My Sunday Obedience Ch. 02

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Big Tits

My Master cannot always be with me, but, if he is pleased with me, He leaves me instructions of how to masturbate for Him. He then requests I email Him details of my behaviour. If I have succeeded in obeying, I will be rewarded on His return.

Dear Master,

I had a change in the pattern of my day, which allowed me to come home early and masturbate for You in the way You required.

I chose the two toys, as we discussed earlier. One, the very conventional, almost old-fashioned dildo. It has a semi pointed end and is quite slim. My thumb and finger over lap slightly when I hold it. It is smooth but made of rigid plastic. The other, more realistic in both size and texture. My thumb and finger do not quite meet, and although very firm is it made of softer rubber. I laid these toys on our bed while I prepared myself.

I thought of how I would prepare the body I tend, for Your arrival. I ran a warm scented bath and bathed very carefully. I washed my hair and ensured my body was hair free. I dried and moisturized my skin so that it would smell pleasing and be soft and supply to Your touch. I dried my hair, leaving it down as I know You like it. I could see the toys on the bed as I sat at my dressing table and dried my hair. By this time my body was getting excited, many thoughts and scenarios running through my head, all centring on what would please You most.

I stroked my breasts, cupping and twisting the nipples a little as I pictured You, seated in a chair watching me. I thought of Your voice as You made it clear what a horny little slut Your servant was. Listening to You telling me how well You knew me, that the anticipation of obeying You was exciting me. Hearing my own voice answer You, telling You that,

“Yes Master Your cunt was getting wet, Yes Master Your slut’s nipples were hard and sensitive on this body I cultivate for Your pleasure”

I crawled up the bed, just as I would crawl across the floor to You, Master. I opened my legs so that my calves were almost parallel to my thighs, slightly wider. I could feel the wetness gathering between my pussy lips, the slow anticipation delicious. My face and shoulders were very low, slightly down on my right Bycasino side so I could extend an arm under my body and I began to stroke the length of my cunt lips, teasing, slowly……just as You instructed yesterday. I could feel my juices on my middle finger as I slide it deeper inside and I began to circle my clit. Breathing deeply, eyes closed I thought about doing this as You watched from behind me Master. Knowing that part of me would find it quite humiliating, but also knowing that I would be excited at the prospect of showing You what a little slut I am when in Your company Master.

It would have been easy for me to cum then, I had been thinking about this since we were together last night and had been feeling very horny and excited all day. However that was not what You wanted, and therefore not what I wanted either Master.

I took the slimmer toy and pressed it to my pussy lips, wanted to use my juices to lubricate it. This toy fits comfortably inside of me and I slide it into my wet hole, loving the feel of it. My body posture making it fit tighter and therefore pushing against the sensitive nerve endings that swell on the inside of my cunt. I curved my back, raising my ass, thinking of you watching me Master, silently assessing Your slut.

I then leaned further under myself and removed the dildo from my wet hole and pushed it against my ass hole Master. I do not find anal easy as You know and it took a while for me to relax enough to push the toy firmly inside me. Despite the juices on the shaft it still felt dry and harsh inside me. My inner muscles closing tight around it, making it hard to move at first, trying instinctively to expel it from my body. I could hear myself making small moaning noises as I used it inside me……..thrusting in as far as I could take, and then pulling almost all the way out. Eventually my muscles relaxed and accepted more and more. I pressed deeper each time until the length was in as deep as I could take, barely an inch seemed to be left outside Master. By now my cheeks were flushed, my face buried into the bed covers, a fine film of sweat gathering on my breasts and forehead. I thought of the view You would have of Your slaves upturned Bycasino giriş buttocks Master, spread and separated by the deeply inserted dildo. I could hear Your voice, warning me to take it as deep as I could, to push it further and not disappoint You.

Ensuring the toy stayed firmly in place I took the other and stroked it between my pussy lips. I was still wet, but my juices were not running as freely as before. We have only tried double penetration a few times before and I find it uncomfortable but thrilling none the less. I began to slide the toy into my cunt, feeling it pressurise the toy lodged in my ass hole. The angle of my body seeming to give each toy less room inside me. Just a thin membrane separating them from each other. Holding the butt toy in place I began to masturbate with the other, at first hardly able to push more than an inch inside me, having to work hard, brushing my clit with my thumb as I pushed against the dildo to get me a little more wet. At times I would angle it slightly wrong and would be rewarded with a shape pain as they buffeted against each other.

Master I so wanted You to be there to watch, to see me masturbating as You instructed. As the vaginal toy pushed in, it thrust against the anal plug. Bent almost double I had to push it back in to keep both buried inside me. The double thrusting action was not easy Master and did not bring much pleasure to begin with. My pleasure came from thinking of You watching me, feelings of humiliation mixing with the desperate need to please You. Gaining my pleasure from the hope that You would be enjoying what You saw.

My orgasm was slow to happen Master, it is always that way with anal play when I cannot stimulate my clitoris as much as I like to. My nipples were very hard and I could feel them rubbing against the sheets as I rocked myself onto the two shafts buried deeply inside me.

I eventually began to feel myself building towards my orgasm, the toys moving freely now as my body accepted them more willingly. The stimulation exciting me, as did my thoughts of my Master watching, assessing my behaviour, and hopefully pleased by what he saw

I began to beg, speaking out loud Bycasino deneme bonusu and pleading for Your permission to come. Telling You how much Your whore needed to cum for You. I thought of being able to catch a glimpse of Your face as I did, watching perhaps a wry smile crossing Your lips as You enjoy making me wait. Telling me that the toys needed to be deeper, or thrust harder before I would be allowed to cum. I imagined You counting down from ten, expecting a deep penetrating thrust on each of Your counts, and if You got to zero I would be allowed to orgasm for You.

My body was so excited Master. You could hear the wet sounds of the toys as they moved in and out of my body. Pushing the butt toy so deep I could barely hold it, each thrust making me cry out as it probed as deep as I could.

Counting down in my head I could barely hold myself together. The need to cum was desperate within me now. Thinking of Your voice, stern and commanding, counting down slowly, seeing if I would be weak and cum before You reached zero. The edge of my hand pumping against my clit as I thrust the toy inside me, stimulating it, pushing me towards my orgasm.

As I began to cum I thought of You, behind me now, pushing each toy deep into me and holding it firmly there as I came for You. The driving pain mixed with intense pleasure of my orgasm was amazing. I was literally crying out as each spasm shot through me, Master it was so powerful I could hardly breathe. My internal muscles contracting over and over, clenching each cock buried inside me, I never wanted it to end. Thinking of You the entire time just made it more explosive. Thoughts of You in Your tuxedo, standing behind me, watching intently, it made my body respond so strongly Master

Eventually as the intensity subsided I lay still on the bed, both toys buried onscenely inside me as I panted for breathe. I pictured You, thinking what I would do now if it had been Your cock inside me. I slowly removed the toy in my ass, feeling the muscles cling to it, and then my tight hole gap as I freed it. I then did the same to the shaft inside my pussy. The wet popping noise as I removed it seemed so loud.

Sitting up on my knees I then sucked both toys, tasting myself on each one, eyes closed thinking how grateful I would be if I could be doing this to my Master after he had fucked His slut.

I hope that You were pleased by my efforts for you Master.

Your loving whore, jude

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