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It started on a mate’s stag night/bachelor party, – whatever you know a bloke’s traditional booze-up before his wedding as. A crowd of us hit the town, crawled the bars and eventually ended up at a lapdancing club, ahem, as you do. . .

A good time was had by all, plenty of dances were bought, and the general agreement was what goes on the stag, stays on the stag.

My wife, Lucy, is a rather beautiful twentysomething English rose, all tall and shapely curves, long silken brunette hair, lovely smile, dazzling eyes and fabulous buoyant 36D breasts, undoubtedly her best asset. However, she is also very shy and quite staid. She only had one serious boyfriend before we got together and sexually it was more a case of persuasion than seduction, but once she was happy in a relationship she soon opened up. She was definitely a one-prick princess, as I’d always been led to believe. Happily, she became my one-prick princess.

A month or so after the stag night was my friend’s wedding. Another great boozy day set out in a country hotel. We were staying over like a lot of the guests and when the night finally petered out Lucy and I were left with four other guests: Tony, one of the other guys on the stag, his wife Linda, and a couple I hadn’t met before – a sweet, quiet blonde girl called Stephanie and her boyfriend Carl.

With everyone quite merry, Tony haggled a bottle of vodka and a couple of bottles of white wine from the night porter and took us all up to his and Linda’s suite. They had what must have been one of the best rooms bar the honeymoon suite, with an open-plan living and bedroom area – a big king-size bed and a very comfortable pair of leather couches. The bottles were placed on the coffee table, Tony got the glasses out, put on the TV to some music channel, everyone spread themselves around and we carried on drinking and chatting.

With Lucy perched on my left and Stephanie and Carl across the table on the opposite couch, Tony and Linda sat on the end of their bed, also to the left. The sexes became engrossed in their own conversations, the girls’ chatter soon becoming background noise as us guys talked over them. At some point, though, Tony was telling Carl about the fun on the stag night and blurted out about the lapdancing visit. It was right then that I became acutely aware of the female silence. I winced, Tony stopped talking. We all looked to see the girls listening intently.

Lucy was glaring at me. “Lapdancing?”

What could I do or say? Busted. I tried some cack-handed bullshit about forgetting to mention it because it was crap but she wasn’t wearing that. I thought she was actually going to get up and storm out at one point – her galvanising face was flaring red with suppressed rage. It made her look quite sexy but I wisely kept that observation to myself.

Linda saved my ass. She said, “Oh, Andy, you might have said to Lucy. . .Tony told me all about it – he was like a little boy. Couldn’t wait. . .”

Thank God for her. Linda is a voluptuous thirty-three year old, with a body built for burlesque. She always reminded me of Betty Page, the old-time striptease girl – same curvy figure, tantalisingly big tits crammed inside her white wedding outfit to show a deep cleavage. Her hair was the only real difference – light brown and cut in a bob which reached just above her shoulders. Her eyes smouldered and her lips were always full and red when I ever met her. Definitely a woman you’d always say had a bit of ‘va-voom’. She touched Lucy lightly on the shoulder. “Lucy, dear, it’s just a bit of typical harmless boys’ fun. . .I don’t think the dears could help themselves.”

“Well. . .I just always thought it was a bit. . .disgusting. . .” Lucy murmured, bowing a bit to pressure and letting me off the murderous stare.

Tony laughed. A successful used car salesman, he was always loud and some might find him a bit obnoxious – I knew Lucy was never too keen on him – but I’d met him often enough to realise he was just ‘all there’; what you saw was what you got – he meant no harm to anyone, just loved a raucous good time. “The only thing disgusting about it was what was going through my mind,” he said.

“What did they do?” Carl asked.

Stephanie looked at him, puzzled. “What do you think. . .”

“No, no. .. I know that. . .I mean, um, did they y’know, go the full monty? Or is it just a topless joint?”

Stephanie looked shocked at the idea. “They strip all the way naked? Oh. I thought lapdancing was just topless. . .” She looked pretty cute while shocked, I thought. Her bright blonde straight hair framed a slim tan face with lovely pale blue eyes and cupid lips. I couldn’t see much of her body sitting down but I’d noticed her short flapper-style blue sequin dress earlier and the trim figure and lithe legs beneath while she danced at the wedding. Very nice package.

Lucy looked at me again. “Well, did they flash. . .everything? How many dances did you see?”

“Oh, you pay for a dance one on one,” Tony said, then winced as he caught himself. Anadolu Yakası Olgun Escort The eejit.

“What?” Lucy was on the warpath again. She slammed her glass down.

I looked at Linda for help. Linda winked and said, “Lucy, surely you’ve done a little dance for Andy before?”

Lucy reddened and stuttered. Then she looked at me with narrowed eyes and said, “I don’t suppose you think I’m worth paying to dance for you?”

I of course assured her she was. Carl laughed as I floundered. Guileless Tony blurted, “Hey, I bet he’d pay. . .I’d pay to see you, Linda, no probs. . .”

I don’t think that is what she wanted to hear. She turned on him with that withering stare. “That’s nice, Tony –you wouldn’t even pay your own wife? You’d rather have a stranger shake her boobs at you?”

“Ah, Linda dances for me for free all the time,” Tony grinned.

Stephanie squealed in delight. Lucy looked even more shocked if that was possible. Linda just looked angry at Tony. “Well Lucy has a point. I don’t recall you ever paying me anything to enterain you. . .”

Tony opened his hands wide, “Ah, come on, that’s different.”

“Oh is it?” Linda said winking at me.

“Yeah, yeah, you’re my wife, y’know?”


“Well, it’s a. . .Um, it’s a husband- wife thing. . .”

“You don’t dance for me. . .”

“That would be stupid. . .”

“Stupid as I am doing it for you for nothing?”

“Hey, it’s fun!”

“So how much do you think I’m worth paying? If you compare me to your little floozies in the club?”

Tony was in trouble. “Oh. . .much more. . .Oh, about. . .hmm. . .”

“How about this much?” Carl threw down some notes onto the table. We laughed. Stephanie slapped him on the arm. “Carl! Cheek!”

Tony said, “Yeah, that’s about right. . .”

“For what?” said Linda. “To see these?” She cupped her big tits under her tight white dress, running her hands over them, faking an erotic sigh.

It was quite funny. Tony was like a lapdog, eyes bulging as his wife played up. Lucy even gave a little laugh through her shock, putting a hand to her mouth.

“You’ve never asked me to dance, Carl,” Stephanie said with a smile and a petted lip.

He looked embarrassed.

“I think he’s too shy,” Linda joked.

“I was buying Tony a dance,” Carl shot back. “That’s how it works, yeah? You buy your mates a dance and they get you one back. . .”

Pretty sharp I though. I backed him up: “Yeah, that’s right. The groom got the most obviously. . .”

“And how many did you have?” Lucy asked me.

“Not enough. . .” I mumbled.

Then Linda got up to her feet, a bit unsteady with all the day’s alcohol, and started to sway to the music in front of Tony.

He sat there with a big grin. She slipped off her shawl, baring her shoulders, ran her hands down her curves, over her ass, turning around on the spot. Tony clapped. So did Stephanie, laughing. I noted that Lucy had forced a reluctant smile onto her face, but she would slip the occasional sly glance at me and the look would have burned a hole in the couch. But I was not backing down from this fun. I whooped, egged on Linda, just to wind up Lucy some more.

Linda seemed to love the attention, a real wicked one this girl. She reached up her back to her dress zip, started to lower it. I took a deep breath, wondered what was coming. Tony tried to help her; she slapped his hands away. “No touching, you know the rules,” she snapped playfully. “You’ll be thrown out.”

He laughed , recoiled, sat there and let her get on with it.

Linda took her zip all the way down. I caught sight of a white bra strap, taut bare flesh of her back. Then she began to wriggle out of the dress, still keeping rough time to the background music from the television. Lucy gasped, Stephanie cheered. Carl said, “Wow, hot. . .”

Linda was stopping for no-one, Her tight white dress was wriggled to the floor, baring a delightful shapely ass to us. She only had on a white thong, the string of which disappeared between her full and firm butt cheeks. They were a sensual part of her voluptuous figure and undulated beautifully in time with her movements. I was kind of transfixed with the perfectly smooth shape of them – they were firmer than I imagined. She was a ‘big’ girl in the sense of her full statuesque figure but I saw no cellulite, just beautiful curves. And great legs enclosed in white hold-up stockings. She rolled them off next, a leg up beside Tony on the bed, thrusting her crotch at him. He just sat there, gormless, like most blokes do for an actual lapdance.

Legs bare, Linda turned and wiggled her ass at him. The rest of the room got a sensational view of her big bouncy tits, a rack you don’t see very often, raised up by a straining white lacy bra that was performing above and beyond the call of duty.

Linda straightened up, running her hands over those amazing tits. She looked at Carl and I as she did so. Stephanie thought it a great wheeze. Lucy’s Anadolu Yakası Sarışın Escort jaw just dropped further. I took the chance to check out Linda’s crotch – her thong was tight and clung to her pronounced mound. Between taut thighs I saw a succulent camel toe under the white silk, a big slit, I though and wondered that she might be shaven so defined her lower lips appeared.

Then, as the song ended, she sat down quickly, clasping her hands together at her crotch and giggled, “Who’s next?”

“Hey, that wasn’t a full dance,” Tony said.

“Oh, you boys will have to do better than that,” she pointed to the notes on the table, “if you want your partners to put on a show like those cheap tarts. We’re worth more, right girls?”

Stephanie cheered again and shouted “Right on, sister!” you had to laugh –she was getting right into it. I even heard a little giggle peep out of Lucy. I wasn’t for catching her eye in case I got another withering stare. Anyway, I was happy enough o look at Linda’s big jiggling bra-clad titties. I also had problems keeping my dick under control. Carl seemed to be shifting for comfort, too. Tony was perched right on the end of the bed and in his usual unaware manner had pitched quite a tent in his suit trousers. I definitely saw Lucy sneak a peek at it – she was in my line of vision. That said, you couldn’t really miss it.

Carl was flicking through more notes, saying, “Okay, what1s the damage for a proper dance then?”

Linda shook her head. “I think it might be someone else’s turn to buy a dance. And maybe someone else’s turn to dance?” She raised her neat eyebrows and the devilment in those green eyes of hers was arousing. My dick recognised the possibilities marginally before I did – I felt the tell-tale throb.

Linda was staring primarily at Stephanie who looked both shocked and a bit excited at what was being proposed. She tried to appear demure biting on her fingers, flashing big eyes at us all, saying, “Oh, I couldn’t. . . .No. . .way . . .”

I felt Lucy tense beside me. She gulped at her glass.

Carl was egging on Stephanie. “Go for it honey. Show ’em how its done. . .”

Stephanie said, “Lucy. . .”

Lucy laughed, half-outraged, “Oh, I don’t think so. . .”

“Aw come on you young chickens,” Tony said.

Now Lucy was only five years younger than Linda, but Stephanie I put at around twenty-one. Tony’s jibe actually seemed to have an effect. Stephanie said to Lucy, “How about together?”

Tony clapped, “Yeah, yeah. . .” and he threw quite a pile of cash onto the table. “Go for it!”

Stephanie stood up. Lucy hesistated. Then she rose, too, and faced me, eyes shut, muttering to herself. Probably cursing me but I reckoned I could live with the aggro later just to see this.

“Turn the music up,” Stephanie said with a smile.

Linda duly did and Stephanie started to dance. Lucy watched over her shoulder as the slim blonde gyrated her hips, raising the hem of her little dress higher. Carl was sat back, hands behind his head, ear-to-ear cheesy smile on him. Then he glanced over at Lucy. This set her off. She began to copy Stephanie. Lucy has awesome long and athletic legs, and in her heels their shape was accentuated to perfection. She drew her red fingernails up her thighs, glaring down at me in a mix of anger and definite horniness; I could always detect that. I copied Carl’s pose and facial expression for defence – who can hate a gormless, horny bloke?

Lucy got more into it as the tune raged, tossing her long dark hair to and fro. On one flick she caught sight of Tony and Linda sat on the bed. Tony was watching her with undisguised lust – Linda had a hand gently squeezing his cock through his pants. That fired Lucy on even more – whether through rage or desire I didn’t care, though I suspected it was a perverse case of ‘I’ll show you bastards’.

But hell, who was I to complain? When events turn up like this in life you got to enjoy every second, so I damn well did.

Lucy ran her hands over her body, even tugging down the top of her dress – a ruby red silky number which showed every inch of her off beautifully. She accidentally exposed both tits to me as she pulled the dress – catching her bra, too. Each of her big firm tits is topped with a delightfully large rubbery nipple and both were engorged and erect to their full half-inch as I caught sight of them. She was definitely getting some sort of kick.

Lucy’s eyes were shut, so I took a chance to check across the room. Stephanie was lowering the top of her dress too, but in a permanent manner, wriggling it down with both hands. I got a real shock when I glimpsed bare back – no bra to speak of.

Tony said, “Hey, wow!” I heard Linda clap.

Stephanie took her dress right down to her waist, still with her back to me and leaned over Carl to rub her tits in his face.

Lucy gasped – I saw her clock what Stephanie was up to and her state of dress. As if it were a catch-up competition, Lucy Anadolu Yakası Şişman Escort reached right down to her own dress hem and lifted it swiftly. Her thighs and hips were exposed. She was wearing lovely little French knickers – the hotpant kind, made of a black see-through lace.

I heard another exclamation of joy from Tony – knew he could see my wife’s edible butt, so round and solid. Lucy pulled the dress right up, not stopping until it was over her head and off.

I struggled to take it all in and keep my eyes in their sockets – black bra to match the briefs, those buoyant tits of hers quivering beautifully as she danced. She kept tossing her hair, even more erotic, and leaned over me so I could smell her scent – both perfume and arousal I was sure.

“Oh, man. Bravo!” clapped Tony and I saw Stephanie step out of her dress, too.

I looked for the thong string up between her slim ass cheeks; couldn’t see one. I almost froze or came with shock – she was completely sans underwear. Absolutely no panties on at all.

I had a rear view of a petite tanned figure, narrow hips and tight ass, long legs and a lovely pure blonde mane reaching down to mid-back. Stephanie raised her arms in the air and yelled, “Woo-hoo!” obviously getting right into this.

Carl said, “Amazing. . .”

Linda clapped too, and shouted, “Well done honey! That was definitely the money’s worth.”

This prompted Lucy to look round, gasp again, and hesitate. She stopped dancing, took a long look at Stephanie and said, “Oh my god, Stephanie.”

This worked great for me because Stephanie turned round at the sound and just stood there swaying on the spot wearing nothing but a dazzling grin and shrugging. Her titties were small handfuls, incredibly pert on a firm hardbody which was tanned all the way down. There, at her flat belly’s nadir, was an enticing pale white bit – bikini shaped with a small smattering on her mound of light blond pubic hair. There was a distinct ‘V’ space between the top of her slim thighs and her pussy – her lips were shaven clean and were perfectly symmetrical and puffy with a tight line down the middle.

I couldn’t help but mutter, “Wow. . .” which Lucy picked up.

“Is that what those tarts do?” Lucy asked, aggressively. “Get naked for you?”

“Well. . .yeah, I suppose,” I said.

“Plus the bit of grinding on your meat,” Tony laughed.

I looked over wearing a painful expression. Linda was still massaging his dick through his pants. She stood up, leant across him so those big tits were pointing in my direction and hooked one leg up onto the bed like a dog taking a leak. It was the right position, though, for the lapdancer’s grind – it allowed her to lower her pelvis and grind her crotch along Tony’s leg and up to his own rather strained genital area.

“Oh, bay-bee,” Tony roared and leaned back on his elbows to enjoy.

“This what you mean, darling?” Linda laughed.

With her efforts, her tits slipped out the bra. I was faced with two lovely big melons capped with light pink aureole and wide nipples like bottlecaps. They shook and swayed to her movements. Linda was sighing a bit and her sparkling eyes were hooded. She was gazing at me and Lucy and biting her lip.

I heard Carl comment, “That’s hot,” and looked across at him. The beautiful naked Stephanie was sitting on his lap entranced by Linda and Tony and letting Carl idly stroke her perky breasts. I said nothing as I didn’t want to alert her and break the mood. His other hand was lying loosely at her crotch but I saw his thumb and forefinger ruffle her thin covering of pubes which didn’t make her flinch at all – instead she just gave a sensual little wriggle. Game on, I thought, for Carl. Lucky bastard.

Tony tried to loosen Linda’s bra, but she slapped him away and stood. She took it off herself, saying, “Naughty, naughty. That’s a rule broken. You only get to see these. . .”

Those bountiful breasts fell into view. Linda knew how to handle them, letting us all see them settle into magnificent profile then use her hands to squeeze and fondle, tweak her nipples and raise each boob to her mouth in turn.

“Wow,” Tony said. “Come on, let’s get my dance then. . . Bring them here. . .”

“No way,” Linda smiled. “You broke the rules. Pants off.”

Tony wasted no time is shucking off his suit trousers. He was left in a pair of boxers. The bulge was stretching them fit to burst. My Lucy gasped and I felt her stiffen a bit. This was going further than anything she’d ever been involved in, and I wondered if her nerve would hold.

Linda tested it seconds later when she said, “Right Lucy, these dirty beasts paid some slappers good money to get what we can do much better for free, don’t you agree?”

Lucy stuttered a reply in the positive.

“Okay,” said Linda, “And just look at you – what a fantastic body. It’s certainly got Tony going.”

Lucy made no reply, just watched Tony with his cheesy grin and big bulge.

“But that horny idiot broke the rules,” Linda said, “So he’s not getting his dance from me. . .I’m going to let Andy have it if you don’t mind?”

I choked, coughed. Lucy was dumbstruck. Linda just gave me a sexy smile and wink. She said to Lucy, “Think he can keep his hands to himself?” as she sashayed over towards me, those incredible tits shuddering, my cock aching.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32