Mistress Pepper’s Boat Party

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Word travels fast on the college scene. Me, and two of my three BFFs – Isabelle and Ellie, all are now starting our Freshman year at USA in Mobile. Our third BFF, Reagan, has gone the opposite direction and is at Florida State in Tallahassee. Sophie, my live-in slave-girl, is starting her Freshman year at Bishop State College in Mobile. Before she met me, her grades were just shy of getting her into a four-year school, and I didn’t have time to get her GPA up. So she does two years there, then transfers to USA. Her GPA will be up. I’ll see to it.

So far, all of two weeks into classes, she’s doing very well. Those who know her credit my supervised study sessions for that. I credit it to Sophie’s burning desire to never disappoint me, and it’s plain I want her to do well.

Normally I have Sophie dressed in something that’s on the slutty side of porn-star slutty and equally revealing. No matter who I have over to my apartment. Well, except for when her family comes over, then I dress her like the 18-year-old girl she is. For class, I’ve been dressing her about the same as everyone else on my campus dresses, which is to say in youthful fashion. With one very notable, and well noticed, exception. Sophie is never, ever, under any circumstances without her collar. It’s a soft leather dyed pastel green and fringed with a frilly white lace. It has a medium-sized shiny gold padlock fastening it, which she keeps well polished. And it has a dog tag on it, also polished shiny, which identifies her as “Property of Miss Rodgers.”

It took exactly one day for the word of Sophie’s collar to make it across town to my campus. Once it did, the gossip mill into overtime, especially since Sophie had told those who asked that I went to USA, and yes, she was my slave-girl, and very happy to be. Her first day three guys asked her out, all getting the same answer: they’d have to ask me, Sophie only dates whomever I tell her to date. But if I were to tell her to date one of them, she’d be a very good date. As good and fun of a date as I told her to be.

Her first day I dropped her off and picked her up, which gave everyone a chance to see that I am real, not just something Sophie made up. After that, I bought her a pastel pink little moped to ride to and from school. Her mom laughed when I sent her a picture of it, saying that it was perfect. Sophie has always wanted a little moped like that. I knew, which is why she got that instead of a car from me. Plus it’s only about a mile from the apartment to her campus. She loves it. Her classmates don’t, at least the male ones, several of whom are trying to find me to ask if they might take Sophie out. I won’t let them. I know they only want to date her because they think she’ll be easy and kinky, and thus very fun.

The very day word made it over to USA about me, or rather the “girl student no one knew yet who owns a pretty slave-girl at the state college,” both of my BFF’s heard it. Izzy told me about it after our classes. It was one of the days we weren’t in the same classes. When a junior year girl told her about it, Izzy just laughed, “Oh, you mean Pepper and her slave Sophie.”

That was met with the natural response: “OMG, you know them!” to which Izzy said, “Uh, yeah, Pepper is like my BFF

! And every time I go to her apartment Sophie serves us!” Which led to a request for an introduction, to which Izzy responded that I’m particular about whom I meet, but maybe she could arrange something. Although an invitation to my apartment, which always includes humble service by a barely-clad-to-butt-naked Sophie would be much harder of an ask.

Since then Elise, the junior-year girl, has been doing everything she can possibly think of to get into Izzy’s good graces. Izzy and I have laughed about it a number of times. Not so much that she’s trying to get in Izzy’s good graces to get to me, but how obvious she’s being about it. Izzy chalks that up to her slight social-awkwardness, a trait her computer science major of a boyfriend has even more of.

But Izzy thinks Elise is a good girl, just rather quiet. And socially inept. And she knows it. She doesn’t have many friends, and fewer still that are close. We both wonder why she’s so hot to meet me. Especially since it’s obviously a reaction to hearing the rumors about my lifestyle.

Then comes Labor Day. Which obviously, by college-girl standards, demands a party. Even better, a toy of my mom’s is an executive for Airbus who lives most of the time in France but keeps a very nice sailboat in Mobile which she has use of. She politely tells him that she’s loaned it to me. I’m certain she told him, not asked him. But whatever, it’s waiting on me. And it’s an 80-footer with a 19-foot beam and four cabins. Perfect for a good party.

The four of us, Izzy, Reagan, Ellie and I, all agree it’s going to be an awesome party. Then kind with videos that go viral. Videos I will make, edit and post to ensure no one on my a list (which includes Sophie) is humiliated by them. B list guests… had best behave. Reagan wants to bring her boyfriend, whom she followed to Tallahassee. So I suggest that Izzy and Ellie might want Tipobet to invite a date as well. That brings the number aboard to 10. the eight of us, plus the two sailors that come with the boat and can actually sail it. A party, but not a blowout. According to its captain, the Coast Guard will let up to 35 board the boat, so we all agree we have a little ways to go.

We decide to invite one friend each, plus a date. That boosts the total to 18. And obviously, we’ll need some entertainment, so I offer to provide a few “toys,” and everyone agrees that a couple of toys to tease might make for a fun party. And that’ll boost the number to 22. We agree on three of our closer friends to add to the guest list, plus a date for each. That bumps it up to 28.

That’s when I have a brilliant idea. I suggest we see just what Elise and her boyfriend are after. I have Sophie print up a very fancy invitation for “Elise plus one.” It looks as good as anything a printer could have turned out. Amazing what you can do on a laptop nowadays. It invites them, but it also warns them that they are invited as the “special guests and property of Mistress Rodgers,” to attend an “adult-themed” aboard the “Sail Yacht La Princesse Catherine.” It tells them in finer print, but not so bad they’ll need a microscope to see it, that they are permitted to bring “absolutely nothing but their bodies aboard.” And it tells them when and where to meet the Yacht’s tender.

Izzy delivers it the next day, lining up her guests as well. Her guests she promises them a fun time. Elise, she has no answers for, just the invitation. I hire a party planner to decorate the living room area of the boat and make the arrangements for a memorable party. It necessitates adding a DJ to the manifest, but that’s well worth it.

The boat is huge by Mobile bay standards, but not so big it won’t fit into the marinas. Heck, it lives in one of those marinas. But we still arrange for the DJ to board with us and our dates, Sophie and the four toys I’ve instructed to attend in the marina. The other guests we arrange for them to meet the tender at a little marina off Bayou-Le-Battre at 2:00. Elise’s invitation said for her to meet the tender at 2:30, which will be plenty of time for the little boat to make a trip out and back. Well, if you consider an 18-foot speedboat to be little. It looks little when tied up and drifting behind the yacht.

I don’t know if Elise knows what the boat is like, but I’m guessing she does. One Google search will bring up plenty about it, including its ownership. And pictures. I’m guessing her computer science boyfriend would think to Goggle it if for no other reason than curiosity. And to see if the boat is really going to make for an awesome party.

I’ve already asked the few people I know about Elise, and none really know her. She’s a good student. She’s quiet. She’s been dating Paul “forever.” She doesn’t party, but no one is sure if that’s because she doesn’t, or because she’s not invited. She doesn’t hang out much either. She just studies and hangs with Paul. But everyone agrees she’s friendly enough.

If I had any question whether Elise was going to show up, that’s gone in a few hours when I hear the rumor mill wondering why she, of all the girls, would get that invite instead of a “popular” girl who would obviously be so much more fun at a party! If she wasn’t going to attend, she wouldn’t have told everyone she knows that she scored an invite. And all of our email boxes quickly fill up with notes from people we know, most of which we barely know, letting us know they’re “making their party plans.” in other words – invite me!.

When Labor Day comes, the crew takes care of everything for me, so all we have to do is board just before noon.

I’ve invited four toys. Greg (21), Allan (27), Marcie (19) and Kim (29). All four board along with Sophie and me, and we’re the first aboard. As soon as we board, I take all four of the experienced toys below decks and watch them undress. Both of the guys are cute, with short dark hair, nice manly builds, but not muscle-men, and cocks just over six inches long and better than an inch across. Both circumcised, too. Their cocks are the entertainment, so that’s really what I selected them for. Both Kim and Marcie are brunettes. Kim is about average in build with long light brown curly hair and a pair of 34-B’s. Marci is a little smaller of a woman, but she has breasts that are perky, slightly cone-shaped, with wide nipples, that are the same size as Kim’s. And therefore look larger on her chest. She has darker brown hair that’s straight and hangs halfway down her back.

These four are toys, not my slaves, so I’d never honor them with an actual collar. Instead, I just use a length of brass chain which I lock around their necks. Then I plaster little name badges on their bare chests that read “Hello, I am the fuck-toy … Feel free to amuse yourself with me.” Yes, Sophie printed them up herself. I love them.

I put the toys on a sofa and tell them to sit properly and wait. As the crew casts off, Sophie prepares a nice lunch for me and my guests. Tipobet Giriş I allow Sophie to join us at the table. The toys serve the table, attending to our whims, while we dine on a nice sub stuffed with grilled steak slices, peppers, onions, and lots of cheese. As we eat, the boat slowly makes it way out of the bay and into the gulf where it stands off about a mile from the coastline, directly south of the pick-up point. Only once we’ve all finished and the meal cleaned up to I instruct Sophie to “feed my pets.” She makes them a bologna sandwich, without even mayo on it, and serves it to them with a cup of tap water. Nothing like reminding them of their place early on.

The tender, driven by one of the crewmen, makes the first trip and returns to the boat around ten after. As the guests board, the DJ starts up some music, even though the party really isn’t going to get going until dark. When the tender leaves for the second trip, to pick up Elise, I send Sophie to greet them properly.

She assures me that she understands exactly what I want her to do and will “see to it.” So when the tender pulls up to the dock, she’s ready for them. They arrive a few minutes later, maybe ten minutes before their appointed pick-up time. Sophie tells me that Elise grinned wide when saw Sophie, whom she’d only heard about, waiting for them aboard the boat. She warns them again to “lock everything they have in their car and give her a single key to it.” they get the hint and she sees Elise lock her purse in the trunk. When they return to the dock, Paul hands her the trunk key. Hopefully, he thought to lock the other keys in the trunk.

Sophie says she welcomes them aboard. Then she tells the crewman to head out to the boat. The crew knows me. I’ve been aboard before, And I’ve borrowed the boat before. They know what I might do, which is to say anything. So when I asked the crewman not to pull the tender alongside on this trip, but to stay back about 20 feet, he said sure. And he had a grin that said he just knew this was going to be amusing.

When he comes to a stop just off the stern I’m waiting at the back of the boat to greet my new… amusements. Izzy and Reagan are there, too as are a few others. I watch as Sophie turns to Elise, and says “You first, girly, strip and give me your clothes.” She holds her hand out. I see Elise’s face look shocked. “My Mistress did tell you. You may bring absolutely nothing. Panties are something. Now strip.”

Elise looks up to see the crowd watching her. I have the toys confined below decks, so they’re not up here. Which means that everyone watching Elise is fully dressed. She hesitantly starts taking her clothes off and handing them to Sophie. Naturally, her panties are the last to come off.

Once Sophie has her panties, she asks Elise “do you have anything at all left on your body that God didn’t personally attach?” When Elise says no, Sophie tosses her clothes over the far side of the boat. Elise shrieks with horror as they start drifting away.

“Can you swim?” Sophie asks her with a bot of her eyes. Elise says yes, she can swim. Sophie tells her to swim then, to the boat, not after her clothes. Elise jumps in the warm gulf water. “Let me know if you see any big sharks!” Sophie teases. Elise swims quickly for the dive platform at the stern and climbs up on it.

Like most nicer boats, this one has a little shower on the dive platform to rinse the saltwater off before coming aboard. I just point Elise to it. She gets under the water. I hand her a bottle of shampoo. “I only allow clean pets aboard. And it’s a long swim to shore.”

Elise starts washing her short medium-blond hair. We all watch, our attention divided between Paul stripping for Sophie, and Elise showering. She’s around 5’7″, which is a hair tall for a girl, but she’s thin and curvy. Her face is what I describe as “girl-next-door.” nothing especially cute about her, but cute enough. Just like an average girl. Her boobs, however, are a little on the small side. I’d guess about a 36-A, but I’d bet she wears a loose-fitting 36-B. Not too many girls will admit to an A cup, and any girl I know that small will try for a bigger size just for the letter if she can get away with it. But they’re nice and rounded, firm as they stand up off her chest. Her dark pink nipples, about the size of pencil erasers, are fully hard atop those boobs.

She’s thin enough that I can make out her hip bones. Her pubes are fully shaven, letting me see a flat pussy mound with narrow lips that leave a wide gash. After the shampooing, I hand her a bottle of body wash and a rag. We watch her shower. She washes and tries to hand it back to me. “Don’t be so filthy, skanky!” I scold her, “You missed the bottoms of those feet.” I name a few more places, then make her wash her pussy again, suggesting it could use it, since it’s obviously as skanky as she is. Only them will I take the soap and rag from her. I have her move to the other side of the dive platform to dry herself off, making way for Paul to crawl onto it and stand under the shower.

Paul isn’t tall. He looks to be about Tipobet Güncel Giriş the same height and build as Elise, which means wiry for a guy. And his chest is boyishly hairless. He has short medium-brown hair. He has only a sparse fur of lighter brown hairs around his cock. And not that much of a cock. I’d guess around five inches, but he is decently thick, maybe about an inch. But he’s not circumcised, which is a no-go for me. He has enough foreskin that it completely covers the deep-purple head of that shaft. Behind that, he does have a nice set of balls hanging low and loose, also sparsely furred. I make him wash that very thoroughly, especially pulling back that nasty foreskin before he’s done.

I leave them both standing on the dive platform. Naked, with their hands behind them so everyone can get a good look at their bodies. I run down the rules for them. “In case you haven’t guessed, I am Miss Rodgers. You two now belong to me. You will speak only when spoken to, and then, you will be very polite, humble and formal. No matter who you are speaking to. If your mouth opens, ‘Sir’ or ‘Ma’am’ had better come out of it. You will do whatever any person tells you to do. People have clothes, so you should be able to tell who they are. Pets and toys do not have clothes. You obey everyone.

“You will never speak to each other. You will never touch each other. Except under proper supervision and then only if you are specifically told to. You will not ask anyone for anything. You will not question anything. Do not ask a single question. Do not hesitate, stall, delay, balk, or drag your feet either. And whenever anyone asks you anything, you will answer honestly and fully, like it or not.

“And so you know, I demand obedience from my pets. Disappoint anyone and you will suffer the consequences of your misbehavior. Your place is to serve and please the people I’ve invited to my party. No one cares what you want. Anyone here may do whatever they fancy with you. With your body. Or make you do whatever they can imagine. You don’t get a say in it.

“Oh, and once you board my boat, there’s no turning back. There’s no mercy, either. You’re here until I decide to put you ashore somewhere, sometime. You can’t leave. And you don’t get a say in anything, not even what’s done to you. So either come aboard now and get on your knees or start swimming – the shore is only a mile that way.”

Both glance toward the coastline, visible, but looking distant and desolate. Both climb up the ladder onto the aft deck and kneel down.

“Good little pets!” I say with a little tease in my voice. They get brass chains for collars locked around their necks as well I have little plastic dog tags for their collars. Elise gets a pastel pink one, shaped like a set of boobs and engraved with “Pet Girl. Please Use This Body For Your Enjoyment.” Paul gets a baby blue on shaped like a cock and balls, which names him “Pet Boy” and has the same offer of his body on it.

As I’m dealing with those two, the crew gets the tender tied up to the back of the boat and the crewman comes aboard. He signals the captain and the sail is quickly reeled in by an electric winch. Soon we’re cruising along at a leisurely pace. I tell the crewman to make sure he lets his captain know that my pets here are available, for whatever, should either fancy a little fun. “I know all about sailors and those long, lonely voyages at sea. Pet Girl has a cute little pussy. Help yourself. Or Pet Boy, if that’s your thing.” As he heads forward, I see the 30-ish sailor has his eye on Elise’s naked body. Or rather her firm boobs with their slightly upturned and stiff nipples.

I didn’t invite a date. But I did invite a couple of really cute guys from one of the frat houses, who brought more guys as their plus one. My only rule for “plus ones” is that they have to be 18, lest we break some law out here. Which… we’ll I’m not even sure who’s law applies out here! Are we still in Alabama? Or the US? Or open waters, where I guess French law – whatever that might be – would apply since this is a French-flagged boat. I decide to find out, so I ask the captain. “We’re in Mississippi.” He answers. We’ve already cruised westward enough that we’ve crossed the state line. Which wasn’t but a few miles anyway. “Up to three miles out is state waters. From three to twelve miles is US waters. After that, it’s international waters where the law of our country of registry applies, which is France. However, the US Coast Guard may stop us anywhere. They have some agreement with France, and really most civilized countries, to enforce international standards against drug and human trafficking. Usually, they don’t give us a second look, though.” He suggests we should get over three miles offshore, since state laws are far more stringent than US admiralty laws, and vary as we cross imaginary lines on the sea. Not wanting any trouble I agree and he steers us a little further out. We’d discussed the course for this trip, sailing westward to New Orleans, which is only about 100 miles, where we’d arrive around 8:00. but there’s little reason to go ashore since not everyone is old enough to get into any of the clubs. Instead, we’ll reverse and cruise back towards Florida, before reversing course again and coming back to our starting point around 8:00 am. He figures we’ll get at least as far east as Tallahassee before he reverses. Maybe all the way to Cedar Key.

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