Leavening Table

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I looked at the ad.

‘Make $5000 in 45 minutes.’

‘Wanted, 1 female, age 18 to 25, to be used for 45 minutes.’

‘Applicant will be used in a sexual manner for 45 minutes. Applicant is not expected to actively participate, passive participation is acceptable. No pain or damaging act will be inflicted upon applicant. Applicant will be picked up and returned to wherever applicant wishes. Travel time will not be included in the 45 minute act. Applicant will receive $500 at time of pick up, and the remaining funds at the conclusion of the act. Applicant will be expected to sign a release from any additional financial compensation not specified in the contract arising from the act performed. Furthermore, applicant will agree to sign a nondisclosure agreement of identity.’

Money had been tight. I had recently lost my job and was strapped for cash, and definitely needed the money. The ad kind of sounded like a rich guy who just wanted to get his rocks off. Non-disclosure agreement and probably an anti blackmail clause. Something that gave legal grounds to go after me if I pop up again. It made sense. I figured I could back out of it if I changed my mind. I replied that I was interested. Less than 10 minutes later I got an email back. It was a questionnaire.

I began to fill it out.






137 pounds.



‘Hair Color?’


‘Date of next menstruation period? If unknown, write date of start of last menstruation period.’

That made me pause for a second. An aversion to menstrual blood, or was it a fetish? I had just started 4 days ago, so I did some quick math and wrote the date.

‘Please pick a health clinic for testing. All tests are covered, $50 will be paid for your time.’ There was a list of 15 clinics.

I picked one that I knew was close to me.

‘Most convenient time for visit to clinic?’

I wrote the word ‘any’ there. I had nothing better to do.

‘Please write yes if you need transportation to the health clinic.’

I wrote no. It was right around the block, I could walk to it.

I sent the questionnaire out. I got a response back in a minute.

‘An appointment has been scheduled for 1 hour at your clinic. A $50 check will be waiting for you there. We will contact you further after we receive the results. If you do not sign the waiver agreeing to allow us to receive the results, you will not have further contact with us. That documentation will be there with your check. Receiving your check is not conditional on releasing the medical documents to us. We will be in touch. Thank you.’

I got up and walked to the clinic. It only took me a couple minutes. I figured that I would greet whomever was delivering the check. I checked in at the front desk. I was disappointed. The nurse had a bank check for 50 dollars with the name details left blank. She put my name on after the fact. Apparently my soon to be employer had some sort of ongoing relationship with the clinic. I was also handed a form for medical release of documents. The nurse assured me that I could get a check up no matter if I signed the document or not, and that the clinic would respect my wishes where my privacy was concerned.

I examined the release. It didn’t list any names, instead the documents were to be released to the paying party. It included several pages listing what the paying party was allowed and not allowed to do with the documents. It specified that they would be shredded after 45 days of being generated and that the paying party would not release the documents to anyone whom was not party to the agreement. I signed the document.

After about an hour, right at my designated appointment time, the nurse called me into the back. I handed her the signed agreement as she escorted me to an examination room. A female doctor was waiting on me, which was what a surprise. With all my previous experiences with doctors, I waited on them. I guess I technically had, as I hadn’t been allowed to go to the back before my appointment.

I had a full and thorough examination, which included blood and urine testing, and a complete gynecological exam. When the exam was finished, the doctor told me that I was in apparent good health, and that Ataşehir escort bayan the results of the laboratory testing would return in 3 days. I had the choice whether to go pick them up from the office or have them mailed to me. I chose to pick them up.

I picked up my results three days later. They showed that I was perfectly healthy. Later that evening I received an email.

‘Sometime in the next week you will be contacted, and a driver will be dispatched to pick you up for your 45 minute act. If there are any times that you are unavailable, please list them now. If you have changed your mind, please let us know. Otherwise reply with your understanding. Thank you.’

I had butterflies in my stomach. I was basically about to agree to become an expensive prostitute. I had no interviews lined up, so I replied that I was available anytime, all week.

I didn’t receive a response until the end of the week. It was a simple statement.

‘A driver is ready to be dispatched to pick you up. Please reply with a location of where to get you. You will be given the estimated time of arrival as soon as we get the address. Thank you.’

I replied with an address right around the corner. The time came back almost instantly. 10 minutes. It gave me no time to get ready. I quickly threw on a cute dress and hustled to the pickup location. A black sedan was waiting there. It has taken me 12 minutes arrive.

The driver was standing outside the car, the driver’s side door open. He watched me approach.

“You’re a little bit late.” He said. “You are here for the ride, right?”

“Yeah.” I replied.

“Here.” He said, handing me a stack of papers.

It was the non disclosure agreement and release of financial responsibility that had been mentioned in the ad. They read a little bit weird, but didn’t appear to contain anything objectionable, so I signed them. I handed them to the driver, and he handed me five hundreds in return.

“You want to deposit that in your bank before we go?” He asked me.

“No. I would like… Let’s just get this over with.” I answered.

I put the cash in my purse next to my phone. I figured if they were going to hurt me or cheat me there was enough of a trace that they would get caught. Still, at home I left a note detailing everything. I also had a gps tracking and microphone app active on my phone, uploading to the cloud.

“Alright… Get in.” He said.

He got into the driver’s seat, and I sat in the front passenger position. He picked up his cell phone and made a quick call.

“We’re on our way.” He said into the phone. Then he turned the car on.

We drove in silence. The trip lasted for about 10 minutes. We pulled up to what looked like a warehouse. A garage door opened and we drove the car inside. He got out, and opened my door. He led me through a large open bay and through a door, into a small room with a door on the opposite side. It was empty except for a single small table. The table looked strange. More of a weird contraption than a table. It almost looked like…

“Take off your clothes, lay on the table and put your knees in the holsters. As soon as you do so your time starts.” The driver spoke.

The table was really a weird sexual bench.

“I don’t know…” I replied.

“If you do not want to do this, I can take you home right now. You will need to return the money however.” He said.

“No, its okay.” I said.

I began stripping down. The driver watched me. I felt dirty as he gawked at me. I felt like a common whore, undressing in front of him. Then I realized I kind of was. I was about to have sex for money. I let go of my inhibitions, and found myself getting slightly aroused. I folded my dress, placed it on the ground, then took of my bra and panties, placing them carefully folded on top of my dress. I placed my purse on top of that. I felt the eyes of the driver on my body as I walked to the table.

I put a little swagger in my step as I got to the table. It was obvious how it functioned. There were stirrups I would put my knees on, laying face down on the table. It had handles I could grab on. There were multiple buckles. I would be pretty firmly tied down. Two each holding my legs to the supports, one keeping my thighs pinned to the contraption. Escort Ataşehir There were pivots on the thigh bars, and pinholes. It looked like the legs would be spread apart and held open. There was another strap which would go across my waist, and a similar strap setup for the arms as the legs, with two for the forearms and one for the lower part of the arm. The arm setup had no mobility designed into it. The straps on the contraption looked like they were cloth, similar to what was used for seat belts. It was pretty clear that once I was strapped in I wasn’t going anywhere. I hesitated for a moment. I would have to have faith that my mysterious employer would keep to his end of the deal. I was nervous. I felt sweat on my palms. I quickly put my knees into the stirrups and laid on the table before I backed out of the deal. As soon as my knees were in the stirrups, I heard a beep. I rose up and looked behind me. The driver had a stopwatch. Which he had just started.

“Lay back down.” He commanded me as he put the stopwatch under my head where I could clearly see it. It was counting down from 45 minutes. Then I felt the waist strap lay across me and then be cinched down. Then the driver did the arm straps, then the leg straps. I heard the door open and the sound of a bunch of people walking in. I tried to turn to see, but I couldn’t.

“What is going on?” I asked.

“Relax. It will go easier for you. It will be over soon.” The driver said. I heard rustling, and realized someone was taking off clothes.

I tried to relax. The stirrups were moved open. My legs were spread to where I felt a slight stretch, then taken back a hair. I heard a click as they were locked in place. I jumped a little in my bonds as I felt a hand touch the small of my back. Then I felt something slimy begin to rub my pussy. I realized it was a finger with a generous application of lube. It was slathered across my vaginal slit, and then the finger slid in and put a coating on my inside as well. The finger pulled out of my private place, and then I felt a hand with a suspiciously slimy finger rest upon my hip. No sooner had come to the realization that this hand was the owner of the finger that had just violated me than I felt a cock press against my opening. Lubricated, it slid in without a problem. I went stiff as he plunged deep into me without further preparation or warning.

“Relax.” The driver said as the man began to rapidly violate me with his cock. I attempted to do as the driver suggested.

He was being a bit rough, but it didn’t feel so bad. I started to enjoy it a little, but then I felt the cock inside me begin to flex, and my pussy felt a little fuller. The man came unprotected inside me!

“Hey, there’s no condom!” I started to protest.

“And so what.” The driver said while the cock pumped its seed into my pussy. “Don’t worry, everybody has been recently tested, we are all clean here.” He said.

“But…” I said, thinking of consequences other than diseases.

“Relax.” The driver said as the man pulled out. I started to relax. At least it was over, I thought. A one pump chump. Easiest five grand ever. Maybe I should become a prostate. Then I felt a new pair of hands on my hips, followed by a second rough penetration. I looked down at the stop watch. 40 minutes remained. I realized I was about to get repeatedly violated until the time was up. But it wasn’t like it was about to get worse. Someone already came inside me, and everyone was clean… I relaxed as the man began to plunge his dick in and out of my exposed vagina.

I had sold myself for this. I always wondered what having a train run on me would feel like. Now I would know. I became slightly aroused, and started rocking my hips as much as my bonds would allow. It seemed to be too much for the owner of the cock inside me, and he thrust deeply, holding on tightly by my hips as he emptied himself into me. Another one pump chump. As soon as his cock stopped twitching he pulled out. I felt something wet running down my left leg as the third man took his place. He slid in with a wet slurp. I resumed pushing back against the newcomer as I had the second man. His every thrust made an obscene squishy noise, as his cock slid in and out, fully aroused and lubricated with cum. I closed my eyes and held Ataşehir Rus Escort on as I felt a climax approaching. Then the third man’s motions became jerky and I felt him let loose inside me too. I shivered as he pulled out. I was now fully aroused and teased.

I sighed as the fourth man entered me. Then he came, then he was replaced by another. They all came so quickly, I couldn’t get off. They were using me as a cum dumpster, nothing more. They must have been keeping themselves at the edge before entering me. Man after man sliding into my sopping hole, leaving a deposit and moving on. I lost count of how many. It was a long, slow tease. I did have a quick orgasm when one man lasted a little longer than the rest, but otherwise I was only teased by their swift actions. On it went, each man refreshing the wellspring feeding the now river of cum that traveled down both my legs. Then there was no new man. The expected violation didn’t occur. I looked down at the clock. Three minutes left.

I heard the sound of a door closing. Then I felt the buckles being undone. I stood up shakily, feeling cum gush out of my battered pussy. I turned around. The driver was dressed. I suspected he had taken part, but I had no proof. Nobody else remained in the room. There was a substantial pool of semen on the ground in front of the table, and leading off to the other door as tracks.

It looked like over a gallon was on the floor. Dumped into me, only to pour out from a fresh wash off virility. Cum was still oozing out of my vagina. The driver handed me a wad of paper towels. I cleaned up the best I could.

I began putting on my clothes. I couldn’t look the driver in the eye. He was waiting by the door. I walked up to him. He handed me a big wad of cash.

“Where do you want to go?” He asked.

“Back home.” I replied. “Where you picked me up.”

“Follow me.” He said, walking towards the door.

I followed him, out the door and over to the bay. I didn’t see any sign of his friends. I got in the car, the bay doors opened and we drove off.

We drove for a bit. Finally I couldn’t keep from saying something. I was still very worried. That was a lot of men who just came inside me unprotected, and clean or not there was something I needed to address.

“Well… What about… What if I’m… What happens if…” I began.

“You get pregnant?” The driver asked. “That’s actually very likely. We timed this to your ovulation period. You were hired to be bred. It’s up to you whether or not you keep it, but you get another five thousand in seven months if you send a picture of you with a pregnant belly to the email address you have been corresponding to. The clinic where you got checked out at is fully licensed OBGYN. They will provide free prenatal care. Your pregnancy is fully covered up to the birth of the child. You are solely responsible financially for the child after the birth. If you choose to abort that is your decision. But like I said, an additional five thousand for a picture of you at seven months.

“You’re kidding me, right?” I asked.

“Nope.” He replied.

We drove rest of the way in silence. When we reached the place he picked me up, I got out of the car. He left without another word. I walked home to my apartment, my every step causing a small bit of semen to slip out of me into my already cumsoaked panties. I simply wondered at the strange encounter.

I missed my next period. The treacherous pregnancy test confirmed what I knew was an inevitability. I debated getting an abortion for six days, until I got a call from one of my friends.

“I’m pregnant.” She said.

“Pregnant?” I asked. She was single. “Who’s the father?”

“I don’t know. I was drunk.” She replied.

I could help my response, it was like I was possessed.

“Drunk, or answered an ad?” I asked.

My friend was silent for a minute. Finally she replied. “You’re pregnant, aren’t you?”

I didn’t know how to reply, so I just hung up the phone. I sat there staring at it for a second, then it rang. The caller ID showed that it was my friend. I answered it and we talked about our shared experience. We looked around and found others. We discovered a full support group. They didn’t consider themselves victims, but beneficiaries of the Leavening Table. They called it such not because they knew the breeding ring’s name, but because of the sex bench all were subjected to. The group offered playdates and camaraderie. Some women were multiple time receptacles, productive ovens the group jokingly called them. The women in the group made for great friends.

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