Minivan Trip

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Here’s another one of our stories written from Huggs’ perspective with additional comments inserted by Rascal. Enjoy.


Driving a minivan can really diminish your wild side. However, on one particular trip, we took full advantage of its capabilities. To set the stage, we were going to NC to pick up the kids after their week with the grandparents. Needless to say, we had enjoyed a full week of passion and wild sex without interruption for a whole week. Little did I know that Rascal was still in her adventurous and very horny mood.

Rascal: I guess he had no clue I was ready for wild sex on the road.

When we go on these long road trips, I pick with Rascal to mess around, and she normally says “No” and takes a nap. However, on this trip she let my hand caress her breast and she gave me a sly smile. With that smile I knew the trip was going to be fun.

Rascal: Well, it took him long enough to start playing around. We had been the car for 50 miles, and I was about to get frustrated and take a nap.

After caressing her breasts for a while, I fumbled with the top button on her blouse. She let me fumble with the button for a minute, then she slowly unbuttoned her entire blouse.

Rascal: I had preplanned easy buttoning shirt, but it looks like I’ll have to do everything … hey not a bad idea.

My penis hardened quickly after that first button. Noticing my mental state, she reminded me to slow down and pay attention to the driving. Next, Rascal undid her bra and slid it off while leaving her blouse on for “cover,” but she allowed me a full view of her breast (as well as any truckers). Rascal massaged her breasts and got her nipples nice a hard while I started to fumble with her shorts.

Rascal: Now we are ready, and I’m hot.

Thankfully, her shorts had a snap (Rascal: smart thinking), so they were unfastened and unzipped in no time at all. Rascal wiggled her shorts down enough for my hand to play with her pussy. When my hand reached her lips, all of my driving concentration ability was required, because my hand meet a dripping wet pussy. Rascal moaned as I easily slid two fingers into her. I quickly rubbed her clit and stroked her pussy and in no time at all a climax overwhelmed her body.

Rascal: Frustration gone, ecstasy starting.

As Rascal calmed down, I returned most of my attention to driving, and Rascal started to attend to herself.

Rascal: With Huggs about to wreck us, I need to take control. Besides, I know what my wet pussy needs and love rubbing it.

She took off her shorts and pulled down the visor mirror to give me a full view of her wet hot pussy.

Rascal: Huggs could see, who knew? I moved the mirror for myself.

For some reason, I was Escort bayan no longer worried about how much longer the trip was going to take and started to savor the sounds of a moaning wife and her wet pussy. Rascal’s fingers were rubbing and fucking her pussy with no concern about surrounding traffic. While her right hand was busy with her pussy, she squeezed her breast to her mouth with her left. Rascal knows that she drives me crazy when she sucks and licks her breasts, so now my penis was beyond hard inside my pants. But, she had no concern for me as she fingers fucked herself to another orgasm. This one took a little longer than the first one, but we weren’t complaining because it lasted much longer.

Rascal: Glad Huggs is driving so he can’t mess with me too much. I’m definitely love solo, and him watching is all the better.

Rascal settled back down again and asked if I had packed her special bag. Now I was in trouble because I had forgot to pack her vibrating friend since it was a quick trip to her parents.

Rascal: My hands are getting a little tired and I need my little friend… WHAT, HE FORGOT MY FRIEND!!

Rascal did not take this news too bad, but said she would have to figure out another way to keep her horny fire burning.

Rascal: I’m going to the back for better solo positions.

Now the advantages of a minivan come into play. First, it was empty since we only had one bag for the overnight stay sans toys. Second, the seats lay down flat. Rascal climbed over her seat to get in the back to look for an improvised dildo. She went through our bag and found the bottle of wine we had brought for relaxing by the pool that evening. She quickly pulled it out of our bag, removed the foil, and proudly announced her find.

Rascal: Found, improvised dildo.

Next, she laid all of the back seats down to give herself plenty of room. Now, she was ready for more self lovin’ fun and removed her only article of clothing which was the unbuttoned blouse. Rascal reclined in the back and playfully rubbed her pussy and breast while I caught glimpses through the rearview mirror. I could tell she was in no hurry as she rubbed her lips and clit slowly. Rascal was enjoying herself and building up another orgasm, which I monitored by her soft moans. Then I heard a loud moan and looked in the mirror to see the neck of our wine bottle fully inserted in her pussy.

Rascal: Minivans are so much fun. Laying down naked and masturbating is great. Now I get to try my new dildo. Man, that is nice and filling. The cool glass inside my hot pussy is so great, the next orgasm will be easy.

Rascal held the bottle and fucked it slowly and asked if I liked the show.

Rascal: Huggs finally sees me Bayan escort using my new toy. Hopefully, I can cum again soon with it. Obviously, he missed my first orgasm with my new toy.

My concentration was again getting divided between driving and Rascal, but I definitely did not want her to stop. Rascal continued to masturbate with the bottle for several miles alternating between fucking the bottle and pumping it in and out of her pussy. Her moans gave way to words as she announced her next orgasm by exclaiming – “Yes, I’m going to cum. Yes, Yes, Yes, I’m cuming, Huggs! Oh fuck, I’m cuming! Yes, Yes, Yes, Oh my god I’m cuming!”

Rascal: Yep, Huggs got that right.

This climax about sent me over the edge as well as my penis was about to explode without any direct stimulation.

Rascal slowed down fucking herself only slightly as she came down from her orgasm (oh, by the way Rascal is multiorgasmic if y’all didn’t pick that up). I again was full of pride for my hot wife as I heard the wonderful sound of her wet pussy being satisfied by a bottle of good wine. In terms of time our adventure had covered about 50 miles and several orgasms of escalating strength, but there was more. Rascal stated that the bottle was losing its spark, and she needed more.

Rascal: Wine bottle was a good substitute for my friend, but my arms are getting tired.

I said I was sorry about forgetting her vibrator, and we had another 120 miles to go. Rascal stated clearly,

“I don’t care where we are, but I need to fuck you now!”

“But dear, we can’t stop on the Interstate.” I said.

Rascal retorted, “Well you better figure something out quickly because I need you in me.”

Rascal: Damn, in a van on the road and I’m ready to fuck! What is a girl to do?

Now, I had a mission and a horny wife, who had replaced her bottle with both hands. From the rearview mirror, I could see that four fingers were buried deep inside her pussy while her other hand was rubbing her clit. As Rascal returned her attention to getting her pussy off, I knew at had some more time to figure something out.

Rascal: fingers work wonders. I may not need Huggs.

Rascal’s moaning returned, and the sloppy sounds of her pussy intensified as she pounded her fingers in and out of her pussy. Her moans increased as another orgasm was soon to arrive.

Rascal: AAAHHHH!

I saw the rest stop ahead sign and announced my plan to stop. Rascal screamed, “Yes, Yes, Yes, I’m cuming, I’m cuming, I’m cuming.”

Rascal: yep.

She finished her screams and orgasm as we pulled into the busy parking lot at the rest stop. (Note a third advantage of minivans – tinted windows.) I found the most remote parking spot but Escort it still had a few cars around. Rascal quickly demanded my presence in the rear of the minivan.

Rascal: Huggs finally stopped the van! He better get back here. Where are we?

I scrambled over the front seats to get in the back. Rascal tugged at my shorts and slid them down without unzipping them. Internally, I said “ouch” as her nails scratched my hips and butt, but I also knew I better not get in Rascal’s way. Next she ripped off my t-shirt, so we were both naked in the minivan in a rest stop parking lot. Rascal pushed me down on my back and said, “Lay down and enjoy the show.” Rascal straddled me and my dick easily slid into her hot wet pussy.

Rascal: Just what I needed.

She was fucking me hard and fast while she was sucking on her tits.

Rascal: Huggs was nice and hard and doing its job of pleasing my pussy.

I just laid back, watched for people, and enjoyed the feeling of a totally wet pussy fucking my dick. Rascal grabbed the shoulder restraints for better leverage as she picked up the pace of fucking.

Rascal: Hey these straps work for better grinding on Huggs.

I noticed when she did this that the van was starting to rock with her movements. It was at this time a car pulled up next to us. I let Rascal know, but she just said, “So,” and her paced increased.

Rascal: Why must he distract me when I’m trying to get us both off. Where are we again?

As the couple got out of the car, the guy noticed our rocking van and looked inside. I heard him saying, “Honey, look at this.” But, his girl kept going toward the restrooms and he turned to follow her. Rascal must of heard him as well because her pussy tightened in a way that only lovers know.

Rascal: Come on and watch the show, because I’m getting ready to explode.

After a couple of these tightened strokes, Rascal loudly proclaimed, “Oh god, I’m really cuming this time.” And, she let out that amazing sounding moan/groan/cry when a woman has an orgasm with flowing juices. Once I felt her flow, I filled her with my juices.

Rascal: A squirting climax is wonderful, and I feeling his cum shooting in me as well. Damn this feels great.

And the fucking stopped as we remained together and our juices flowed down. (Luckily, Rascal had placed a towel on the van floor, or the wet spot would be hard to explain.) Rascal hugged me as she caught her breathe.

Rascal: Nice, an orgasm that takes all your energy.

We gather ourselves and our clothes and proceeded back on the road with a minivan that smelled of passionate sex. We put the windows down of the last part of our trip to hopefully reduce the give away scent. Later that night after a nice swim, we opened the bottle of wine to relax and reminisce about our day. Strangely enough that wine had a certain spicy nose, a bold body, and a sensually warm aftertaste. We hope to try that vintage again some day, but we no longer have a minivan.

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