Restructuring Pt. 02

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Big Tits

During the last three weeks Meg bought me several different outfits and some sexy new lingerie including a garter belt and very sheer, very expensive nylon stockings. I now have several pairs of pumps and sandals, all with stiletto heels. She had my room painted pink and installed a vanity and stocked it with all the best make-up and cosmetics. I was basically living as a housewife and, when not cleaning or housekeeping, I had plenty of time to attend to my nails, legs, and hair and became quite good at applying make-up. This pleased Meg but certain things displeased her.

She warned me about not taking good care of my nylons. I had put runs in several pairs. They are expensive and she warned that if I ruined one more pair that I would be punished. Also I forgot to change the color on my nails one day and she hit the ceiling and put me over her knee and spanked me. However, overall, she was pleased about my behavior and only complained about not being able to take me out and about dressed in my pretty outfits. She offered to take me to the beauty salon, the movies, bra shopping, etc…but I never wanted to dare going out in public.

That was all about to change.

It was a Friday evening and I was preparing a dinner of salmon and I had her martini chilled and waiting for her to return from work. I know how happy she is to end the work week and so on Fridays I would make an extra effort. I put on my sexiest bra, panty, garter belt set, my sheerest stockings, and red cocktail dress with matching open toed heels. I wanted her to see my new pedicure, red, to match my shoes and lipstick.

During dinner she said,

“Regina, I have a wonderful surprise for you. My dear friend Diane from California just moved to New York and opened a store near mine on Long Island. To celebrate I have invited her to lunch tomorrow.”

I was stunned. She had said that she wouldn’t embarrass me in front of anyone, so I objected.

She wouldn’t hear of it. She said,

“Don’t be silly, Gina, I promised not to embarrass you in front of people you know. You don’t know Diane. You never even heard of her until just now. Besides, she’s a dear dear friend of mine. We have known each other since college. Don’t worry about it. She won’t embarrass you and she can keep a secret. That’s the end of this discussion. I expect you to be on your best behavior. You will wear your little Kurtköy Sınırsız Escort black dress and those cute, new, strappy stiletto sandals.”

I resigned myself to the fact we would have a guest for lunch.

The next day, Diane arrived, and Meg had me open the door. Diane looked me over and said, “You must be Regina. I’m so happy to meet you. You are even prettier in person than Meg’s description.”

She entered and I was dispatched to bring the ladies cocktails.

Meg was asking Diane,

“So what do you think of my personal assistant, Regina?”

Diane replied,

“She is absolutely precious. Adorable. So well-groomed, perfect make-up and hair and she walks so elegantly in those stiletto heels. You must be very proud, Meg.”

Meg answered,

“I have tried to give her everything a girl could want-her very own room, nice clothes, lingerie, make-up…”

Diane interrupted,

“Everything? Does she have a boyfriend? Every girl wants a boyfriend.”

Meg replied,

“No, Diane, we keep it kind of private and she hasn’t any special guy.”

Diane inquired,

“Has she begun dating?”

Meg laughed and said,

“I don’t know if she would even know what to do or how to act on a date.”

Diane continued the conversation,

“Well we could teach her, you know, the basics, like how to flirt, walk, sit, talk, etc… I’m free all weekend and would be glad to help, sort of like a big sister. She is very attractive but with a few tweaks I could glam her up and have her looking fabulous”

Meg said,

“That’s a great idea. Why don’t you sleep here, stay with us today and tomorrow?”

The women agreed that I would be their new “project.”

The evening wore on and I learned that Diane was married and her new store was a beauty salon. She is a licensed hairdresser and beautician. Her husband is the accountant for the business.

After dinner Meg had me give both of them pedicures.

After refilling their drinks, I was sent to my room. I could hear the women laughing and giggling.

I was a little worried about what they had planned but when I thought about what Diane had said, that she would make me look fabulous, I began to like the idea.

The next day, as usual,I arose, got dressed in my bra, pantyhose, and pumps and prepared breakfast platters Kurtköy Suriyeli Escort for the ladies. I was a bit surprised to find them sleeping in the same bed but I figured that they were old friends and it was just a girl thing. (It wasn’t until much later that I would discover just how much of a girl thing it was.) Diane got to work on me. She applied all kinds of cream to my body and said it would exfoliate or defoliate or something and would make my skin soft and caressable. Meg had to go out and Diane asked her to pick up a few things that she needed.

Diane was very friendly and we talked a lot while she applied my makeup. She gave me black eyeliner, smoky eyes and lots of eye shadow and mascara and then proceed to give me fake nails, all tapered and pointy with fuschia nail polish. I looked very sexy. When Meg returned with the things that Diane said she needed they presented me with a beautiful bustier with attached garters and ultra sheer stockings with nude toes so that my sparkling fuschia toenails could be seen through my peep toe pumps. I was feeling so hot and erotic. Diane was caressing my now-soft skin, especially around my ass. Before I could realize it , she inserted her finger in my ass and moved it in and out slowly. Diane exclaimed,

“Meg, your husband likes to be finger fucked. I think she would like to learn how to please a man”

Meg replied,

“He definitely should learn.”

Diane responded,

“Well, if that’s the case we should find her a man to practice on so that when she begins dating she will be competent enough

to handle a cock and handle any man who may want to go further.”

Meg agreed,

“Yes, that’s important. If she doesn’t want to surrender her pussy on the first date she should be prepared at least to give her date a blow job. But who could we get?”

Diane said,

“I bet I could convince my husband to teach her the ropes.”

The women agreed that they would have Diane’s husband Leland come over for lunch. I was dead set against the idea but the ladies ignored my objection. Later that day Leland arrived and Diane proceeded with my first lesson.

Leland was very nice and handsome-about 5’8″ slim build and blond hair.

Diane explained that I was Meg’s cousin from Florida, new in town, and didn’t have any friends. She also said that I was very Kurtköy İranlı Escort inexperienced sexually and had never sucked a man’s cock. She never told Leland that I was a guy and Leland didn’t appear to notice. She removed his pants and caressed his cock and told me to touch it and caress it like she was doing. I hesitated and Leland said,

“It’s OK Gina, take your time. You need to experience your inner slut. Kiss it.”

As I began kissing his cock I couldn’t believe I was actually kissing a man’s cock. Diane told me to shower his cock with kisses and after a while told me to begin licking it with my tongue. The more I licked the more decadent I felt. I was so excited.

Leland told me to suck his cock. He said,

“You may not have experience but you are definitely hot. I think you may not know it but you are a slut, Gina. Don’t forget to lick my balls”

Meg chimed in,

“Suck that cock, girl. You know you love it.”

This got me more excited. Leland grabbed my head and pushed it down onto his cock until it went into my throat.”

Leland exclaimed,

“This girl is a natural. Can I fuck her too?”

Diane immediately replied,

“No, Leland. Not on the first date.”

The women laughed.

Leland groaned and his cock exploded in my mouth. I wasn’t expecting such a surge and what I couldn’t swallow dripped down my face and chin.

Diane screamed,

“Oh no, my make-up job is ruined. You are such a slut, Gina.”

Meg interrupted,

“You cock-sucking ungrateful bitch! You should be punished for not swallowing all your man’s cum and ruining your makeup.”

Leland offered,

“Should I spank this little whore?”

Meg said,

“Go ahead, Leland, spank that little cock-teasing ass of hers.”

There I was dressed as a woman, cum on my face, over a man’s knee while he spanked me in front of two women. I felt so decadent.

After Leland left, Diane and Meg discussed the recent events.

“Well, we learned some things today. Gina likes being finger fucked and she can suck a cock to a man’s satisfaction. I think she is making great progress.”

Meg agreed,

“Yes, Diane, I’m sure she will feel a lot more comfortable on date now that she has sucked cock.”

Diane said,

“She’s a cock sucker now.”

Meg looked at me sternly and said,

“Honey, aren’t you proud of yourself? You are a cocksucker now because you sucked the cock of a man. Tell me what you are now. C’mon girl, tell me what you are.”

I meekly replied,

“i am a cocksucker.”

“Yes you are.” was all she said.

Diane smiled and said,

“Let’s find her a date.”

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