not any different than my sister being here. Besides I need you to help me decide what to wear to dinner. Sit here on this bed and tell me what goes best with my navy blue high heel shoes.”

There are two double beds in Lucy’s room and Larry sits on the bed closest to the door trying to hiding his growing erection. Lucy has several dresses spread on the other bed and holds different evening dresses up to her body trying to decide which one to wear. They discuss the possibilities of each one then decide on a low cut cocktail dress. Larry relaxes because his erection is beginning to wane.

“I love this dress but I’m not going to be able to wear this bra with it because the dress is cut so low this bra will show.” She looks to Larry for his input.

Larry remains quiet because he has no solution to offer. He starts to suggest she go braless, but decides it will be best if he keeps his mouth shut.

“Oh, I know,” She says as she lays the dress on the other bed. “Toss me that Victoria’s Secret bag on the bed beside you.”

Lucy fishes a black lace bikini bra and a black lace thong out of the bag. She holds the bra up to her and it is so small it will be like not wearing a bra at all. Larry again starts to suggest she go braless then sees how excited she is about wearing her new bra and panties. Facing away from Larry, she quickly removes her bra and panties and tosses them on the bed.

“Should I turn yakacık escort around while you’re nude like that?” Larry stutters and stumbles over his words and he feels his erection returning.

“Of course not, silly; you saw me nude that night when you put me to bed.”

She holds the new bra up to her body and when she turns to face Larry to get his opinion. She is shocked when she notices he has a gigantic bulge in his pants. She stands frozen in place with the bra dangling in one hand and the panties in the other. She is locked on to his erection while he tries to position it where it won’t be so noticeable.

“My God, Larry is that an erection,” she squeals pointing at his crotch. Her face is a crimson red and she is having trouble catching her breath. She feels like she is going to faint. She sits down on the bed across from him and tries to cover her bare breast with the flimsy bra and thong. Larry covers his bulge with his hands and shakes his head yes to acknowledge it is indeed an erection.

Lucy is puzzled. Her mind is racing 90 miles an hour. She didn’t think gay men would get erections looking at a naked woman. She wonders if she had caused it by standing, completely nude, a few feet away from him. And if he is gay why would the sight of a female body cause an erection?

“Did…did I cause that?”

Larry leans forward and tries to take her hand to explain, but she pulls her hand away.

“I am so sorry, Lucy. I tried very hard not let your nudity affect me like this.”

She tries to stand up, but her legs won’t support her. “But you are gay. Why on earth would you have an erection?”

Larry leans forward and tries to take her hand again, but she rebuffs him again. He doesn’t want to lose her as a friend and an important client. “I am so sorry if you are upset with me, but I never told anyone I was gay. Everyone just assumed I was and I thought it would best if I just left it that way.”

Tears come to Lucy’s eyes and she begins to tremble. She asks, “If you are not gay, why would you work as a nail specialist? I thought only gay men worked in Day Spas and Nail Salons.”

“I’m not going to lie to you, Lucy. I have a foot fetish.”

She raises her voice and shouts, “A foot fetish?” She looks like she is on the verge of a breakdown. She is taking deep short breathes and is beginning to shake all over. Larry tries to calm her before she goes totally berserk.

“I love women’s feet. I think they are the most beautiful part of the female anatomy. I would rather look at, and caress their feet more than their breast. Don’t misunderstand me, I love their breast too, but it’s easier to gain access to their feet. The first time I saw your feet, I couldn’t wait to hold them. My heart was beating out of my chest and I had to try really hard not to show my exhilaration.”

Lucy’s breathing is slowly beginning to returns to normal and she thinks back to the times Larry had massaged her feet to a near orgasm. The way he would manipulate each toe individually usually caused her to get wet. She always made sure to wear panties on the days of her pedicure to be sure she didn’t leave a wet spot in the chair. Her panic slips away as her curiosity takes over.

“What is so special about my feet?” she asks?

Larry reaches down and takes her right foot into his hands. It shocks her, but she doesn’t offer any resistance. He has held her feet in his hands on many occasions during a pedicure. She has no idea what he is about to do, but she refuses to panic. She keeps telling herself to be calm. Larry starts to slowly massage her foot. He has massaged her feet like this dozens of times after each pedicure. She immediately starts to relax when his familiar hands start to work their magic. He tells her that he never intended to deceive anyone. He slowly caresses and massages her foot, and without thinking she lies back on the bed and closes her eyes. A chill passes through her body followed by a warm wave of relaxation. She completely forgets that she is nude as she finds herself slipping into a dream like state as he gently manipulates every part of her foot.

“Your feet are the prettiest feet of all my clients. You have long slender toes that cause me to fight with myself to keep from putting them in my mouth and sucking them.”

She is surprised to hear him say that he wants to suck her toes. No one has ever said anything remotely like that about her feet. She feels herself floating and thinks she is possibly dreaming. Her eyes are closed and she feels light-headed.

“You wanted to suck my toes?” She asks in a soft relaxed voice. She sounds like she is under the influence of a powerful drug.

“I have wanted to suck şerifali escort your toes every since the first time I saw them.”

“Okay,” she answers; sounding like she is in a deep sleep. “You can suck my toes.”

Larry doesn’t give her a chance to change her mind. He immediately closes his lips around her five toes and begins to feather them with his tongue. It causes a tingle that goes from her toes straight to her vagina and she feels an orgasm building instantly. When he starts pushing his tongue between each toe her orgasm hits so powerfully she stiffens her whole body. She begins to shake vigorously as she rides out the orgasm. Larry begins to drag his broad flat tongue from her heel to the ball of her foot. She launches into multiple orgasms and pulls her foot away from his warm wet mouth. He continues to hold her foot as he leans forward and kisses the inside of her calve. She moans softly. Taking this to mean she approves, he moves up and kisses the inside of her thigh; just above the knee. He can feel a shiver pass through her and drags his tongue up the inside of her thigh; stopping just before he reaches her vagina. He switches legs and starting just above the knee he drags his tongue along her inner thigh, stopping once again before reaching her vagina. He spreads her legs apart and gently blows his hot breath on her pussy. She squirms and wiggles her hips giving him better access to her vagina. Using his thumbs, he gently spreads the lip of her vagina, while blowing his hot breath into her wet opening. Her clit pops its head out of its hood and stands hard and proudly throbbing. He leans forward and sucks her clit into his mouth and starts swabbing it with his tongue.

Lucy slams her thighs together trapping Larry’s head between them and begins to vigorously grind her pussy into his face. Larry keeps sucking her clit while she bucks and wiggles and violently grinds against his face and tongue. It only takes a few seconds before she screams, “Oh my God…oh my God I am cumminnnng”

She releases Larry’s head from the grip of her thighs. He sits back and watches wave after wave of sheer pleasure race through her body. He has never seen any woman response to his tongue so positively. He feels a rush of pride pass through him. Suddenly Lucy’s eyes pop open and their eyes lock. They look at each other for what seem like minutes, but is no more than seconds.

“Please fuck me, Larry. I need your cock in me immediately!”

Larry had been caught up in the moment and had only intended to suck her toes, but when she responded with multiple orgasms, he lost control and had to taste her pussy. Now she is begging him to cross the line further and put his cock in her. He is faced with a decision that could end his career as a nail specialist; if it’s not over already.

“Are you sure you really want that, Lucy?”

“Yes, God damn it; just shut up and fuck me!”

Larry is now thinking with his cock and drops his pants. He rubs the head of his cock slowly up and down her wet slit. Lucy gets impatient and wraps her legs around his hips and pulls him forward; causing him to slide into her warm wet vagina. She locks her heels around his thighs and starts robustly humping him as his cock quickly adapts to her insistence. Larry feels her vaginal walls start milking his cock almost immediately as she has her next orgasm. After that orgasm passes they settle into a slow synchronized motion of pulling almost out and then sliding all the way back in to her cervix. After twenty minutes of this, the big orgasm builds in both of them. When it does finally hit, they both start humping like crazy then both bodies go ridged and lock in an embrace. Blood rushes to Lucy’s head and after a few minutes she loses consciousness. Larry checks her breathing and pulse as his flaccid cock slides from her. She seems to be okay. Larry covers her with a blanket; gets dressed and slips from her room.

The next morning Larry is dreading what he might face when he sees Lucy. He knows he crossed the line with his best client. Once she let’s everyone know he is not gay, his career as a nail specialist is over. When he approaches her door he can hear her singing. He raps lightly on the door and Lucy opens the door with a big smile.

“Good morning. Come on in Larry. I was just packing for our trip back home. I guess you are just as anxious to get home as I am. I can’t wait to show husband all the nice outfits I bought.”

Larry breathes a sigh of relief. Everything appears to be okay. Neither Lucy nor Larry ever talk about what happened that night in Kansas City. Their relationship remains the same as it was before the trip to Kansas City. No one ever finds out Larry is not gay and he returns to work at the Day Spa. Lucy keeps her standing manicure and pedicure appointments every week with Larry. The only difference is that Lucy now experiences mild multiple orgasms everything time Larry massages her feet. She quietly enjoys them and no one is the wiser.

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