Not in Control

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It had been a long hot dusty day of driving as we approached the hotel for an overnight stay on our journey home. Not having eaten all day we headed straight for the restaurant area and enjoyed a great meal, very few people were there so it seemed the hotel was in a quiet period at this time of the year.

After dinner we went to our room, Frank went straight into the shower, and came out and flopped down on top of the bed while I showered; I came out to find him nearly asleep

But feeling a little horny I laid down next to him and could not resist the temptation to

play with his flaccid penis, It does not take much for the magic to work and it rose to the occasion with just a few strokes, I leaned over and took it all in my mouth as deep as it would go, gently squeezing his balls with my hand and teasing the end of his penis with my tongue as it got harder and harder.

Frank was just lying back enjoying it as always, I clambered on top and without any ceremony, and being so wet it went immediately fully inside of me, I controlled the pace to suit me, I could feel his breathing getting heavier and I knew he was near to climaxing, A few seconds later he exploded inside of me, I drained him with my internal muscles as my orgasm hit and my body shuddered a little, I cleaned him all up with my mouth.

I had a satisfied husband now!! He would now sleep well.

Frank was content but tired and soon fell asleep; I looked through the hotel brochure on the side table to see what other facilities they had there and noticed a spa was available

It was only 9pm so I though I may go down there later when it’s quiet, I started to feel drowsy myself and fell asleep.

I woke again a few hours later, I looked at the clock and it was 11.30pm. Time for the spa I thought, Frank was fast asleep, so I put on my white bikini with a hotel dressing gown on top and searched out the spa.

It was a in a medium size room, had seating for about 8, The spa itself was in the middle of the room and slightly sunken in the floor, round in shape with a brass rail around the edge, There was a pile of towels on a table by the side wall and grabbing a few of these

I put them with reach, turned on the heater and pump switches and jumped in.

Now this was nice and relaxing, with the water temperature at about 37C a time to relax lets the water jets do their magic and meditate on things.

My peace and tranquility was disturbed by two young men entering the room, both in their hotel dressing gowns carrying a travel bag, obviously with the same idea as I had, they apologized for disturbing me and asked if they might join me, Now being a bit of a control freak I was a bit annoyed that my peace had been disturbed but as the spa was for hotel guests I could Bostancı Esmer Escort hardly refuse. They both quickly shed their gowns when I said OK and leapt in, with hardly enough time for me to check them out, but having nearly 15/20 years on them I was hardly worried about these two.

We chatted for a few minutes and introduced ourselves with the usual banter when new people meet, they seemed a nice pair of guys although as with all young men my boobs

were the main points of interest for their eyes.

After a while the conversation slowed and I laid my head back on the edge of the spa with my arms outstretched along the brass bar around the edge of the spa.

I must have started to doze of slightly in the heat of the water, but I could feel something

happening to my wrists, It took me a few seconds to be really aware of what was going on, I opened my eyes to find my wrist had been strapped to the brass rail with the straps that were used to secure the spa cover and my two new young male friends were sitting one either side of me. Now in normal circumstances I would have been very upset about this and whereas my normal ways of things is having myself in full control, an adored friend of mine had suggested quite recently that I should try a bit of bondage, so it seemed it had found me.

Well!! Not one to avoid a bit of interesting sex, and starting to feel this could be beneficial to my sexual need, I smiled at both of them and said. “You got me, what happens now” With that they both smiled at each other, then at me and the taller of the two undid my bikini top and pulled it off, fortunately it had no shoulder straps so it was not hanging on me.

They both started to feel me all over, my nipples just leapt into their hands and then together, seemingly as a team they sucked a nipple each, as I laid back to enjoy the feeling I had to admit to myself that being restrained and having two young guys sucking your nipples was not bad at all.

Again, it seemed as a team both of them lowered their hand to the sides of my bikini bottoms to remove them, of course I had to help them by raising my arse of the seat

But they got the job done and now two hands were playing in my pussy area.

Everybody was still smiling away as I said to them both “but you still have your

bathers on” That did the trick and they both divested them in very short order

Unfortunately I could not see their cocks thru the deep water and I do so like to,

I asked the taller one to kneel alongside me and I slumped down slightly

so his rapidly growing cock lined up beautifully with my mouth, with my hands

still restrained I could not fondle it, but with a slow and deliberate action the

young man was extremely happy as Bostancı Eve Gelen Escort I took him all the way in …

At the same time the shorter of the two had opened my legs wide and pulled me

forward on the seat and standing between my legs he was at the perfect height

but first he went underwater to lick my clit with great zest and the thought

crossed my mind, we have another Dave here, an adored friend of mine who will lick me to orgasm anytime I want. He came back to the surface with a big smile on his face and settled back between my legs holding his penis and stroking it up and down the length of my opening teasing me and finally slowly entering me right to the hilt. I brought my legs up to encircle his hips bringing him harder into me.

This felt so good as the surge of sexual electric flowed through me, he used long strokes nearly getting to the point of coming out before slowly thrusting back in again, and pinching and playing with my nipples at the same time, then I noticed he was keeping pace with the penis in my mouth, so I speeded up that one up a bit and sure enough he speeded up as well, This was wonderful I was virtually in control again, I slowed down with my mouth and the one inside my honey pot slowed again

I could sense that the one in my mouth was getting close to climax so I started to control the other with my vaginal muscles, the look on the guys face when he realized I was

squeezing his penis from within was a picture of delight, they both were nearly at their end, and with a speeded up pace they both came within a few seconds of each other.

I was feeling sexually sated myself as they finished and we all laid back to get our breath back with smiles all around. So far today I though I have swallowed two load including Frank and another load inside me, A good days works, and tingles still going through my body.

Of course I had not allowed for youth

We all sat back, they untied my wrists and then got some cold soft drinks out of their travel bag as we were all so parched from the water temperature and the glorious exercise, and it definitely beats running to shed those extra pounds.

The guys leaned over and turned the heater off as it was getting so steamy in there.

Literally, this gave me a chance to inspect their package as they stood up, both were

very nicely equipped but more interestingly were already half hard again

So not being a girl to miss an opportunity I had them stand in front of me while I took each one in hand to get them back to a full and hard stand.


With both their cocks in my hands I know I am in full control.

This time I decide how, so I got the shorter guy to sit on the edge with his legs wide Bostancı Evi Olan Escort open to give my head room to get to his penis for his blow job, for this I had to lean forward

and down leaving room behind for the tall guy to enter my honey pot from the rear.

We all settle into our new position both boys willing to do anything to please me

and I them, I lean forward and with one hand gripping on the brass rail I take the shorter guy into my mouth and grasp it with my other hand which bring a sigh and a gasp from him, while the taller guy get behind me, I know already I am so wet and ready inside he will slide in with ease.

I found myself shaking almost uncontrollably with the illicit sexiness of it all.

I could feel his cock, rubbing across my soft pussy lips, up and down, I slowly pushed back onto him feeling every inch of his thick cock as he slid into me very slowly just an inch at first as he teased me, My pussy was trying to suck him in, slowly he fed it all in too me until the feeling of him so deeply inside of me was sheer heaven, and I let out the sigh and a gasp. As he inserted a finger in my arse to add to the mountains of pleasure

I was feeling as this was happening. I really do like this full feeling, every girl should have this daily I think to myself.

His hands grabbed my hips as he started to thrust into me deeper and harder.

Meanwhile I pulled gently on his friend’s penis as I swallowed him completely into my throat. He started to thrust into my mouth, pulling his cock to my lips, then back down my throat. “Fuck, I’m Cumming” he groaned as the first jet sprayed down the back of my throat. Jet after jet pulsed its way into my mouth, as my climax engulfed me, I found myself sucking so hard on that beautiful young cock in my mouth, to drain him fully

And was rewarded by the sounds of one very satisfied man.

He jumped back into the spa to watch his friend complete his task

His friend was pumping into me with good deep strokes, his hands now holding onto my hip getting ready for his time, I could feel his twitching cock spurting his juice deep inside of me. I was so close, then got to the point where I just couldn’t hold on any more. My hips started to buck as he did his best to hold on to me. He leaned forward and cupped my breasts again adding more waves of excitement through my body As his movements slowed, I heard him groan out loud “Oh, fuck”, and thought to myself, Yeah, oh, fuck is right. I had lost count of my orgasms

He withdraw from inside me and we all collapsed back into the warm water just to get our breath back, again we sat their smiling at each other, no names were given it was always going to be an anonymous encounter of the finest kind.

I grabbed my bikini and put my robe, and with fond farewells left, and returned to our room, Frank was still sound asleep, A quick shower and I was back in bed with him, I looked at the clock 2am.

Not a bad day I though, within the last 6 hours sucked three cocks and been fucked three times.

Another record to be broken some time in the future.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32