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This is my first submission to this site. I hope you guys enjoy the story! It’s part fiction, and part based on real life. It’ll be up to you, the reader, to determine which is which… Enjoy!

I saw her at the café. I was sipping a tall, double-shot latte, and glanced up to see her—all five feet, five inches of her. Her silky, long hair, sweeping down to her shoulders. Her eyes, vivid and blue, lively and seductive all at once. Her breasts, pert and firm, bouncing slightly as she laughed. Her crop top revealed a smooth belly, sloping down towards the greatest treasure of all.

I recognized her instantly. Natalie Taylor, from my Calculus class. Every day I had known her, I had wanted her. But I never had the courage to ask. As a result, it was to my great surprise that she slid into the stool beside me.

“Hey, Jake!” she said. Her words sounded like honey poured into my ears. I satisfied myself with a perfunctory nod in her direction. “Natalie.” She called over the barista.

“I’ll have what he’s having, please.”

I was waiting on tenterhooks. What did she want with me?

The second latte arrived, and she sipped it, nodding with approval. She nodded. “Good taste, Jake.” I responded with a noncommittal shrug. “I’m glad you’re enjoying it.”

She took another sip. “Jake, I actually wanted to ask you something.” I toyed with my straw. “Go ahead.” She took a deep breath. “I’ve liked you for a while now, and I never had the courage to say it, but will you go out with me?”

I almost choked on my coffee. My eyes watered and I shook my head to clear my brain. Did Natalie Taylor just ask me out?

I heard her voice, cutting through my haze like a beam of light through fog. “Oh, if you don’t want to…” I hastily put my cup down. “No, no. I mean, yes, not no. Not no.” I sighed. “Yes, Natalie, I’d love to go on a date with you.”

Her face lit up. “Alright, then. Should we meet at the theater at 8:00?”
“Sounds good,” I responded

The news that I was dating Natalie took our school by storm. Everyone in our school, not just the seniors in my class, but even newly inducted freshmen, had a crush on her. She had eyes following her every time she walked down the hall. The eyes stared harder now that I was beside her as well. Snide whispers and murmurs followed us as we walked to class every single day.

“Him? Really?”
“I swear, she could’ve picked me!”
“I’ve been flirting with her every single day!”
“And he’s a nerd!”

The last statement was true, however. I suppose I’m not bad looking, almost six feet tall with a mop of dark hair and a clearly defined jawline. And I’m on the Varsity swim team, so my body has always been in shape.

But I valued numbers over everything. The calculus class I was taking in school was for the credit. In reality, I had finished the most advanced number theory and multivariable differential equations classes that the nearby community college had to offer. I was always shunned in school for being too nerdy.

And Natalie was different. While she was smart, she was one of the most popular kids in the school. She was on the cheer team, and she ran track. Even I sometimes wondered what she was doing with the likes of me.

But we were blissful together. We would spend hours on the weekends making out with each other, enjoying the feeling of each other’s arms. It never went farther than that, though; we would just sit in conversation until the sun set; then, we would watch as the sky changed color from azure to obsidian.

Things continued like this for a few months. We would visit restaurants from time to time, often frequenting the café where our relationship began. We would drive down to the coast on weekends, enjoying the thrum of the ocean and the sand between our toes. But most of all, we were happy in each other’s company.

Then, on our shared 18th birthdays, we had an incredible day out. We packed a picnic lunch and a blanket and drove to the mountains. We spent the whole day whispering to each other under the eaves of an immense oak tree, its leaves casting a cool shadow on us.

Natalie was looking radiant that day, the setting sun making her face glow, her eyes shining brightly. She looked at me and smiled a wicked smile. She put her hand on mine and guided me to her breasts. I rested my hands on them gently, feeling them depress under my fingers. Her nipples were at stiff attention. I opened my mouth, and she put a finger on my lips. The wicked grin remained. We drove home that night, and she didn’t talk about it again.

The spring was progressing into summer. It was our last week of school and I was working on finishing up a project when Natalie ran up to me.

“Jake! Come here! You have to see this!”

I walked out into dusk. The fireflies were coming out, and the smell of honeysuckle was heavy on the air. She tugged on my hand and led me to her car. I took the shotgun seat.

“Where are we going?”

She Gaziantep Genç Escort responded by turning on the ignition. The little car jumped forward, and she drove with unacceptable speed through winding country lanes. My heart was in my throat as the speedometer approached ninety. “What’s the hurry?” I asked. Natalie gritted her teeth and stayed transfixed on the road. “We need to reach on time.”

Then, with a great crunch, she turned into a gravel parking lot. The brakes squealed and the car shuddered to a stop. She opened the door and ran outside. “Come on, Jake!” She pulled on my hand, and I half-ran, half-stumbled behind her. Slipping on tufts of grass, we ran across a large green field, and then we reached the shade of a large oak tree.

“What is this, Natalie?”
“Oh, Jake, it’s starting!”

I turned to hear a whistling sound. The sky erupted in flames. Large flowers blossomed before my eyes. Enormous maelstroms of swirling light and heat lit up the ceiling of the world, turning the deep onyx red and green and purple. The fireworks were an incredible display. I could see their reflection in Natalie’s eyes. In the dark, the blue almost looked violet. She was entranced.

“Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?” she asked.
“Of course,” I replied. “You.”

“Oh, Jake,” she breathed. “That was just the answer I was looking for.” She reached up, and her lips met mine. Her sweet mouth opened under my tongue, and we tasted each other. Her eyes were closed, and our bodies were awash in the light of the pyrotechnics.

We lay back on the grass, our eyes glowing with the perfect storm lighting the sky. She turned to me. “I asked the sweet old lady who lives here to give me the fireworks that were left over from the Fourth when her family was over. I said it was for a very special event.”

“But what’s the event?” I asked.

She turned to me and looked me in the eye. “I want to lose my virginity tonight.”

My eyes widened, but there was no time. She pulled me to her car and forced me into the passenger seat. She paused.

“Unless you don’t want to…?”

I shook my head vehemently. “I want you, Natalie. I always have. It’s just…I’ve never done this either. I’m nervous.”

She sat down in the driver’s seat. Her breasts bounced. “So am I,” she breathed, “but isn’t that half the fun?” She gave me a wicked grin and the car leapt forward.

I don’t remember anything about that car ride to her house. I just kept trying not to think about finally touching her down there, in that sweet place, her long, slender legs opening for my mouth…

The car screeched to a halt once more and she fumbled for her house keys. “Your parents?” I asked. “Not at home,” she said.

“And what about mine?” I asked. She paused.

“Just text them and tell them you’re going to have a sleepover at a friend’s place.”

“But Natalie,” I said. She turned. “I don’t have a condom.”
She laughed as she walked through the door. “Don’t worry, Jake, I’m on the pill. And I want to feel you, not a sheathe of rubber.”

I hurriedly extracted my phone and typed the message out, my fingers trembling from anticipation and excitement. I heaved a sigh of relief after I got the message of approval. I followed Natalie through the door, and I heard her footsteps running upstairs. I followed her.

She had obviously taken great pains to prepare for this. Several candles were glowing in the darkness. She had changed into a sexy pair of jeans and a tight shirt. I could see the outline of her bra and the silhouette of her ass. I felt myself hardening.

Her hands fluttered from unbidden hesitation as they fumbled with the button of my pants. She bit her lip and flung her hair back. She swallowed.

“Are you ready?” I asked.

“More than anything.” She replied.

Then, with fluidity I never expected, she flung her shirt over her head. And I saw them. Her perfect breasts. I could barely glimpse the top of her dark brown nipple peeking through the silky lace of her bra. I feasted on her body, on her nubility. My eyes followed down, past her belly button, past the glorious slope of her skin, to that secret treasure I hoped to uncover.

Given such a glorious sight, I felt a need to reciprocate. With considerably less expertise, I shuffled my t-shirt over my head. I let my hard, flat stomach spring forward, taking exceptional care to flex my muscles as I threw my t-shirt across the room. Was it just my imagination, or did she bite her lip?

She approached me and pressed her breasts against my chest. She looked into my eyes.

The silence between us was poignant; the atmosphere electric.

And then, her lips met mine. I forgot everything else as I slipped into blissful oblivion. I tasted her lips, then her tongue. I moved my hands upwards, almost instinctively, and laid them gently on her breasts. She gasped and moved backwards.

“Too fast?” I asked. She pushed my hands off. It’s over, I thought.

But then, she pushed me back onto the bed, straddling me, propping me up against the pillow.

“Not fast enough.”

In one fluid motion, she whipped her bra off. Her breasts bounced, and oh, they were glorious! I drank in the sight of the wide areolas, offsetting nipples dark as sin. I tentatively reached up and brushed them with my thumbs. They responded to my touch with unbidden enthusiasm, rising to meet my fingers. I moved towards them with my mouth, pausing only to glance up at her, almost for approval.

She looked at me and nodded.

And carefully, delicately, I reached my tongue out and licked them. She gasped and jerked. Bolstered, I took one entire breast in my mouth, and sucked, playing with her nipple with my tongue and teeth. I heard whispered approval from above.

I felt for her other breast. It was as firm and perfect as the first one. I used my thumbs to play with the dark nipple. I took it in my mouth as well, sucking on it. She let out a low moan, followed by whispered approval from above, “Oh yes, fuck yes, fuck yes…”

It was too much for me. Acting on instinct, I flipped her on her back. Her breasts were heaving. I kissed between them. Then, I followed a line down her body. I kissed past her chest, past her perfect belly, and then I reached her jeans. I grabbed them with one hand and ripped them off. She let out a breath.

I eased off her panties, and then got in closer to take a look. Her legs were squeezed tightly together, but on brief nudging, they separated. Her slit was pink, and dripping. As she opened her legs further, I caught sight of the labia and the vulva, all glistening in the dim light of the room. I paused.

“What are you doing?” she asked, obviously impatient.

“Seeing your reaction.” I replied. I kissed her inner thighs, just brushing them gently with my lips. I could hear her breathing quicken. And then I reached it. My tongue jumped forward, taking one long stroke. She tasted sweet and sour, all at the same time, a heady mix of lust and ecstasy. She moaned and arched her back.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, yesssssss….”

I ate her out, slowly, then more passionately. I moved my tongue up and down, I slurped at her. I slipped one finger inside, causing her moans to increase in frequency and volume. I moved it in and out, slowly, and then quickly. I could feel her entire body tensing up. And then, I found it; the clitoris. I stepped back and blew air on it. She jumped a foot into the air. I smiled.

“I think I found something, Natalie.”

I gave her clitoris a long lick. She trembled. I licked it again. She gasped. I teased it with my tongue and teeth. Her whole body quivered. And then, agonizingly slowly, I moved my whole mouth against her pussy, my tongue playing with her folds, pausing at her clit. Then, I gave it a little flick. It was enough to send her over the edge. She screamed, arching her back, locking me in with her; she heaved and moaned, her whole body shaking.

Her eyes were dark and lustrous, her breasts heaving. “Fuck, that felt so good.” She stood up, and hands on my shoulder, she pushed me back. “My turn now.”

She eased off my jeans and my boxers, and all six-and-a-half inches of me sprung out. I was already rock-hard and throbbing with excitement; a thin layer of precum covered my head. She gave it a delicate lick. I trembled.

“Natalie, are you sure you want to—oh. Oh. Ohhhhhh…”

She sucked and twirled, playing with my shaft, my balls, my head, teasing and licking. She took me into her mouth all the way, and then gave me a squeeze with her tongue. She licked forward and backward. She took me into her throat and teased my delicate skin. I’ve always been especially sensitive near my head. From some primal instinct, she knew this; she paused, grinned up at me, and gave my head a long lick. I groaned.

“I’m going to cum, Natalie. Do you want me to pull out?”

In response, she gazed up at me, and shook her head. The pressure kept building. She took me out, and then in a sensuous motion, took me in again, licking my entire penis. It was too much for me.

Spurt after spurt of ejaculation left me. It was a tremendous feeling. It was better than anything I had ever felt in my life. She swallowed every drop, keeping her eyes on me the whole time. I had never seen anything sexier.

I sighed. “Are you sure that you’ve never done this before?” She laughed. “Not to a human. A lot of vegetables have enjoyed me, though. And one lucky tube of toothpaste.” We both laughed.

Exhausted, the both of us sprawled on the bed. We took a moment to enjoy the pleasant comfort of closeness. We gazed outside. A low moon had risen, filling the onyx sky with the light as bright as Natalie’s eyes. For a few minutes, we just lay there.

My penis had begun to subside, still sticky from her attention. One look at Natalie’s perfect breasts, however, caused it to rise again. She saw this, and smiled wickedly, spreading her legs and giving me a better view. I let out a low breath.

“Someone’s still excited,” she said, teasingly.
“With you, who wouldn’t be?”

She gave another wicked smile and got up on her side. I took a moment to take all of it in. Her sparkling eyes, silky hair, and lush lips. Her breasts, round and firm and perfect, the dark nipples voids in the wide areolas.

“Um. What position do you want to try?”
“Why not start with missionary?”

She propped herself up on her shoulders and moved backwards on the bed. She bit her lip as she spread her legs.

“Don’t hurt me, Jake.”
“I’ll do my best.”

She put her hand on my penis. It was trembling. She tugged on it gently, guiding it to her pussy. I felt the tip of my head touch the outside of her labia. She quivered.

“Are you ready?”

I slipped inside her. Slowly, oh so slowly. She bit her lip. “Does it hurt?” I asked. She pressed her lips into a flat line but shook her head. My penis was hard as a rock, and was trembling slightly as the slick, tight walls of her vagina closed in on it.

I slid inside deeper and groaned. I could feel the walls of her vagina expanding, accommodating my length within them. She gasped as I reached her hymen. I pushed through, and felt it break. I paused to look at her. Tears were streaming down her face.

“Do you want me to keep going?” I asked, concerned. She looked at me and nodded.

I began fucking her in long strokes. My penis slid in and out, glistening, covered in my precum and her blood and wetness. I kept the pressure constant, and I could feel her changing. Her breaths began to come at more irregular intervals. Small gasps escaped her mouth.

I reached forward, keeping my thrusting constant, and put my hands on her breasts. She moaned, “Oh, fuck yes, Jake. Fuck yes. Fuck me, fuck me harder. I want you.” I squeezed her breasts, kneading them like two balls of dough. Her hard nipples brushed against my palms. She moaned again, arching her back.

I began to speed up, thrusting harder and harder. I felt the head of my penis brush her cervix. Another gasp escaped her lips. “Keep going Jake, I’m going to come, you’re making me come…aaaaahhhh!” But I didn’t stop. I increased my fervor. Her whole body was trembling, her breasts were heaving. Then, she looked me in the eye, and pushed me off. My penis made a sound like a plunger as it slid out of her dripping pussy.

“Natalie, what-“

She didn’t give the opportunity to finish that sentence. She stood up and put her hands on my shoulders for the second time that night, pushing me back on the bed. My penis stood erect and quivering, completely coated in our juices mingling together. She was flushed, her silky hair cascading down to her erect nipples in brown ringlets.

She looked me in the eyes again, giving me that wicked grin that I loved. She straddled my legs, and then she moved forward. She took a deep breath, and then lowered herself onto my penis. I groaned as I felt it slip in. Her pussy felt even better the second time; it was hot, pink, and tight, and yet I was able to slide in with relative ease.

She licked her fingers and rubbed her outer lips, and then began to ride me. I could see my penis sliding in and out of her vagina, glistening in the dim light of the room. Her breaths were erratic, and her moans were constant. She began riding me harder. Her beautiful hair was in beautiful disarray. I groaned again.

“Natalie, I’m about to come.”
She moaned, and closed her eyes. “Me too, Jake. Me too.”

Her breasts bounced up and down, her nipples as hard and shiny as diamonds. I reached up to feel them. Pressure kept building in my lower half. I knew that I wouldn’t last much longer. I looked up to see her again. Her eyes were as bright as glowing coals. She wet her lips. And then in a motion that I don’t think either of us expected, she squeezed her vagina shut. The feeling of the hot, tight, slick walls closing in on me was too much for me.

I felt myself shudder, then release, as spurt after spurt of hot semen entered her. I arched my back and thrust myself deeper. She screamed, arching her back as well. Her nipples were standing at hard attention, her firm breasts heaving as she orgasmed. “Jaaaaaaake…” she screamed, moaning. She reached down, pressing her breasts against my chest, and she kissed me. I could feel myself inside her. We were so close; I didn’t know where I ended and she began.

For a few minutes, we stayed in that position. I felt her body pressing on mine. My penis was still firmly enclosed within it. Her breaths had steadied, but her eyes were as lively as ever. I contemplated on how lucky I was to be in this position; in bed with a beautiful girl, with our lives ahead of us.

She rolled off of me and slipped beneath the sheets; her hair sprawled like a fan on the pillow.

“Tonight was magical, Jake. I never want to leave.”

I smiled and turned over to her. I traced the outline of her beautiful face with my hands.

“You’ll never have to, Natalie.”