Night Two of Domination Week

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James had just wanted to stay in for the second night of Domination Week, having had a tough day at work and feeling tired. Sarah wouldn’t have it, however. She picked out a nice casual set of clothes for him and told him to get dressed. When he was finished, she shooed him out of the room so she could finish as well. To James’ surprise, he only had to wait about ten minutes for her to emerge from the bedroom, ready to go in one of her casual long dresses.

James picked up the keys to his car and headed for the door.

“Leave them. I’ll drive,” Sarah told him.


“It’s my night, and I want to drive.” James tossed the keys onto the table where they had been laying, and headed for the door. Sarah was there ahead of him, and opened it and gestured for him to go through first. James hesitated, then shrugged and went through and out to the driveway. She further discombobulated him when she insisted on opening his car door and helping him in, a reversal of their ordinary roles. She likewise insisted on opening the door and helping him out when they arrived at their destination.

They went to a local Thai restaurant, one of the many places in the neighborhood that they frequented. Sarah was relishing her food more than usual, engaging all of her senses to enjoy it fully. She brought the fragrant Pad Thai to her mouth, stopping to breath in the aroma, then sensually slid her tongue out to capture it from her fork, lingering there to feel it on her tongue before bringing it back to her mouth to chew. The smile never left her face throughout the meal.

Sarah was, in fact, nearly on sensory overload. The food was delightful, as always, the smells and texture and taste more vivid than she could remember them being at any time they had been here. But there was more. She was practically writhing with the delightful anticipation of the surprises she had in store for her husband when they returned home. She was going to enjoy every minute of blowing his mind tonight. And for good measure, the special garment she was wearing under her long dress was also bombarding her senses. The feel of it against her bare breasts and nipples was as sensual as a lover’s soft kiss. It was also snug against her naked pussy, delightfully rubbing against her whenever she moved. She could already feel herself getting wet.

They finished the meal, both leaning back in their chairs, satisfied. The waitress brought the check. When James reached for it, Sarah gently slapped his hand and pushed it away. James looked at her, his brows knitted in anger and surprise.

“Remember, darling…tonight, I’m in charge.” She reached into her purse and pulled out money to pay the check, leaving a tip so large she knew it would further dismay her husband. Then she made a point of pulling his chair out for him so he could get up.

They walked to the car and she opened his door for him again. She walked around to her side and got in. She slid her seat belt into place, then turned to him. “Are you ready to go have some fun?” she asked, with a mirthful expression. She was going to enjoy this, she knew.

“Do I have any say in the matter?”

“Not tonight, you don’t. None at all.” Sarah pulled out into traffic and began the short drive home. She was getting more excited by the moment, and was squirming in her seat.

“Ants in your pants?” James asked.

“You’ll find out,” she replied, smiling and keeping her eyes straight ahead.

Sarah led the way and opened the door, gesturing him past her and into the foyer. She was in a completely different state of mind than the one she had been in 24 hours earlier, when she had barely been able to get her key in the lock for her nervousness. Her attitude was completely different tonight. Sarah was calm, composed, confident, and most definitely in charge. She tossed her keys on the foyer table casually and walked into the living room. She sat down on the couch and tossed her small purse next to her.

“Come and stand here,” she said and pointed to a spot a few feet in front of her. She had the tone of someone who expected to be obeyed: easy and confident. James walked in and stood where he had been told.

“Take off your clothes for me, darling,” she said, leaning back casually. “Get completely naked for me. And fold your clothes neatly and put them in the chair. I don’t want you leaving a mess I’ll have to clean up later.” James quickly began to unbutton his shirt.

“Slowly,” Sarah said. “Put on a show for me, darling.”

James slowly undid the remaining buttons on his shirt, and pulled it open so Sarah could see his bare chest and stomach. He slid his hand up his torso, slowly stroking his chest and stomach, then back down again.

“Mmmm…nice,” Sarah purred.

James then kicked off his shoes as he unbuttoned his pants. Slowly, he slid the zipper down, then pulled the front of the pants open to reveal his boxer shorts. His cock was threatening to poke through the slit in the front, but he made no move to either hide it Betturkey or bring it out. He looked Sarah in the eyes as he hooked his thumbs into the waistband of the pants and began to push them down his hips. Once past his thighs, they slid to the floor all by themselves and landed in a pool at his feet. He reached down and picked them up. He folded them along the crease, doubled them over, and laid them neatly down into the chair.

“There now, you see? That’s not so difficult, is it?”

“Ha, ha. What do you want me to do next? Change the roll of toilet paper in the bathroom?”

“I’ll ask the questions. As for you, keep stripping.”

James slid his shirt off his shoulders and allowed it to slide down his arms and off. He folded it and laid it on top of the pants. He was now standing a few feet from his wife in only his boxer shorts and dark socks. . Sarah purred her approval as he turned his back to her and slowly bent over to remove his socks, giving her a perfect view of his ass. He rolled the socks together and added them to his pile of clothes. Then he turned to face her again.

“Shall I continue with the grand unveiling?”

“Oh, by all means. Things are just getting good.”

James grabbed the shorts by the waistband and slowly slid them down his hips. He stopped just before his dark brown pubic hair was going to come into view. He then ran his hand up the front of the shorts to stroke his still soft cock through the fabric. Sarah’s eyes were glued to his crotch, a dreamy expression on her face, as he continued to stroke the front of his shorts. His cock began to spring to life, and she could now see the bulge beginning to form there.

“Ready?” James asked.

“Yes. Take them off.”

James turned sideways to her, and pulled the shorts down the rest of the way. They also fell to his feet after they were past his thighs. His half-hard cock sprung up, pointing straight out away from his body. He bent over in an exaggerated slow fashion and picked up the shorts. He folded them, and was about to lay them on top of the pile when Sarah stopped him.

“I’ll take those,” she said, holding out her hand for them. He tossed them to her. She brought them to her face and inhaled his manly scent, taking a deep breath. “Hmmm, they smell like you, baby,” she said, and laid them on her lap. “We’ll just save those for later.”

“All right, now, darling, turn around. I want to see your ass again.” James turned around, facing away from her now, his hands at his side. “Mmmm…very nice.” James felt Sarah’s fingertips just brush his buttocks and realized she had leaned forward to stroke him. He shivered a little.

“OK, it’s time to get started. Put your hands behind your head, darling, and lock your fingers together.” James brought his hands up and put them behind his head, his elbows now pointing away from his body on either side. He locked his fingers together. “OK, now move your feet a little wider apart.” James moved his feet to shoulder width. “There, that’s perfect darling.”

Sarah opened her purse, then stood up and walked over to James. She cupped his ass in her hand and planted a small kiss on the back of his neck as she squeezed his nether cheek.

“Very nice, darling…” she whispered in his ear. “Now I want you to hold very still.” She slid the blindfold over his head and down over his eyes, leaving him in total darkness. “There now,” Sarah whispered in his ear again. “Stay just like that. I’ll be right back.” She walked into the bedroom.

Now it was nearly time for her own grand unveiling. She quickly slid out of her long dress, and went to hang it up. She brought her box of goodies out from the dim recesses of the closet. She grabbed several items from the box, leaving only a small leather bag she’d come back for later. She sat down on the bed and slid on her boots, zipping them up. She took a look in the mirror, turning to each side and then turning her back and looking over her shoulder.

The view was stunning, she knew. Clad in the long boots, and the tight fitting leather, she knew she would have James’ eyes popping out of his head. Satisfied that everything was in place, she grabbed the other items and went back in to the living room.

Sarah walked up behind James as silently as she could and placed her hands on his waist. She reached around and began stroking his chest and stomach. She pressed against his back as her hands roamed over his body, causing him to shiver. Sarah knew James could feel her outfit against his bare skin now as she rubbed up against him. Her hands slid down his rib cage to his hips, then around to his ass, then up his back to his shoulders, sending shivers the whole length of his body. She caught the unmistakable smell of leather, and wondered how it must feel against James’ warm skin. Sarah removed the blindfold with a quick tug. Then she stepped back, and was no longer touching him.

“You can turn around now, darling,” she said.

James turned around, and his Betturkey Giriş jaw dropped. Sarah stood before him in full Dominatrix regalia. She wore black patent leather boots that rode up to her thighs, and shone and gleamed even in the dim lighting of the living room. Her body was sheathed in a skin-tight black uniform that was all leather and zippers. It hugged her tight ass, and ended in a corset that pushed her breasts into cleavage that she had only dreamed about before. There were zippers running up the entire length of either side of the gaudy outfit, and one down the middle that didn’t stop until the navel. There was even a zipper at the crotch.

In one hand she held a riding crop. The crop had a loop in the handle at one end, for Sarah to slip her hand and wrist through. On the other end, the business end, was a small leather strip, doubled over and attached to the crop at both ends. The strip hung loose and swiveled as the crop moved through the air. In Sarah’s other hand was a collar. Sarah wondered briefly if James had identified it as such yet.

“Oh my god, Sarah,” he stammered. Sarah stepped forward and put her fingers to James’ lips.

“Shhh…quiet darling. Don’t speak unless I tell you,” she whispered.

She tossed the riding crop behind her onto the couch. She slid her fingertips up his bare stomach and chest, coming to rest at his neck. She wrapped the collar around his neck and snapped it into place. She went back for the leash, and attached it the metal clasp on the collar. She stepped back, leash in hand, picked up the riding crop, and stood there surveying him

“Oh, darling, if you only knew how sexy you look right now…” she said, smiling evilly at James. “Maybe I should snap a couple of photos to remember you by.”

“What? No, no pic–” James began. He was interrupted when Sarah brought the riding crop up and pressed it against his lips.

“Now, now, darling. Remember what I said? Don’t speak unless I tell you it’s OK.” James stood there silently. “Now, did you have something you wanted to say?” James nodded. “All right, then…go ahead.”

“You can’t take pictures of me like this. We aren’t taking pictures.”

“Oh, did we say no pictures? I don’t remember agreeing to that.” Sarah contemplated for a moment. She stuck out her lower lip, striking a pouting pose. “All right darling, if you insist. I won’t take any pictures. I don’t think I’ll have any trouble remembering tonight anyway.”

She walked towards James, wrapping the leash around her hand as she got closer in order to keep it taught. She stood right in front of him, looking up at him. She leaned towards him and licked his lips with her tongue. When James leaned forward to kiss her, she pulled away. She gave him a deep, throaty laugh.

“Not unless I say, darling. Remember that. Now, you can put your arms down. Just let them rest at your sides.” James did as she said.

She unwrapped the leash from around her hand, and then started to walk around him, using the riding crop to stroke him as she looked him over. She started at his stomach, then slowly slid the cool leather down over his hip to his thigh. She brought the crop up his inner thigh. James sucked in his breath as she got close to his semi-hard cock. Sarah slid the crop under his scrotum and used it to lift his balls up and away from his body. James stood on his toes and gasped as she did it, then went back down to his feet as the crop pulled away from his body.

Sarah stepped behind him then, and began stroking the back of his thighs. She stroked slowly up one and then down the other. Then she brought the crop up between his legs and slid it between the cheeks of his ass. James jumped as he felt the leather part the cheeks of his ass. Sarah pushed forward, and he felt the crop against his balls once more, this time pushing them forward. Then she slid the crop back and up, traversing the entire length of his crack.

“Mmmm…very nice,” Sarah said, and came to stand beside James. “I love playing with your ass,” she whispered in his ear. “Bend over for me, darling. Bend over and grab your ankles so I can get a better look at your ass.” James obediently did as she said.

Sarah couldn’t believe how much she was enjoying the feeling of being totally in charge. Her skin was tingling and her pussy was sopping as she totally controlled her husband’s every move. Nothing before this had brought her such a sensual charge, like a touch anywhere on her body could bring an orgasm. And she wanted even more.

She began stroking him again with the crop. She started at his calf muscle and moved slowly up his leg. She lingered on the back of his thigh, sliding over to also cover the inside. Then she moved up to his ass, covering it in small, slow circles. She stroked his ass with her other hand as well, still holding the leash loosely.

“Now, hold still, darling, this may hurt just a little,” she said. She brought the crop down hard on his exposed buttock, the leather strap making Betturkey Güncel Giriş a resounding slap against his bare skin. James jumped a little bit, but stayed where he was. Sarah knew from experimenting on her own skin that the crop didn’t hurt much. But the sensation of striking her husband, of his submitting totally to her, as well as the delicious friction of the leather against her aroused pussy, nearly brought her to an orgasm as she spanked James. After a couple of slaps from the crop, she had to stop for a moment to catch her breath. But remembering how James had spanked her the night before, she resolved that she was not finished yet.

Sarah struck each cheek of his ass several times, alternating between the two. She thoroughly enjoyed the sound of the slap of leather against his skin, and the pink shade his pale skin was turning. She stopped swatting his exposed ass, then began gently rubbing it with the crop. Then she stepped back and pulled up on the leash.

“OK, stand up now darling.” James stood up. Sarah stood in front of him. She reached up and stroked his face, then planted a light kiss on his lips. “Time to go to the bedroom and really have some fun.” She walked ahead and tugged on the leash for him to follow. James turned and started walking, but Sarah stopped.

“Down on your hands and knees, darling. That’s how we do it with the leash.” James’ eyes bored into hers, and just for a second Sarah wasn’t sure he was willing to continue. Then he dropped to his knees, then down to all fours, and began crawling. Sarah walked slowly in front of him, keeping the slack in the leash. When they arrived in the bedroom, she patted the bed.

“Up you go. Now come down here and face me” she said, taking a position at the foot of the bed. James faced her now, at the end of the bed on all fours. Sarah put the riding crop down on the dresser, then took hold of the leash again. She unsnapped the loop at the end of the leash, wrapped it around the bed’s foot rail, and then snapped it closed again, limiting James’ movement.

“There we go. We’re almost ready to get started.” She turned and walked towards the closet. Once inside, she poked her head back out for a second. “Now, don’t go anywhere. I’ll be right back.”

Sarah returned a moment later, carrying her bag. She turned her back on James and set it down, blocking his view of the contents. A moment later she turned to show him what she had brought. She was holding a vibrator, about 7 inches long and a little less thick than the toy James had used on her the night before. It was made of a clear plastic, with a realistic looking cock head that flared out to just a bit wider than the shaft. At the base it looked like there were marbles inside, and there was a long handle with a black knob at the bottom. In her other hand, Sarah was holding a bottle of lubricant.

“This is the most wonderful little thing, darling. Watch.” Sarah turned the black knob and James could hear the vibrator hum to life. “Look at the head, darling.” James saw then that the head was rotating in a circular motion at the same time that the rest of the cock was vibrating and humming. “Isn’t that wonderful? It’s called a ‘squirmy vibe’. I’ll bet it feels amazing inside.”

Sarah squirted some of the lube onto the plastic cock, then slowly slid her hand up and down like she was jerking it off to spread the lube along the whole length. She lifted her left leg and placed her foot on the mattress next to James’ hand. James watched as she reached down and opened the zipper at her crotch. Sarah’s pussy was now open and inviting, only a few inches from James’ face. She placed the vibrator between her breasts, then slowly slid it down her stomach. She shuddered as she slid the vibrating phallus between her legs, rubbing it the length of her slit. She did this several times, then placed the rotating head against her clit.

“Oh, darling, it feels so good. I have to feel it inside me for just a minute.” Sarah used her free hand to open her pussy lips, and slid the head of the vibrator into her wet pussy. She was gasping and moaning now, her hips moving in little circles. She would slide it all the way inside her, and then pull it out until just the head remained inside, and press the cock against her clit.

She stopped after a few moments of the stimulation, pulling the vibrator out of her pussy and turning it off. She held it to James’ mouth and brushed the head across his lips.

“Taste me,” she said. James licked his lips and tasted the juices that had been left behind there. “Now, suck it,” Sarah said. She pressed the cock head to his closed lips. James hesitated for a moment, then slowly opened his mouth and let the head pass through. Sarah knew she had coated the cock with her juices, and that James would taste her more fully now. She pushed the head and about an inch of the cock into his mouth. He sucked and licked it for a moment, and then she pulled it back out.

Sarah picked up the bottle of lube and walked around the side of the bed to get behind James. He felt her weight on the mattress as she climbed on the bed with him. She laid her warm hands on his ass, spreading his cheeks apart and exposing his tight brown hole to the air. She watched it pucker as the air hit it, and James’ hips bucked just a little.

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