Microkini Chronicles Ch. 08

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Pt. 1

Life is so strange. Just when you think you’ll be miserable forever, things happen that can put you on the top of the World.

I’d been married for twenty-six years, and was suddenly single again. My husband had one too many affairs and while I will admit to sucking a few cocks here and there, Rick had been screwing other women for years. For a long time I just accepted it, but when I came home early one afternoon and found him fucking our neighbor’s eighteen-year-old daughter, I drew the line. I immediately filed for divorce and a year ago relocated to Southern California’s low desert. I bought a beautiful house with an enormous yard, obligatory swimming pool and lots of space between my neighbors and me where I run a nicely profitable home business. Starting over at fifty-one years of age, I stand 5’3″ tall, weigh 115lbs, have grown my naturally blonde hair out long and six months ago, got brand-new 38Ds, on top of a 21″ waist and 34″ hips, I finally feel like I’m where I want to be in my life.

Moving to the desert has presented a couple of interesting challenges for me. First, with the average annual temperature at 92°, my wardrobe had to change dramatically. Aside from my embarrassingly large high-heeled shoe collection, I now have a fifth as much clothing as I had before and actually spend most of my time nude. Second, I have the responsibility of upkeep on a house with a very large yard and swimming pool. I’m not much for maintenance work, so I hired a gardener and pool boy to take care of those issues leaving me more time to do the things I want.

As for my sex life, I’ve dated a few men in the months I’ve lived here but no sooner would I kiss them goodnight then they immediately wanted to get married; something I’m not planning on doing again. I do have one close and very beautiful girlfriend who had a similar marriage experience to mine and while I’m very attracted to her, I’ve never pushed it. A serious sexaholic before my marriage and sex starved during, it kills me to say that until last month, I hadn’t had sex in over two years!

Also a major-league sun worshipper before my marriage, I only had sporadic opportunities to keep up my tan over the last twenty years and after a few months in my new home, I decided to get it back and keep it. I spent a few hours a day for a couple of weeks lying out nude, taking advantage of my yard’s excellent privacy and eventually developing a deep, dark base.

During the second week of my re-tanning process, I awoke early one morning and after one of my usual rigorous workouts, slipped on my favorite stiletto heels and went out to the pool to take in some morning sun. For some reason, I was feeling incredibly sexy, the morning sun especially warm on my naked body, causing me to gently rub my swollen clitoris until drifting off into a light sleep. Not long into my little nap, I was awakened by the sound of the side gate opening around the front of the house. By the time I fully realized what was happening, it was too late to run into the house and I just had to accept that someone was about to catch me naked. Fortunately, that someone turned out to be my twenty-one-year-old pool boy! Tony is gorgeous; 5’11” with amazing tan, sandy blonde hair and blue eyes, on this particular morning he happened to be wearing only a small black pair of skin-tight and very short shorts. When he came around the corner of the house, he immediately saw me and tried in vain to hide his delight by dropping his gaze to the ground, hiding his beautiful smile. In a very professional manner, he hooked up the vacuum and did his best to just work on the pool. But in a few minutes, the outline of his erect cock became clearly visible through the front of his shorts and a light coating of perspiration had developed on his muscular body. He looked so good and I was thrilled to know that I still had that kind of effect on a guy so young.

Twice, when he thought I wasn’t looking, he had to readjust his hard cock in his shorts and it was then that I decided I’d be a good customer and help him out.

“Tony, would you like me to help you with that?” I asked, staring directly at his crotch.

“W…with what, Ms. Allen?”

Without saying another word, I slipped my heels back on and walked over to him. Watching me stand up and walk toward him, I heard a distinct gasp come from deep in his chest as he otherwise stood in stunned silence, looking me up and down. I took the vacuum from his hand, dropped it to the deck and kissed him before kneeling down, slipping my fingers into the elastic waist of his shorts and slowly pulling them over his pulsating cock and down to his ankles. Quite a bit of pre-cum had already developed on the head of his cock and the taste of it reminded me of what I’d been missing for so long as I slowly took his entire, beautiful 8″ length deep into my throat. As my ex had always said, my claim to fame was my ability to deep throat and I was now demonstrating nigdeescort.com it on Tony. The feeling of his swollen cock plunging in and out of my throat and his deliciously musky scent took control of my senses and quickly made me cum. I often orgasm while sucking cock and when I do, I tend to get very aggressive and actually wind up kind of throat fucking the guy, almost always causing them to let go in a very short period of time as Tony soon did. Midway through my own orgasm, his balls clenched up and he came.

“Ohhhhh God…Ms. Allen…I…I’m gonnaaaaaa…”

At that exact moment, semen squirted hard against the back of my throat and the wonderful taste caused my orgasm to continue on much longer than normal, keeping me right with him until I’d swallowed every delicious drop. Once he’d settled down, I sucked his cock nice and clean, pulled his shorts back up and lovingly patted his softening cock through the material.

“These are very nice,” I said as I straightened his shorts, “but I don’t want you wearing anything when you’re here anymore, okay Tony?” I instructed as I turned and walked back to my lounge chair.

“Yes ma’am”

>>>> <<<<


My little experience with Tony had managed only to make me even hornier than before and as I lay in the sun, my mind raced with the thought that Tony would be back in a week and that I was sure to fuck him then. Visions of him walking into the backyard nude, with that beautiful cock fully erect and leading the way led to thoughts of how it was going to feel inside me. As my thoughts panned from one scene to another, I found myself gently massaging my clitoris and getting more and more turned on by the minute until I was startled back to consciousness by the sound of the gate on the other side of the house being opened.

Again having no time to cover up, I wondered if Tony had decided to come back for more, but looking over my shoulder I was shocked to see my Mexican gardener standing completely naked, his shorts in a pile behind him, stroking a long erection. My gardener, Carlos, is not what you’d normally think of when you think “gardener”. He is close to my age but also a very athletic man, standing about Tony’s height and looking nearly as fit, he has longish salt and pepper hair, a bright white smile and a body that defies his age; think of a rough version of Julio Iglesias and you’ll get the picture.

“Does ‘not wearing anything’ apply to me too, Ms. Allen?” he asked, obviously having seen or at least heard what had with Tony only minutes before.

What could I say? I was deliriously turned on and staring into the sumptuous brown eyes of a beautiful naked man as he walked over to me with a succulently large erection bouncing from side to side in front of him.

“Of course! In fact, I think that’ll be my new rule around here.” I told him, “Come naked and then just cum!”

Carlos bent down and kissed me passionately on the lips as his firm hands went straight for my breasts, my nipples instantly hardening under his touch and my pussy again began to moisten. I reached out and took his cock in my hand and lovingly stroked it. Roughly 9″ long and a little thinner than Tony’s, it had a dramatic upward curve to it, all the way from the base to the head and became extremely rigid as I stroked it’s length. Carlos moved in front of me on the chaise and knelt between my legs. He kissed his way from my ankles to my pussy and then, in one fluid motion, lifted my legs high in the air, pressed his tongue to my asshole for a moment and then firmly licked his way through my crotch, over my pussy and onto my clitoris where he began gently sucking it’s swollen hood. I instantly lost it, gasping for breath as I came for the second time that morning. He moved his mouth back to my pussy and gently sucked it until I was through, being very careful to drink as much of my juices as he could before straddling the chaise and pressing his pulsating cock inside me. He fucked me very slowly and very rhythmically, taking extra time to slide his cock head against my clit each time he pulled out, driving me absolutely crazy with lust.

“Please fuck me. Fuck me hard, Carlos,”

He guided me to roll over and get on my knees then moved in behind, reentering my pussy where he began pounding in and out of me. I asked for it and Carlos was definitely giving it to me. I could feel his cock head bouncing against my uterus with each thrust. It didn’t take long for me to cum for a third time and as my pussy contracted tightly around his shaft, he let go too. His cum splashed against my uterus and quickly filled me to the point of overflow. Driving his cock harder and harder into me as he finished, cum began squirting out of my pussy with each of his thrusts, landing on my thighs and running down my legs to the towel. I leaned back against his chest and put my arms around his neck as he kissed my neck, his cock eventually softening niğde escort and dropping out of me. I turned around and sucked his cock clean, wishing he had more in him.

“See you next week Ms. Allen?”

“…And I promise not to wear anything.” he quipped, picking up his shots and walking back out the gate.

>>>> <<<<

Pt. 3

I went in the pool to both cool and rinse off and leaning back against the wall, it suddenly hit me that after two and a half years, I’d finally gotten laid! As I reviewed the morning’s extraordinary events in my mind, I became aroused once again, the feeling of Tony’s cock still in my throat and Carlos semen still in my pussy as I exited the pool and retook my place on the chaise. I supposed that after going so long with no sex that maybe it was going to take more than a blowjob and a single fuck to fully satisfy me but I was very happy nonetheless. I could stand it no longer and went inside to get a drink and call my girlfriend, Jeannie, to tell her all about it.

“I have to tell you something,” I told her. “But you have to come over.”

“What are you doing today?”

“I’m lying in the sun and getting laid!”

“I’ll be right over,” she said, almost hanging up on me in a rush to get off the phone.

Jeannie lives only a few miles away and was over in a flash. She came quickly into the back yard but stopped dead in her tracks at the sight of me lying there nude.

“Oh my God. I had no idea you meant…I mean…I didn’t know that you were…I mean…WOW…you have an awesome tan,” she said sounding a bit confused.

“I always lay out nude. Didn’t I tell you?”


“Let me get you a chair,”

“I hate tan lines, don’t you?”

“Yes,” she said in the same dumbfounded tone as before.

“I only wore this because I had no idea you were into it,” she went on, pulling on the string of her bikini top as she spoke.

Jeannie was wearing a long tank top and heels and when she lifted off the shirt, I lost my breath again, seeing her perfect body in a tiny white microkini. She spread her towel on the chaise and untied her top, exposing a pair of beautiful, fully tanned breasts with very small nipples and areola set on top. My heart raced as she then slipped her tiny g-string bottoms down, stepped out of them and sat down next to me.

Jeannie is an exotic looking brunette three years my junior, an inch taller and a bit thinner, but she too has had her boobs done last year and has the most beautiful, long legs and smooth olive skin. I was delighted to see that her pussy was shaved clean exactly like mine except that her tightly trimmed Mohawk was a bit narrower. My mouth began to water.

“So, tell me?” she asked.

I set about giving her all the details about my morning with Tony and Carlos and when I began explaining about how I deep throated Tony, her nipples hardened and she started to press her thighs tightly together. By the time I got to the part where he was cumming into the back of my throat, her breathing had become very heavy and at that point I wasn’t sure, but I think she actually had a small orgasm. Either way, I was incredibly turned on by her and it was clear to me that she was by me as well. I leaned toward her, making sure she read my body language and was greeted midway by her lips on mine. That kiss broke the ice and we kissed for several minutes before she stopped me.

“You have to finish your story now,” she said backing away, demonstrating some composure.

“I lost my train of thought,”

“I’ll help you remember as long as you keep talking,” she said as she leaned over to suck one of my nipples into her mouth.

I had great difficulty going on but did manage to get about halfway through my story about Carlos when I lost it and pulled her head away from my nipples and kissed her deeply. She kissed back but only for a moment and then pulled away.

“I have to hear the rest!”

“I don’t know if I can go on,”

“You have to,”

With that, she got up, moved between my legs, lowered her head between my thighs, gently kissing my clitoris and then pushing her tongue deeply into my pussy. I was dying!

“MMMMmmm, I can taste him,” she said, tasting the last bit of Carlos’ semen that was still inside me. “You have to tell me what happened.”

As Jeannie’s tongue worked it’s magic on me, I gave her an abbreviated version of what happened in between my gasps and just as I spoke about how Carlos’ cock emptied into me, she slipped her tongue firmly over my clitoris, causing me to cum. I immediately pulled her on top of me and turned her around. I reached back and reclined the chaise flat as she straddled my face and went back to work on my pussy. While I know I’ve been bi-curious for years, I’d always been so preoccupied with my crappy marriage that I never acted on my desires, but now, I’d tasted pussy for the first time and discovered why so many women enjoy it.

Jeannie tasted wonderful. She was absolutely soaking wet and I was determined to make her cum. I used my tongue on her in all of the ways I would want it done to me, which she just so happened to also be doing to me at that particular moment. I was very impressed with myself when I brought her to her first full orgasm of the day in just a few short minutes.

We spend the next couple of hours making out, laying out, swimming, having sex and just generally enjoying each other’s company, ultimately admitting that we’d both had bi-sexual desires for a long time but that our experience together was a first and wouldn’t be the last.

>>>> <<<<

Pt. 4

By early afternoon, Jeannie and I had agreed that we would be sharing Tony and Carlos next week; something we were sure they wouldn’t be adverse to. We were on a large inflatable mattress, floating about in the pool, just making out and enjoying the afterglow of multiple orgasms when we were startled by noises coming from the other side of the fences on either side of my property. Looking in the direction of the commotion, we saw that we were being watched through the fences from both neighbor’s yards. Neither of us could make out exactly who was on the other side, but we clearly saw two pairs of prying eyes through the gaps. Jeannie and I smiled at each other knowingly and each turned to the opposite voyeur and motioned whoever it was to join us by waggling our fingers in their direction.

Caught in the act, two men in their early thirties came bounding over the fences. Both were very well built, tan, good looking, completely nude and sporting very firm erections, indicating that they might have been masturbating for a while. They dove into the pool from opposite directions and swam up to the mattress. Both guys turned out to be my neighbors, Alan and Eric. Alan came up on my side of the mattress with Eric popping up on Jeannie’s. The small talk was brief.

I took Alan’s arm, slipped off into the pool and led him out of the water. He took a large blanket from the outdoor linen closet and spread it out on the lawn. I lay on my back and Alan knelt down between my legs and lowered his face to my pussy, darting his warm tongue across my clitoris and occasionally sinking it inside. Eric had joined Jeannie on the mattress and was similarly going down on her when she and I made momentary eye contact and smiled.

Alan’s oral assault soon had me cumming again as I heard the sound of sloshing pool water in the background, indicating that Eric was now fucking Jeannie. The mattress proved to be a pain so they slipped off, came out of the water and joined Alan and I on the blanket. Alan and Eric fucked us on our backs right next to each other for a while until Jeannie and I had them roll over onto theirs. She and I stood over them, making out with each other for a while as they laid back and stroked their cocks to our little show. Then, she and I broke apart and looked at each other, somehow again knowing what the other was thinking, and switched men. I stood above Eric and made wide, grinding circles stripper-style with my hips as I slowly lowered myself down and impaled myself on his cock. Jeannie bent at the waist and sucked Alan’s cock for a minute before lowering herself onto him as well. She and I were now facing each other, bouncing up and down on the guy’s cocks and making out when I once again heard the sound of one of the side gates open. To Jeannie’s surprise and my complete delight, walking into the backyard were Tony and Carlos, naked as the day they were born with glorious erections bouncing in front of them as they walked over.

They stood next to Jeannie and I as we all kind of jokingly introduced ourselves to one another. The scene from there on was pretty amazing; Jeannie and I sitting on top of Alan and Eric fucking their brains out as we sucked Tony and Carlos’ cocks, then Tony and Carlos knelt behind us and gently eased their cocks into our asses. Jeannie and I were having orgasms in waves as the guys double penetrated us for while and then in what had to look like a Chinese Fire Drill, everybody switched. This happened a few more times until she and I had taken each guy in the pussy and ass at least once. After a solid thirty minutes with cocks both our asses and pussies, the guys finally started cumming. Jeannie and I were filled with cum front and rear before the guys pulled out and covered backs and tits; you name it, it was covered with cum. She and I sucked their cocks clean and then went to work on each other, licking up the amazing amount of semen the covered us. The guys spent the rest of the afternoon with us and we all had a great day in the sun just being naked, constantly making out and fucking twice more before the guy finally had to leave.

Jeannie moved in with me that weekend and now the two of us get to spend much of our time laying out nude and having sex. Since we’ve been together, we’ve both brought home a variety of men and women of all ages to share with one another and of course, we still have our little orgy with the guys every Thursday. Isn’t this the way life should be?

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