Leslie Proves Her Point Ch. 02

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Leslie was very wet and I was certain that it was someone else’s cum and not, as she tried to tell me, her own juices. The one thing I did know for sure is whatever had happened at the party that night, it had turned Leslie into a sex maniac. Our sex life was usually limited to three or four times a week and then usually only one time, but that night she would not leave me alone. As soon as we got into the bedroom she pulled me to the bed and we did it with our clothes still on. When I came we undressed and she sucked me hard again, pushed me back on the bed and mounted me. I came the second time and she went to work on me again. The more she fucked me, the more I had to know what had happened to her at the party, and the only way I was going to find that out was call the number that Sylvia had given me. I made up my mind to do it the first thing next morning.

The next day I called Sylvia and asked her to lunch. She laughed, “Curiosity killing you?” and I admitted that it was. “Okay baby, but it’s going to cost you more than lunch.”

“What exactly do you have in mind?” I wanted to know.

“Honey, it means that you are springing for lunch, but I get to pick the dessert.”

We met at a small café and Sylvia got right to the point, “I’ll tell you everything that Tony told me, but my price is still what I said it would be the other night. I want my revenge. I’m not going to broadcast it, but whenever I look at her I want to be able to smile and say to myself “Hey bitch, I’ve fucked your husband.”

I just sat there and looked at her while I tried to figure out what to say.

“What’s the matter? You don’t want to know bad enough to dip your white wick into some black girl?”

I laughed at her and said, “Do you know how stupid that sounds? A good looking and very sexy lady trying to blackmail a guy into going to bed with her? I’m a little hesitant because I’ve never cheated on my wife and I never expected that I would.”

Sylvia smiled and said, “Sugar, she did it first and as far as I’m concerned that releases you from whatever vows you may have taken.”

She was right and so I said, “I agree to your conditions. Tell me what happened.”

The story was simple enough. Leslie had taken my challenge and had gone out to prove me wrong. By the time the night was half over she had managed to dance with every black man there, and had gotten everyone of them under the mistletoe, except Tony. For some reason he wouldn’t ask her to dance so she took the bull by the horns and asked him. Halfway into the dance she asked him why he hadn’t tried to get her under the mistletoe like everyone else had. Tony asked her why he would want to do something like that and Leslie had answered that she wanted it. Tony gave her a long look and then maneuvered her to the end of the bar. Tony gave her a long kiss, with a little tongue, and Tony responded by slipping her a little back. It was a kiss that lasted a good ten or so seconds and when they broke apart Tony had given her another long look and then had asked her what had gotten into her that night. Leslie told him the truth. That she had been perceived as a racist and she was trying to disprove it.

“So you aren’t doing this on your own, you are just trying to prove something to someone.”

Leslie said that wasn’t true and Tony said that yes it was. That she was dancing and doing the mistletoe thing because someone was watching her do it. Leslie protested and said he was wrong and Tony had taken her by the hand and had led her from the ballroom. Leslie wanted to know where he was taking her and Tony said he was taking her to some place where they couldn’t be seen. When they were alone he said, “Okay, now kiss me while there is no one around to applaud your liberalism.”

Leslie stood on tiptoe and kissed him. She gave him tongue and he gave some back. The kiss was a hot one and lasted quite a bit. When they broke they stood looking at each other for several seconds and then Tony bent his head to kiss her again and she went up on tiptoe to meet him half way. That kiss was as hot or hotter than the first one and they were both breathing hard when they broke apart. They were silent for a minute and then Tony told her that she hadn’t proven anything.

“You just took my dare. You have to do something on your own, something that no one told you to do, something that no one else would ever know about.”

Leslie had looked at him and said, “Like what?” and Tony had said, “No way lady. No input from me or anyone else. It’s got to be something that you do on your own.”

Leslie had looked into Tony’s face for several moments and then she had reached for his zipper. She wrestled ümraniye escort out his cock and then went to her knees and took him in her mouth and started to suck his cock. After a few minutes she stopped and looked up at him, “Proof enough?” and Tony had told her that the only thing she had just proved was that she was a heartless bitch to take him that far and then quit. Leslie got mad and said, “What do you want? To take me here on this cement floor?”

And Tony had said, “No, the back seat of your car would be fine.”

Leslie had given him an exasperated look and then she laughed, “You’re right. It wouldn’t be right for me not to finish what I started” and she took him by the hand and led him to our car. She had fucked him once and then had sucked him hard again and let him fuck her a second time. When they had finished and they were getting out of the car Tony had said, “There are a couple of others who might like you to show them you’re not a bigot” and he pointed to two black men leaning against the wall smoking.

Leslie had laughed and said, “You’re not going to be happy until you get me gang fucked, are you?”

Tony smiled and said, “Not a bad idea and I’ll bet it would be fun.”

I sat and listened to Sylvia tell me the story that Tony had related to her and I could see it happening that way. Basically Tony had goaded her the same way I had and she had responded the same way she had to me – the old “I’ll show you” attitude. “What about the others you told me about, the blowjob and the handjob?”

Sylvia smiled and said you sure are a glutton for punishment.”

According to Tony, who saw Leslie give the hand job, one of the guys who had been leaning against the wall had approached Leslie and offered to keep quiet if she would take care of him. She told the guy that her husband would be expecting to fuck her when you got home and that she was going to have a hard time hiding the fact that Tony had fucked her so she offered him a hand job instead. It was the same story on the blowjob, but Tony hadn’t seen it, only heard about it second hand. I shook my head in amazed disbelief. I never would have expected my wife to go that far to prove something. I knew she was headstrong and that she would go to great lengths to prove a point or win an argument, but to go as far as she had? I guess I didn’t know her as well as I thought. I looked over at Sylvia and found her grinning at me; “There’s more” she said, “But you don’t get it until after we conclude our arrangement.”

This was going to be the first time I had cheated on Leslie and I would have thought that it would have caused me greater inner turmoil than it was. Maybe her fucking Tony was making it easier. I looked at Sylvia and said, “Where do we go from here?”

She laughed and said, “From here we go to my place sugar.”

Her place was a spacious three-bedroom apartment about ten minutes from the café and Sylvia wasted no time when we got there. Once inside the door she turned to face me and said, “No mistletoe here sugar, we are just going to have to fake it” and she stood on tiptoe and kissed me. It was a hot kiss and when we broke she led me over to the couch and we sat down and started making out like teenagers. We french kissed and groped each other’s bodies and it was no different from when I used to take my girlfriends to the drive-in movie. After five minutes I had her bra off and had a couple of fingers in her pussy and she had her small fist wrapped around my cock and was pumping it. I finally pulled away from her and said, “We need to move this to the bedroom before I cum in your hand.”

She giggled, “That’s the idea sugar. We get the first quick cum out of the way and then we go to the bedroom.”

She turned and lowered her mouth and her lips took over from her hands. As her mouth bobbed up and down on my pole I suddenly realized that I was feeling zero remorse at cheating on my wife. In fact, I was enjoying the hell out of it. I pulled Sylvia off my cock and pulled her down to the floor and moved so the I could eat her pussy while she was sucking my dick. .Just before her mouth closed around me again I heard her say, “Damn sugar, I just might have to keep you around for a while.”

If her actions were any indication Sylvia loved having her pussy licked. She pushed herself up at me and started moaning and then she had an orgasm. Her orgasm surprised the hell out of me because she squirted her cum in my mouth. I’d heard that some women could do that but I’d never experienced it. Seconds after Sylvia came, so did I and she swallowed it all. I was beginning to like this girl – a lot! When we separated Sylvia asked, “Do you do that often? pendik escort Eat pussy I mean?”

I told her that I did, that Leslie loved it.

“So do I sugar, but I just can’t seem to find men willing to do it. I may have to find some way to hang on to you for a while.”

Sylvia led me to the bedroom and we undressed each other. She was just a tad heavy through the hips, but otherwise she was perfect. She seemed to like what she saw and she reached out, took my semi-soft cock and led me over to the bed. It was an active afternoon. We made love three times and between bouts we engaged in sixty-nines. Sylvia was damn near insatiable and I was beginning to wonder if I would be able to leave her place under my own power. We were lying on the bed, breathing heavily, having just finished our third time when she said, “You ready for the rest of it?”

I told her to go ahead and she told me that before the party was over one other black man had gotten her to outside with him and he had fucked Leslie while she was bent over the hood of a car. That must have been the man I’d seen follow her out of the ballroom. And then, just before the party broke up Tony had pulled Leslie off into a corner and apologized for his behavior. He said the only reason that he had egged her on was that he had, in fact, thought she was prejudiced against blacks and that it had influenced the way he had acted toward her. He told her he thought that they could be friends and he would like to meet her or drinks and maybe they could talk and get to know each other better. “Is that all?” I said, “I know about that. Leslie told me that last night.”

Sylvia laughed, “Sugar, my brother is the original silver tongued devil” and she looked at the bedside clock, “and right now he is busy sweet talking your wife into spreading her legs for him again. Tony is like most black men. There is something in the back of his brain that makes him want white women. I don’t know why, but black men want white women and white women seem to want a black cock at least once in their life. If I know my brother he is going to fuck your wife again tonight and if he does she is going to be in for a wild time for the next month or two.”

I rolled up on my elbow and looked at her, “Why is that?”

“Because sugar, he’ll fuck her half a dozen times and then one night he will share her with a buddy, and then two, and by the end of a month she’ll be doing gangbangs.”

I looked at her like she was crazy. My Leslie doing two guys at the same time? Doing gangbangs? No way! She saw the look on my face and said, “Oh it will happen sugar. Her only hope is to not fuck him again, but if he gets her to spread for him tonight it will happen. I guarantee it. Unless of course you stop it before it starts.”

I asked, “What do you mean by that?”

“Two things sugar. You either keep him from fucking her tonight or you tell her what will happen if he does.”

I was confused and said, “How do I stop him? I don’t even know where they are going for drinks.”

She giggled, “Too late for that sugar. You will have to stop him from putting his chocolate joy stick in her at the scene.”

I looked at her with an expression that fairly screamed what the fuck are you talking about. Sylvia laughed and said, “Oh, did I forget to tell you? Tony and I share this apartment and if my brother runs true to form he should be showing up here with your wife any minute now.”

Almost as if on cue we heard the front door slam closed. I jumped out of the bed and grabbed for my pants, but Sylvia grabbed my arm, “Don’t panic sugar. We have rules and one of them is that if the other person’s bedroom door is closed we don’t bother that person. Do you want to see if your sweet Leslie is going to be getting some black cock tonight?”

She could see from my face that I was dying to know and she got up and turned out the lights and walked over to her dresser. There was a mirror hanging over it and she took it down to reveal a room through a see through mirror. “This was here when we moved in. I got first pick of rooms and I chose this one. I found this when I went to rearrange the room and the best part is that Tony doesn’t know about it. I’ve seen some pretty wild shit over the last two years.”

I looked at her and asked her what she was going to say we he rearranged this room and found it. She laughed, “No way sugar. He likes to watch himself fuck white bitches and the mirror is in just the right place for him to do it.”

We were standing there looking into Tony’s bedroom when the door opened and Tony came in carrying Leslie in his arms like a groom carrying his new bride over the threshold. bostancı escort “The only bad thing about this” Sylvia said, “is that there is no sound, you can’t hear a thing.”

Tony set Leslie down on the floor and went over and pulled down the bed covers while Leslie stripped off her clothes. “No warm up” Sylvia commented, “He must have really gotten her worked up in the bar or in the car.”

Leslie walked over to Tony and began undressing him. As soon as he was naked she pushed him back on the bed and knelt between his legs and took his cock in her mouth. “Sure hope she doesn’t expect reciprocity” Sylvia said, “Tony doesn’t like eating pussy.”

I was transfixed as I stood there watching Leslie’s red lips and white face slide up and down that black pole. Sylvia said, “Here’s you’re chance sugar. Go in there and break things up or get used to getting sloppy seconds from your wife.”

I didn’t even glance at Sylvia, I was too engrossed in watching my wife of fifteen years sucking another man’s cock, and a black man at that. Leslie was obviously not a bigot, at least not any more. Tony said something and Leslie got up and lay down on the bed. She spread her legs wide and Tony moved between them. I watched as his black pole slid out of sight into my white wife and then he was fucking her with hard and fast strokes and Leslie’s legs came up and locked around him. The sight of her white against his dark was startling and for a while I forgot that it was my wife being fucked in that room. It was like I was watching a porno movie with the sound turned off. I was so wrapped up watching what was taking place in front of me that I hadn’t noticed Sylvia dropping to her knees in front of me. I heard, “My, oh my. He likes watching black cock slide into his lily white wife” and I looked down to see that my cock was indeed hard as a rock and Sylvia’s open mouth was on it’s way to engulf it.

It was weird. I would look down and see my white cock disappear into Sylvia’s dark brown mouth and then look up to see Tony’s dark brown cock disappear into my white wife. Down, up, down, up and then my hands were in Sylvia’s hair and I was fucking her face. She started making choking noises and I let go of the back of her head and started to pull my cock out of her mouth, but she grabbed me and pulled me back and I exploded against the back of her throat. She held me in her mouth and I could feel her throat constrict as she swallowed and gulped down every bit she could squeeze out of me. When I was limp she let my dick fall out of her mouth and she looked at me, “Why did you do that?”

“Do what?” I asked.

“Try to pull your dick out of my mouth.”

“You were choking,” I said.

She gave me a strange look and said, “Most men wouldn’t have cared. Every other man I’ve ever known would have grabbed my hair and pushed it in harder and held it there until he came.”

I reached down and picked her up, “I’m not most men” and then I kissed her. From the way she acted I guess not many men kissed her after cumming in her mouth. She stepped back and looked at me and then shook her head.

“I’ve never had much to do with white men and to be honest the only reason I went after you was to get even with her. But I want you to know that I’m glad I fucked you. You are so different from the other men in my life. I’m going to hate not seeing you again.”

Back in the other room Tony had finished and he was lying next to Leslie on the bed. Her legs were spread and I could see Tony’s cum leaking out of her. She said something to him and then she swung around and started sucking his dick. It took several minutes and then he was hard again and Leslie swung over him and lowered herself onto his cock. I looked at Sylvia and asked, “How many times is he good for?”

She smiled and said, “He can go all night sugar. The deciding factor here will be what time she has to be home.”

I looked at my watch and said, “Have I got time to eat your pussy and still beat her home?”

She smiled and took my hand and led me to the bed.

I fucked Sylvia one more time that night and then I stood in front of the see through mirror while I dressed and watched Tony fuck my wife. I couldn’t hear, but from her facial expressions it looked like she was begging him to fuck her harder or faster, or maybe both. Sylvia stood next to me and asked, “What are you going to do?”

“I don’t really know” I said, “A lot will depend on what she says and does when she gets home. I suppose it is possible that she will come home and say “Hey babe. Guess what? I just got laid by Tony. Still think I’m a bigot?” but I’m betting that won’t happen.” I turned to Sylvia and took her in my arms and kissed her. “You told me the other night that you and Tony told each other everything, but this is our little secret, right?”

She hugged me and said, “Anything you say sugar. Call me?”

I smiled at her and said, “We’ll see.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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