Lost in Caribbean Love #01

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When I was growing up my father took a job as a lawyer in a small Caribbean country with a large off-shore tax haven business. We lived an idyllic life with a beautiful house, pool, and plenty of domestic help. The population was 80% Afro-Caribbean with the remainder white and a smattering of Indians and other Asians. Everyone mostly got along with each other but for the most part there were separate white and black social circles. When I got old enough I was sent away to English boarding school but during my summers I would come back to visit my family. It was at that time that I became friends with the daughter of one of the leading black politicians of the country. Her family was one of the few that freely socialized in white circles.

Tanice, as my friend was called, was a coffee colored girl with deep brown eyes and a winning personality. I’d always wanted to sleep with a black girl but never been turned on by any. Tanice was shaped quite typically for the island, heavy built with large breasts and bubble behind with a little extra around the middle. But perhaps because I wasn’t into her physically we were great friends and hung out a lot. We joked that I was her island brother (she didn’t have a brother) and she was my island sister (I don’t have a sister). We knew all about each other’s sexual escapades and likes and dislikes. In fact, I’d set Tanice up with her long-term boyfriend, Dave, a white friend of mine from my middle school days on the island. Tanice always said she would return the favor someday.

Several years later and I was in university in the UK training to become a lawyer like my father. To gain work experience, I’d decided to come home and clerk for a local judge that my father had introduced me to. But before the clerkship I was planning on taking a month of for some well-deserved rest and relaxation from my punishing study schedule. I’d always wanted to learn to dive and had sign up for a course with one of the bigger dive shops on the island.

Just before my return, Tanice called me to say that she thought she’d identified a perfect candidate for me to “go black” with but added with a giggle in her voice that ‘once you go black you never go back.” An older cousin of hers called Alesha was back on the market after her fiancé had run off with another woman. Tanice told me she was on the rebound and I’d make a perfect way to forget about her worries. Alesha was 32 so I’d be her toy boy summer romance and when the summer ended we’d just have fond memories. Small world that it was Alesha was also a lawyer and was working for the same partnership as my father. She’d taken a temporary leave of absence to come to terms with the breakup.

Tanice describe Alesha as a black girl caught in a white girls body – all her features and body shape were Caucasian but her skin was a rich cocoa color. Tanice also knew I liked girls on the skinner side with smaller breasts. Once I got to see a photo of Alesha in a bathing suit, courtesy of Tanice, I realized she was just my type. So we set about planning the seduction. First Tanice would get together with Alesha and casually suggest that she do something to keep herself busy during her leave of absence like taking a diving class with her. Then Tanice would invite me to a casual beach party with her friends to which Alesha would also be invited. I’d get to meet her and discover that we were all in the same class together. Then Tanice would bow out from diving due to an unforeseen medical condition and with the coast clear I’d swoop in and win the prize.

Well it all worked pretty much according to plan. Tanice invited me over to her parents’ place on the beach where a small group was having fun drinking and swimming. When I arrived at the house a tall black girl came out of the water in her bikini and I realized it was Alesha. Tanice introduce us and I got to chat casually with her while we ate dinner off the barbeque. Alesha seemed sad and a bit at loose ends, no doubt caused by the breakup. It was during this time that I ‘discovered’ she was taking the same diving class with Tanice that I was. I had to keep hard from staring at her luscious body and keep my eyes above her breasts. We agreed to meet up with Tanice and drive over together to the dive shop in the morning.

Well the next morning, Tanice came down with a terrible head cold, what a surprise, and it was just Alesha and me that went to dive. It was obvious that we should buddy up during the training since neither of us knew anyone else in the class as most everyone else were tourists. The book learning was easy for us both but just to make sure that we had mastered the material I suggested we quiz each other over a drink at a local bar. Alesha happily agreed and I got to stare into her eyes while being asked about the signs of decompression sickness and the like.

After a couple of test dives in a pool that was part of a local resort, we headed out to the open ocean for a shallow dive escort along a reef. Alesha seemed a bit nervous and I took the opportunity to hold her hand and reassure her that everything would be fine and I’d take good care of her as her buddy. We tested each other’s equipment to make sure it was set up right and then on the instruction of the divemaster went over the side. Letting the air out of our BCDs we slowly drifted to the sandy bottom. Alesha and I were by far the most natural first time divers and found ourselves at the bottom before any of the others. We made hand signals to each other to make sure each was OK and checked our air gauges. Then it was off to explore for 20 minutes. Alesha took the lead and we went around the reef each pointing out colorful fish, coral and sponge life to the other. Finally it was time to ascend and take a 5-minute safety stop and debrief on the boat.

Once Alesha took her mask off she gushed about he feeling of weightlessness, the beauty of the reef, and simply how much fun she had had. It was wonderful to see her so animated and happy. Right around then I started to feel really bad about my secret seduction plan and realized I was really taking advantage of the situation. I resolved to be a gentleman and just try and be friends with Alesha rather than bed her and go back to England leaving her unhappy and feeling used again.

A few days later we were on another deeper dive. It was funny to watch my skin turn a sickly yellow as the deeper water filtered the sunlight above. Alesha look gorgeous in any light! This time we were going to swim in-between some large coral formations and get used to diving in deeper water. Everything went well for the first part of the dive but then Alesha got her tank stuck between two of the formations. She rapped her tank get my attention and I rushed back to her. She was wide eyed and frantic. I held her hand got her to relax and then went about freeing her tank from the coral. It took a minute or two but she was free. On the way up I noticed her tank was nearly out of air because of her earlier heavy breathing. So we shared my tank and regulator buddy breathing on the two safety stops.

Once out of the water, Alesha gave me a big hug and kiss on the cheek thanking me for saving her. The instructor debriefed us and said that we had done everything just right. ‘Textbook’ was the work he used. As I was the hero of the hour, Alesha just had to share her daring rescue with Tanice and her parents. For her part, Elsa, Alesha’s mother, was getting quite interested in who this white boy was that her daughter was taking classes with and decided that this was the time to get to meet me.

So the next thing I knew I was over at Alesha’s parents house at a formal sit down dinner with Alesha, her parents, two sisters and Tanice. I had to say I was a little nervous but Tanice kept saying such nice things about me and Alesha was gushing about her knight in shining armor so I was let off lightly. But not before Elsa had discovered who my father was, what I was studying, and where I was planning to live after graduation. Now Alesha’s two sisters were very different from her. Her older sister, Victoria, at 34 was heavy and rounded with large breasts and huge bubble butt. Her younger sister, Beth, at 24 was the lightest skinned and could almost have been mistaken for a white girl. The only hints of her African heritage were her wide nose and thick lips. While both were pretty in their own ways, I was not remotely interested in them as compared to Alesha. Also it was pretty clear that Alesha’s parents thought it was fine to socialize with white boys but not to marry them.

The dinner over, Alesha and Tanice took me for a drink at a local bar to catch up. Tanice of course brought up the issue of black-white relationships, something high up her list of issues since she was dating my white friend Dave. She thought it was ridiculous in this day and age that you couldn’t go out with anyone and marry anyone you wanted. Alesha demurred a bit mentioning the need for shared cultural heritage and values to sustain a relationship. I agreed with both of them, which made Tanice mad.

On the way to the dive shop the next morning, Alesha asked me out on a picnic as a way to properly thank me for saving her and to do some final cramming. I readily agreed. So the next day we drove to a remote natural park and Alesha handed me a heavy picnic basket and blanket to carry while she guided the way to a secluded and shaded spot off the path. Alesha directed me to lay out the blanket and open the basket. She pulled two plastic champagne glasses out and had me open a nice bottle and toasted the hopefully successful completion of our dive course and for saving her in her hour of need. I thanked her for her kind words and we set to eating a delicious lunch of cheese, bread, grapes and other side dishes.

After such a large meal and slightly tipsy from the champagne, escort bayan I told Alesha I’d just like to lie down for a while to sleep it all off. So I lay down on the blanket closed my eyes and fell quickly asleep. Alesha also in a similar state decided to lie down beside me and dozed off. Sometime in the next half hour Alesha ended up snuggled up to me with my arms around her protectively. I was dreaming contentedly of holding my dream girl in my arms while Alesha likewise was warm and relaxed feeling protected and secure after such a long unsettled time since her failed engagement.

At some point I woke up and realized where I was and how Alesha was in my arms. There and then I decided that I was going to try and make a go of a relationship with this wonderful woman regardless of the 12-year age difference and the difficulties that might come from our different races. I looked lovingly down at her peacefully sleeping face and after 10 minutes or so her eyes fluttered awake. Before she could say or do anything I bent down and kissed her softly on the lips. Alesha responded in kind, gently at first and more passionately later. Then she sat up and started pulling off her T-shirt to expose her small white bra holding her ‘A cup’ breasts and her toned body. Next came off the bra to reveal large dark areoles and thick erect nipples. Finally she undid the zip on her shorts and along with the underwear they came off in one motion. Her pussy was hairless except for a tiny landing strip of hair down the center. I was speechless at her beauty. Alesha giggled and said in her musical Caribbean accent, “Aren’t you going to take your clothes off?” Of course I was and in the space of 20 seconds I was naked and erect in front of her.

Without another word, she lay back down on the blanket and handed me a condom to put on. I was almost too excited to get it on right. Then I lay back on top of her; gently kissing her lips and then kissing my way down to chew her nipples and then lick her pussy. She gasped slightly and then opened her legs wider as I lapped up her juices. It only took a minute before she had her let out a muffled scream and had her first orgasm. With her body relaxed I moved back up to kiss her face. Alesha smiled and said she could get used to that kind of attention. Meanwhile my cock was gentle grazing the entrance to her pussy and Alesha maneuvered herself to catch my wandering member. I pushed into the hottest, tightest, smoothest tunnel of love I’d ever experienced. Even the short bristly public hairs around her pussy lips heightened the sensations. I was in heaven. Something she was doing inside her pussy, grasping and clenching her muscles to milk my cock gave me almost unbearable pleasure. It wasn’t long before I released a torrent of sperm into my condom.

We both took deep breaths and looked back into each other’s eyes. Alesha broke the silence first with a giggle “I don’t know what came over me, I was trying to stay friends but I couldn’t resist your charms.”

To which I replied “I didn’t want to take advantage of you so soon after your breakup but I think I’ve fallen in love with you and I couldn’t hold back any longer.”

Alesha’s smile broadened and she chuckled “My parents will kill me when they find I’m dating a white boy. Let that me a lesson to them and their old fashioned thinking!”

“Dating” I said. “Does that mean we’re a couple now. I hope it does.”

Alesha playfully punched my arm and said, “Yes, you idiot. I’ve been crushing on you since the first day I met you at the beach party. I didn’t kiss you earlier because I wanted to make sure I wasn’t just on the rebound and that you were a serious not a one off fling.”

My shriveling cock plopped out of her pussy and I pulled off the condom while we set about cleaning up the aftermath of our lovemaking.

The next day, I decided that it was high time my parents met Alesha so I invited her over for Sunday dinner. She came dressed to the nines in a beautiful green dress that offset her coffee colored skin and green eyes. I’d told my parents that I wanted to introduce someone special to them but didn’t give a hint as to who it was. This was the first time I’d brought a girl home, let alone a full-grown professional woman like Alesha. The look on my parent’s faces was priceless. My mother’s eyes went wide at first before she caught herself and her manners got the better of her. She then warmly welcomed Alesha to our home. My father’s tongue nearly fell out as he ogled her body. Like father like son I thought!

The dinner was delicious and the conversation flowed well. It helped that three lawyers were at the table and that my father knew Alesha by reputation as a tough but compassionate advocate for her clients. By the end of the meal, my mother and father we talking to Alesha like the long lost daughter they never had. I got the feeling that they might adopt her and push me out of the nest – not that I bayan escort would have cared, I was so happy they had taken to her like I had.

Once Alesha has taken her leave, my mother pulled me into the den for the inevitable interrogation. How had we met? Who was she related to that we knew? Was it serious? And so on. My father listened in the background pretending not to be too interested. The interrogation over, my mother simply said with a wink, “I think she’s terrific. A little on the older side for you but then I won’t have to wait forever for grandchildren then.” I almost choked on my own tongue. I never imagined that my mother would take to a black girl as her daughter-in-law but she was already counting on our offspring. My father always the practical one said “Certainly wouldn’t hurt your future law practice if you were to marry a local and such a pretty, smart and nice one at that.”

Such a positive endorsement on our short relationship got me thinking. I only had one more year to graduate and then would go into chambers for several years. Alesha could come and live with me in England and then we could come back or stay once I was established. The big problem was her family. How would they take to the news?

That night I got a call from Tanice. Alesha had spilled the beans about our tryst and the dinner with my parents. Tanice wanted to know all the details to which I simply said I was in love and was going to marry Alesha. Tanice was over the moon, “See I told you so, once you go black you never come back.”

I couldn’t let that stand and said, “God that’s such a cliché thing to say. I love Alesha to the core not just as a naughty taboo that I’ve broken. What about you and Dave? Where is that going?”

To which Tanice said, “It’s serious we’ve been talking about getting married. So let’s make it a double marriage! It will be the talk of the island my island brother.”

We chuckled together. The only problem was Alesha’s parents. I just couldn’t see them getting their heads around it. Tanice as ever had the solution, “Just knock her up. The only thing that will shame them more than a white son-in-law is an unwed mother as a daughter carrying a bastard child!” Again Tanice was putting a plan into my head.

Over the rest of the summer, Alesha and I spent every spare moment together. We fell deeply in love and finally started talking marriage. Of course the sticking point was her family. While we had gone over to her parent’s house again for dinner it was clear that our relationship was not approved. I could see the hurt it was causing Alesha and it pained me as well. There really didn’t seem to be any way to change their minds. That’s where Tanice’s words came to mind. What if I got Alesha pregnant?

So the next weekend, I rented a beachside bungalow in a resort area on the more remote side of the island for a romantic get away. I put champagne on ice and dropped rose petals from the entrance to the master bed. I put scented soaps in the bathroom and a large bouquet of fragrant flowers on the entrance table. Every cliché was put to use. Alesha arrived at the appointed hour late on Friday night and I took her straight to beach terrace via the rose petal highway and Champagne River. Alesha had an idea that something was up and looked a little apprehensive. With the sun setting I got down on one knee and opened a small black velvet box containing a simple emerald cut diamond. Alesha’s face went blank as I asked her simply “Will you do me the great honor of marrying me, becoming my wife and soul mate, and mother of my children?” I slipped the ring on her finger and she shook slightly before pulling me up from the floor and kissing me and saying “Yes, Yes.” From there it was to the bedroom to celebrate.

Alesha has brought a sexy teddy and garter belt combination and made me wait 15 minutes while she showered and dressed in the flimsy lacey attire. I was salivating at the thought of seeing her sexy body. I was not to be disappointed. She was a goddess among women. Mature, ripe, sexy, and playful, in other words everything that I had ever wanted. She slowly undid her garter belt clips and pulled down her stockings one at a time. Then unlaced the sides of her teddy to reveal her perfect breasts. Finally she slid her panties down he slender legs. I was practically coming there and then. Next she opened a condom and slid it down my painfully stiff cock. I pulled her close and whispered in her ear, “I think we don’t need those nasty condoms any more, don’t you?” And before she even replied I pulled the wretched thing off my cock.

She looked at me apprehensively, and said “Are you really sure about this?”

To which I replied, “More sure than anything else in my whole life.” To which she stepped up over my prone body and impaled herself on my member. There was such joy in her eyes and happiness. She could feel me completely at last and I her.

Finally, she looked me deep in the eyes and said, “It’s time to give me a baby. Impregnate me, come in me as deep as you can. I’m going to be the best wife and mother you could ever hope for.” And with that I came as deep and as much as I ever had in my life into the woman I loved.

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