Secret Desires

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AUTHOR NOTE: I believe in safe sex and proper protection. However I prefer not to write it into the story. So this is set in a world where there are no STD’s or unexpected pregnancies.

This story is an updated version of a story that I started on the Sexual Role Play forum of Literotica. I anticipate this will be the first of several stories about Jessica and Aaron. I appreciate any and all comments, either posted publicly or sent privately.

Enjoy their story.


“Did you really mean what you said at the party?” Jessica asked her husband Aaron as they undressed for bed.

Earlier that night, they had attended a party with some of their new friends. Aaron knew he and Jessica were slowly parting ways with their old friends and meeting new friends. Their primary group of friends, which they had known since their college days, were now drifting apart as many began careers and families. Some had moved to other cities. Their friends were changing, becoming more mature and responsible. Jessica and Aaron were still holding on to their youth even though Jessica was 27 and Aaron recently turned 28.

This newer group of friends were people they had met while frequenting the clubs. They were more into the same lifestyle and activities that Jessica and Aaron enjoyed; clubbing, having parties, and being unencumbered by children, family responsibilities, and career pressures.

The Saturday night party included considerable drinking and merriment. Late in the evening the group played Truth or Dare. It was all fun. The truth questions, and most of the dares, were of a sexual nature, but nothing which was too outrageous. In response to one ‘Dare’, Jessica kissed Suzy, with open mouth, for a full minute. It was a new experience for her as she had never kissed another woman this way. She discovered that she actually enjoyed the kiss.

The party had broken up about 2:00 in the morning and Jessica and Aaron had walked the three blocks home. They liked living downtown and living close to friends that also lived downtown, often in walking distance. Soon they were home and preparing for bed.

Aaron suspected he knew what Jessica was asking about. At the party he was asked a ‘Truth’ question concerning his most secret sexual desire. He had too much to drink and gave an almost too honest answer. In some ways he hoped Jessica wouldn’t remember. And in other ways he actually hoped she would.

Their sex life was very satisfying, a bit wild, a bit kinky, but nothing too unconventional. They talked fairly openly with each other about sex, sharing their likes, dislikes, and desires. Together they tried many things, different positions, toys, role playing, and even some forms of light bondage. But sex had always been just the two of them. They had never discussed the topic of sex with other people as they both assumed that to be out of bounds.

“What I said about what?” Aaron replied, playing it dumb as if he didn’t know what she was asking about. Aaron was now naked and climbed into their bed. He wasn’t sure if he should be concerned or excited about the conversation they were beginning.

“Earlier, at the party, your response to that Truth or Dare question. You were asked what your most secret sexual desire was. And you responded that yours was to have a threesome with me and another woman.” Jessica climbed naked into their bed and snuggled up to Aaron. “Did you really mean that?”

Aaron held his wife close and kissed her briefly as he moved his warm hand over the curves of her sexy body. He remembered that Truth or Dare question very well. Actually his most secret fantasy was to have a sexual encounter outside of his marriage to Jessica. The thrill of forbidden sex would make the experience all that more intense. But he knew he couldn’t respond with that truth, so he fudged the answer to be a threesome including Jessica. Yes, that also could be an incredible experience.

“You know I love you more than anything. We have shared our secret desires and fantasies, and have tried most everything sexually that either of us wanted.”

The talk of sex at the party had Aaron aroused. By the time he and Jessica got home, all he really wanted was to get her in bed and have sex. Now they were in bed together and she had his cock in her hand stroking him slowly, the way she knew he liked to get started. And she was still asking about his threesome desire.

“I never mentioned it before because I thought that for either of us to have sex with another person was off limits.” Aaron continued. Then after a pause he added, “Is sex with other people still out of bounds? Or are you thinking that maybe it would be okay if we have sex with others, or maybe if we did it together?” The thought that this fantasy might become true made Aaron very horny. His cock was throbbing in Jessica’s hand, something she could feel.

Jessica surprised Aaron by straddling his body and taking his hard cock into her wet pussy without any foreplay on his karabük escort part. She had become aroused and very wet on her own from the thought of having sex together with another person. Jessica also had secret desires of having sex with other people, with another man, or possibly with a woman. Although she hadn’t ever had sex with a woman, she had developed a certain bi-curiosity which she had never discussed with anyone else. Her ‘Dare’ kiss earlier in the evening only fueled her bi-curious desires. And she thought that Aaron’s idea of a threesome might be the avenue to satisfy those desires.

Leaning forward, Jessica pressed her tits against Aaron’s chest as she nuzzled her lips near his ear. Aaron could hear and feel her every breath.

“Let’s just say I’m open to discussing the possibilities.” Jessica said with a sexy breathy voice. Rocking her hips, she started to pump up and down on Aaron’s manhood. “It can’t hurt to discuss this, can it?”

Jessica’s sexy voice, and the words she spoke were thrilling to Aaron. His cock throbbed more than normal inside her hot wet tunnel, and she was well aware of that. “Mmmmmm” she purred.

“So you’re not mad at me for thinking this? You are willing to discuss having a threesome? Actually having sex including another person?” Aaron spoke while his arousal grew. He was getting very turned on by the prospect of a hot sexual encounter with two women at the same time.

“I may be willing to do more than just discuss it.” Jessica purred back into his ear as she continued to hump her husband. She could sense his arousal, and his hard swollen cock felt wonderful inside her. Aaron’s cock was very thick, longer than average, and filled her very well, a feeling she really loved. She too was aroused by the thoughts of a threesome. The thought of watching him have sex with another female suddenly seemed really hot. And the thought that she too might have sex with another person was exciting.

“You would be willing to share our bed, and for us to have sex with another woman?” Aaron couldn’t believe how well this discussion was going, or how horny he had become. He felt he was about to explode inside his wife, but he wanted these feelings, and the discussion to continue.

Jessica knew his orgasm was near, and she wanted it as powerful as it could get. She loved how his cock would swell even larger just before his orgasm, stretching her even more. And she loved the power of his explosions inside her hot box. She knew the one that was about to happen would also push her over the edge to her own fabulous orgasm.

“Under the right circumstances, and with the right person, I think it would be very erotic for us to have sex with another person. Something we could enjoy together.” She continued with her whispered, breathy voice as her hips moved faster. She pressed her hips downward, increasing the friction of his cock inside her vagina against her G-spot. With the right angle, even her clit was stimulated by the base of his cock. “This really feels fucking fantastic, honey.” she added.

Aaron couldn’t believe his good fortune, and how fabulous it felt to have sex this way with his wife. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight. Then he locked lips with hers in a passionate kiss, their tongues exploring the other’s mouth.

After the kiss lasted a long time, Jessica broke the kiss and her mouth moved back close to his ear.

“Honey, this talk is really turning me on, and by the feel of your cock swelling inside my pussy, I think you are turned on as well. Suddenly the thought of you fucking another woman while I watch is making me very horny. As is the thought of you watching me have sex with another woman. You know I’ve never done that, and now I want to do it as you watch.” As she finished she ran the tip of her tongue over his ear lobe, something she knew turned him on.

Indeed her erotic words and sensual lick had the intended reaction. His cock swelled quickly and then he exploded inside her, filling her with multiple jets of his hot cum.

“FUCK!” Aaron screamed as his body shook in an incredible orgasm created by the physical stimulation and the erotic mental images she planted in his head.

Jessica’s own orgasm followed immediately as her pussy clenched around his cock and squeezed him hard. They lay together motionless, except for their heaving chests, as they caught their breaths. Jessica could feel the flood of their fluids leaking out of her quivering pussy.

“That feels really good.” Jessica said as she came back to earth from an incredible sexual high.

“Fucking incredible!” replied Aaron.

Jessica knew that her talking to her husband about a threesome with another woman had him especially horny. She could literally feel his burning desire. She decided to wait for Aaron to discuss this more. She didn’t have to wait long.

“You know, or have correctly guessed, my erotic hot buttons. What would be really hot would be karaman escort to watch as another woman eats my cum from your pussy, or maybe you eat my cum from her pussy.” Aaron wanted to continue the discussion, but was fearful that if he appeared too eager, Jessica might pull back from the proposal.

“That is really a naughty thought, honey.” Jessica said. Sometimes she couldn’t believe how dirty a mind her husband had, and she loved it. She now knew that Aaron was eager for a 3-way that involved another female. Jessica hoped that would open the door for a later threesome that included a male. But she would have to play this very carefully.

“How do we find the right person? What are we looking for?” Aaron asked, hoping they could move on this quickly.

Jessica and Aaron continued their discussion about the type of woman they wanted, and how to find her. They decided against anyone they already knew so as to not risk damaging an existing friendship, or having someone that might gossip to other friends about the encounter. They agreed that they wanted a slightly younger, single female that was open minded about such a relationship. And they decided to go to City Lights, a popular nightclub on the outskirts of town, to start their search the following Friday night.

During their conversation Jessica stayed in position on top of Aaron, his cock still inside her. Initially, after their sex, his cock softened a bit. But as their discussion continued, his cock became hard again, something they both could feel. As the conversation ending, they began screwing again and each had another fabulous orgasm.

– – – – –

Each night that week they had great sex, each eagerly looking forward to a possible threesome sexual adventure. They talked quite openly about each of them having sex with another woman, how they would love the new experience in their sex life. And watching the other having sex would also be a thrill. The eroticism of their planned threesome kept growing and growing.

Jessica kept thinking about the scene Aaron had described; the other female eating his cum out of Jessica’s pussy, or Jessica eating Aaron’s cum out of the pussy of another woman. Jessica had never had sex with another woman. She only knew about the taste of her own pussy from occasionally licking her finger’s clean after masturbating. And Jessica and Aaron had never done clean-up on the other after sex, tasting the combination of his cum and her cream. The thought of doing this became a growing fantasy in her mind.

One night that week, Jessica took the top position and rode Aaron’s large cock with gusto. Her pussy was gushing her juices all over his cock and down over his balls. And when he came, he came with great volume, filling her with his hot cum. Jessica lifted herself straight up off his cock which had a thick coat of their combined fluids. Moving quickly, she positioned herself between his legs and began to eagerly lick and suck all the fluids off of him. She considered this to be so naughty, and was surprised how much she loved the taste.

“Oh fuck! That feels great!” Aaron moaned as he experienced a new treat.

Jessica paused long enough to reply, “I just had to taste this, and I love how we taste together.” And she quickly resumed licking and sucking his cock.

“And what about me?” Aaron asked between moans. “Do I get a taste?”

Jessica quickly moved around into a 69 position and lowered her sodden pussy onto his waiting mouth. She clenched her vaginal muscles, forcing more fluids to flow out of her. This was a first for them, eating each other after sex, and enjoying their combined sex fluids, the sweetness of her lubrication and the tang of his cum. As Aaron licked her very wet pussy, she orgasmed again, while still sucking his cock.

– – – – –

Friday night couldn’t come quickly enough for Aaron or Jessica. When they arrived home from work Friday evening, they ate a light dinner, showered and dressed for their night out prowling. Aaron wore slacks and an open collar dress shirt that accentuated his muscular chest and arms in addition to his trim physique. Jessica wore a short flirty dress with a flared skirt and an open bust line that did little to hide her full 34D breasts, narrow waist, just curvy enough hips and long toned legs. She could wear this dress without a bra as it had some built-in support. The only other item she wore was a tiny, shiny black, Lycra thong. She added some extra curl to her long, wavy brunette hair that fell down to her breast. The look was completed with eye makeup and a glossy, soft pink lipstick. They both knew that Jessica looked hot, and together with Aaron they made a great looking couple.

The drive from their downtown apartment to the City Lights nightclub took about 20 minutes.

“Are you as excited about tonight as I am?” Aaron asked.

“My thong is already wet. Does that answer your question?” Jessica replied as she shifted her position in kars escort the seat. “I don’t know what excites me more, watching you with another female, or the possibility of me with another female.”

“Yeah, both of those.” agreed Aaron as he adjusted his cock in his pants.

As they drove, Aaron was excited and nervous about what he hoped lay ahead. He and Jessica had discuss this evening several times. They agreed that they both wanted this new experience of a threesome, but they would be selective in choosing the right partner. They wouldn’t just take any female home to their bed to make this happen. But he was really thrilled that Jessica would allow him to have sex with another woman.

Jessica was also excited and nervous. Her concerns were that Aaron would be too focused on having sex with another woman, and not sharing with Jessica. But Jessica also hoped that by allowing Aaron to have an extraordinary time, he would be more open to her sometime having sex with another man. They hadn’t discussed whether this might lead to 1-on-1 sex outside their marriage for either of them. Both just wanted to take this first step together.

They arrived at the club about ten PM. The club was packed with people enjoying their Friday night, the end of the work week, and just letting loose by drinking, dancing, and being with friends. All the tables and booths appeared to be taken, so the couple stood by the bar, which actually gave them a good view of most of the club, the dance floor, and the bar area.

Aaron and Jessica hadn’t really given much thought to how they would find a female that would receptive to the idea of a threesome. Aaron hadn’t been clubbing to pick up a woman in the five years he and Jessica had been together. He also realized that picking up a woman for a 3-way was different that just a hook-up for 1-on-1 sex. And Jessica had never attempted to pick up a female. Her only sexual interaction with another female was limited to the ‘Dare’ kiss with Suzy the past Saturday night. Therefore she planned to stay back and allow Aaron to take the lead in their hunt.

Their initial attempts to find a third for their bed were feeble, almost laughable. They would scan the crowd looking at attractive young women and subtly indicate someone that might be acceptable. If the person appeared unattached, Aaron would make the initial contact, introduce himself and begin chatting with them. He might dance with the target or just talk with them, eventually bringing them back to the bar for a drink. However, whenever Jessica was introduced, the target always excused themselves quickly. This pattern repeated itself several times over the next couple of hours. Their frustration grew at their own naive attempts.

However, Jessica and Aaron were unaware that they were also being watched. Gina, a cute 22 year old brunette, was sitting in a booth and had been observing Aaron and Jessica. Gina was there with her girl friends, each looking for a hook-up for the night. The other three girls had each partnered-up with a male.

Gina felt she was looking for something different. She loved new experiences and the rush of taking some risk in trying new things. Besides having male lovers, she’d had sex with another female a few times. In her mind, sex with a girl was different, but not necessarily better or worse. The quality of the sexual encounter depended upon the quality and experience of her partner, not their gender. However, Gina had never considered sex beyond 1-on-1 encounters, never a threesome or group sex.

As Gina watched the couple, she felt fairly certain she knew what they were attempting. The couple was hunting for a female, possibly for a threesome. This fascinated Gina and she could feel a warmth in her crotch. She considered the possibilities and eventually decided to at least meet the couple and talk to them. But she didn’t want to appear too forward. Gina hatched a plan to catch the attention of the couple on the prowl.

Gina waited until the couple was again scanning the patrons inside the club. Gina then stood, facing the club entrance which was just to the left of the couple at the bar. She was generally looking in their direction, but not directly at them. Gina waved, as if she had spotted a friend. When she was aware that indeed she had caught the attention of the couple, she shrugged her arms, blew a kiss at her departing imaginary friend, and waved goodbye before returning to her seat.

Her plan had worked like a charm. The couple immediately spoke to each other while glancing towards Gina. Soon Aaron was making his way through the crowd and towards Gina’s booth.

Aaron was checking out the young girl as he approached her. She appeared to be everything physically that he and Jessica were looking for; a younger girl with a fabulous smile and an attractive body. He liked her hair, as it was similar to Jessica’s; long, wavy, and brunette. As he got closer he could see that she had beautiful green eyes. While he was looking intently at her, the younger girl would occasionally look up at him as he approached, then look away, as if to not be caught returning eye contact.

Aaron decided to take a different approach with her. Something about her just felt right. He would be very upfront that he was there with his wife.

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