Ms. Puckett’s: Emily

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When you are filthy rich, you can do almost anything you want to do so long as it’s not illegal and not too unhealthy. Suzi Puckett was filthy rich. And what she chose to do with her money she liked to think of as a blessing to shy young men and their future wives. It was also a blessing to a host of frustrated women.


Emily waited while Rachel Benton was telling the other women goodbye. She had just spent an hour talking with five virtual strangers about the most intimate aspects of their sex lives and she felt exhilarated. She also felt randy and a little apprehensive.

“I asked you to stay,” Rachel explained, when they were alone, “because we ran out of rental spaces today and I invited your student to visit with you here.” She paused at the look of concern on Emily’s face. “Is that okay?”

“Oh, yes, of course. I’m just a little surprised, I guess. Everything is moving so fast, isn’t it?”

“Well, darling, I’m sure you’ll be fine. It’s almost lunchtime, and I suspect Christopher will be hungry, so you may want to feed him while you’re getting ‘acquainted.’ She smiled warmly. “Let me show you the kitchen and the bedroom in case you progress to that.”

And ten minutes later Rachel excused herself as she went out the door.

Emily was almost trembling. It had been 16 years since she’d been intimate with a man other than her husband. She’d led a very active sex life when she was younger. In fact, she was the sweetheart of three of the biggest fraternities at her college for reasons that made her smile.

Even her marriage to Charles had not reined in her sex drive. She had promised to be faithful to him. And she had been faithful. But she had put him through his paces when it came to sex. For the first twelve years she had managed to enjoy him at least three times a week. On a good week they did even better.

It was his lung cancer that had slowed things down and left her languishing. Charles tried to keep her fulfilled, but they both knew it was hard on him as well as her. It was his idea that she find satisfaction with other men. But they were both reluctant to get her into the bar scene…or any sort of serious relationship. It was great good luck when her friend, Molly, told her about Ms. Puckett’s school. And even more good luck when she was approved for a trial period.

Now she had gone through the orientation and she trembled at the thought of having her first student. Her ruminations were interrupted by the chiming of the doorbell. She paused at the hall mirror to check her blouse and skirt and hair then opened the door.

When Chris climbed out of his pickup he didn’t know whether to be excited or terrified. He’d been through the orientation with Ms. Benton and he was recalling all that his friend, Petie, had told him. Petie was half his size and was constantly teased by the boys and by some of the girls who called him ‘No Pussy Petie.’ They wouldn’t tease Chris to his face, of course, but he suspected they talked about him, too, since he didn’t date.

He remembered that Petie had been a total wallflower, too embarrassed to even say hello to a girl in the hall. Then about six months ago he had changed completely. He’d gone from shy to cool and he could get it on with almost any girl he wanted, if he wanted. After some pleading, he’d told Chris about this special school that had given him the confidence to be his best with girls and even women. He was the one who put Chris in touch with the Ms. Puckett’s School and helped him get enrolled. Now Chris was here for his first lesson.

The boy standing there when Emily opened the door was a small mountain. His shoulders almost filled the doorway. He was smiling timidly and he was obviously as nervous as she was. “Good afternoon, Ma’am. My name is Christopher Pool and I’m calling for Ms. Rachel Benton.”

Emily swung the door wide. “Good afternoon, Christopher, come in, please.” She closed the door behind him and locked it. “My name is Emily and Mrs. Benton had to take care of some business. She asked me to greet you and make you comfortable.” She could almost see him tremble.

“Let me get a look at you,” she smiled warmly as she took his massive hands in hers and stepped back to look him over. “I’ll bet you’re a wrestler.” His shirt was open at the neck and his thighs threatened to burst his trousers at the seams.

A smile played at the corner of his mouth. “Yes Ma’am.”

The picture she had seen didn’t do justice to his build, but it captured the rich coffee color of his skin. She had flirted with a couple of black boys in high school but it had never gone beyond that. Today she had picked him because the other ladies seemed reluctant for one reason or another. His size? His color?

Christopher was doing his own appraisal. She was one of the prettiest women he’d ever met. Her bright red curls puffed around her head. And her bright green blouse displayed a handsome set of boobs. From what he could see she had great legs.

“I suspect you’re nervous,” she smiled.

“Yes, Ma’am, a little.”

She admired his height, a full head nevşehir escort taller than herself. And he seemed to be built of cement. She also thought she could see the beginning of an erection below his tapered waist. “Well, so am I, a little.” She smiled up at him. “So, may I make a suggestion?”

“Of course.”

“Why don’t you put your arms around me and hug me and hold me close for a little bit until we both relax some.”

Christopher expected his teacher to be older than himself and this lady was probably old enough to be his mother. But he hadn’t expected a beauty. And this lady was that. Sure she was a little chubby, but she had nice boobs and her red hair and bright smile were certainly winners. Now she was inviting him to hug her and he could feel his cock beginning to grow.

His embrace was tentative at first and Emily enjoyed the feel of his hard ribs against her breasts. She also enjoyed the feeling against her stomach. After a couple of minutes, she ran her hands over his back and shoulders.

“Do you like that?”

“Oh, yes, Ma’am.”

“Christopher, I know I’m older than you, but I would really like for you to call me Emily or Em or Darling…Could you do that for me?”

“I surely can…Darling. And you can call me Chi Chi, if you want to.”

“Chi Chi?”

“It’s something I picked up wrestling.”

“Alright, Darling.” She ran her hands down his strong back and cupped and squeezed his hard rump. “You are a hard man, aren’t you?”

“In more ways than one, he thought.” And he caressed her shoulders and back. When he gripped her lovely ass she moaned against him.

“I like it,” she purred.

“So do I, my lovely.”

And she ground her stomach against the firmness that poked into it. “Do you feel more relaxed, now?”


“I know what you mean…but I’m sure you’re starving. Why don’t we have a bite to eat before we get carried away.” She pushed away a little and took his hand to lead him to the kitchen. As they passed the staircase, she had an inspiration. She stepped up on the lower stair and found her nose even with his chin. “May I have a kiss, kind sir?” her eyes sparkled.

“You certainly may, fair lady.” And he kissed her gently on her upraised lips, not sure how far to go. And his hands found her fanny to cup her and hold her close.

Emily circled his neck with her arms and enjoyed the feel of him. When he broke the kiss, she teased, “We’ll have to give that another try after lunch.”

She led the way to the kitchen and seated him in a captain’s chair in front of the setting Rachel had placed before she left. Emily quickly retrieved a plate of cold cuts and a loaf of bread from the refrigerator. Milk, mustard, chips and a small salad for her completed the feast. It was a pleasure to watch him fix a huge sandwich and wash it down with milk. She didn’t taste a bite of her salad.

When he looked up, she smiled. “Enough for now?”

“I think so.”

She rose to stand behind him, her hands on his shoulders. “May I touch your hair, Darling?”

“Of course, sweetheart.”

She ran her fingers over his head, feeling the heat and enjoying the brushy texture. “Do you like to touch girls, Chi Chi?”

“Oh, yes, I do.”

“And have you ever had a girl tell you to keep your hands to yourself?”

Christopher stirred uncomfortably. “A couple of times,” he admitted.

She leaned forward and he flinched when her breasts touched the sides of his head. He felt the stirring in his trousers increase.

“And what did you do then?”

“I backed off and behaved myself.” He felt her breasts squeeze tighter against him.

“Is that what your coach taught you to do in the ring when you were losing a point or two?”

“Oh, no. He told us to never give up, to find another way to get our advantage.”

“Good coach.” She leaned forward to run her hands down his chest and let her shoulders squeeze her excited breasts tighter against him. His brushy hair tickled the valley between her boobs and she rubbed him gently to increase her pleasure.

Chi Chi reached up timidly to touch her breasts.

“What are you doing?”

He stammered. “I thought you….”

“Keep your hands to yourself,” she scolded. She smiled to herself as his hands fell to his lap.” After rubbing his chest for a couple of minutes she pinched him gently. “Is that what your coach taught you?”

“I don’t understand?”

“Let me tell you a not-so-secret secret, Darling.” When he didn’t respond, she continued. “Girls like to be touched, too. And they like to touch. So, unless a girl is serious about another boy, she probably wants you to touch her, and she probably wants to touch you, but she doesn’t want to seem too easy. Do you understand?”

“Sort of.”

“So to get your advantage, you have to sweet talk her and win her sympathy…tell her how beautiful she is…how desirable she is…how you can’t resist touching her lovely arms and shoulders and cheeks and breasts. Do you understand?”

“I think so, you beautiful darling.” He paused before raising his hands again. “Every since I saw you at the door I’ve known I had to hold you and touch you. You have me so excited I’m about to melt.”

When his hands touched her breasts this time, Emily didn’t bat them down. Instead she hugged his head. “But we shouldn’t be doing this, Chi Chi.”

He was encouraged by her voice and realized how she was playing with him. “When I saw your great titties I knew I had to touch them and kiss you and hold you and feel your arms around me. You’re so exciting.” And now she was leaning back a little to let his fingers cup her fullness. “Such wonderful titties.”

And she almost melted against him. “I think you’re getting the idea, Darling.”

“I think I’m getting all sorts of ideas, you sweetie.”

Emily leaned forward to kiss his temple. “Why don’t we go upstairs and I’ll let you tell me about them.”

Chris followed her up the stairs, enjoying the sight of her full hips and rump and legs as she walked ahead of him. After taking a couple of steps, she turned and put her hands on his shoulders. “May I have another delicious kiss, my sweet?” He kissed her warmly and she turned again. He enjoyed the procedure she repeated every couple of steps. When she reached the top step she turned again and beamed at him. “Would you stick out your tongue, please, Chi Chi?”

A little confused, he stuck out his tongue. He almost melted when she covered his tongue with her open mouth and began sucking on it. Then she was licking him, her arms around his neck were holding him close. She licked until he opened his mouth and then their tongues were wrestling with each other and exploring each other’s mouths.

Her beautiful boobs were crushed against his chest and he knew she must feel his prick pressing into her. He squeezed her pretty ass and was delighted at the moan she gave him.

“You’re a super kisser, Chi Chi.”

“So are you, Em.”

And she led him into a spacious bedroom and seated him on the window seat at the front of the house. She leaned forward and pecked him on the lips. When his hands moved to caress her thighs, she stood straight. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m caressing your beautiful legs, my darling.”

“You know you shouldn’t be touching a married woman, don’t you?”

Chris played along with the game. “I know that, Darling, but I see your lovely figure and your beautiful legs and I can’t resist you. You are so hot and you have me so excited.”

When he put his huge hands back on her thighs, she didn’t protest. “We’ll, maybe just a little won’t hurt anything,” she smiled shyly. And her body trembled at the feel of his fingers tracing the full curves of her thighs, down to her knees and up under her skirt…Across the tops of her silky stockings to the firm bare flesh above. She parted her knees slightly when his hands ran up the insides of her legs. And, when she felt his fingers slip under the lacy hem of her panties, she almost melted.

“Oh, you shouldn’t…oh, you shouldn’t…oh, God, it feels so good.” And she leaned her head on his shoulder and began to tremble as she felt one huge thumb press at the hot, wet opening between her love lips. “Oh, lover…you’re going to make me cum.”

His hand paused. “Is that good, Darling?”

“Oh, Darling, it’s wonderful. But don’t tease.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Deeper, love…yes…yes…now back out a little…yes…and deeper.” She throbbed. “That’s it, Darling…right there…rub that button, Love…yes…yes.”

He got the message and began to plunge and retreat…plunge and retreat…wringing sobs and little cries from her… feeling her lips gripping his thumb…paying attention to her clit. Deeper. Louder. Until she was almost screaming her need and then flying over the brink of passion to collapse against him.

When Chris had walked across the front porch he wasn’t sure what to expect. When he saw the lovely white lady in the foyer he would have considered getting to hug her and, maybe, kiss her a wonderful day. But things had gone beyond his wildest dreams. The hugging and kissing had been great, but here he was with his hands squeezing her hard bottom, his hands under her lacy panties, his thumb stirring her sugar pot until it boiled. Heaven couldn’t be better than this.

“You’re a fast learner, my love,” she sighed when she’d had a chance to recover a little.

“And you’re a wonderful teacher, babe

“That was so delightful, darling. May I return the favor?”

“I’d like that,” he replied, not sure where she was going now.

He relaxed a little when she began to unbutton his shirt. Her cool hands on his chest got his erection stirring even more. And he could hardly believe it when she peeled off his shirt and began to kiss and caress and pinch his muscles. She sucked on his nipple and he held her gently, cooing. “God that feels good, baby.” Her hands ran around his bare waist, up the back of his ribs while her tongue continued its worship of his chest. Then she was backing off his lap and he almost panicked. “Something wrong, Darling?”

“No sweetie, everything is good,” she smiled at him. “And getting better.” She tugged him to his feet then ran her hands over his chest and stomach. And then she put her hands on his belt and began to unfasten the buckle. He watched, unbelieving. In a minute the zipper was open and his trousers were down around his thighs. Then she was kneeling before him and helping him slip the trousers off his feet. Her caresses moved to his thighs.’

“God, you’re a big man, Chi Chi,” she murmured as she rubbed her cheek against his shorts while her hands covered him from knee to hip. Then she was tugging the snaps of his shorts and releasing his throbbing cock.

“Beautiful,” she smiled at the sight of his hard, black rod. It was about the size of Charles’ cock and the foreskin had been removed, and it was exactly what she wanted right now. She tugged the shorts down to his feet and off. Then she motioned for him to sit down. She pressed his knees apart and leaned in with one breast touching each of his massive thighs. “May I kiss you, lover”

“Oh, yes, Darling. That would be wonderful.” And it was. He felt a little faint as her kisses covered him from the tip of his rod to the big sack of his balls. And she didn’t stop with one pass. She wet her lips and kissed him again, her fingers caressing his length. Then she stuck out her tongue and licked him gently from base to tip. And soon she was slobbering on his prick until it was almost dripping. “Oh, God, Em, that is fantastic.”

She smiled up at him and let a kiss drift from her lips. Then she opened her mouth and he watched entranced while her lips circled his engorged cock. Gently at first, only the tip. Then deeper, sucking more strongly. Bobbing her head. Licking him as she plunged him into her mouth. Up and down…up and down…he didn’t think he could stand it.

“Oh, Baby, he sobbed. I’m cumming.” He expected her to back off like the girls he’d heard about, but it didn’t happen. Instead she took him even deeper, worked on him with her tongue, sucked until he was bucking against the back of her throat. And he felt his cum rising and jetting into her welcoming mouth. And she let him watch as she swallowed it.

She snuggled her face against his stomach and licked him clean. “You are delicious, Chi Chi,” she purred, knowing it was true.

“And you are too, Em.”

More than you know, she thought. Then she heard the hall clock chime and realized that Rachel would be coming home soon.

Emily pushed back and stood in front of him. “Alright, you beautiful stud, tell me about some of those ideas you were getting.”

“Well, Darling, they were nothing as nice as what you just did for me, but I was thinking how nice it would be if I could take off your blouse and kiss you on your creamy white chest.”

“Oh, you were, were you?”

“I surely was.”

Emily moved closer and put her hands on his shoulders again “Do you need help with the buttons?”

His fingers were huge and her buttons were small, but he managed to get them open and she tugged the blouse from her waistband. It was the first time he had seen a girl in just her bra and the sight set his cock in motion again. He pulled her closer and began to cover her shoulders and chest with his kisses. He didn’t neglect the firm curves of her breasts above her bra and even let his tongue dip deep into her cleavage.

“A girl who let’s you take her blouse off will usually let you take her bra off, too, Darling. In case you’re interested.”

“Oh, I am, I am.”

She turned to show him the strap across her back. “Want to help me with the hooks?” When she turned back she was holding the bra cups over her throbbing boobs. “Now, Darling, where were you?”

He gently moved her hands aside and let the fabric fall away. For the first time in his 20 years he was looking at real, live womanly breasts. He reached up tentatively and touched her, delighting in the contrast between his dark fingers and the creamy, freckled white of her breasts. The resilience of her flesh. Her nipples were as hard and freckled as the pinto beans his Momma liked to cook.

“What do you think you’re doing, Mister?”

“I’m touching the most beautiful breasts in the world,” he said, adoringly.

“Well, handsome, since you put it like that.” And she leaned forward to encourage his caress. After a minute or two she took his hand in hers and pressed it tight to her breast. “They’re not breakable, Chi Chi. And most girls like to have their lover squeeze their titties and pinch them and suck the nipples. And even bite them.” And he did and she did.

And before long she was climbing that delightful peak, to crash over again with a lovely explosion.

Chi Chi was holding her on his lap when they heard the front door.

“Oh, Darling, she almost sobbed. I’m afraid we’re about to be evicted.”

“Oh damn.”

“My sentiments, exactly.” She picked up her bra and started dressing. “I know I may not get to give you another lesson, Darling, but I hope you’ll ask for me sometime if you get a chance.” She hugged his head against her breast. “You’re a wonderful lover and I have so many lessons I’d like to try with you.’

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