Mrs. Adams Revisited

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It had been a couple of weeks since John had been to Mrs. Adams’ house. The first visit had been the fulfillment of his every fantasy. He had mowed her yard as he promised but he made himself busy so he wouldn’t have to go back. He was afraid she had just been toying with him that first time. He would love to see those big, beautiful breasts again but didn’t think he could take the disappointment if she didn’t offer them to him. She had been so wonderful to let him enjoy them on his last visit. He was sure that something that good could only have been a one-time thing. Mrs. Adams was a nice lady. Her youngest son was a couple of years older than John but still they had been friends. With the weather being what it had been the yard really needed mowing again.

Walking past her house John began to feel guilty that he had let her yard get so long. He turned towards the house, determined to make things right. Even if she didn’t offer her amazing tits as reward, he had promised to mow her yard all summer and he would do it. Coming around the corner of the garage, John saw Mrs. Adams laying out, enjoying the warm sunshine. Her backyard was fenced in to give her privacy. Only someone coming around the garage as he had done could see her. As John got closer he saw her naked legs sweating in the warm sun. John stepped quietly up to the fence and peeked over. What he saw caused his cock to swell immediately. Mrs. Adams wasn’t wearing a stitch of clothing. Her huge tits were laying out for the world to see. They looked even better than he remembered. The golden flesh shining in the sunlight, her huge nipples pointing right at him caused John to remember how they felt rubbing against his cheek. He had been in heaven with those 44DD’s smothering him.

Just then Mrs. Adams raised her head and looked around. John stood frozen in place. He was afraid she had heard him and he didn’t want to be caught spying. Mrs. Adams was oblivious to her audience as she reached for a bottle of tanning lotion. She flipped the lid and squeezed some of the white creamy lotion on her globes. John’s hand went to his crotch as he stood and watched her rubbing the lotion into the soft skin of his obsession.

With his cock aching, John couldn’t take it anymore. He walked to the door of the garage. He went inside and out to the back yard. Mrs. Adams turned her head when John came into sight but didn’t attempt to cover herself.

“John!! How good to see you again. My yard is getting quite long,” she said as her hand went to block the sun from her field of vision. John could see she still had lotion sitting in globs on her chest. He longed to smooth it in for her.

“I know. I’m sorry Mrs. Adams. I have been busier than I thought I would be. I should have been over sooner.” In the warmth of the sun he had an excuse other than embarrassment and nerves for sweating so bad. He couldn’t take his eyes of those magnificent tits of hers shining in the sun.

“I understand. I hoped you would be back sooner is all,” she responded as she lay back on her chair. Her hands dropped back to her sides allowing John another unobstructed view of her tits. He so wanted to reach out and touch them but couldn’t bring himself to do it. He just stood, staring. After what seemed like an eternity Cecilia looked to him again saying, “Come, sit by me.” She patted a place next to her on the lawn chair.

John carefully sat down. He took his eyes from her tits only long enough to be sure he didn’t fall off the edge of the chair. Once seated he became a little braver. He let his eyes roam over Mrs. Adams from head to toe. She had no tan lines so she obviously did this often. Her pubic region was bald and even the lips of her pussy were nice and brown. He had to adjust to give his hard cock more room. Cecilia looked at him when he moved.

“Do you like my tan, John?” she asked.

“Oh God yes, Mrs. Adams!” he replied enthusiastically.

“Now John, what have I told you about calling me that. It’s Cecilia,” she scolded.

“I’m sorry, Cecilia. It’s just that..” he hesitated.

“Its just what, John?” she asked, propping herself on one elbow to look him in the eye. This caused her huge tits to slide down across her chest into his lap. John moaned as they rubbed across his cock. “What is the matter, dear?”

John was speechless for the moment. He let his hand wander to his lap and absently ran the back of one hand along the golden ağrı escort mammaries. “I had such a great time last time I was here Cecilia. I was afraid, I guess, that it wouldn’t happen again,’ he finally blurted out.

Cecilia brought herself up to a sitting position. She took John’s chin in her hand and gently pulled him so his eyes looked directly into hers. “I enjoyed myself last time as much as you did, John. I’ve missed you these last couple of weeks. I was VERY disappointed you didn’t come by. I thought maybe I had done something to hurt you or scare you.”

John took Cecilia’s hands in his. “Oh NO!!! You could never hurt me or scare me. I wanted to be with you so much and I was afraid you would turn me down. I couldn’t bear the rejection so I didn’t come by. You have no idea how much I missed you and thought about you,” John was gushing. He couldn’t believe his ears. This wonderful woman had missed him and wanted to be with him. He threw his arms around her neck and pulled her close. He could feel the heat from her naked breasts against his shirt. He wanted to be close to her.

Cecilia just let him hold her for a few minutes before she pulled away. “Would you like to go inside?” she asked once she broke free.

“Actually, it’s kinda nice out here,” John replied sheepishly as he looked around.

“Ok, we can stay out here but one of us has WAY too many clothes on,” Cecilia teased him as she tugged on his shirt.

John jumped up almost upsetting the lawn chair in his haste. He pulled his shirt off over his head not even noticing the tanning lotion all over it. His jeans came off almost as fast. He was no longer worried about Cecilia seeing his hard cock. He knew she would take care of it for him.

“It looks like you DID miss me, baby,” she purred as his cock came into view. “Come here and let me get a better look at that,” she offered reaching out to his swollen shaft.

John stepped forward and hissed in his breath as Cecilia took hold of his cock. Her hands were cool despite the warm weather. She pulled him even closer as she wrapped her fingers around his hard meat. He almost fainted when she took his cock into her mouth, past her lips and let her tongue caress it as it slid down her throat. John had never had a blowjob before and Cecilia was giving him a great one. He knew it wouldn’t be long before he shot his load but he wanted to enjoy this for as long as possible.

“OH!! Cecilia!! I have NEVER felt anything like this before!” he moaned. “I’m gonna cum soon if you don’t quit,” he warned.

Cecilia pulled back only long enough to say, “That’s the whole idea baby,” then went back to sucking his young cock. John let his hands drop to her head and rest there. He stood still while Cecilia bobbed back and forth on his cock. It wasn’t long before he felt his balls boiling. “UUUUUNNNNNNGGGGG!!” was all he could manage before erupting deep in Cecilia’s throat. She gobbled up every drop and licked him clean before she released him.

“Are you still worried you won’t have fun at my house?” she teased.

John collapsed back onto the lawn chair. “No way,” he sighed. “I think we are going to have a GREAT time.”

“And you haven’t even gotten to play with these yet,” she said as she shook her huge hanging melons in his face. John reached up but was only able to get a glancing touch as she pulled them away, standing and heading to the house.

Cecilia came back a few minutes later with a tray. She had brought out some ice and water to refresh her young playmate. She poured John a glass and he drank it straight down. The next glass he sipped at, looking over the rim at his hostess. He was trying to decide how to proceed. He wanted to feel those lovely tits against his skin. He needed to taste them again. But he was too nervous and inexperienced to know how to go about it. He almost choked on his water when she took one in each hand and began kneading the flesh.

“Well John, what shall we do now?” she asked sounding almost bored.

John could feel his manhood stirring again as he stammered, “I-I-I don’t know.”

Cecilia scooted closer to John. She knew he was getting hard again without even looking at his groin. She brought her nipples close to his cheek. John could feel the heat. He leaned slightly in their direction but Cecilia pulled them back. John sat down his glass letting his swelling cock make up his mind for him. He turned and grabbed both tits from Cecilia. She gasped as he took a nipple into his mouth. He looked at her over the prize he held between his lips, smiling, he knew his mouth was still cold from the water.

“OH JOHN!” Cecilia moaned. “That’s not fair!”

John was concerned he had gone to far. “Do you want me to stop?” he asked apologetically as he let the nipple slide from his mouth.

Cecilia grabbed the back of his head, pulling him toward her swinging orbs, as she said, “NEVER! Suck my titties baby!” John enthusiastically swallowed one nipple while tweaking the other. He was glad to oblige a request like that. He kneaded the tit flesh as he sucked each nipple in turn. Cecilia moaned and held him close. She didn’t want him getting away. Her nipples were hard and sticking straight out for her lover’s attention. John gobbled them like a starving man on his last meal. He couldn’t get enough.

John felt movement close to his leg and pulled back to see what was going on. Cecilia had her fingers in her pussy, rubbing her wet slit as he suckled. He sat kneading his prize tits for a moment watching her work. Cecilia came around and saw his intent gaze. “You want to feel my pussy, baby?” she offered.

John just nodded. Cecilia took his hand and led him to her wet spot. John could not believe it when his fingers came in contact with her smooth lips. It felt like silk. He touched her so softly, like a butterfly kiss.

“It’s ok baby. You can touch it,” Cecilia encouraged. John let his fingers get a better feel. When he came to her opening, Cecilia led them inside. John moaned. His cock swelled even bigger. If it felt this good on his finger, he could hardly imagine what it would feel like wrapped around his cock.

“That’s it baby. Slide your fingers inside. Now bring them out. Fuck my wet pussy.” John followed her instructions. He let his head drop back to her nipple, drawing it into his mouth but never taking his eyes off his fingers disappearing into her sopping cunt. Cecilia started to buck her hips against his young fingers. She held his head firmly to her chest as she shook through her climax.

Once she came back to earth she pulled his fingers from her pussy and brought them to his lips, “Taste my juice baby. You’ll love it.” John tentatively let the nipple slide from his grasp once more to replace it with his fingers. This was the sweetest taste he ever had. It smelled musky and made his cock throb. He had to have more of it.

“MMMM Cecilia that is wonderful. Can I have more?” He pleaded.

“You can have as much as you want’ Cecilia promised. Laying back on the chair and opening her snatch to him she said, “crawl down there between my legs and lick my pussy.”

John stood at the end of the lawn chair stroking his hard cock and admiring the sight before him. The wetness on her pussy lips shone in the sunlight. His cock ached it was so hard but he had to taste more of that sweet nectar. He crawled slowly between her legs, opening them even farther as he went. He inhaled deeply as he got close, becoming intoxicated on her aroma. His tongue snuck out as he got close. The tip slid along her pouting lips, cleaning off her juices.

“That’s it baby. Lick it good,” Cecilia moaned, as he got braver. Her hand went to the back of his head holding him tightly in place. John wasn’t going anywhere. His tongue explored the folds of her pussy, diving in and out of her wet hole. When he found her clit he sucked it into his mouth and flicked it with his tongue. Cecilia raised her hips from the chair burying his face even deeper in her aching snatch. “Slide your fingers back inside,” she coached. John once again did as he was told, sliding two fingers deep in her cunt while he sucked her clit. Cecilia went wild, bucking and fucking his young face. It wasn’t long before she flooded his face and he licked up every drop. Finally Cecilia had to pull his face away.

John looked up at her pouting. “Did I do something wrong?” he asked in his innocence.

“OH MY GOD, NO, dear!! You were incredible! I just need a rest.” She patted a place next to her and John slid up to sit by her licking his fingers as he did. He snuggled right next to her and went back to kneading and sucking her tits. She ran her fingers through his hair as she took a breather. She could feel his raging hard on against her leg. The anticipation of that inside her made her pussy quiver.

John started absently humping against her leg as he suckled each nipple. Cecilia rubbed his back as they lay in the sun. She had cum, hard, twice and still was anxious to feel this young stud inside her. “Oh baby. That feels so good. I hate to stop you,” she teased him.

John sat up, looking disappointed he said, “Why do I have to stop?”

“Because I want to feel your hard cock in my wet pussy. If you want to fuck me that is.” John surprised her by planting a huge sloppy kiss on her lips.

“Of course I do,” he squealed as he broke the kiss. John positioned himself between her legs and let his hard cock slide up and down her wet slit. Just as Cecilia thought he was going to impale her, he pulled back. “Can we try something?” he asked.

“We can try ANYTHING you want dear. What do you have in mind?”

Without speaking John took Cecilia’s hand and helped her from her chair. He guided her to another lawn chair where he sat down. His hard cock pointed to the heavens as he laid back. Cecilia understood what he wanted as she straddled his young meat. She rubbed just the tip of it across her sopping snatch, enjoying his animalistic moans. When she thought she had teased him enough she slowly lowered herself onto his pole. John sat up in the chair burying his face in her chest as she buried his cock in her pussy.

Cecilia was sure he would suffocate as he wrapped his arms around her back and pulled her close. There could be no room for air as she started rocking back and forth on her young stud’s lap. John, in the meantime, rubbed his face in the valley of his desire, nibbling on the meaty tits and licking the sweat from her soft skin. Cecilia grabbed the back of his head and held him close. She could feel his hot, moist breath searing her flesh. Her pussy milked the young stud, sucking him deeper. She was glad she had gotten him off earlier. She wanted this to last.

John could feel his balls begin to boil and he didn’t want this to end. He pulled his face from its divine nook and looked about. He saw a wonderful shady place where the grass looked soft. Without warning he grabbed Cecilia and stood, leaving her impaled on his shaft.

“John,” she gasped in surprise. “What are you doing?”

“I have another idea,” he moaned as he carried her to his chosen spot not far from their original setting. He dropped slowly to his knees, laying her gently to the grass.

“John, what a wonderful idea,” she purred. His strength had taken her aback but she liked his imagination. The grass was cool and soft against her back and she could feel his cock throbbing inside her. Before their last encounter it had been so long before she had felt a man’s touch. Today she was making up for lost time.

John took up his original position with his face buried in her cleavage. He could not get enough of those tits even with his cock buried deep in her smooth, wet pussy. He fucked her slow and easy as he taunted and manipulated her giant orbs.

Cecilia was grasping at the grass for something to hang on to as she felt her climax building yet again. Her pussy walls began to constrict around John’s throbbing cock as she threw her head back and howled.

John could feel her juice run down and over his balls. He pulled away from his treats to watch this magnificent woman in the throws of orgasm. He picked up his pace feeling wave after wave with each stroke. He was so caught up in her that he took himself to the edge without meaning to. He had wanted to prolong this wonderful encounter but now he felt the boiling and knew it was too late. He pulled his hard cock from its sheath just as he felt his sperm reaching the tip. He grabbed his meat in one hand jerking it as he crawled over Cecilia. She opened her eyes just in time to see his seed spill over her swollen, heaving chest.

Shot after shot of the hot liquid hit her tits. John moaned as each one fell on target. He loved the look of those beautiful melons coated in his cum. When he had shot his last he took his hard cock and ran it through the rivers of white, creaminess on her breasts. He smeared his cum over every inch as she brought her tits together to wrap around his softening organ.

When he was sure they were completely covered, John collapsed in the grass next to Cecilia totally spent. He pulled her close and absently traced her nipple with his fingertip as they cuddled in the grass. Nothing was said as the two lovers enjoyed the afternoon warmth. John vowed he would not stay away so long this time.

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