Scott’s Story Pt. 04

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Chapter 4 – White Wedding

The day I had waited for had finally arrived. As I stood in the front of the church I felt as though the eyes of all these relatives, friends, and assorted guests seemed to be sizing me up. As they looked at me and chatting quietly amongst themselves, this feeling came over me that they all were deciding if I was a suitable match for Ann.

On the day of the wedding, tradition has it that the bride and groom are not supposed to see each other before the ceremony. “Bad luck” they say. Even I had heard of that superstition. But for some reason I hadn’t been allowed to see my fiancée since we said good night two nights ago. Her friends warned that I wasn’t to even attempt calling my bride-to-be! Anything I had to say would have to wait until after the ceremony. Needless to say, it had been a very long day-and-a-half for me.

The music started and the procession began. Then, there she was. Escorted by her beaming father, this vision of loveliness came walking down the isle. Now everyone’s attention was where it belonged, on the bride. Even through the vale, anyone could see how Ann’s face glowed.

As we performed the rituals Ann seemed to be having some difficulty walking and standing, weak in the ankles. I attributed this to her shoes. Meanwhile, the maid of honor and all the bride’s maids were all a titter. Finally it was time lift the vale and kiss my new wife. And what a kiss: full of heat and passion. I pretended not to notice the fresh hickies on her neck.

It was only at the reception that I got my first taste of what being married to Ann would be like.

When it came time for me to remove her garter, while on one knee before her, she raised her leg putting her foot on my raised knee. The long dress rose up her leg as I reached up her nylon covered leg to the top of her stocking. Instantly I could both feel and see that her inner thighs were wet. Wet and slippery! Just like the night of the party!! Could this be cum leaking from my bride’s pussy? Up ’til now, the long dress had concealed the slime that had been running down the insides of my bride’s legs. Glancing up, she smiled back at me with an “Oh well! I told you so,” look on her face as she shrugged her shoulders. Telling myself that I should have expected no less, I resolved to proceed with the removal of the garter belt. She spread her legs just enough for me see that the crotch of her silk panties was soaking wet. So wet in fact, that the crotch had become semi-transparent. Through that transparency a pearly white puddle of cream had formed and had been weeping though that material and down my bride’s thighs.

Still in shock over what I was looking at, I almost forgot why I was between my unfaithful wife’s legs at that moment. “Are you going to do it or am I?” Ann asked, snapping me from my trace. Reaching for the garter I immediately realized that the inner side of the garter was also well coated with cum. And remembering the next part of this ritual: After removing the garter, I was supposed to toss it to the gathering of unmarried men. Panicking at the thought of someone catching it then discovering it was full of jizz; I did something that must have nearly given my parents heart attacks. I dove in, face first, acıbadem escort under the dress, right between my new wife’s legs, grabbing the garter with my teeth. Even over the random gasps of shock was loud cheering from the rest of the crowd as my head emerged from under the hem of the gown, garter belt clasped firmly in my teeth, pulling it down and off her leg the rest of the way. Little did the spectators know that as I did this I was sucking the cum from it.

Once the garter had been thrown we were no longer in the spot light. Everyone began dancing again as I pulled her to a little alcove in the back hallway so I could confront her about her condition.

She told me that her friends had given her a bachelorette party that lasted all night. She hadn’t been to bed, at least not to sleep. She spoke as if what she was telling me wasn’t THAT big a deal, and certainly nothing I should be surprised by. Then she nonchalantly added that she was gang-banged by five guys … some of them more than once! “All that wonderful cum, I wanted to keep it as long as I could, so I put in a tampon,” she said. “But I guess there was just so much cum that even a Super tampon wasn’t barrier enough. I felt some leakage when I was walking into the church.”

Dumbfounded, I was at a loss for words.

“Doesn’t it make you hot just knowing that we exchanged vows in the church in front of a minister and all our friends while our baby was swimming the sperm of so many other men?” Suddenly I felt Ann’s hand grab my dick. “Ohh! Little Scott likes it.” Sure enough, the stiffy in my pants gave me away. Much as I didn’t want to admit it, the idea of my bride’s belly being full of cum – cum that wasn’t even mine – as we exchanged rings DID arouse me.

Still looking for something to say, I stood there mouth agape.

Seemingly, out of nowhere, my mouth was suddenly filled with a swollen, cum drenched tampon. Instead of spitting it out, a different reflex made me close my lips around the tampon, drawing all but the string fully into my mouth. My mind went blank as I moved my tongue towards the roof of my mouth forcing the creamy contents from it and down my throat. With nothing more than a white string protruding from my pursed lips my new wife nearly swooned when she saw my Adam’s apple move downward indicating I’d swallowed.

“God, now that I told you I’m getting really horny again,” Ann whispered. “Do you think your cousin Jeff would want sloppy seconds?” she asked rhetorically. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “Well actually, I guess it would be sloppy eighths or ninths.” I pulled the tampon from my mouth and as quietly but firmly as I could manage I told her that my family was off limits. They were the last people that needed to know that I had married a slut. “Well I need to get off! If I don’t have an orgasm soon, there is no telling who I’ll fuck next. Maybe your father!”

Desperate to get her to behave, I stupidly asked what I could do to help. “Well…” She paused as if putting some actual thought into what she was about to suggest. “You could use that talented tongue of yours.”

“That’s blackmail, Ann! It’s OUR wedding day, for cripes sake. We just exchanged vows in a church, in front of atalar escort family and friends, and the whole time my new wife’s womb was flooded with god knows how many loads of spunk!” As if hearing me spell out these details of this perverse scene, Ann’s smile grew larger and larger. “And now… Now that you’ve removed the plug that was holding it all in there… Now, when that creamy goo is starting to leak out… The scum put inside you by other guys… You are suggesting that I, your HUSBAND, should willingly lick your slutty pussy, now? Just to get you to behave?! Not only that, but I should do it here … NOW?” Hell, the reality of this whole scene was even striking a chord within me. Pre-cum was soaking my underwear!

Even before she put on that sweet impish look that gets me every time, my will to resist was breaking. But when she said, “If you love me, you’ll do it,” that broke me.

Indeed, I did love her. Without a doubt. But why? [God! How was it that I had become so captivated by this woman? And why was being humiliated by her so… desirable?]

Before I could find the words to reaffirm my undying love for her, she added, “Unless you want me to seduce your uncle Milt.”

Now my uncle Milt is a lecherous old man who would love nothing better than to boff his nephew’s new wife. “Please! I’m begging you, not my uncle Milt.” Inadvertently, I just declared open season on every other male. Her still pleading eyes couldn’t disguise the smug expression that flashed across her face. It did however force my mind back to Ann’s predicament and my challenge to remedy the situation. [Oh hell!] I thought to myself. [How bad could it be?] After all, in the name of enlarging my own penis I had been well conditioned to drinking my cum. [That’s why we both have been calling it Cock-Gro.] So I told myself, [Cum is cum! And besides, didn’t Ann say that bigger cocks make more potent cum?] The potential benefits of consuming the soupy mixture of all this Cock-Gro was a motivating element. The thought of licking Ann’s pussy during our wedding reception, no matter its condition, only added an element of kinkiness.

At that point it was obvious I would go through with this. But still, I felt a need to at least attempt having some say in things. “I’m only doing this because I love you. I don’t want you getting into any trouble.” Ann beamed as I got down on my knees while she raised her dress until I was under and had my face buried in dripping crotch of her sloppy panties. The smell and taste had me instantly intoxicated. I wanted more. Lots more! After licking up what had leaked though the fabric I began sucking on the crotch, drawing the spunk into my mouth. Suddenly I HAD to have the massive puddle still held captive. Grabbing the waistband of the panties I pulled them down and was greeted by my next surprise. Sometime over the past two days, she, or someone, had removed all her pubic hair! I stared and admired my wife’s new look as I sucked the cum from her panties. But there wasn’t much time so I quickly turned my attention toward Ann’s pussy.

Licking bald pussy was a completely new experience for me. And I liked it! I liked it a lot!! I didn’t care that it was dripping with who knows how many loads aydınlı escort of sperm from five other men. Mixed with the juices of my bride’s well fucked pussy, this cocktail tasted pretty damn good! I licked and sucked. Sucked and licked. After several minor tremors, Ann finally had a full-blown orgasm creaming my face but good, shrieking out loud as she did.

After wiping my face on the inside of her slip I helped pull up her panties and then emerged from beneath the wedding dress only to be greeted by a round of applause. Several waiters had come in when they heard the scream. No wonder Ann had such a powerful orgasm, she had finally gotten caught. She had her audience. When they saw me emerge from beneath her dress, they immediately knew the groom had just given his bride oral pleasures. Little did they know about the gallon of cum, from other men, that I had just ingested. I smiled, took a bow, then grabbing my wife and headed back to the reception.

We began to mingle but soon I lost track of her somewhere. Before too long she was back by my side chatting away as if she never left. All except for stuffing her panties into my front pocket. My suspicions were confirmed when Ann suddenly pulled me back to the little alcove and told me, “I know I said that if you cleaned my pussy I’d be good. But two of the waiters started making passes and I just couldn’t help myself so I fucked both of them. And now my pussy is dripping again. And you know I only get hornier when I have sperm running down my legs!” I was speechless. “Please lick me clean again. I promise I’ll try to be good.” I could only shake my head in disbelief as I crawled between my new bride’s legs for the second time. It was our wedding day and already my wife’s pussy had held about ten loads of cum from seven different men! And none of it mine!!

Again I cleaned her of her indiscretions. Because the deposits were more recent the flow was much heavier this time. Ann made a point of actually contracting her vaginal muscles to expel the sperm into my upturned mouth. And like a trooper, I sucked it all down. This time I didn’t wait for her to orgasm. Once she was clean, I drug her back to the party, totally disregarding the tent in my pants.

Well, don’t you know that before it was time to leave it happened again – not once, not twice, but THREE more times? Apparently, a lot of men have this thing for fucking a woman in her wedding gown: Especially if this bride has yet to consummate her marriage with her new husband. It was becoming a sensual little game for her, and her suitors! The funny thing is: I had begun to enjoy this game and looking forward to each new round. Each time she would disappear only to reappear, needing me to clean her hot slimy pussy again while she told me how many men had just fucked the bride this time.

By my best calculations, I drank the gifts of between fourteen and seventeen different men that day.

Oh yeah, in case you’re wondering, one of those men – WAS my uncle Milt, who gave both of us a most generous (and creamy) wedding present. (Later I would find out that he had been paying close attention to our comings and goings and was well aware of what was going on.)

Needless to say, I left the reception with a belly full of Cock-Gro and confident that I was well on my way to obtaining the size of cock my wonderful wife deserves.

Months later, when Ann’s belly started to show her pregnancy, we both laughed as we wondered aloud how many men thought it was theirs.

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