Little Girl Spanked

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It started on the phone. “You have such a cute voice,” he said.

Surprised, she demanded, “What do you mean?”

There was a pause. When he spoke, his voice sounded deeper and smoother. “You have a little girl voice.”

Something curled up in the pit of her stomach, tiny tendrils reaching down… She made herself laugh, but it came out as more of a giggle. “I do?”

“Yes.” She heard a smile in his voice. “You sound like a little girl who would cry most delightfully when spanked.”

Squirming in her seat, she was suddenly glad that he could not see her. She felt hot, and wondered if she was blushing. “Well, I’m not a little girl and nobody spanks me.”

He paused again. “Somebody should.”

Alone in her room, she shook her head vigorously. Dark red hair tumbled out of a barrette and spilled over bare shoulders. “Nu-uh.”

“Maybe I should.”

She bit her lip, unsure of how to respond. Her breath caught when she tried to speak, turning her words into a whisper. “I have to go.” There was a slight intake of breath on his end, as if he had been about to say something but had changed his mind. She blurted out into the brief silence, “When can I see you?”

He let out a soft chuckle. “I’ll be there in ten minutes.”

“You’re coming over now?” Blinking.

“Right now.”


* * *

The doorbell chimed.



Or perhaps it had chimed a hundred times; she did not know and she did not rise from her seat even when she heard him open the door Betturkey with his key and start up the stairs. With exaggerated care, she set the phone down on the dressing table. Her heart raced.

His soft voice startled her, even though she had been expecting it, waiting for it. “Why didn’t you come down to let me in?”

A quiver of emotion slithered up her spine. Fear? She raked her fingers through her loose hair and shrugged carelessly. “You have a key.”

Silence. Then, “Bad girl.”

That something in the pit of her stomach returned and tightened into a thrumming knot. Her mouth felt dry and she did not know what to say, or what to do. The sound of his slow steps across the room were like a countdown to…

“Please,” she whispered.

His warm hands gently clasped her arms from behind. “Yes?”

She sucked in a shallow breath, wondering if the air had always been almost too hot to breathe. “I don’t-” A shuddering thrill coursed through her when his grip tightened. “Please let’s talk about this.”

A light kiss was pressed to the top of her head as he murmured something she could not hear, so loud was the thudding of her heart. Twisting, she tried to pull away and felt him exert his strength to keep her in her place. So easy for him. She felt small, defenseless, and overwhelmed. His warm breath in her ear made her shiver. “Come lay on my lap, love.”


He hushed her, his hands guiding her to her feet and turning her around to face him. Staring almost curiously at his Betturkey Giriş familiar face, she wondered why she had expected him to look different. Still gentle and slow in his movements, he pulled her down, positioning her body until she lay awkwardly facedown across his lap.

She squirmed, embarrassed and uncomfortable, but his hand pressed down on her back and forced her to be still. There was a tickle of cloth on the backs of her thighs, then she felt his other hand sliding under the flimsy silk of her nightgown to cup her ass. “No panties,” he commented with a light pat, chuckling as she flushed red and dropped her head down.

He drew the hem of her nightie up over the curve of her buttocks and let the slippery material drape over her waist. The sudden touch of cool air sent a shiver through her body, and she reflexively pressed her legs together even more tightly. She heard a faint “tsk” from him and, even as she cringed inside, struggled to rise from her humiliating position.

The hand on her back pressed down firmly to keep her there, crushing her breasts against his lap. Still, she resisted, kicking out with her feet when pounding on his leg with her fists proved ineffectual. Anger, uncertainty, shame, and a swirl of unnamed emotions fueled her struggle, but he continued to hold her down until she was forced to stop to catch her breath.

Then, as she drew in her first gasp of air, he spanked her raised ass hard. It hurt. She did not know which was louder, the slapping sound of the Betturkey Güncel Giriş slap or her shriek of pain and surprise. He spanked her again. Again and again and again. The stinging sensation seemed to explode, then spread over her quivering flesh and down her legs, ebbing into a warm burn of throbbing tenderness.

“This,” he growled, punctuating each drawn out word with another hard slap, “is what little girls need.” He seemed oblivious to her screams, his hand coming down harder each time. “Especially when they’ve been bad.”

All she could feel was the raw pain of each rapid smack, pain that swelled even as he took his hand away. She heard herself squealing, crying, begging him to stop, promising that she would be good, and choking on her own tears.

He stopped with a suddenness that caught her in mid-scream. With his hand still firmly forcing her down, he leaned over and said softly, “So you promise to be good for me now?”

Mutely, she nodded.

A light pinch on her sore ass produced a fresh trickle of tears down her wet cheeks. “Say ‘Yes, daddy.'”

She hesitated, unsure of the words. Daddy? That earned her another painful smack and she sobbed, pushing her clenched fists against her mouth to keep from screaming out loud. “Yes, d-d-daddy.” She stumbled over the words, unable to identify the emotions that constricted her throat as she said them.

“Good girl.” The sound of approval in his voice almost made her weep with relief. His hand, as gentle now as it had been harsh earlier, stroked over her tender skin. Even the light touch intensified the stinging and she whimpered softly. He slid his hands under her shoulders, supporting her as he pushed her slowly off the side of his lap.

And it felt like the most natural thing in the world to sink to her knees at his feet.

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