My Best Friend’s Crazy Fat Sister Ch. 05

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INTRODUCTION & DISCLAIMER – When insane fat chick Zoe is in an even crazier mood on Saturday, Sean takes part in some perverted, far-out sex games he could never have imagined before.

Please be aware that these stories are extremely graphic BBW/fat girl fetish stories, and includes female characters using the toilet and having their periods. If these themes are not your thing, please consider whether you want to read these stories. All characters and events are fictional, with any similarity to real persons living or dead coincidental and unintentional. Only characters aged 18 or over engage in sexual activity.


On Saturday morning, I was in the kitchen washing my cereal bowl and glass while Zoe was in her bedroom (not that she slept there any more), the door closed. We hadn’t had sex that morning and had barely spoken. I had no idea what Zoe was doing in there, but was obviously curious.

Then the door opened and Zoe walked into the kitchen. She was dressed quite differently than she normally did, wearing a light blue jacket over a white tee-shirt and on her bottom half a navy blue pleated skirt that came down just above her knees. My eyes bulged. I hadn’t seen a girl wearing a skirt like that since the 1990s. On her feet Zoe wore a pair of pristine white sneakers and white cotton socks that came up to her knees.

Zoe had also styled her hair differently. While she often wore her hair in pigtails, this morning her pigtails were braided in two pristine plaits. And very unusually she was wearing her glasses. Zoe was supposed to wear prescription glasses when driving, watching television or using a computer but with Zoe being Zoe she thought she knew better and never did. However, worrying about Zoe’s failure to wear her glasses considering her other problems was kind of petty.

“Hi Zoe, you look very nice,” I said, Zoe’s appearance taking me back to the 1990s.

Zoe simply stared at me with a vacant expression, craziness flashing through her pretty blue eyes. “Um, are you okay this morning Zoe?” I asked, feeling a bit concerned about her behavior, which was strange even for her.

Again Zoe continued to stare at me, before bursting out into a fit of giggling. I wasn’t sure what to make of this. “Zoe, is everything alright today? You’re not feeling sick or something?”

Zoe’s giggling continued and she then said, “You are so boring Sean.”

Understandably, I felt kind of crestfallen. “Um thank you Zoe, I really wanted to hear that.”

“You are boring,” said Zoe, continuing to stare at me with blue eyes that alternated from vacant to crazy within seconds. “You’re so polite, so conventional, so rule-abiding, always doing the right thing. You’re boring, Sean. Boring, boring, boring.”

“This isn’t helping my self-esteem Zoe,” I pointed out.

“I think you want to be bad Sean. I think you want to do really bad things but you’re too scared to. What did we do last Saturday morning?”

“We had sex for the first time,” I said.

“No before that,” said Zoe.

“Um, you went to the toilet with me in the bathroom.”

“Exactly. And you liked that didn’t you? You liked seeing me on the toilet with my pajamas and my knickers around my ankles having a poo. You act all conservative and rule abiding, but underneath you’re a dirty guy Sean with a filthy mind. You like watching girls when they’re on the toilet, don’t you? You like listening to what they do, and you like the smells they make too.”

“No — well I guess yes I did like it — but I wouldn’t …”

Zoe cut me off. “You’re not fooling anybody Sean. You did like it. So why haven’t you joined me in the toilet since then?”

“Because you always close and the lock the door.”

Zoe regarded me with a mocking expression. “And it drives you crazy, doesn’t it? All the time I’m in there, you’re outside thinking, ‘Gee I wish I was in the bathroom with Zoe while she’s sitting on the toilet’ aren’t you?”

“If I said no, would you believe me?”

“No,” said Zoe. “Why didn’t you ask if you could come in with me?”

“Well, you’d closed and locked the door, I assumed you wanted to be left in privacy.”

“There you go again, being all conventional, boring and square. Does anyone even say square anymore? Anyway, I think you want to do something dirty, something really forbidden. You want to follow a girl into the ladies’ toilet and watch her, listen to her and smell her while she’s on the loo, don’t you Sean?”

My heart was racing. “Maybe,” I said.

“Of course you do,” said Zoe. “And you don’t want to do it with any girl. You want to do it with a good girl, don’t you? An innocent, studious, goody-goody, teacher’s pet type. Why do you think I bought these 1990s clothes from a charity shop yesterday? Don’t you think I look like Miss Goody-Goody dressed like this Sean?”

Zoe did indeed look like a studious good girl the way she was dressed, the way she had styled her hair and that she was wearing her glasses. “You do look like a uşak escort good girl,” I assured her.

Zoe momentarily lifted her pleated skirt to show me her pure white cotton full-brief panties. “I’m wearing my good girl knickers, too. I’m a good girl who needs to go to the toilet. Are you going to be good and wait here for me so I can go in privacy, or are you going to be a bad boy who follows a good girl to the ladies’ toilet?”

I felt slightly dizzy as I followed Zoe, her full figure looking so tempting from behind in the direction of the bathroom. However, as we walked along Zoe without warning farted, the noise obvious. We both stopped short, Zoe clutching her tummy and giggling.

“Oh excuse me, I am so sorry,” she said, her face blushing bright red.

I was a little shocked. Zoe had never farted in front of me before, except that time when she was on the toilet in front of me, but that didn’t really count. “That’s okay Zoe, it happens to everyone,” I said, trying to ease her embarrassment at unexpectedly passing gas.

“Not for girls it doesn’t,” said Zoe. “Girls have very strict rules about farting. We’re only allowed to fart when we’re on the toilet. Girls who fart when they aren’t on the toilet, and girls who do it in front of guys are dirty, bad girls. How can I be a good girl when I farted right in front of you like that?”

“Zoe, it really is okay,” I said, wondering why Zoe was making such a big deal out of it.

“It’s not okay, Sean,” said Zoe. “Bad, dirty girls who fart in their knickers like I did need to be punished so they learn a lesson and become good girls again. You need to punish me Sean so I don’t do it again.”

“Punish you?” I asked.

“Yes, somebody needs to punish me for breaking the rules of wind for girls. And as you’re the only one here, it has to be you. Take me into the bedroom Sean, and sit on your bed.”

Zoe was definitely in one of her crazy moods this morning I thought as I went with her into my bedroom, and sat on the edge of my bed, Zoe standing beside me. She then lay down on her tummy across my lap so her big bottom, covered by her navy blue pleated skirt was right in front of me.

“Right now, I’ve assumed the position,” Zoe said. “Bad girls who fart when they’re not on the toilet get their skirts lifted and their bottoms spanked six times through their panties.”

My cock was well and truly aroused by something so kinky, but my conscience was telling me this was not right. I would never strike a woman ever, yet Zoe was asking me to spank her. “What are you waiting for Sean?” she asked. “Lift up my skirt and smack my bottom six times through my knickers like I told you to.”

“Zoe, are you sure?” I asked.

“Just do it Sean,” said Zoe. “I was a bad girl, and the only way I can be a good girl again is if you spank me.”

With trembling hands I pulled back Zoe’s pleated skirt to reveal her white, full-brief panties covering her bottom. I lifted my hand and spanked Zoe on her buttocks, not very hard as I didn’t want to hurt her.”

“What’s that, I’m not going to learn anything if you spank me that gentle. Spank me properly Sean, you great big bloody woos.”

I spanked Zoe a second time, harder than the first and she said, “That’s better, but you need to smack my bum properly.”

Again I spanked Zoe’s fat panty-covered bottom and she squirmed in my lap. “Yes, that’s better — that’s proper punishment for be being naughty and farting. Now three more like that, come on!”

Still unable to believe I had Zoe over my knee with her skirt raised as I spanked her I delivered three more smacks to her bum. I felt her soft cotton panties each time I did so, the sounds of Zoe getting spanked echoing in the bedroom. When this was over, Zoe got up from my knee and holding up her skirt, massaged her bottom through her knickers, before allowing the skirt to fall back down in place.

“That taught me a lesson Sean, and now I’m a good girl again,” said Zoe. “Now we can pick up where we were — you being a bad boy following a good girl to the toilet.”

My erection already evident, I followed Zoe to the bathroom and stopped as I noticed that Zoe had placed a sign on the door. It had been written out in marker pen, ‘WOMEN’ at the top and a sketch of the female toilet symbol underneath.

“This is the women’s toilet,” Zoe giggled and teased. “You aren’t supposed to come in here, Sean. Only girls are allowed in here.”

Zoe stepped into the bathroom leaving the door ajar, and my heard racing, my erection throbbing I stepped in after her, Zoe closing and locking the bathroom door behind us.

“You’re such a naughty, bad boy Sean following a poor, innocent good girl into the female toilets,” Zoe teased me.

Zoe walked over to the toilet and unzipped her blue wet bag, then stood next to the toilet and lifted her skirt, her knickers now in full view. “You like watching me pull my knickers down to my ankles don’t you Sean?” Zoe teased as she did just this, before lowering her fat bottom down onto the toilet, adjusting herself so she sat comfortably on the toilet seat.

With her plaited hair, her glasses and her demure clothes Zoe looked so hot on the toilet, her blue pleated skirt hitched up around her waist and her pretty white full-brief panties around her ankles, her feet clad in white sneakers and pristine white socks that came up to just below her knees. Zoe’s knees were open, showing me her blonde pubic hair and her slim pink pussy.

“Come closer Sean,” Zoe giggled, beckoning me over with her finger.

As I stood over Zoe she said in a low, seductive tone. “I know you want to see me pee from close up. I want you to watch me pee in great detail. So now’s your chance.”

“Okay,” I said, feeling slightly faint at the thought of what I was going to see.

I put my face closer to Zoe’s crotch, and she opened her legs wide affording me a full view of her vagina. I could also see the water in the toilet bowl, which was still clear and pristine as Zoe had not done anything as yet. This was soon to change as Zoe’s pee stream emerged from her urethra and began to splash into the toilet water, turning it yellow. Zoe’s piss smelled quite strong this morning, and I watched in awe as she urinated, the sound filling my ears her flow of pee showing no signs of abating. She must have had a very full bladder to be peeing this much.

After what seemed a long time, Zoe’s pee started to abate. Several larges splashes of urine emerged from her pussy followed up by a couple of stray drops and she was done. Zoe reached up for her container of cloth toilet paper on the cistern and took a light blue towel square, using it to wipe away the residual pee that saturated her pussy, the cloth emerging from her crotch damp with urine. With her vagina now dry, Zoe put this cloth in the wet bag and looked up at me.

“If I only had to pee this morning, you’d kind of be disappointed, wouldn’t you Sean?” she asked.

“Um, kind of, I guess,” I said.

“You’re a dirty guy who wants to watch me poop, aren’t you Sean?” Zoe challenged me with a smile on her face and a giggle in her voice. “Well, your wish will come true soon. But not at this exact moment. I know you want to do other kinky things with a girl who’s sitting on the toilet, don’t you?”

I smiled. “Such as?”

“Like making out with her,” said Zoe.

At this prompt I lowered my face into Zoe’s, and felt her glasses against my eyebrows. We kissed shallow at first, then exchanged a deeper French kiss. My erection raged in my underpants. I was actually making out with Zoe while she was sitting on the toilet with her knickers around her ankles. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

“I bet you’d like to fondle a girl’s boobs while she’s on the loo,” Zoe giggled when we finished making out.

“You win that bet,” I said, cupping Zoe’s enormous breasts in my hands and fondling them through the fabric of her jacket, tee-shirt and bra, Zoe squirming her fat bottom on the toilet seat, clearly sexually stimulated by this.

“And I think you want to smell the knickers of some poor innocent girl who’s on the toilet trying to go for a poo, don’t you Sean?” Zoe laughed her crazy laugh and pointed down at her own lowered knickers.

Feeling light-headed with excitement I got down on my knees and lowered my face into Zoe’s white full-brief panties, taking the double-cotton panty saddle in my fingers, first feeling the soft fabric then smelling the cream-colored stains that smelled of Zoe’s wonderful pussy. I had obviously smelled her dirty knickers before, but now I was doing it while she was using the toilet it was so forbidden and so hot.

When I had finished absorbing the feminine smells from Zoe’s knickers I lifted my head up from her ankles and looked up at her beautiful plus-sized figure. Zoe looked me directly in the eyes. “You liked looking in the toilet bowl when I had a pee, didn’t you Sean?”

“I’m guilty as charged,” I said.

“Well, how about something dirtier, and hotter? Would you like to look into the toilet when I have my poo? Make your mind up fast, I’m actually pretty desperate to go.”

“Really, you’d want me to do that?” I gasped.

“Yeah, it’s so bad,” giggled Zoe, who spread her legs wide displaying her hairy pussy to me and leaving plenty of room for me to look into the toilet bowl.

I stared through Zoe’s open legs at her pubic hair and vagina and into the toilet, moving my face closer to her crotch. Zoe farted loudly and an avalanche of brown, messy shit came from her anus with a massive rush and went everywhere in the toilet bowl. While I was used to Zoe making a smell in the bathroom most times she emptied her bowels, this morning was something else again. Her shit absolutely stank, the smell rising from the toilet and filling the bathroom within seconds. I had never smelled poo so bad, the smell was making me feel nauseous and Zoe laughed, her face blushing bright scarlet.

“I am so sorry about that!” she giggled. “That absolutely stinks. Fuck, even I feel sick and that came from my bum!”

“I’m not going to lie to you Zoe, that is one of the worst things I have ever smelled before,” I said, as Zoe defecated again, more of her poo splashing into the toilet water.

“I think you’d better stand back a bit, and watch from a safe distance,” suggested Zoe.

“I think you’re right,” I said, backing slightly away from the toilet.

“It’s essential for your health and what’s left of my dignity that you do,” said Zoe. “Fuck, I can be such a dirty bitch sometimes.”

Zoe took a pink towel square from her container of reusable toilet paper and wiped her bottom, the cloth emerging covered in smelly shit and going into the wet bag, Zoe taking a yellow cloth and repeating the process, this cloth also emerging from Zoe’s bum covered in shit before being placed in the bag. Once again she passed gas and pooped, more splashing sounds audible from the toilet, the smell getting worse.

“Zoe I have to ask, what have you been eating?” I asked as she got a square of white cloth and wiped her dirty fat bottom, then a piece of dark blue cloth which also got covered in her feces. I noticed that she was getting low on reusable toilet paper, and would probably need more before she was done.

“Yesterday I was at the shopping center and I tried that new vegan place,” said Zoe, as she wiped her dirty bottom with an orange cloth and put it into the wet bag. “I had the buffet. That includes curried lentils, eggplant with garlic sauce, bean salad with spinach and onion and steamed cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower. To finish I had the stewed prunes.”

“It sounds healthy at least,” I said.

“Yeah, healthy on the way in, not so healthy on the way out,” laughed Zoe. “Imagine what this is doing to the environment. Anyway, that vegan food didn’t really fill me up, I was really hungry yesterday so I grabbed a donner kebab, then I had a bit of a sweet craving so was bad and bought a bag of licorice. It lasted five minutes. Finally, I started craving cheese so I bought some cheddar and was snacking on that all afternoon.”

“So vegan food, a kebab, cheese and licorice?” I asked in disbelief.

“Yeah,” giggled Zoe, as she strained and more poo came out of her rectum, and she took another square of reusable toilet paper to wipe her anus. “That explains it,” I said. The combination of foods Zoe had described made for a lethal cocktail during the digestion process.

“Believe it or not, this isn’t the smelliest shit I’ve ever had in my life,” said Zoe.

“Really?” I asked in disbelief. The whole bathroom absolutely stank of Zoe’s poo, how could Zoe have produced a toilet smell worse than this?

“Oh yes,” said Zoe. “About three times. First time I was 18, and in Adelaide for a tennis tournament. I got caught short when I was in the change rooms and really had to run for the ladies’ room before I soiled my panties. I got my knickers down with about two seconds to spare, was on the toilet for over 20 minutes and used so much toilet paper I had to stand up and flush halfway through, then flush again when I finally finished so I didn’t block up the toilet. Anyway, the moment I come out of the cubicle and go to wash my hands three other girls walk in, and of course they all knew it was me responsible for the horrible smell.”

“Were you embarrassed?” I asked.

“Big time, I was kind of prim and prissy back then, so I thought it was a total disaster,” said Zoe. “Second time was years after when I was married. My husband and I had driven out to the Twelve Apostles for the day. I kept telling him to get fuel for his four wheel drive, but did he listen to me, no? He kept telling me to shut up and stop nagging at him, said he knew what he was doing and he would buy fuel when he saw some cheap enough. Anyway, the fucking dickhead runs out of fuel miles out on the Great Ocean Road, and it’s a fucking diesel, so you run out of fuel in a diesel you need to get a mechanic to restart you. We were stranded and it was getting dark, and we’d been fighting all day and he was giving me the shits, so it finally affected my bowels. I had to get a box of tissues and a torch and go and squat in the bush to take a crap. A massive, smelly poo as it turned out. I think the wind would have carried the smell all the way back to Melbourne.”

Zoe looked at me as I thought about these stories and she laughed, her eyes regarding me with that crazy gleam that was clear even though she was wearing glasses. “I can see by the tent in your shorts that you like those stories, Sean? You wish you were there for real, don’t you? You’d have loved to have been in that change room in Adelaide watching an embarrassed 18-year-old tennis player on the toilet with her skirt around her waist and her knickers around her ankles taking a massive smelly shit. And you’d have loved to have been hiding behind a tree watching me squat with my jeans and my knickers down, trying to hold the torch to see what I was doing wiping my bum with tissues out in the bush wouldn’t you, you great big perve?”

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