My Best Friend Stacie Ch. 04

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**Everyone in this story is 18 or older**


I look over across the room and see Stacie picking up her shirt and putting it back on. I grab my pants and clumsily put them on. As I’m fastening the buckle I see Stacie’s ass in the air as she bends over to pick up her panties. Her glistening pussy stares back at me. I can’t believe that I just had sex with her.

We finish putting all are clothes on and before I open the door to head downstairs for dinner I look at Stacie. I pull her in for a passionate kiss. This time without the guise of it being for Karen or for the experience. This time it is because I love Stacie.

We walk down stairs holding hands but let go before Mrs. Scott can see. The table is filled with homemade food. It’s an old wooden table covered in a red table cloth. There’s a basket of fresh bread in the middle and a steaming tray of lasagna to the right of it. To the left of the bread lies a bowl of broccoli and another bowl of cut up watermelon.

“Hey, Mom.” Stacie says pulling out a chair and sitting down. She begins to grab the serving spoon to fill her plate up but is immediately stopped by Mrs. Scott.

“Wait until everyone is ready to eat, Stacie.” Mrs. Scott says closing the refrigerator. She sets a cold pitcher iced tea on the table and has a seat.

“Fine.” Stacie says putting the spoon down.

Finally Stacie’s Dad comes down stairs from his office. He greets me and then gives Mrs. Scott a quick kiss. We are all seated at the table. Mr. Scott is at the far end wearing a tucked in buttoned up shirt along with his khaki pants. Stacie and I are in the middle sitting side by side as usual.

“So how’d your project go?” Mrs. Scott asks looking in our direction.

“Project? I didn’t know about any project.” Mr. Scott says not looking away from his plate.

“Uhh…yeah…just end of the year extra credit work. Nothing important.” Stacie says trying to hide the fact that she’s blushing.

“Yeah…like she said, extra credit. You know us, overachievers until end.” I say and immediately shove bread in my mouth so I don’t have to talk anymore.

“Sounds interesting. What was it about?” Mrs. Scott asks with genuine curiosity.

“Just…studying the anatomy.” Stacie says grabbing my cock through my pants under the table.

I let out a grunt and drop my fork on the floor. Mrs. Scott looks at me with confusion while Mr. Scott doesn’t seem to think anything unusual happened.

“This lasagna… it really hits the spot, Mrs. Scott.” I say as Stacie lightly rubs my cock through my pants.

“Why thank you, Kyle. You were always a kind young man. Isn’t he a kind young man, Stacie?” Mrs. Scott says smiling at the both of us. Ever since we both started the 10th grade she has been trying to get us to date.

“I mean he’s kinda cool I guess.” Stacie says rubbing my cock a little more aggressively. I hope she doesn’t plan on making me cum while were eating dinner. I’d never Gaziantep Fetiş Escort ask her to stop though, it feels too good.

“Stacie! What are you doing!” Mrs. Scott announces. Stacie quickly lets go of my bulge and my hearts starts racing.

I start thinking of a million excuses to cover up what was actually happening.

“I can obviously see that you’re texting under the table. How many times do I have to tell you to put your phone away while we’re eating.” Mrs. Scott remarks.

Stacie and I both let out a sigh of relief. She gives my cock one last rub and puts brings her hand back up to the table.

“Sorry, mom. It won’t happen again. I swear.” Stacie says giving me a quick sly smile.

“You still haven’t picked your fork up off the floor, dear.” Mrs. Scott says to me.

“Oh yeah. I’ll get it.” I say pushing my chair out and getting down on my knees.

I quickly see the fork but something else catches my attention. Stacie’s legs are open and her jeans and underwear are pulled down slightly. The table clothe is long enough to hide this from anyone who isn’t in my position.

She must have planned this when I first dropped my fork. Her pussy looks so wet and inviting even underneath a dark table. She angles her body slightly in my direction and opens her legs all the way all while maintaining normal conversation with Mrs. Scott.

I don’t know why she wants to do this now. Stacie can’t cum quietly to save her life. I scoot up closer and lightly lick her moist lips. Her body tremors but no moan escapes her lips. I know she is trying as hard as she can. I’ll put her efforts to the test.

I quickly attack her clit with my tongue and her legs and hips begin to shake. Stacie relaxes back into her chair. I notice her breathing starts to pick up but neither of her parents notice any difference.

“You having trouble finding your fork, sweetie?” Mrs. Scott says with concern in her voice.

“Uhh no. I’m wiping the sauce off the floor.” I say quickly and immediately go back to devouring Stacie’s pussy.

“You’re such a sweetheart, Kyle. Isn’t he a sweetheart?” Mrs. Scott asks Stacie.

“Yeah, he is” Stacie says in a breathy voice.

Obviously I can’t stay down here much longer without raising suspicion. So finally I back away from her pussy, grab the fork and stand up.

“Got it.” I say holding the fork in the air.

“I’ll get you a new one, dear, that one was on the floor.” Mrs. Scott says scooting her chair out.

“Thank you so much.” I reply.

Stacie uses the time her mom’s back is turned to pull her pants up. Mr. Scott was too wrapped up in reading his newspaper to notice Stacie. She sits back down and looks at me with the “why’d you stop, I need to cum” look. Mrs. Scott sits down and hands me a new fork from across the table.

We finally finished eating. Stacie and I are helping her mom do the dishes and clean the kitchen. Stacie keeps glancing at me every chance she gets. I can tell she really wants to finish what she started. It’s different seeing her in this light. Just yesterday she was only my best friend.

Stacie “accidentally” backs into me and slides her ass against my cock.

“Sorry, Kyle. You’re always in my god damn way though,” She says smiling at me.

“Language!” Mrs. Scott remarks.

“Sorry.” Stacie says walking towards the refrigerator to put leftovers away.

“You know what. There’s not much left to do. I’ve got this, you kids do whatever you kids do.” Mrs. Scott says putting silverware back into the drawer.

“Thanks, mom!” Stacie says closing the refrigerator. She grabs my hand and pulls me away into the dark living room.

Stacie makes sure the coast is clear and quickly pulls her pants and panties down to her knees. She leans over the couch and bends her ass into the air.

“I want you to fuck me right now, Kyle.” She whispers softly.

“What the fuck, Stacie? You’re mom is only like a few feet away from us.”

“I know, isn’t that hot? We could get caught any time.” Stacie says as she kicks her pants off all the way.

“What? No! Your dad could come down stairs at any moment. I doubt he wants to see his daughter bent over getting fucked on his couch!” I say in a loud whisper.

“Come on, Kyle. Stop being a bitch.” Stacie teases.

“I’m not being a bitch! I’m being practical!” I retort.

“A practical bitch.” Stacie whispers gigging.

“Shut up.” I say with a laugh.

“Come on, please? Just fuck me. I need it, babe.” Stacie says in a seductive voice swaying her ass around.

“Fine” I say walking towards her ass unbuckling by pants.

Stacie spreads her legs wider and gets relaxed in a more comfortable position. I get behind her with my cock only inches from her pussy. My pants and boxers drop to the floor. I gently rub her ass with one hand and grab my cock with the other. I see her smile with anticipation in the dusty T.V reflection.

I rub my cock against her pussy and feel the moisture. Stacie bows her head down and moans. I lean back, aim it at her entrance. I don’t take it slow this time, I stick it in all the way with one hard push. Stacie’s head lifts up and she moans loud. My hand is already over her mouth because I expected this.

I pump my cock back and forth as her tight pussy grips onto my cock. The sound of wet popping and slapping fills the room. I look down at her amazing ass bouncing against me. I look up and see Stacie looking back and me with so much desire in her eyes

“Fuck! Kyle! I’m cumming! Fuck!” She moans into the couch cushion.

I hear Mrs. Scott finishing up in the kitchen but that’s not my concern right now. Stacie moans and I feel her wet pussy contracting around me. She looks back at me and breathes heavy.

“Kyle, wait.” Stacie says panting.

“What’s wrong?” I say pulling out.

“I-I wanna see you.” She says turning her body to face me. She leans against the couch and spreads her legs open again.

Stacie pulls her shirt off and leans back. I give her a kiss and go back inside her. She inhales deeply on my lips as I penetrate her. Her hips move in rhythm with mine. Our faces are pressed against each other. I’ve never seen somebody this beautiful.

She puts her arms around my neck and moves her mouth close to my ear.

“Kyle, I love you so much. Please don’t go to NYU, please don’t go, please don’t leave me.” Stacie whispers in my ear.

“I won’t, Stacie. I won’t ever. Love you too.” I whisper back.

“Do you mean that? Do you really mean that?” Stacie says leaning back looking up at me.

I stop pumping and look down at her.

“I’ve never lied to you, Stacie. Why would I start now?” I say with my cock still deep inside of her.

“I don’t know…I just know that guys start to say things they don’t mean when they are horny.” She replies leaning her head into my chest.

“I love you, Stacie Scott.” I say with confidence. “I don’t know how else to convince you.” I say pulling her close to my chest.

I feel her pussy tighten up around me and we both begin to cum. But it’s different this time because she isn’t moaning loud and her body losing control. I hold her still and tight against my chest and feel her body lightly shake.

I kiss her forehead and her unload all my cum inside of her. I look down and see Stacie with her ear against my chest.

“I can hear your heartbeat, Kyle.” She whispers with me still deep inside her.

Finally I pull out. I put on my boxers and she puts on her panties and we both go sit on the couch and pull a blanket over our laps. We order some comedy special on demand and she rests her head on my shoulder periodically laughing at the jokes.

I love everything about her. Even her laugh makes me love her even more. I find myself paying more attention to her than the comedy special, Everything about her is perfect.

“Kyle?” Stacie whispers to me.

“Yeah?” I reply.

“Remember when I kept talking you out of asking girls to the winter formal. Saying stuff like ‘she slept with the entire football team’ or ‘her brothers are crazy’ ya know, stuff like that.” Stacie says softly.

“Yeah. I remember. I skipped the dance all together,” I say back.

“Well…none of that was true. I just wanted you to run out of options and ask me.” Stacie says shamefully.

“What!? I mean, I thought you hated dances or anything related to school spirit.” I reply.

“Yeah and I do because it’s all fucking dumb…but I still wanted you to ask me so I could say ‘yeah, I guess I’ll go with you to this lame dance.'” Stacie says shamefully.

“Here, you wanna dance? Let’s dance.” I get up and pull her along with me.

“The soundtrack to our dance will be this comedy special.” I say turning the volume up.

She giggles and I pull her in close to me for a slow dance. All I’m wearing is a shirt and boxers and all she has on is a thin undershirt and skimpy panties. I can tell she’s never slow danced before. She leans her head into my chest and follows along with my steps.