Little Viking Gives Up Control

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This is a story about a male sub’s first time with an experienced domina. He doesn’t know what awaits him, they’ve only just had a few conversations online. It includes mild domination and plays on the concept of the unknown and giving up control.


It is Saturday evening. I’m about to ring the doorbell of Ina’s home. My heart starts raising faster as I move my hand towards the doorbell. I’ve never been here before, this is all so new. I think back to our conversations that’s been going on over little more than a week. I anticipate her collar around my neck, a sign that I give her full control over me. But what is she planning to do with me? Will she strip me down and have me get on all fours? Will she be kind and offer me something to drink first? Will she bend me over her knee and spank me on the account of being late, standing out here trying to get out of my own head and just ring the damn doorbell..

We met on an online messaging app for people with kinks. I was looking for someone with a little bit of experience to teach me. Show me the ropes, figuratively but also quite possibly literally. We got a good rapport going but she told me I’m too young and inexperienced. That I’m just a little Viking from Scandinavia. I didn’t mind her words, in fact, they turned me on. I’d happily be the inexperienced little Viking under her control. She still said no, it’s not going to happen she teased me. But I was persistent and I still wanted to know more about this world.

She told me, first I had to put on a collar which symbolizes me giving up full control to her. I would obey her every word and learn some discipline. And I would never be able to penetrate her because no man has what it takes to please her. Especially no little Viking like myself. My mind was wandering.. just how much control could she get over me? What would she make me do and how much would I enjoy it? What if she truly had me completely naked in front of her. She fully clothed, and me on a leash. I couldn’t help but get aroused. But I didn’t feel the need to go to my usual artificial poison, I was perfectly contempt fucking my thoughts as she would put it. In fact, with her in mind I preferred it.

Ding dong! I jumped at my own action of ringing the doorbell. I was breathing heavily as my nerves started boiling up. I could hear movement inside and then footsteps coming closer. I swallowed and felt my tongue in my mouth, I was aware of my passive functions and was “manually” breathing. She unlocked and opened the door.

I slowly swallowed again and on a big out-breath all I could say was – “Hi.”

She looked me up and down, sizing me up with her eyes.

“Hi there, little Viking.” – She said and gave me a mischievous smile.

She looked stunning. With an athletically toned body, dressed up in black slim-fitting attire. She looked like she liked to keep fit.

She took a step back and gestured me in. I walked in and closed the door behind me. I was excited to finally be here.

“Please lock the door.” – She said. Adding “little Viking” at the end for good measure. Knowing that calling me that was belittling.

I turned around and locked the door. But as I turned back around she had taken a step towards me and was only inches away from my face, again smiling mischievously. We locked eyes and I felt my mouth water up, I swallowed deeply as she let on a bigger grin.

She knew how to get the upper hand both verbally and physically. I looked down and away and then back into her eyes. Her eyes were bright and awake yet mysterious. I glanced at her big and luscious lips. For a moment I imagined what it would be like to kiss her. Her features had the lure and seductiveness that could make you think impure thoughts by just looking at her face.

Her body language loosened up and she took a step back to lift the tension.

“Leave your clothes here and come in.” – She said while walking deeper into the hallway and turning around at the same time.

I almost started to sweat, I wasn’t sure if she meant just my shoes and jacket or everything. I didn’t get any queues from her eyes or face because she was turning away as she said it. And as English is the second language for both of us, regular sentences can sometimes be ambiguous. I started taking off my outdoor clothes as she took a turn into what I assumed was the kitchen.

Maybe this was a test? How well would I follow her every word? I was thinking back to our conversations, trying to find clues of the right thing to do. Would she use this to discipline me later if I didn’t do it?

I must be crazy, I can’t just undress in her hallway I thought. What am I thinking.. Be rational..

I pulled myself together mentally and followed her into the kitchen. She was waiting by the kitchen table which had a collar on it. It was black and had something written on it. But I couldn’t yet see. There was also a ring connected to it for hooking on a leash.

“Here is your collar, little Viking.” – She said gesturing Starzbet to it.

“But you are not ready for it yet I see.” – She said, giving me queues with her eyes that I was still wearing clothes.

I thought to myself, “You want me to undress right here, right now?”. And I gave her a questioning look.

“Yes” – She nodded and batted her eyes slowly.

I started undoing the buttons on my shirt while she looked at me unfaced. As I took it off she looked at the chair next to me. I hung my shirt over the back of the chair and started undoing my belt. As I fiddled with the belt and the buttons I felt myself starting to get aroused. I was turned on by the fact that she was still fully dressed and inspecting me as I stripped in front of her.

I looked over at the collar and then back at her. What was her plan for me? I quickly looked around as I was removing my pants, while also trying to conceal my growing erection. But I didn’t see anything obvious to reveal her plans. I was looking for a leash to go with the collar or maybe some sex toys.

I couldn’t stall any longer, I removed my pants and put them on the chair with one hand while the other one was covering my front. Still growing, my hand started to feel good against the tip of my penis which was now straining to stand upright.

She looked at me, trying to hide an amused smile. Seeing how I struggled to get my clothes off while still covering myself and balancing on one leg trying to get my leg out of my pants. She put her hands on her hips in a stern manner to convey her impatience, she wanted me to get on with it.

As I took my underwear off I had to shift my penis up against my stomach. I couldn’t force it down anymore. I held both my hands in front of me to conceal my fully grown erection. For a split second I wanted to stroke it but then I saw her shake her head from side to side and look at my hands, and then up to me.

“Now, isn’t the little Viking hiding something?” – She said, with emphasis on the word little this time.

It gave me a tingling sensation through my whole body and I started to feel angst for my penis size. I wasn’t used to standing completely naked with a full erection in front of beautifully clothed women.

I swallowed deeply while looking into her eyes. Then slowly moved my hands away anticipating her reaction. She tried to conceal a smile.

“Oh, le Viking petit, il est tout excité hein!” (“Oh, the little Viking is all excited isn’t he!”) – She said in French, looking at my penis. She added an extra flavor of playfulness to her otherwise mischievous smile.

I had no idea what she had just said but I could make out the word Viking. I assumed she called me little Viking in French and made some reference to my erect state.

Even though I couldn’t understand what she had said I felt like she was playfully teasing me. But I didn’t know if she had made reference to my size, small or otherwise. Either way, my penis jumped in response to her words. It was mildly humiliating yet very arousing. I had to fight the urge to remove my hands from my sides and touch myself.

“I never said you were allowed to get hard like that though, did I, little Viking?” – She said.

I didn’t respond. I quickly averted my eyes to the floor before returning back up to her. A feeling of abasement came upon me.

“Well…” – She said, prompting me to give a verbal response.

“No you didn’t Ina, I’m sorry..” – I said. Wondering to myself why I had just apologized.

“That’s a good little Viking, an apology will go a long way. But I have no choice but to punish you for your disobedience.” – She said.

She took the collar from the table and started undoing the straps. She then held the collar open on the table.

“Come here and put your collar on and fully submit.” – She said.

It was placed so far in on the table that the only way to get there with my neck was by completely bending over on the table. I was hesitant at first but I moved closer. I could feel the air between my legs and cheeks as I bent over. I felt very exposed in this vulnerable position as she was standing to the side behind me.

“Let’s begin.” – She said and locked the collar on my neck.

She put some downforce on my neck which pushed my head down into the table before moving her hands away from the collar as to say, “Stay there”. I couldn’t see her from the position I was in but it was surprisingly erotic not knowing what she would do next.

She grabbed both my wrists with her hands. And very gently crossed them behind my back and then let go slowly. But not before applying some pressure, pushing them down just like what she did on my neck. I felt like my hands had been cuffed behind me and that my collar was locked to the table. Even though I knew none of that was true, I couldn’t move an inch from how she had positioned me. Then I remembered the punishment. My erect penis twitched at the thought. What would she do to me?

My mind raced Starzbet Giriş through different scenarios in an instant. After all, I was bent over on the table. A position completely unfamiliar to me. My butt in the air and she had a plain view of it and was in full control. I was apprehensive to imagine any further.

“I will give you your punishment now little Viking, maybe you’ll learn some discipline.” – She said in a soft voice.

Her hands stroked my inner thighs. I jumped slightly and twitched again, this time I could also feel some pre-cum coming out. I had only been erect for a little while but my head had started to dry.

She pushed her lower body up against my butt giving me an intrusive feeling that I wasn’t sure how to interpret. She leaned over to reach my neck with one hand. Her other hand then reached around to touch my penis. I twitched at the touch of her hand. She started slowly stroking me up and down with short strokes.

She didn’t say anything. Just grabbed firmly and stroked it up and down. She went faster and faster, speeding up with every stroke. I started feeling really good. The speed with which she did it made me worried for how long I could last. My penis started twitching and I had an involuntary thrust of my hips.

I opened my mouth from the pleasure. She was really getting me worked up.

“Aah” – I moaned quietly, trying not to let her know how much she got me worked up in this short time.

I was trying to calm down by forcing myself to take deep breaths. She was still stroking it up and down.

“Aaah” – I moaned a little louder this time. I was sure she had heard me.

As my hips involuntarily thrust again I felt like I was humping her hand. I thrust again but this time of my own free will. With every thrust, I felt her pelvis against my butt like she was humping me, except it was my motion that caused it. I couldn’t help it because her hand felt so good.

She slowed down her jerking to not make me come too quickly.

As her hand was moving less and less I had to hump it harder and faster to get the same sensation as when she was jerking me furiously. Why did she stop I thought? What just a second ago felt so good started to feel humiliating. I was humping her hand as she held it still, but I was so aroused I didn’t want to stop.

She tightened her grip and it felt really good. I took the opportunity to hump faster as her new grip was giving me more pleasure. I started getting close. I didn’t want to come already but I couldn’t stop myself from humping her hand. I could feel more pre-cum coming out.

“Aaah.. Ina!” – I moaned again, this time even louder than the other.

She loosened her grip and leaned her body over mine. I could feel her breasts on my back, they had a nice weight to them and it felt warm. Her face was close to my ears. And I could feel her breathing.

“Don’t…” – She said, but stopped abruptly, as she tapped one of her fingers on the tip of my penis.

She had discovered the pre-cum. She pushed herself against my butt harder to make me stop humping. Her finger started moving in small circles on the tip of my head as to distribute the pre-cum evenly. The muscles in my penis contracted and I held it tight for a few seconds making my penis extra hard for the duration.

“Don’t. You. Dare. Come. Just. Yet. Little. Viking.” – She whispered in my ear, tapping the head of my penis with every word as she said it.

“You’re not allowed to come until I say so.” – She said in one go while releasing my penis from her grip.

As she took her hand out from under the table she gave the tip of my penis a quick flick of her finger. It was unexpected and I jumped at the sensation.

She came back up from being leaned over on my body. Her hand slowly moved from under the table onto my thighs. I felt so exposed knowing that she could touch me wherever she wanted. She slid her hands onto my butt cheeks. Then smack! I jumped again. Just like the flick on the tip of my penis I wasn’t ready for it. Then came another one, smack! Same cheek but harder. Smack! Smack! Smack!

I let out a few “Ow”‘s and soft moans. I was getting so close to coming and my penis twitched with every smack of her hand. I wasn’t sure I could take much more. My mouth was left open and I tried to take long deep breaths to force myself to calm down.

She took two fingers and hooked them in my mouth. I hoped it wasn’t the fingers she had used to spread my pre-cum with. I wanted to send my tongue to investigate but she tightened her hook pulling my head back slightly. She started to thrust her pelvis against me as she spanked me a few more times.

Smack! I was so hard I couldn’t believe it. My penis started jumping up and down by the force of her thrusts and spankings, sometimes hitting the underside of the table.

Smack! I was afraid any sensation would bring me over the edge. Even just my penis bouncing up and hitting the underside of the table brought me pleasure Starzbet Güncel Giriş at this point.

Smack! I again let out a muffled moan, but this time with her fingers in my mouth. I couldn’t take this much longer.

The combination of her total domination over me, the tip of my penis hitting the table and the stimulation from so many different places on my body. I tried to hold it in since she had not yet given me permission. I took long deep breaths as best as I could.

She must have known I was close. She stopped, took her fingers out of my mouth and ran both her hands from my thighs, slowly over my butt cheeks which started to get sore, to my lower back. I immediately missed her fingers in my mouth. It was such a sexual sensation.

She leaned over me with her full body against mine again. I felt her soft breasts on my back once more and imagined what they looked like. If her nipples were erect or not.

“Don’t you come just yet little Viking, I would be very, very angry with a puddle on my floor without my permission.” – She whispered in my ear as she laid on top of me.

She raised herself slowly back up and gave me a light smack again. It was a very teasing hit knowing that I was close. I could just see her mischievous grin in front of me. Nothing happened for a few seconds. I focused on my breathing and tried to contain my arousal.

She took her hand that had been in my mouth and reached around to touch my penis again. But this time with only two fingers, she started stroking me slowly. Her fingers slid up and down over the tip of my penis smoothly with both the saliva from my mouth and the pre-cum that was already there. I was still on the edge of coming.

Permission or not, I didn’t want to blow my load humping her hand or her stroking me off with only two fingers. It was belittling but yet so arousing. Thinking that, I realized, it was not up to me anymore. She was in full control of my orgasm and she knew when it.

She knew how I felt and she enjoyed every moment of making me squirm. She stroked my penis with her two fingers up and down until I let out another moan.

“Aah” – I moaned and started thrusting involuntarily again.

I wanted to make myself stop but I couldn’t. The pleasure was too much to bare and I was so close to coming that my mind was no longer in control. My animalistic instincts had taken over.

“Le petit, Viking petite.” (The little, little Viking) – I heard her saying in a quiet voice I wasn’t sure I was meant to hear.

From the context, I could make out what the word “petite” meant. I felt confused about my arousal of her saying it. But I was so close to coming that anything would feel great at this point.

She stroked me quickly with her two fingers, focusing on the head. The pleasure was unbearable.

I braced myself for my release as I knew it was only a matter of seconds now. I was breathing audibly and my body was starting to shake. But before I could get there she abruptly took her fingers off my penis and stopped stroking me.

I opened my eyes and I wondered what had happened. I was so close and I really wanted it but she wasn’t touching me anymore. My breathing was getting less audible as I allowed myself to take deeper breaths. I couldn’t tell how many seconds went by. I started to regain my senses. I remembered that I didn’t want to come in this way. The animalistic instincts that had taken me over started to fade.

She ran her hands from the bottom of my thighs up to my butt cheeks again. I anticipated her spanking me. I held my breath and braced myself for her firm hand. I waited but it didn’t come.

“What is she doing.” – I thought. My breath was running out and I opened my mouth to breath.

Smack! With perfect timing, she hit me just when I thought I was safe.

“Aaah” – I moaned not trying to hide my pleasure anymore. She knew I liked it.

“Ow” – I let out as she spanked me again harder.

“Please don’t come.” – I thought to myself, not like this.

After a few hits, she stopped and let me take a few deep breaths.

But then her hands came running up my things butt cheeks again. I braced myself. Held my breath.

A long moment went by…

I exhaled.

Then I heard footsteps. She was walking away. A few steps back and the sound of a cupboard opening and a glass being taken out. Then I heard the water running in the sink.

I opened my mouth to breath. I finally got some time to calm down and get myself away from the edge. My heart was beating fast but I took long breaths to calm down.

She walked back to the table, sat down on a chair and took a sip of the water she had poured. I could see her sitting there as I had my head on the side on the table. I realized how thirsty I was as this was truly making me feel exhausted.

She had beautiful high heels on and I hadn’t even noticed before. I saw them now because she started taking them off as to make herself more comfortable. She leaned back in her chair, putting her bare feet up on the table. They were close to my face and I was looking at them intently.

I was still bent over on the table. Too exhausted to move, yet not sure if I was allowed to. I tried to get my pulse down and my penis was finally getting some rest.

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