My Fantasy

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A man I’m only slightly acquainted with invites me out to dinner. He’s not handsome, buy normal standards. But he has an almost dark sensuality that excites me. During the course of dinner, I sometimes find him looking at me when he thinks I don’t see, and there’s an intensity in his very dark eyes that makes me feel weak and nervous, and I don’t quite know why. He’s quiet, his voice is low and smooth. You can tell that he needs to shave every day, because his face is already showing signs of a shadow. The hair on his head is dark, but very short..growing back after being shaved off for the summer.

He has nice hands. Long fingers. Clean nails. I like to watch him cut his steak, his movements are so precise. But it’s mostly watching his lips part as he lifts his fork to his mouth to eat….I like his mouth most of all and wonder what it would feel like on mine. Or on my neck and breast and nipple. Sometimes it seems he must know what I’m thinking because he’ll look at me and his eyes briefly lower to my breasts, but they don’t linger there. It’s almost as though he’s seen them before and he’s content to wait to see them again. There’s no hurry in his movements, and that just makes me feel impatient. I even begin to worry that he finds me boring and won’t want to touch me with those hands of his, or his mouth. He seldom smiles.

And then dinner is over and we drive back to his house. We walk to the door in silence, his hand on the small of my back. And just as we reach the front door, he stops me with a gentle touch on my arm. For the first time, he seems a little unsure of himself, and then he reaches inside his jacket, and from an inner pocket, he pulls a long silk scarf. I wait, but he doesn’t speak at first. He just pulls the scarf through his fingers over and over again. And then, very quietly, he tells me that he would never hurt me. He tells me that there’s nothing inside his house that can hurt me. But if I want to go home, he’ll take me now. No hard feelings.

But if I stay, he says, looking hard into my eyes, it will be a night I won’t ever forget…and that he will give me more pleasure than I ever thought possible. He warns me that once inside the house, I can’t change my mind and leave until morning. The decision is mine completely, but I have to commit to it. And I watch his hands on the scarf, pulling it through his fingers, and wonder what it will be like to spend the night here. And in the end, I nod my head once and whisper to him that I’ll stay.

He turns my back to him and ties the scarf over my eyes, and tells me one last time that there is nothing in the house that can hurt me. With that, I hear him turn the doorknob, push open the door and usher me inside.

He takes my purse and places it, I think, on a table beside the door. Using his hands to stay in contact with me, he reaches down my body until he comes to my shoes, and pulls them off my feet. My heart is racing in my chest. I’m both excited and frightened. I feel his fingers…those beautiful long fingers….unbuttoning my blouse and slowly easing it off my shoulders. I can sense him moving behind me, working at the button and zipper of my skirt, and then like a whisper I feel it fall to the floor. Next is my bra…he has it unhooked and off my shoulders almost before I know what he’s doing, and I feel a rush of cool air on my skin and feel my nipples harden and rise. My instinct is to cover my naked breasts with my arms, but he says “don’t,” and I obey. And then Tipobet off come my stockings…one at a time…and finally, with the gentlest of movements, he removes my panties. I think I feel his lips or his breath against the flesh of my ass, but it is so light I can’t be sure.

Then he takes my hands and leads me forward, slowly, telling me not to be afraid; telling me to let him be my eyes. Telling me to trust him. We stop, and he takes my hands and brings them behind my back. I feel him kissing me softly on the shoulder with his open mouth, while his hands tie my wrists together behind my back. He tells me to kneel, and I do with his help. With his hands, he pushes apart my legs, not too far, but enough that I feel open and vulnerable. And then he tells me not to move and not to make a sound, and that he’ll be back in a while. But that I’m not to be afraid, and I’m not to call out for any reason. And then I hear a door close behind me, and I know he’s left me in a dark closet, on my knees, with my wrists bound.

It seems forever that he leaves me there. My knees begin to hurt and I’m frightened. I start to cry…silently…my tears disappearing into the soft silk scarf. The house is so completely silent except for an occasional creak or groan, like all houses make. And I wonder if he’s left me to die in that closet; that no one will ever find me. So irrational, but so afraid and feeling abandoned. But eventually he comes back. He lifts me to my feet and holds me to him, feeling my body tremble and knowing how frightened I’ve become. He doesn’t hold me like a, not like a lover. But like a parent..comforting and assuring. And then, wordlessly, he leads me out of the closet and across a carpet, always guiding my movements, leading me where he wants.

We stop. He turns me and pushes me down onto the edge of a bed. He tells me to turn onto my stomach, which I do, and he unties my hands, but only briefly. I find myself being tied by the wrists and ankles to the bed. And I realize there is more than one set of hands on me….one set at each of my hands, and one set at each of my ankles. He knows when I’ve become aware of the others, and he tries to calm me. Don’t worry, he says, they would never hurt you. Over and over he tells me this.

And then his hands are gone and only the other three remain. They touch me everywhere. With hands and with their mouths, and tongues. Teeth nip at my ass and hips and thighs. I feel a tongue tracing the crack of my ass, pressing hard along the path between my anus and my pussy. A hand slips beneath my hips and finds my clit and begins to massage it. And another hand slips between the mattress and my breast until I feel fingers grasping my nipple and squeezing. There are mouths and tongues and teeth and hands all over me, touching me intimately…fingers probing my pussy and my ass…. They take their time with me, but soon I feel a body slide over mine, atop me, and a cock sliding along the crack of my ass until it reaches my pussy and presses just inside, only to withdraw again. Over and over and over, until I can feel myself so wet and swollen that all I want is to be penetrated deeply. Taken hard. Like a slut.

My hands are being untied. The body lifts off me and leaves my skin feeling slightly sweaty and cold. I’m turned onto my back, my hands bound together and somehow tied above my head. Only one ankle is tied to the bed post this time. Someone straddles my ribs, his hands Tipobet Giriş lifting and massaging my breasts, rolling my nipples between his thumbs and fingers. My thighs are pushed apart. A tongue touches my clit, lightly at first, then with more pressure, moving in circles. Fingers probe my pussy, deep, and then my ass. And all the while the mouth and tongue are licking and sucking my clit. Gentle hands turn my head. A hard, warm cock is pressed against my lips. I open my mouth and feel the cock slide inside. And the body straddling me pushes my breasts together around his cock and rocks back and forth, fucking my tits.

I can’t see them. The scarf is still tied over my eyes, but I feel them and hear them, their bodies on and in mine. The one sucking my clit lifts my unbound leg and slides his cock into me, pushing slowly inside. So deep that my body jumps when he pushes past my cervix, deeper than I’ve ever been penetrated before. He hurts me, he’s so deep, but I like it and want him even deeper. And then he begins to thrust hard, first slowly, then faster and faster. The cock inside my mouth touches the back of my throat. I know he will push it deeper, as far down my throat as he can go, until my lips are brushing against his belly and his balls are touching my face. He seems to know when I need to breathe and backs his cock out of my throat so that I can take a breath, then back in and down into my throat he pushes.

It must be an erotic sight to the one fucking my tits, because his body suddenly tenses and I feel his cum hit my neck and chin and run down towards my shoulders. And within seconds, I feel the cock in my throat back off and his cum fills my mouth. He tells me to swallow and I do. I feel them leave me…leave the bed. And the one fucking my pussy is ramming me so hard I want to scream. But I don’t. I wait for his release, which takes several minutes. I feel him tense, and he moans slightly, and pushes so hard into me I think he must be causing me to bleed. But then he’s done, and he withdraws and leaves the bed. And I feel his cum run out of me and down my ass.

And I think…it’s done. And over. But it isn’t. I hear the voice of the one who brought me to this place, whispering softly at my ear, telling me it’s now his turn. He’s telling me how beautiful it looked, to have me being fucked by his three friends, how it was all he could do, not to cum just from the sight of them fucking me… he wants, now, to fuck me in the one place they weren’t allowed to put their cocks….deep in my ass. I’m so tired and feel so used, and I don’t think I can do this.

He leaves the bed, and I hear water running. When he returns, he unties my ankle, but leaves my hands bound, and he begins to wash down my body with a warm soapy towel. He begins with my mouth and neck, and slowly works his way down my body, missing no part of me. And when he’s done with the front of me, he turns me over and washes the back of me. Then he lays next to me, rubbing my back with his hand, whispering words I can’t make out, kissing my back and shoulder and neck…slowly working his way down my body. Then with his hands and mouth and tongue, he kisses and bites my ass. He licks my ass, putting his tongue in the crack between the cheeks, and finds my opening and licks it so softly.

He touches the inside of my thighs with a feather touch of his fingers. I feel him place himself between my legs, and raise my ass by pulling up on my hips Tipobet Güncel Giriş with his warm hands. I begin to rise up on my hands, but he pushes my shoulders back down onto the bed….only my ass is in the air. The bed moves slightly…I don’t know what he’s doing…then feel him putting a cold, thick liquid on my ass. He presses it inside of me with his fingers, working them around, probing me. He reaches between my legs and finds my clit and rubs it with his fingers. It’s so swollen and sensitive from all the licking and sucking the others did, but I like it and want him to keep rubbing me. And then I feel the head of his cock, pressing against my asshole, just pressing, not going inside yet….letting me adjust…letting me get used to the idea. And then, very slowly, he pushes into me. Just the head of his cock. And it hurts. He knows it’s hurting me, so he stops and waits, feeling my body shake. He reaches between my legs again and plays with my clit, hoping it will help to relax me, and when it does, he presses in a little deeper, feeling my resistance. It only makes him want to be inside me more.

It’s a long process…press in, stop, wait…press in, stop, wait….but eventually he’s in all the way. I feel his groin pressed hard up against my ass, and I feel his body so tense and wanting to take me hard, but he’s still in control and thinking of my pain, and he waits. Then he starts to move, slowly at first, being careful not to hurt me more than he has to…then a little faster, sometimes grinding his hips against my ass like he wants to put his whole body inside me. He tells me to rub my clit…that it won’t hurt so much, and I do as he says. I think I can’t take this kind of pain, and I know he’s losing control because he’s fucking me so hard now, and so deeply, and telling me I’m a whore and a slut, and he wants me to tell him that I’m a whore and a slut, and I do it. And he wants me to tell him to fuck me harder, and I don’t think I could stand the pain if he fucked me any harder, but I do it, I tell him to fuck me harder.

And he tells me to tell him to fuck me like he would a whore, and I beg him to fuck me like I was a whore, and I think my ass will never stop hurting but he fucks me so hard and deep and fast. I’m still rubbing my clit, and I feel myself finally building to a climax, and I think it will be all right, if I can just cum when he does….and he’s calling me slut and filthy pig and other names I can hardly make out, and I’m begging him to fuck me deeper and harder…and I feel my body reach the edge of orgasm, hesitate for the briefest moment, and then explode, and I scream his name over and over. And I know he’s cuming too, deep in my ass, and he’s moaning oh baby, oh baby your ass feels so good…I love to fuck your ass…

We collapse, him on top of me. And fall asleep. I don’t know where the others have gone or when they left. Several times during the night, I feel his hands rousing me to a half-waking state, and he fucks me again and again…in my ass…my pussy. In the morning, he pulls me out of bed and takes me into the shower with him, where the water is hot and steamy. He washes every inch of me, fucks me briefly from behind while he’s bathing me, dries me off, helps to dress me, and takes me home. At my door, he kisses me good bye…the first kiss he’s given me since he picked me up at this door the night before. He doesn’t say he’ll call…or that we should have dinner again. I don’t know if I’ll ever hear from him. He begins to walk away, then stops, turns, comes back to stand in front of me, reaches into his jacket pocket, pulls out the scarf, and drapes it around my neck. He smiles, touches my cheek with a long, beautiful finger, then turns and walks away.

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