Sarah, Duchess of Penstable

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Allie Haze

Author’s preamble.

This story is a product of my imagination. The characters herein are similarly imaginary and any similarity to real people is purely accidental. All sexually active characters are over the age of 18.

The story will contain aspects Lesbian sex. If this not to your taste, may I respectfully suggest you look to other stories on the site. It is not my wish to offend my readers.

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Sarah, Duchess of Penstable

“Oh, that feels so good, Peg. Yes, right there, ooooh yes.” Sarah, Duchess of Penstable, was face down and naked on a padded couch similar to those that might be found in a doctor’s surgery. Her maidservant, also naked, was deeply massaging her Lady’s shoulders, easing all the kinks and twinges of the morning. Lady Sarah forever blessed the serendipity of the day she took on Peg as her maid. The girl, at 27 being five years younger than her mistress, had shown some talent at massage. Sarah was all for the sybaritic pleasures of a massage by a beautiful young woman so she sent Peg away for a month to train with the best masseuse she could discover. It was a wonderful investment; Peg returned full of new ideas on how she could pamper her Lady. Peg was always happy to serve her this way: she knew she was good and could turn her Lady’s body to mushy pulp then put her back together so she felt so vibrant and full of life.

“Just a tweak here M’Lady. No, do not brace, relax again. That is better.” Her thumb dug into the muscle and pushed down along a painful line. Sarah tried not to tense up but she flinched a little then again as Peg pushed down another line then massaged the flesh more gently. The pattern continued with soothing touches interspersed with short moments of healing pain. With a gentle slap on her Mistress’s bum Peg told her to turn over and, when she had done so, Peg poured some more of the fragrant oil into her hands and started her work on Sarah’s breasts. This was the part of the massage Sarah enjoyed the most as her maid manipulated her breasts then, moving down her body slowly, Peg’s hands approached her groin.

Sarah opened her legs, giving her maid access down there, knowing she would take full advantage of the exposure. Peg’s gentle hands smoothed over her labia, repeating this movement several times before a finger insinuated itself between the engorged lips that were already leaking her fluids, seeking those special places inside her Mistress’s body. Peg, with seemingly infinite patience, brought her Mistress in a long, slow build up to an immensely satisfying climax. She then filled the bath and washed the massage oils from her Lady’s body then dressed her, completing her tasks with a light touch of makeup until her Mistress was a picture of elegant loveliness.

Leaving her maid to clear up, Sarah moved to her sitting room and picked up the book she had recently started. About an hour later, Peg entered the room and presented her Lady with a calling card. “Miss Mary Swanton asks if she may call upon you My Lady. She awaits your answer.”

“Of course Peg. You may bring her in here.” A minute later, Peg ushered the guest into the sitting room; Sarah put down her book, stood and welcomed the young lady, inviting her to be seated. “Would you like some refreshments Mary?”

“Yes please Lady Sarah. May I have some tea please?”

Sarah looked up at Peg and nodded. Peg left the room to return a few minutes later with tea and light refreshments. Sarah noticed that Mary seemed to be in some distress so she asked her what was wrong.

“Lady Sarah, I have returned Mr Peter Transgrove’s engagement ring. In the past two weeks, I have learned that he gambled his inheritance completely away and now faces the debtors’ prison. I have also learned that he has been conducting intimate affairs with two married woman. I cannot marry such a man.”

“Of course you cannot my dear. Men can be such pigs.”

“But I love him so,” Mary wailed. She pulled a handkerchief from her sleeve and dabbed away the tears that poured down her face. “Forgive me Lady Sarah.”

“Hush, Mary. Come, sit here on the sofa by me.”

Sarah moved to the sofa and watched Mary shuffle over to her, still sniffling back tears. As soon as Mary sat down, Sarah pulled her guest’s head to her breast, stroking the long blonde hair gently, soothingly. Sarah’s hand went to Mary’s neck and felt the hard knots of tension all down her neck and shoulders.

“Do you have a headache Mary?”

“Yes, how did you know?”

“That is easy, Mary. My maidservant taught me this. I had a headache some time ago. Peg, my maidservant saw my neck and shoulders. They felt just like yours do now. Your muscles have clamped up with your distress; they are like tight knots. That makes your back and your shoulders ache and gives you a pain in Uzun porno the head. She also used her hands to sooth away the knots and my headache went away and left me feeling very relaxed. Have you ever heard of a masseuse?”

“I do not recall the term, Lady Sarah.” She was bringing her sobs under control.

“A masseuse is a woman who has been trained to do just what Peg did for me although she had not been properly trained at that time. I made some enquiries and eventually sent Peg to train under Madame Dubois for a month. Madame Dubois was most complimentary about her student. She wrote, ‘Truly a fine example of the Pupil excelling the Master.’ She returned to me and gave me a massage; oh it was so beautiful and relaxing. I often have her massage me; in fact, I had another of her wonderful treatments just before you called. Will I tell her to work her magic on your neck? I promise you will like it and she really is magic with her fingers.”

“My Lady, I don’t know; I have never heard of this, what you called it, ‘massage?'”

“Yes, it is massage.” Sarah confirmed. She bent over to tinkle her little bell: Peg entered the room a few seconds later. The maid curtseyed to the two ladies and asked what Her Lady required. “Miss Swanton has a headache: see what you can do, Peg.” Sarah’s thoughts were becoming predatory and the lovely Mary would be a delectable dish, in her way.

The maid moved behind the young lady and, with a quick apology, ran her hands across the bare skin of her neck and shoulders, fingers picking up the tension nodes. “This would be much easier and more comfortable, My Lady,” she suggested softly, “on the massage table.”

“Come Mary; we will go to my massage room and there Peg will work her magic.” Sarah led the shy maiden by the hand to the massage room. “Here, let me help you onto the table. I had this specially designed and built for Peg. Truly, Mary, it has been another wonderful investment. Now you just relax as Peg takes away the pain. I shall just sit here and we can see each other and talk while she works. I think you will also love the oil she has created for her massages. Carry on, Peg.”

Sarah made a gesture, out of the victim’s view, which told the maid that her Lady wanted to seduce this girl as soon as possible then placed herself upon the low chair that was permanently located at the top of the table. She looked up and smiled at the pretty little face.

Peg placed a firm pillow under Mary’s chin so she could see and talk to her smiling host. The masseuse knew her Lady would help with each little resistance to be overcome. Her Lady could be very persuasive when she was in this mood. Peg started by sensing all the tensions and how best to resolve them; she then got her fingers to work.

Mary flinched when Peg’s hands started roaming about her neck, right up into her head then back down the sides of her neck and to the shoulders as far as the skin was bare. Mary found these actions very soothing and wished the girl would continue doing this when the pleasure stopped and she heard the maid say, “My Lady, I am afraid the oils will stain Miss Swanton’s gown.”

The young lady stiffened at her hostess’s suggestion, “Let Peg slip the gown off your shoulders. No, relax Mary; she is only a maid. Your own servant dresses you, does she not? Peg has seen my naked body and she is the soul of discretion. Let her move your garment down so she can do your shoulders without spoiling the material. Her oils will stain but they were specially created to her own specifications. And they smell heavenly.”

Mary allowed herself to be coaxed so Peg pushed the material down to expose her shoulders. That was the first and biggest hurdle but the next would be almost as tricky. She could see in her Lady’s eyes that this one would be in her snares soon and might not need a second session. Very well, Peg knew how to prime this lovely body before her and, she thought her Lady would also give her a treat afterwards. Peg had not oiled her hands yet: she felt down the young lady’s back, even slipped her hands beneath the material to see how far the tensions were apparent. As the maid continued, she realised that she needed much greater access to the quiescent body beneath her hands. Very well, that would suit her Mistress.

“My Lady, I need to go further down Miss Swanton’s back, everything is knotted up down her back.”

“Sit up for a moment please, Mary. Let Peg open those buttons and pull the top of your gown all the way down. I will be here with you so you do not need to worry. I can promise you, she knows just what she is doing. Carry on Peg.”

Mary’s eyes were flicking side to side nervously as the maid opened her gown at the back. Sarah helped her young friend’s arms out of the garment, allowing Peg to push the bodice down to her waist. Now there was only the light cotton shift covering her upper body. The poor girl was trembling now: only her own maidservant had seen her like this but Lady Sarah seemed unconcerned. Öğrenci porno

“Would you feel more comfortable,” Sarah said, “if I were to remove my blouse, then you will see just how little it need concern you?”

“Yes please Lady Sarah. Perhaps that would make me feel a little less nervous.”

Sarah smiled at her in encouragement as she removed her blouse and pulled her silken slip off her shoulders and down to her waist. Now the Duchess was half-naked; her firm, well-formed breasts rising and falling with each breath. Peg very quickly had the young woman stripped to the same extent as her Mistress. Sarah loved the sight of her friend’s naked breasts; they had a lovely shape, were proud and graced with two large dark pink circles tipped with flat nipples. Sarah looked forward to making those nipples pop up when she had the girl in her thrall: her own nipples started swelling at the lascivious ideas going round her head. Subconsciously, she licked her lips at the thought.

Mary allowed the maid to lay her back down to the original position on the table, feeling a little less vulnerable when her breasts were out of sight beneath her. Peg looked to Sarah who had also resumed her place, seated in front with her breasts still on display, and received permission to continue. Pouring a liberal amount of oil onto her hands, she rubbed the slick liquid around so it was not cold. Mary flinched when those hands started stroking her neck and then spread the oil onto her shoulders but she found the smell of the oils as sweet and lovely as Lady Sarah had said. Little did she know that the intense vanilla and other scents in the oils were powerful aphrodisiacs.

Then Peg started her work, teasing the tensions and knots from the girl’s neck. As the masseuse soothed the muscles, Mary at last began to relax, enjoying the soft hands stroking her skin. Peg moved on from her shoulder to her upper back; again, at first, teasing out the knots then reverting to gentle, soothing passes over Mary’s skin. Her hands were now working towards the sides of Mary’s body and Peg made sure her manipulations extended to the young breasts squashed to the side but by this time Mary was too relaxed to object, in fact she found the touches to be pleasant.”

“You seem to be enjoying Peg’s work, Mary. Has your headache gone?”

“Oh yes Lady Sarah, the headache is quite gone. You were correct; your maidservant does seem to have magic in those hands and fingers of hers and I rather like the perfumes she has used.”

“Would you like her to continue the massage?”

“Yes, I do think I would like that.”

“Then let Peg undress you fully so she can work on all your body.” Sarah reached up and stroked Mary’s face tenderly. “You will not regret it, I promise you.” Sarah stood, making sure a breast ‘accidentally’ brushed across Mary’s face, and told Peg to undress her. Peg carefully wiped the oil from her hands. When Sarah was completely unclothed, she pulled Mary to a sitting position on the table then urged her to stand as Peg came round the table to remove the rest of Miss Swanton’s clothes. All the time Peg was undressing her, Mary was looking at her hostess’s naked body: the first naked woman she had ever seen. Sarah was equally casting her eyes up and down the luscious form revealed.

“You are very pretty, Mary, and you have a lovely figure.” Mary, suffused with embarrassment at these unexpected compliments, was relieved to lie down as before, hiding the front of her body on the table. Peg oiled her hands again, thinking that her Mistress had almost captured the girl’s interest and conquest was getting closer. Mary did not realise that two experts were seducing her, she just knew she was enjoying Peg working down her legs and feet before returning to the tops of her thighs, parting her legs to give access to the inside. Then Peg concentrated on Mary’s buttocks: this, Peg knew, was where the treatment became more erotic, and deliberately so, as she squeezed and manipulated the pliant flesh.

Now Peg lifted her hands from Mary’s body and asked, “Please turn over Miss Swanton, so I can do your front.” Somewhat reluctantly, Mary obeyed and received a quick kiss on the lips as Sarah said, “Good girl. This is the part I like best. Please do not be alarmed if Peg touches your intimate places, she knows just what she is doing to help you relax and make this a most pleasurable experience for you. Will you trust her as I do?”

“Yes, Lady Sarah. Peg may continue as she knows best.” Mary did not know it but her body was telling her it wanted more.

Peg poured a generous trickle of oil on Mary’s shoulders, dribbling some over her breasts and lower down, stopping just short of the small triangle of blonde hair atop her privates. She spread the oil all over the young woman’s breasts and torso before concentrating once again on the shoulders and only slowly moving onto the breasts. Peg pressed the flesh of one breast down, flattening it under her hand then used both hands to surround the breast and lift it, very gently pinching and rolling the nipple with her fingers. She repeated this action several times, making the little buds grow and harden. Mary’s breathing became more rapid as Peg manipulated the other breast in similar fashion but Mary felt a little disappointed when Peg left off and worked her hands over the maiden’s abdomen.

Now Sarah knew this was the time to get involved. “I always love it when Peg does that to my breasts. Would you like me to do some more of that while she works on your tummy muscles?”

“Yes please, Lady Sarah. That did feel so good; I would be happy for you to help her.” Mary still did not realise that her body was being primed in a way it had never been before: primed for her very first orgasmic experience.

Sarah wasted no time. She coated her hands in the oil and began her own manipulation of those lovely breasts, making sure to pinch and roll the nipples more firmly than had the maid. Meanwhile Peg’s hands moved onto Mary’s upper thighs, which she gently parted, and ran the flat of her hand over the hairs and right down the virgin lips. Mary shuddered at the intimate contact but her body was betraying her: instinctively it wanted more, even though she knew not what she craved. Peg smoothed over the now engorged labia several times and noticed the natural juices trickling out. This, she knew, was the time for her Mistress to take over and bring the girl to climax so she discretely withdrew to her own room.

“Are you enjoying this Mary?” Sarah asked; one hand still played with a breast and nipple as the other hand stroked down her friend’s body and took over at her pussy where Peg had left off. “Do you want me to continue?”

Mary had overcome her embarrassment at being naked in the room with another naked woman who was giving her feelings she had never known even existed. “Oh yes Lady Sarah. My body feels wonderful; I have never felt like this before.”

“I promise you, it is going to get much better.” Sarah’s finger travelled down between the swollen labia although not yet penetrating, just teasing and fondling her down there, pulling some of the liquids from her pussy to her clitoris. Mary gasped at this new pleasure and her whole body jerked as Sarah’s finger finally entered her. She felt a small tweak of pain in her vagina; that made her gasp but it was soon lost in the pleasures generated by the penetration. Her body seemed to be yearning for something although she did not know what, but Lady Sarah’s finger seemed to be propelling her in the right direction. Without even realising she was doing so, Mary raised her hips to encourage more of this overwhelming pleasure. Then Sarah thrust a second finger into the tight hole, ramming the two in and out as her thumb stroked over the girl’s hard clitoris. With a load scream, Mary lost control of her mind and body as she writhed in the ecstasy of her very first climax.

Sarah’s fingers slowed down their assault and gently eased in and out of the gushing pussy, bringing her latest conquest down to earth slowly. When Mary finally regained her composure, Sarah bent down and kissed her gently. “Did I not promise it would get better?”

“Oh, My Lady, I did not think that was possible, but you gave me pleasures I had never imagined.”

“Now Peg and I will bathe you to get rid of those oils.” Sarah kissed her again and called for her maid.

“Yes Mistress?” Peg asked when she arrived a few seconds later.

“Run a bath for Miss Swanton.”

Peg saw the look of a fulfilled woman on Mary’s face and the slight smirk on Her Lady’s face. The maid dipped in a small curtsey and left to complete her new task with a satisfied smile. This was the quickest seduction she and Her Lady had ever achieved. She wondered if Her Lady would involve her in some of the things her imagination could dream up, for Peg too enjoyed the Sapphic pleasures and Miss Swanton was a lovely creature who would be putty in the Duchess’s hands. She hummed a happy tune as she filled the large bathtub and, when it was full and to the temperature Her Lady liked, she returned to tell Her Lady that the bath was ready.

Sarah had been encouraging her protégé to kiss passionately and the girl had been a quick and eager student. With their mouths locked together, their tongues fought a friendly battle. Sarah broke the kiss and Peg led them to the bathroom where Sarah told Mary to sit in the bath. Sarah at one side and Peg at the other started to bathe the young girl. Sarah contrived to splash some water over her maid’s uniform, which gave her the excuse to tell Peg she had better undress, so soon all three women were naked. Mistress and maidservant made sure they washed and scrubbed Mary’s body thoroughly, ostensibly to wash all the oil away. In reality, it was so they could touch Mary all over and start priming her body again.

When Mary stepped out of the bath, Sarah and Peg dried the young lady’s body and enjoyed their task, especially as Peg pointed out the trickle of extra liquid on the girl’s inner thighs. Oh, this one is going to be fun, thought Sarah. Peg and her Lady then led the willing girl to her bedroom and placed her on the bed before joining her.

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