Keep It In The Family

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My older sister passed away a few years earlier and I was dying to wrap my legs around my brother-in-law Paul’s back. She had told me ever since they met how great he was in the sack and while I would have never made a move on him while she was alive, he was fair game now. They have a nineteen-year old son, Mark, who was just getting ready for college and an eighteen-year old sexy looking daughter Sue. I would have loved to have Sue bury her face in my crotch as well as having Mark do his thing in my pussy. He was one good-looking hunk for such a young fellow.

I called Paul one Saturday under the pretense of my front door wouldn’t lock properly and asked if he could come over and take a look at it since I couldn’t get a locksmith to come out on a Saturday. It really had been giving me a little trouble getting the dead bolt to lock in place but it certainly wasn’t a crisis. He promised he would be over in an hour or so.

He was there as promised and had brought a small tool-box with him. He fiddled it with it for a half-hour or so and finally pronounced it ‘as good as new’. I thanked him and offered him a glass of the wine I was drinking. He accepted and we just sat there shooting the breeze and sipping our wine.

It became obvious he wasn’t going to make a move on me so if anything were going to happen between us it would be up to me to get it started.

I went out to the kitchen to grab the bottle of wine and when I returned leaned very close to him as I was filling his glass. I know I have nice tits and he hadn’t been able to take his eyes off them since he arrived at my apartment.

“Cath, have you every been married?”

“No, why do you ask? Not thinking of proposing are you?” I laughed.

“Not yet but I am wondering how a pretty thing like you has remained single. What are you thirty one or two?”

“Paul, nothing like going right for the jugular is there? Most men would dance around that question for hours trying to phrase it tactfully. Not you…right to the point.”

He laughed and said something about hating to waste time.

The top I was wearing was very loose and I intentionally took off my bra when I knew he was coming over to look at the door lock. I wanted him to see what he could have for the asking.

“I guess I just haven’t found the right guy yet. I was pretty close a couple of years ago when I was living out on the West Coast but he was killed in a motorcycle accident and that ended that for a long time. I didn’t even date for more than a year. I was horny as hell but couldn’t bring myself to even sit and talk to another guy.”

He responded with, “So now you can talk to guys. Are you still as horny?”

“Even more so. My fingers are my best date.” I answered knowing if he couldn’t take it from there there was little hope of anything happening between him and I without me just raping him.

“Now that’s a shame as pretty as you are.” He answered but now his eyes were glued to the points my nipples were making in my blouse.

I figured I better take the bull by the horns, or by the dick, and push on by responding, “Paul, are you suggesting you could help me do something about my problem?”

Wow, that got him blushing like a schoolboy.

He stuttered something I couldn’t understand so I got up and went over to him and when I was a few feet away pulled my blouse open and dropped it to the floor saying, “You’ve been staring at these for the last hour or so. You might as well get a plain view of them.”

I thought he would shit. He was really stuttering now and I simply leaned over him and let them dangle in front of his face. I put one hand on the back of the sofa to support myself and then used the other to guide his face directly at my chest. He FINALLY got the message and used his hands to cup my breasts and hold them on either side of his face. He let his lips move to one of my nipples and that was it … we were on the road to a sexual encounter, as they might say in the movies.

My hand found its way to his crotch and unzipped him. He was half hard so it needed a little help in coming out to face the world but when it did … Oh boy. It is one lovely cock. It must be all of ten inches in length and thicker than a full-grown cucumber. In fact, when it got hard it reminded me of some of the long cukes I see on the grocer’s shelf.

I dropped to my knees in front of him and let my tongue play with the head of his cock. I first let it trace around the ring and then let it travel up and down the shaft. I had a hand fingering each of the veins in his shaft swollen with anticipation of what was going to happen to it next. I opened my mouth and took the head of it in as far as I was going to be able to and then closed my lips on it. I started to let my head rise and fall with my lips clamping his cock tightly and my tongue licking the underside of his cock as fast as I could. I had one hand riding up and down the shaft as my mouth was trying to give him the pleasure he needed. I then took the other hand and let it move back to his asshole Escort bayan and let a couple of fingers just play lightly around the puckered lips of his ass. That seemed to turn him on as much as anything else I was doing and it wasn’t very much longer that he was grabbing the back of my head and pulling it down even deeper on his cock. I resisted and pulled off of him saying,

“Paul, I’ll give you a blowjob as often as you want but I would love to feel your horse cock in my pussy right now.”

I stood and pulled down my jeans and panties and then reached over and I didn’t want the tender lips of my pussy getting torn up with his zipper so I pulled his pants to his ankles. I then moved over to sit on his lap and have his cock do some serious pussy diving. I knelt with one leg one either side of him and slowly lowered myself down onto the head of his swollen member. I could feel the huge head of it part my pussy lips and then open up my vaginal canal as it penetrated me even further. I threw myself down as hard as I could and he was buried all the way and I could feel his wonderful cock head touching parts of my pussy that had been virgin up until right then. My tits were swinging free and his lips were trying to hold onto a nipple as I was riding his cock. I slowed a little and reached behind his head and pulled his face to my tits and then held his head right there while I began my up and down motion again. We were both in our glory. I could feel his cock pulsing inside of me and since I had never fucked him before could only guess that was a signal he was ready to explode. My pussy was sending me all kinds of messages it was ready to let my juices flow. I gave it another few deep up and down thrusts and I was biting my lower lip to keep me from my usual orgasmic screeching as my pussy finally released my love juices. He had moved his hands to my hips and was throwing his cock high to meet every one of my thrusts and all I could hear from him was,

“God, I am going to explode.”

I felt his cock pulse with each stream of his come deep inside of me. His cock was long enough it was shooting stream after stream up against the depths of my vagina. It felt terrific as my own juices found their way out of me along with his juices pouring out of my pussy.

I slipped off of him and dropped to my knees between his legs and lapped up the come juice still oozing from the read head of his cock. Once again I let my fingers trace the veins in his shaft but this time I had the very tip of my tongue playing with the slit in the end of his cock. I knew he wasn’t ready to get hard so quickly but I could feel him squirming his butt as if he would like to. I stayed right there taking him deep in my mouth now he was soft and simply just sucked on his cock; not like giving him a blowjob but actually just sucking on it. He soon had his hands on the back of my head holding me right there and I heard him say,

“God Cath, you are one hell of a sensual woman. We are going to have to do a lot more of this.”

“Mmmmmm.” Was all I could get out with his cock so deep in my mouth.

He was now laying flat on the floor coming down from his orgasm when I decided he had a little more work to do … on me. I slipped my mouth off his cock and once again knelt over him. This time I had my pussy right in line with his mouth and our juices were dripping all over his face. I lowered myself to let his open mouth take the lips of my pussy inside of it. I could then feel his mouth sucking up our love juices and his tongue was burying itself as deep as it could possibly penetrate. I stayed like that for a little while before climbing off of him and lying beside of him.

I spoke first saying, “Well, Paul. You sure gave me the fucking I so desperately needed.”

“I gave you! What are you talking about? You fucked me like I have never been fucked before and the way you sucked my cock is something I will never forget.”

“Oh, I won’t let you forget it. I’ll be doing it to you quite often.” I laughed.

Things went along pretty much that way for the next month or so. Paul and I would get it on a couple of times a week at this place but we had a bit of a problem keeping it from Mark and Sue. It seemed every time Paul and I would be trying to get together one or both of them had something they wanted him to do for or with them. We finally decided to make my house our sex castle.

We had just finished getting it on one afternoon and were just lying there shooting the breeze when I asked him if Sue ever had a boyfriend. He answered he didn’t think so and I followed up with wondering if it was possible she has some lesbian tendencies. He had no idea but I said I would follow up on it and see if I could determine her sex status. I really wanted to know since I would have loved to have her eating me out. A virgin eating my pussy would drive me up the wall.

The opportunity didn’t arise for any in-depth kind of conversation for almost a month. I invited her over to my place to see some of the latest films out of Bayan escort Hollywood as I referred to the latest porn flicks. I didn’t tell her in advance a couple of them were lesbian hotties.

She came over in cutoff jeans and a tank top and I poured us each a glass of wine telling her I wouldn’t squeal to her dad. She laughed and took a huge gulp of it. I told her a couple of the tapes were porn and I would have to put them in the VCR to find out which was which and hoped she didn’t mind.

“Aunt Cath, I’m not a child. I’ve probably seen dozens of them already.”

Not a child…Hmmm. An eighteen-year-old adult … will wonders never cease? “Sue, I’d really appreciate if you just called me ‘Cath’ rather than with the ‘Aunt’ prefacing it”

OK Cath.” She sort of smirked.

I put in a tape I knew was boy girl sex and let it go on for a few minutes before saying,

“Oh hell, I’ve seen this one before,” and reached over to rewind it.

The next one was pure lesbian and put it in. It started hot and heavy with a couple of young gals in a college dorm making moves on each other with one telling the other to lay back she had something she wanted to do. I thought I would try the same gambit and said I had also seen this one and acted pissed that I was going to have to rewind it also. Sue jumped in with,

“Cath, don’t take it out, I haven’t seen it.” Hmmmmm.

It really was a pretty good tape and I was fumbling through the others to dig out another one featuring lesbians while the first was still playing. I found one looking as if it would fill the bill nicely. It had three gals going at it from the second it came on.

I thought if I made the move as far as getting excited over watching the gals on the screen it might help her break the ice. I reached down to my crotch with one hand saying,

“Holy shit, they’re making me hot.”

She looked over at me and mumbled something sounding an awful lot like,

“Me too.”

That was enough to make me decide to make the first move and I reached over and put a hand on her leg and said,

“Sue, do you ever wish you were getting it on with another gal? I know I do. There are times when my pussy just twitches with passion and I use my fingers to give myself relief. How about you?” She didn’t make any move to remove my hand from her leg, which had to mean something.

“Cath, hell yes, almost every night.”

“Maybe we ought to get together at night and give each other some relief,” I offered.

“That sounds like a great idea to me. Would you have to tell Dad about it?”

“Shit no. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Look, I’m hot as hell right now watching this tape. Would you mind it if I dropped my pants and used my fingers on myself while we are watching it?”

“You mean in front of me? ” She asked hesitantly and then went on with, “No, not at all. Maybe I can learn something watching you do it.”

My pants were down and off in a flash and I leaned back on the sofa as my hand dove for my crotch. The first thing I did was open my pussy lips ever so softly and then let my fingers search out my clit and let them work on the sheath until they had the nub out and ready for some serious attention. I straddled my clit with a finger on each side of the nub and then let them ride up and down the slippery sides of it. I must say so myself but I am pretty good at foreplay.

I looked over at Sue and her eyes were glued to what I was doing. I nudged her saying, “You might want to try the same thing while this tape is in the VCR. Those gals really have me hot.”

She didn’t drop her pants but unloosened them and slid her hand down inside of the front and I could see her working herself in a very shy way. She didn’t want me to see her masturbating.

“Sue, let me use your other hand on me. It will turn me on beyond belief. Please.”

She looked at what I was doing again and let her hand slide over to my leg. I used my free hand to move hers over to my crotch and pushed it towards my clit. Within a few seconds it was riding the side of my clit better than I ever did and it didn’t take much of it before I was squirming almost off the sofa.

“Damn, I’m coming. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.”

When the warm feeling started in my vagina I knew it would only be a few seconds and it was. My ass couldn’t seem to stop squirming and I was throwing my hips high off the sofa. Sue looked at me and asked, “Do you always have such violent orgasms?”

“Only when a beautiful young girl is massaging my pussy.” I answered.

She just laughed and kept massaging her own but took her hand away from mine.

She was concentrating on the gals on the tape while she was rubbing her pussy hard and fast. I reached over saying,

“Sue, let me help you,” as I unzipped her cutoffs all the way and pulled them to the floor and then off her legs. Her pubic hair was staring me in the face as her pants came down. She had obviously shaved it for a bikini but what was left was wild and bushy. She Escort hadn’t missed one beat on her clit as I was doing that and I thought I would give her a little more of a thrill by dropping between her legs, pushing her fingers away from her clit and replacing them with my tongue. I could hear her gasp; in fact I believe the neighbors could hear her gasp. I had my tongue working fast and furious and then slowing it down to just slide slowly up and down her clit. I put a couple of my fingers together and slipped them into her warm and juicy pussy to finger fuck her when she jerked up a little and said,

” Cath, be careful. I’m still a virgin.”

Well, well, well, I am eating a virgin pussy.

I slowed my tongue way down and could feel her put one hand on each side of my face and pulling me in her even more. I let the fingers I was going to use to finger fuck her slide around to play with the puckered lips of her asshole. As soon as I massaged it ever so slightly she threw her pussy at my mouth and screeched….”I AM COMING”

Her juices were instantly running out of her and I was busy licking them up. She still had her hands on my face and moved one to the back of my head and pulled my face even deeper into her pussy. I got the feeling she liked it.

She lay her head back against the sofa and said, “Cath, I never had anything like that done to me before. I loved it.”

“Great honey, I’m happy I was the first one to do it for you.”

We lay side my side for a good while just talking when I thought I would broach the obvious question. Would she eat me out?

“Sue, I knew you would like what I did to your pussy with my mouth because it is something I also enjoy.”

Without missing a beat she responded with, “Are you saying you would like for me to do that to you?”

“Oh yes honey, I would love it.”

She just looked deep in my eyes and I reached up and put a hand behind her head and put a little pressure pushing her down to my pussy.

“Cath, I’ll be happy to do it for you but I don’t know what to do.”

“Sue, just do what you felt me doing to you. You will be fine.”

That was all it took. She was down there and had her fingers opening my pussy lips so her tongue could get in on my clit. I was soon fucking her face with my pussy as she had her tongue buried deep inside of me. Just the thought of having a young virgin eating me out was enough to give me an orgasm never mind feeling what she was doing to me. It didn’t take long before I had my hand behind her head and holding her there while my juices flowed. I was able to bite my hand to keep the noises of my shrieks to a minimum. It was wonderful, even more so as I felt her lick my pussy up and down as she lapped up as much of my love juices as she could capture.

“Did I do it right Cath?” she asked like a little girl.

“Honey, you did it perfectly.”

“Cath, I loved doing that to you. Does that mean I am a lesbian?”

“Not necessarily Sue. We’ll have to see if you enjoy a man too and if so you could be considered bisexual just like me.

Things went along pretty much the same way for the next several months with Paul and I getting together at least once a week and Sue and I at least twice as often. I had contemplated getting a dildo and taking her cherry with it but had second thoughts and decided she would lose it to a good ole fashioned cock. The question was whose was it going to be.

She and I had just gotten finished with a pretty wild sexual romp in my king size bed and were just lying there talking about nothing in particular when that subject came up again.

“Cath, I think I would like to try it with a man. Could you help me pick one out?”

“Sue, I have been giving it a lot of thought as well and wondered if you had ever given any thought to having sex with your brother.”

“MY BROTHER, are you crazy?” She screamed.

“Hold on honey. You can have sex with him purely for the sake of sex and you wouldn’t have to go through some ridiculous long-term romance just to warm yourself up to opening your legs for the guy. You know and love your brother as it is so there wouldn’t be any preparation needed.”

“Geez, I never thought of it like that. How would I go about it … just walk up to him and ask if her would like to fuck his baby sister?”

I almost shit laughing with that and the harder I laughed the more she got into it and was laughing right along with me.

“How about if I invite him over to see some tapes and see where it goes from there. I might have to fuck him first just to warm him up and that wouldn’t be so bad; he is one good-looking young fellow. If it turns out that way it will give me the perfect opening to push some sex with you at him.”

Well, the plan has been set. Now it only remains to put it in motion.

A week or so later I was over seeing Paul when Mark walked in as I was leaving.

“Hi big boy. How are you doing?” I asked.

“Oh, Hi Aunt Cath. I’m doing great. How about you?” He responded with the almost obligatory reply.

“Super. Say, I just got some new porn tapes you might like to see. I know you and the guys watch some every now and then and I thought you might like to take a look at these without anyone else knowing about it. Namely your dad.”

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