Mr. Rudy Ch. 02

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She noticed his gaze returned time and again to her legs – especially her knees and her feet and ankles – and always to her face again. She made sure to always have a fresh smile for him when he looked up again and that seemed to please him.

Now his eyes went to her crotch. She was glad she’d remembered to tuck her organ back down between her thighs as it kept the illusion of complete femininity alive, even though it was obvious it wasn’t that important to the man. He had after all come to a club known for its transgendered performers!

Still, she did it for herself and now sat there, smiling, letting a virtual stranger stare at every part of her. It was more intense than being at the club, prancing around on stage with the lights blotting out most of what she could see of the audience anyway. This was as personal and as close as it got.

But she wanted it closer.

And she wanted it over with!

Shifting her weight slightly, Liv straightened her right knee, the upper one in this sideways lean, and pointed her foot. She moved her leg in front of her until it was stretched stiffly out directly at Rudy’s face. His eyes were transfixed. His mouth hung open. Finally his hands came up from his sides and reached for her foot. Liv smiled, openly and to herself, waiting for the first contact. Her client obviously adored her legs and her feet and this was the perfect way to get things going – and to get them that sooner finished. She closed her eyes, held her smile and waited breathlessly, but when the touch finally came it was such a shock it made her almost yank her foot back.

The tingling from gentle fingers lightly caressing her sensitive instep shot up through her leg and seemed to swarm in her abdomen. She gasped inward and then the shockwave pushed inside her pubic bone and made her penis stand on end. It had been only mildly erect the whole time but not from anything Rudy had done; it had simply been too long since Liv’s last ‘time,’ and her inner excitement and expectation was built up and up to the point of overflowing. She hadn’t expected to be so sensitive, especially not there, but she was. She thought to pull her foot back to safety, but now it was too late; the tingling, the erection – everything – had quickly and silently taken her past the point of no return. Her foot remained where it was, as did the still moving hand, and Liv could do little more than try to hold onto her senses.

Gladly, the moment passed as Rudy let his hand wander up from her instep to her ankle. The warmth of his touch was in such contrast to his appearance, even his gruff, self confident nature, and Liv realized she was probably one of the few to witness this particular side of the man. There was a certain cuteness to it that she found endearing. But now Rudy looked up from his up close inspection of the dancer’s pale ankle. He smiled.

“You’re not related to her, are you?” Rudy asked softly. Liv shook her head but smiled anyway; somehow, the question, coming from him, wasn’t so irritating. In fact, there was something warm and gentle in his tone which made the question seem a compliment. Liv was still thinking these things when Rudy suddenly lowered his head and kissed the tips of her toes. This time she couldn’t prevent a whimpering gasp from escaping her lips. Her toes clenched instinctively, and then another kiss was planted on their tops. Electricity seemed to zig-zag up from her foot, up her leg and directly into her crotch again. Her penis inflated even more, straining against its fleshy restraint. She wondered, absently, if Rudy wanted to see it or if she should try and keep the illusion going. A moment later her question was answered.

“Don’t be afraid,” Rudy whispered. He now held Liv’s ankle and was glancing up between her legs. “Don’t be afraid of me, okay? I’m…I’m not out to get you, okay? Just…just relax….” Liv nodded, still trying to catch her breath and finally relaxed her inner thigh muscles.

Her erection sprung out fully into view.

“See, that wasn’t so bad, was it, sweet lady?” the man said and Liv looked keenly at him. Was he putting her on? Goading her? Being sarcastic? She looked hard but couldn’t find even a trace of something hidden behind Rudy’s dark eyes or his smile. She nodded, took a breath and changed her position; turning and settling flat on her ass, now laying her other leg along side the other. Leaning on her elbows, Liv continued to regard the strangely gentle man and when a smile began to touch her lips in response to his, she let it have its way. “There now,” Rudy said. “That’s better. Just be you…that’s all I’m asking….”

“But don’t you want me to be–” “–Her?” Rudy said. “You look exactly like her, but you’re not her. I know that. I met the lady once, and she is a lady. But…so are you….” Then Rudy lowered Liv’s right foot beside the left, studied them both for a moment, and then simply buried his face against them. He smeared his face against her insteps, rubbed it back and forth, up and down, and the trembling sensation that shot up Liv’s legs seemed to push her backward Pendik Türbanlı Escort off her elbows. She lay flat on her back now, arms crossed over her eyes, gasping, moaning softly. She had never felt anything quite so erotic before in her life. Her erection only stiffened and it felt for several long, thrilling moments that she might just spurt straight up into thin air, but then the feeling passed. She caught her breath, calmed a little, then a little more. Things were happening too fast. She had wanted to get it over and done with and to go home to her apartment and sleep, but now…now it seemed that time spread out before her. Time and the deep, almost subconscious thrill she was feeling.

She dropped her arms and raised her head when she felt the man’s face leave her ankles and feet and received a warm smile in return.

You’re so beautiful, Rudy thought, But it’s like you don’t even know how beautiful you are. How can that be? How can someone who looks like you, not even know it? Then his eyes fell downward across the heaving chest of the dancer, down her front and beheld the stiff organ standing straight up from her hairless crotch. Even that…that prick some guys call it. A dick, a cock…I bet when you stroke it you don’t even do it like a guy…

Rudy looked upward again, wanting to see the face, the beautiful, pale face of his favorite actress and found a beautiful smile just now forming on the wide, full lips. He could do nothing but smile back.

“You wanna do me a favor, sweetheart?” he asked, and Liv sat up, instinctively tucking her erection down between her thighs again and smiling broadly. She knew she would now do anything for this man, even though she wasn’t quite sure why. She nodded and leaned forward, hands on knees, shoulders lifting in a happy stretch.

“I’d…I’d really love watching you touch yourself…” Rudy said, and Liv couldn’t prevent her eyes from widening for a moment.

“Really?” she finally said, and Rudy nodded.

This had never been done. It had never been asked for. Maybe in some dream she had forgotten, but not from a real person, not in a real situation. But his face was earnest. It was almost kind – another thing that was rare if not totally absent. Usually they just wanted to fuck her; that was all. Just in her and back and forth until they spilled their pleasure in her.

But this one was different.

And the difference itself was thrilling in= a way Liv had never experienced before. She had shown herself, all of herself at times, on stage during her routines, to the point that nudity itself was routine; almost second nature to her. But this was different. Rudy was asking her to reveal something she had never shown anyone, either professionally or privately. She lowered her eyes to the bed before her, then further down, downward to her smooth, hairless crotch – the V that had always been artificially created by her instinctive hiding of her male member. Taking a breath she breathed slowly out, trying to calm her now racing heart, lifted her leg to separate her thighs, and watched as her penis sprung out, ready and full.

For a moment she merely stared at it, as she knew Rudy was most likely doing as well, watching how it bounced with each heart beat. She wondered if this strange request would make it go limp but it only seemed to stiffen and thicken as the moments went by, and finally, with breath held, Liv reached down and put her hand delicately underneath it, fingers together and pointed downward, and then pulled it back until it was flat up against her belly.

Rudy’s eyes were unblinking, fixed on what he’d just seen. It was so beautiful, even if it was a cock. It had a feminine quality to it that astounded him, and now, even covered by that lovely hand – and even the way it was covered, so demurely – he could still only think of it as a clitoris. There had been nothing at all ‘manly’ about it.

But now that long-fingered hand moved upward slightly, the heel of the hand hiding the almond navel, and then pushed downward. Rudy’s jaw felt loose, slack. he couldn’t make it move and didn’t want to. The girl, this completely beautiful, completely naked girl had just rubbed herself, up and down, once. His eyes shot to her face, glimpsed her eyes as they just now rolled back under heavy lids, and watched the lovely, full mouth fall open slightly. His eyes darted down once more to the down-pointed hand and saw it move up and then down again, with agonizing slowness. He watched the tips of the fingers as they curled slightly underneath the hidden crotch, reaching for an opening that wasn’t there – but should have been. There still was nothing about this intriguing creature that even hinted at masculinity – not the knees or thighs or upper arm musculature – and the picture was perfect. Others might have referred to it all as an ‘illusion’ of femininity, but what Rudy was seeing was no mere attempt to create such a thing.

Now a gasp caught his attention and he raised his eyes, and found Liv staring right back at him, her large eyes still Pendik Otele Gelen Escort half concealed by her lids. Then her lower lids seemed to rise up as some distant thing, some thought of feeling overwhelmed her. Her eyes lost their focus for a second, and then returned to full awareness.

Liv realized Rudy was staring at her and dropped her eyes instantly to the surface before her. She had never felt so exposed and yet at the same time covered. She knew not what was covering her but it felt warm and comfortable; like an old dress or a comfortable pair of sandals. She pressed her hand firmly against her, sandwiching her penis between her palm and her abdomen, and gasped slightly.

When was the last time? Weeks – no, months. Seven months ago? No…a year and seven months ago. That one time. Like this, at home…so horny. So lonely. Drinking and touching…like this…like this….

Live felt her organ swell up almost to stiff to keep holding down. It pressed against her palm, wanting to force itself free, but she held it back, held it flat against her, the sensitive underside of it being stimulated by her palm. But the other part of her, that ‘other’ part, the place where she would have had a vagina and labia, her finger tips now curled against; pressing upward, feeling the muscle beneath, the bone. It would be right here. Right at this spot. Her leaned back on one elbow and raised her knee more, allowing more room to reach under; her foot poised up on its ball now, her lower leg and foot one continuous line.

Rudy smiled at the view. He could see clearly where those long fingers were reaching and wondered why. Was it part of the act? But as he watched how urgently those fingers lifted and pulled upward, he knew it had to be more. Then the dancer rolled her hips a little and Rudy could now see the ‘other’ hole just behind the smooth underside of the girl’s crotch. He wondered idly if it was difficult to shave there, or if she used some sort of depilatory or – ouch! – got herself waxed. A slight wave of jealousy went through him at the thought of someone else – even a hair removal technician – seeing this young, beautiful creature as naked as this, but then remembered that the girl had most likely not been doing what she was doing right then. A smile crept across his lips and remained there.

Liv’s pelvis was now rolling slightly – but rhythmically – against the motion of her hand, and the sounds she made could not be mistaken for anything other than a woman in the midst of the most intimate kind of pleasure. Rudy wondered how much semen would spurt from this beauty, imagining it squirting directly against the heel of that grinding hand and leaking sideways across that flat belly.

He could hardly wait to find out.

For Liv there wasn’t only that feeling, that familiar but faraway feeling down there. Pressure, delicious, urgent pressure. Something that wouldn’t wait – couldn’t. Down there. Right there where her hand was, as if her hand were trying to hold back the pressure building up within.

As if it could.

It needed to come out. All of it. Every bit. It needed to surge outward and not be held back. Not any longer. It had been too long. There was no reason now, not even that…man who had watched. The one who was watching. Where was he? Was it a dream?

Was she dreaming now?

No. Only that pushing, that flexing, that twisting feeling in the core of her belly. That urge to release. To give. To take. She would take, take it all, anything he wanted or needed to give her, but later. Now she needed to release; almost to make room for what he would fill her with.

And she remembered how it had been those few times. With the others. The rich ones, the powerful ones. They were all the same. They pretended with her. They used her like some doll, like a copy of the real thing because they could never have the real thing. The real girl they so cherished.

But Liv was reachable, attainable, and though it had not been many times, not so many as some of her friends from the club, it had been enough. They had ‘attained’ her for a price and then done what they wanted. And she didn’t mind it so much; the bruises went away eventually. They could be covered with makeup. The finger marks on her porcelain white shoulders and arms and calves. But she didn’t mind it so much. She never held a grudge, and she was paid handsomely.

But the thought of being filled with this man’s seed bothered her even less for some reason. He been more than cordial. He’d treated her kindly and hadn’t been pushy. She had finally wanted to give herself totally to him and that was what she was now doing – and that was better than at any other time. Her choice; her choice now to be what he wanted her to be, but to also be herself. Her choice to be herself – for once.

And if he didn’t mind, neither would she.

But now it was getting almost beyond recall. She did not want to have it end so soon. The tension, the mounting excitement was almost to the point of anguish, and in itself, that forceful Pendik Ucuz Escort denial, it was the most delicious of torments. So many times she had seen Katie or Ellen from the club, after a particularly erotic routine, return to the dressing room and quickly relieve themselves in a tissue, or Margo standing before the full length mirror, still covered with a gloss of perspiration from her over-the-top performance, and still fully dressed in her costume, masturbating anxiously until she released in large droplets on the floor.

Sometimes even a routine act, done for months on end could suddenly turn too real for even a seasoned performer and force them to do these things or go mad.

But Liv relished those moments, those moments of ultimate want and desire and arousal that were then suppressed, even if the suppression caused more anxiety than it was worth. She lived on abusing herself this way, on not giving her body what it so needed, to completely mistreat it by not allowing it release, and now it was getting too close to that point. She stopped suddenly, pushed her throbbing member back between her thighs and clamped them shut around it. She took a breath and made herself focus, to come back to the present and to reality.

Opening her eyes she saw Rudy sitting where he had been, mouth hanging open now, eyes fixated but only now refocusing on the change, and when he looked up, Liv smiled warmly at him.

No, this would not end here, now – not like this. It was her choice, and she would do things the way she wished, even if this man was the one paying her.

The wetness in the crotch of Rudy’s underwear was not semen but it was close to it. In the past five or ten minutes he’d thought he would simply spurt into his pants and that it would be over and done with. The recent memories of this wondrous girl’s dancing at the club paled in comparison, erotic though it had been, to what he had just now witnessed. Nothing could have prepared him for what Liv had done simply by moving her lovely hand slightly back and forth against herself. The way her hips squirmed, her pelvis rolled, the way her nipples rose up so hard and long, and the blank look of ultimate pleasure on her face had been almost more than his body could endure. He’d looked away several times, tried to recall recent stock market quotes, the color of his first wife’s hair, but had failed in every attempt to think of something else. His eyes, not focused on the rubbing, pressing hand, would dart away and find some almost equally erotic view – a foot, an ankle, the way the girl’s breasts looked so natural; her throat, her hips. But even when he looked at nothing in particular and simply stared at the dancer as a complete person, the way her hips moved, the sounds she made, the almost mindless attention to that one particular thing she had been doing, had still been almost too much to bear.

But now she had stopped. Rudy could only see the smooth curves and contours of the girl’s hairless crotch, her beautiful thighs, her knees. He looked up again to the smile, the dimples, the cheekbones and those precious eyes. He didn’t know what she was doing, what she was thinking, or what he was going to do – if anything. He could very easily have simply sat there, gazing into that beautiful face for the rest of the night. He wouldn’t even have to fuck her now; the images and memories he’d collected would last a lifetime. Even what she was doing now; sitting there in a ‘side-saddle’ position again, leaning on one hand, legs tucked back under her but her other hand now rubbing her knees, running slowly back down her calves and then back up to her ass. She was still touching herself, just as he’d asked, but maybe not so directly.

Or perhaps there was no difference. A steamy hot passion still seemed to seethe just beneath her pale surface. Her breaths, though calmer, were still deep and her sighing exhalations still spoke of unfulfilled desire.

Now that roaming hand cupped her breast and squeezed it. Rudy saw how natural her breasts actually were; no sign of implant – nothing but pure womanly form and figure. He felt a dull, persistent throb in the crotch of his pants. He almost wished he had climaxed so he could go on watching the girl undisturbed! His eyes followed that hand, now rubbing downward across the flat belly, reaching the opposite hip, then trailing up again to graze an erect nipple.

“Huh?” he said. She had said something, asked something. He’d seen her full lips moving, her brows raised in a question, but had not been able to focus on the words. Now she seemed to blush!

“I…I asked,” Liv whispered, “If…if you…had something for me to uh, use. Uh…to…play with myself more.”

Rudy stared blankly. He had understood her words, but couldn’t grasp the meaning of the sentence for a moment. Then it hit him and he felt his face warm in embarrassment.

“Oh, why sure, little lady,” he said quickly, and stood. The bulge in his pants had created a wet spot right through to the surface and he saw it and shrugged. Then turning, he went to a closed ornate wooden case on the wall opposite the bed, touched a button and swung the two doors wide open. Within the case were an array of sexual ‘implements;’ everything from whips and cuffs to an assortment of dildos. Rudy stepped back out of the way and faced the bed and the now amazed girl sitting on it.

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