Secret Beneath Engelsburg Ch. 01

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My father was an engineer, and his father before him was doctor. Before him, my great-grandfather was a renowned marine biologist and so on. I became none of these things.

No. I, Simon Booker, was destined to become a teacher.

Truth be told, I was barely successful in these fields of study during my schooling years. Additionally, I had very little interest in them, much to the dismay of my parents. Unfortunately for all of us, there wasn’t much they could do about it. The tutors they had hired for me often left with their heads shaking, speaking to my parents in hushed tones by the door so as not to offend me (though I never actually was).

My talents – and interests – did not lie in mathematics and science. They lay elsewhere: in words, both written and spoken, and in the study of ancient religions. So much so was my passion for these things that I often drove my parents mad with excited babbling at the dinner table of one heathen god or another. My friends were much more willing to humour me when I attempted to describe to them an ancient civilisation I had read on, and sometimes even asked questions they seemed genuinely curious about.

Despite all this, however, I had not considered a career in teaching. It was not until my dear aunt Editha suggested the career path to me during a Christmas dinner. I still remember the way my father had scrunched his nose up at the notion and my mother changing the topic quickly. But her words stuck with me and when the time came, there was not much parents could other than wish me the best of luck in my endeavours.

And that is how it was that I came to find myself, a young and eager student, at Engelsburg University.

I was twenty-one years old when the following events took place.

I had graduated high school at eighteen, spending two years of my life to find work and travel around the world before returning to my motherland to study. Looking back on it all now, I wonder if it was perhaps my youthful exuberance that lead to my current state. I am but a shadow of who I once was but I am not dead yet, so there must be hope.

The grounds of Engelsburg were large, old, with a restrained beauty about it. Hedges were clipped precisely, the grass mowed to an exact centimetre. Elegant stone statues of angels were perched atop buildings, and stood on either side of the large iron gate that guarded the entrance to the university. I gazed at them in awe when I first arrived, looking every bit the slack-jawed freshman. Though eventually, they simply became part of the scenery. The dorms were comfortable and lavish, the food excellent, and the lessons were more than enough to keep me on my toes. If not for the secret beneath Engelsburg, I would have said that my years there were the best years of my life.

I stayed in a room that overlooked the sprawling ocean just beyond the forest of trees that lead to a mostly secluded beach. As an only child, I was used to a similarly sized bedroom just big enough to hold shelves for my books, a desk, and a bed. Now, the room while in no way small, housed furniture for two and it felt strange. It seemed that I had arrived early and I hoped that whoever my roommate would be did not mind that I had claimed the bed to the right side of the room.

When he finally did arrive, I was struck by the handsomeness of him.

Asce Linden was a tall young man, around my height, and lean with an easy posture. His eyes were arctic blue; like deep waters and ice, but his face was not unkind. Straw blond hair swept to the side, a complexion as white as cream, and tight trousers that outlined a pair of uncomfortably attractive thighs.

Unsurprisingly, I was immediately entranced.

He greeted me with a bright smile and waved away my offer to move to the other bed if he preferred the side I chose. Now, I must confess that I had always accepted my own…appetites. But as you may be able to imagine, I kept them to myself not only for my sake, but for my family. As fast as Mr. Linden made my heart race, I forced down the impulse to rake my eyes over his stylish figure and returned his smile with as much grace as I could muster.

We became good friends very quickly, though he studied law and was not a particularly religious man. I was not myself, but as aforementioned, I was taken with the study of it. Often we would spend our nights studying in silence, though always without fail, Asce would stretch his arms over his head and cross the room to kick the back of my chair to let me know whenever he was hungry. Then we would grab our coats and head over to the cafeteria, or if we were feeling particularly stressed, down to a diner to unwind.

It was during one of these late dinners that I discovered that he was only nineteen years old. This prompted me to attempt giving him space, just so that he could make friends closer to his age. But during the Bycasino day he pursued me down hallways if we passed each other and sat with me in the library when our schedules allowed it.


It was a chilly night the first time Asce Linden kissed me.

I had stopped breathing when I felt the warm sensation of lips pressed against mine, my back pressed against the pole of a streetlight. Asce’s eyes were closed, his long lashes brushing the constellation of barely visible freckles on his cheeks. The streets were empty but I was still terrified that we would be seen – two men kissing beneath a full moon.

I must have hesitated for too long because I felt Asce tense and begin to pull away. No, I thought, panicked. And without thinking any further, I grabbed his scarf and pulled him back towards me with more force than necessary.

I caught a brief glimpse of his eyes wide with surprise before our lips met once again. I knew my own were chapped, dry from the cold air that had settled over the country for the autumn. But Asce’s were wonderful, perfect, and still tasting of his after-dinner coffee.

His gloved hands hovered over my waist for a heartbeat before finally settling on them.

How we managed to get back to our dorm is a mystery to me; I don’t remember the trip back nor do I remember who unlocked and pushed the door open first. My jacket was on the floor the moment we stepped through the threshold, my fingers working to loosen my roommate’s scarf and tie. Asce had his arms thrown around my neck and he was running his tongue eagerly along my teeth. I parted my mouth easily for him and he wasted no time in ensuring that breathing became a difficult task.

We stumbled over to my bed, discarding both our jackets and shirts on the way. The back of my knees hit the bed first and Asce firmly pushed me backwards onto the mattress. I gasped, excited, while Asce stood above me and began to undo his belt-buckle.

Propping myself up on my elbows, I let myself take in the sight of the beautiful youth before me. His shoulders were broad, though not quite like my own, and his chest was toned and smooth. My eyes slid down his slender waist to his flat stomach, which was also surprisingly lined with muscle before roaming over his sharp hip bones

Which were slowly being revealed as Asce teasingly slid his trousers down. The outline of his hardening cock was obvious against the fabric of his underwear.

I swallowed.

My own erection, still trapped in the confines of my undergarments and trousers, was beginning to cause me some serious discomfort. Obviously guessing my thoughts, Asce gave me a flash of white teeth. With deft hands, he rid me of the obstructing garments, fingertips lightly caressing the skin above the band of my underwear. His shockingly blue eyes searched mine and when I gave him a single nod, he tugged them off too.

The cold air was sharp, my cock jutting out against it. Asce gazed at it, eyes darkening with lust, and perhaps unconsciously, ran a wet tongue over his lips. Long, slender fingers brushed against my length. A thumb pressing against the sensitive head where a drop of precum had accumulated. I gave a low groan, eyes fluttering half-closed, while Asce’s soft hand closed around me and slowly began to move.

Warmth began to pool in my stomach and my breathing grew laboured as the pleasure of Asce’s palm against my cock served to render me speechless. His pace grew neither faster nor slower and when I finally managed to fix my eyes on his face, my heart threatened to beat right out of my chest at his expression. The look of adoration so blatantly fixed on his fine features was almost too much.

Belatedly, I realised that the other man had yet to fully undress, and I doubted that he didn’t notice how he strained against his underwear. With, admittedly, much difficulty, I leaned forward and hooked my index finger on the band and gave a tug. Asce’s already heavy breathing hitched when it caught on the head of his member and then sprung free. My breathing quickened and I found myself hungry to elicit whatever sounds from him that I could; hungry to see his eyes heavy-lidded and lips bruised. I sat up, pushing Asce’s trousers and underwear down his milky thighs, my hands running over the warm skin.

“Wait,” Asce breathed, mouth on my ear, and I barely stopped my hands from roaming any higher. “Just a wait a second.”

He slipped away from me, and I couldn’t stop myself from watching his round ass as he stepped gracefully across the room. This was not the first time I had seen the man naked, but each and every time had been brief. We were roommates after all – both men – so there wasn’t anything particularly strange about it.

Save for the fact that my gazes and thoughts had a penchant for wandering, of course.

Asce rummaged for something Bycasino giriş in his sock drawer while I admired the lines of his body. One hand idly stroking myself, a pleased hum on my lips. I didn’t bother to rush him, simply sure that whatever Asce was doing would be worth the wait.

When he found what he was looking for, he gave a quiet, “Aha!” and I craned my neck to see what he was holding up to the light. Before I could properly come to a conclusion, Asce sauntered back to the bed and with deliberate movements, placing his knees on either side of my thighs to straddle me. The bed creaked with our weight, and it bordered obscene.

His smell was, for lack of a better term, intoxicating – all sweat and lingering hints of caffeine and smoke from a fireplace. Asce dangled the thing he had procured from his sock drawer in front of my face. A small glass vial with a plastic cap. It was clear, and underneath the yellow light of the bedroom, so was the purpose of its contents. I arched a single brow and he smirked, pushing the thing into my hand.

“Have at it, Mr. Booker.”

I laughed as I unscrewed the lid quickly. All the while, Asce continued to place languid kisses along my jaw and down to the crook of my neck. Teeth scraped at the skin there, my pulse erratic under his tongue. The lubricant was slick, coating my fingers thickly and I made sure to apply it liberally over my length.

Asce pressed in flush against me, his cock throbbing and hot between us. With one hand on his lower back, I moved the other between his ass and traced the cleft there until Asce made an impatient sound and bit harder. I grinned to myself and finally, nudged at the puckered hole with my fingers. The sweet blond gasped softly against my neck, hands grasping my shoulders, bracing himself.

“Are you ready?” I asked, my voice barely louder than a murmur.

He swallowed audibly. “Of course.”

And with that, I slid in the first digit. There wasn’t any real change in Asce’s breathing but he pulled back just enough so our eyes met as my finger moved in and out in a steady rhythm. It was only when I added a second finger did Asce grace me with another hitched breath and a tiny pleased sound at the back of his throat. A shock of pleasure ran through me when I heard it, and I continued my ministrations, pressing my fingers in right up to my knuckles.

Then I began to scissor them and Asce’s response was electric. He groaned, high and breathy in my ear, pressing harder against me, his body heat thrumming through my skin. Fingers tangled through my dark curls and felt a buzz of pleasure when he tugged lightly. His hips jerked once, his cock sliding against me, and he gave another soft moan.

When I added a third finger, Asce kissed me hard on the mouth as he bucked. The room was hot, so hot, almost stifling and I felt dazed when the younger man pulled away to reach a hand beneath us. He winked, and began to firmly pumped my shaft, smearing precum with each stroke.

I groaned, low and guttural, and withdrew my fingers from him to grip his hips. Pleasure and heat was singing through my veins. Asce’s eyes were hazy, lidded, mouth slightly parted like one of my many wet dreams. Part of me still wasn’t fully convinced this wasn’t some vivid vision but that changed quickly when Asce began to lower himself onto me.

The tip of my cock brushed against his perineum and Asce exhaled a breathy whine, setting a rush of warmth through the pit of my stomach. And then Asce was shifting, positioning himself properly. Then, all I could feel was the slow press into oiled heat. I could his entrance tighten around the head of my cock and Asce cried out. I thrust upwards reflexively, only one sharp movement, but it was met with an appreciative moan in my ear as Asce’s tight ass continued to press down, inch by inch.

I couldn’t stop the hiss that slipped through my teeth and I bit down on his pale shoulder. Though Asce was obviously trying to keep his breathing steady, I could feel his thighs shaking with the effort to hold him up, and his hands were still tugging on my hair. The slow, sweet, sweet burn of pleasure was dizzying as Asce eased himself down, gasping every now and then, both our chests heaving with effort until I was finally, completely, inside.

Heat. Tight and slick. So much. Pressed against me, every part of me. Wet breaths on my ear, against his throat, hands now on my chest, pushing me back down on to the mattress –

We stayed that way for a few heartbeats, braced against each other, until Asce cupped my face in his hands and whispered, “Move.”

So I did.

I began to fuck him in earnest, my hips rocking in and out of him with shallow thrusts. At first, I tried to keep a steady pace, tried to force myself to feel every electric sensation of being inside Asce Linden. But then Bycasino deneme bonusu he began to move with me, whining impatiently at the back of his throat, and I could feel my already loose control slipping away.

My eyes never left his face. I couldn’t bring myself to tear my gaze away from Asce’s flushed cheeks, lashes quivering, mouth parted to let out the inarticulate sounds of pleasure. They tangled with my rasping pants and jumbled endearments. Each slide of his ass on my cock, every minute shift, kept driving me closer and closer to a building sensation deep inside me.

It became an ache, a desperation. I ran my hands over his thighs, his waist and hips, over the perfect curve of his ass. I must have sped up at one point, or shifted the position of my hips, canting them upwards at another angle, because Asce gave out a single sharp cry that shot liquid gold down my spine. I thrust again in the same spot – again and again – watching with loving fascination as Asce’s eyes flew open, wide and dark, perfect teeth showing to gnaw on his bottom lip.

“Oh, god. Simon,” my roommate’s voice sounded raw and my name fell from the white column of his throat, wedging itself somewhere in the drumbeat of my heart. “Simon, there. Again. There, there, oh god – Please, Simon.”

“You should see what you look like right now,” the slide of muscle in his biceps, the fall of sweat-drenched hair over his forehead. A drawn-out groan tore itself from me and I could only pant for a good few seconds before continuing: “Beautiful. You’re so beautiful, Asce. You’re doing so well.” He whimpered in response, the wonderful scarlet of his cheeks deepening.

Another roll of hips from above and another eager thrust. Asce was barely holding himself up so I moved a hand between us and gripped his flushed cock. He whined and bucked into my grip, legs spreading just a little further as I pumped him with sure strokes. He was slick with precum and sweat, and his whines turned to fevered moans.

I knew I couldn’t last much longer; there was no way. The pulse inside of him was almost unbearable. Climax was close, just on the red of my vision, and Asce fervently moaned pleas to move faster, harder, harder, oh Simon, please, please, I’m so close.

“Asce, I can’t – I’m going to -,” I heard myself speaking and the broken words were barely intelligible but Asce responded with something equally inarticulate. And then I felt the sharp, pulsing jerk of his lean body against mine. The tell-tale wet stripe of heat on my stomach and chest. Asce came above me, sweet lips parting to cry out my name, and I tried to savour every bit of his release. I was too close behind however, and I came hard inside.


We lay in a tangle of sweaty limbs, trying to breathe in the cooling air around us. I could feel Asce’s weight as he clung to my chest and pressed his face to my neck. I had not pulled out yet – I was much too hazy to move and I suspected that Asce was beginning to fall asleep. While this was not a particular problem, the fact that we were partially hanging off the edge of the bed was.

I didn’t want to wake him, but there didn’t seem to be a more comfortable choice.

“Asce, wake up.”

“Mmmf,” was his articulate reply and he nestled in closer. I sighed, running a hand down his naked back. Each knob of his spine was defined under my fingertips and Asce made another small, satisfied sound.

“I’m falling off the bed, Asce,” I tried to turn my head to look at him and he cracked one blue eye open. He smiled sleepily and my heart undeniably skipped a beat.

“Did you say something, Simon?”

“I said we need to move or we’re going to be on the floor in a second.”

He laughed and with some effort, managed to slide off me. We both groaned at the feeling and he rolled over to the side heavily. The night air coupled with the cooling sweat on my skin had me shivering but Asce didn’t even seem to notice. I stood to my feet, the bed dipping with the action, and surveyed the room. Our forgotten clothes were scattered all over the room: tossed over a lampshade, on the carpet, flung carelessly against the wall. It was almost comical.

When I turned back to Asce, his eyes were open and on me.

“Are you okay, Simon?”

“Couldn’t be better,” I said and meant it. “Do you want to sleep like that or are you going to move?”

An impish smile crossed his face then. “I don’t think I can move, love.”

I couldn’t help it. I laughed and stepped closer as he stretched an arm out in my direction.

“Shall I carry you?”

“If you would be so kind, Mr. Booker.”

Asce was heavier than I thought but I managed to hook my arms under his knees and shoulders, and lifted him off the mattress like a bride. He gave a surprised yelp and clung to me until I had deposited him back properly onto my bed. The blond shimmied under the sheets before scooting back against the wall and gestured for me lie back down next to him. I slid in with him, our sticky skin warming with contact.

We fell asleep that way: Asce’s head on my bicep and mine on top of his yellow hair.

A wonderful prelude for the horrors to come.

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