Kate and Jake Ch. 10

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Thanks to Tigersman for editing…

Author’s note to the Anonymous commenters: According to Literotica’s writing guide in the Volunteer Editor’s section, ‘come’ is a verb, and ‘cum’ is a noun. ‘Mum’ is how we address our mothers in all UK English speaking countries – I’m Australian.

It was now a few weeks down the track since thirty-four year old Kate and her eighteen year old son, Jake, had enjoyed their first ever BDSM play session. As Kate had explained to Jake, true and committed lifestyle members usually start the courting process with a negotiating session in which they discuss their kinks, fantasies, likes, dislikes, and limits. In their case they found their ‘likes’ coincided; they had very few dislikes, only the things most people would not want to do; and no limits other than an undertaking that no matter how involved they got with each other, it wouldn’t affect their mother-son relationship, nor the way they related to any boyfriends or girlfriends who might come along – this was more important to Kate than an issue for Jake. As a mother she didn’t want incest to spoil his chances of him finding a wife one day or, indeed, just having a good time with girls his own age in the meantime.

As long as she was able to enjoy her beautiful son along the way, she was happy, and under no pressure to find a partner of her own. She had done what all women are instinctively prompted by instinct to do – have at least one child to pass on their genes – so there was no pressure on her to marry now she had a new relationship with Jake. As for fantasies, Jake didn’t have many, especially now he had a regular sex life at home. Doing it with his sexy mother, who he had secretly lusted after for years, was a big enough fantasy-come-true for him to blot out any other flights of fancy he may have had when masturbating before they got it on. Kate on the other hand did have a few fantasies that Jake was surprised to hear. A boy tends to put his mother on a pedestal and think, while she might be normal and enjoy sex from time to time, she is otherwise fairly pure of thought. Nevertheless, he was delighted to hear about the things she would like to try one day, and eager to be a willing participant.

“That’s a wonderful thing about incest,” she said. “Because we have known each other for all of your life, and most of mine, we really know each other, and can discuss these things in an open, frank, and honest way. I would be reluctant to admit some of my fantasies to a boyfriend, in case he thought I was weird, or respected me less as a result of confiding them in him. The freedom of being able to discuss anything and everything with you in such a relaxed way, knowing you won’t love me any less for it, is a freedom I cherish. Also, we can try things, and if we don’t like them, we don’t have to do them again – no harm done – but at least we can stop wondering what this or that might be like. It can be a bit tricky with unrelated partners… they might get the wrong impression.”

“I know what you mean, Mum, about this soul mate thing. It’s even more of a benefit for me, having only been with one girl before you, and I’m not just talking about the sex. I’ve learned so much in the last few weeks – stuff I would’ve taken years to learn, bumbling around with differing girls. Apart from sexual techniques, I’ve also learned how to make love, as distinct from just having sex.” He thought for a moment and then asked, “What do you have in mind, right now?”

What he was alluding to was the fact that as they lay on her bed, cuddling and talking, she had her hand on the front of his shorts and was tracing the outline of is erecting cock with her fingers.

“Well,” she said, “I know we have done something sexy and wonderful at least once every day since the first day of our new relationship, but in case you haven’t noticed, we haven’t done anything for the last two days.”

“I’ve noticed all right,” he replied, “and missed it, but with your shift work and my schedule, that’s just the way it’s worked out… unfortunately. Did you have something particular in mind, or do you just want to make up for lost time?”

“Hmm,” she said, shyly. “You know how we talked about fantasies?”

“Yes,” he replied, becoming very interested.

“Well, I’ve seen cum on your cock shaft, or dripping out of me, but I’ve never actually seen it spurt out of your cock, and for some reason I can’t get the idea out of my head. After two days abstinence you must’ve built up a bit of a load, s-o-o-o, I was wondering if you would mind if I wanked you and sucked you until you were ready to come and then watched it happen. You probably think your mum is very wicked for wanting to see that?”

He smiled and said, “Not at all, Mum. Go for it.”

He peeled off his T-shirt and she undid the button and zip on his shorts. She knelt at his feet, pulled them down, liberating his now erect penis, and discarded them. Looking him in they eye and smiling mischievously, she crawled Erenköy Escort forward and lay beside him, her head level with his crotch. She played with his cock for a few minutes, lifting it this way and that as she examined it in detail, and then put it in her mouth, while fondling his balls. She bobbed her head up and down several times before attempting a deep throat. After a couple of goes, she managed to get it past her gag reflex and he felt it slide down the tightness of her throat.

He lay with his head on the pillow, eyes closed, groaned, and said, “Oh, Mum, that feels so amazing!”

She managed it another couple of times and then, because of the gagging and copious amounts of saliva dripping from her chin, she went back to giving him a traditional but vigorous blow job.

He luxuriated in the glorious feeling of his sexy, very beautiful mother’s mouth wrapped around his engorged love tool as she fellated him. After a few minutes of her vigorous ministrations he said:

“I’m getting very close!”

With that warning she gave him a few quick sucks for good luck, replaced her mouth with her curled fingers on his saliva lubricated cock, and wanked him furiously as she repositioned herself so she was lying beside him, head on his chest, staring down at the eye of his cock, stroking him and waiting for the eruption. She felt his body stiffen under her as he arched his back, grimaced, and gave out a huge grunt.

The way she was gripping his cock caused it to be angled upwards a little and the first massive squirt went straight over her head, striking him in the face, and leaving a snail trail in her hair. The second spurt hit her fair and square in the face, creaming her nose and upper lip. The third spurt hit her on her chin, and the fourth one fell short but still managed to dump a copious amount of thick white goo on his abdomen. Then, as she continued to wank him, slower now, semen continued to flow out of his cock-eye and run over her fingers.

She moved her head down his belly, put his cock in her mouth, and sucked him dry like a vacuum cleaner. Then when there was no more to come out, she licked her fingers clean, turned her head to look at him and said:

“That was amazing! You know, I’ve never seen that before – probably because I’ve never wanked a guy all the way off. What a load! I’m not really surprised from the way you’ve filled me up before, but it was so awesome to watch. Thank you, Jake.”

“You’re more than welcome,” he replied with a grin. “It felt amazing!”

As they smiled and looked at each other, they both spontaneously burst out laughing, each thinking the other looked so comical, he with a big white blob of cum on his forehead, extending down the bridge of his nose, and she with a white moustache and a generous amount of white goo dripping from her chin in long white filaments.

“Come here, wench!” he commanded, and she was quick to obey.

Despite the cum on her lips, they kissed passionately. When they came up for air, she proceeded to lick his face clean. While the thought of him doing the same for her seemed a bit shocking to him at first, licking his own cum, the intimacy of the whole situation overcame his inhibitions. He thought, ‘what the heck!’ and returned the favour by cleaning her up with his tongue too. When he gathered up some of the bigger bits, and baulked at swallowing them, he transferred them to her mouth with a kiss, and she obligingly swallowed them, but he did swallow smaller amounts splattered around her face. Once he got started he discovered a whole new feeling of oneness with her, as if anything they did together was pure and beautiful… and he began to rejoice of the flavour of his own love juices as he kissed and licked her clean.

They kissed and cuddled for a while, and then she said, “I know you have a quick recovery time, especially after a couple of days off, and I was wondering…” and she trailed off as she looked for the words.

“Y-e-s?” he said in and enquiring tone of voice, and then decided to answer for her: “Were you going to ask me if I might be interested in doing something else?”

“Yes,” she admitted, “but I was thinking mostly of you. I know you’ve just had an orgasm, but I also know you like it more when it’s real thing… going off inside me, I mean. If you’re interested…?”

He rolled her onto her back, leant over her, looked down on her lovely face, and repeated her words: “If I’m interested? What do you think?” he said as he started to unbutton her blouse, while intermittently kissing her between each button. When all buttons were undone, he peeled her lapels open to expose her pert breasts and flat tummy. He kissed her again and she closed her eyes as his lips and tongue wandered down her neck and came to rest on her left breast. As he suckled on her nipple his hand wandered down her flat belly, over her miniskirt, onto her thigh, and then upwards until he was tracing the outline of her camel toe with his finger through the material Acıbadem Escort of her panties. He kept this up, alternately suckling on each breast while fingering her pussy from the outside of her knickers, until he heard, saw, and felt unmistakeable signs of arousal in her. He was pleased to feel himself rising to the occasion too, although this was not surprising because, as she quite rightly pointed out, the real thing was so much more of a turn on than a blow job and wank, even if the oral sex and masturbation was being administered by the most beautiful woman in the world (that’s how he saw her at this moment in time)… and it had been a couple of days!

As she raced up the climactic mountain, he hitched her miniskirt up around her waist, slipped his hand inside her panties, and did to her what she had recently been doing to him, finally moving his lips back up to hers and kissing her passionately as he wanked her with two fingers inside, his other hand on her breast, and his tongue well down her throat. His own arousal peaked as hers warned of imminent orgasm. When she cried out:

“I’m going to come!” he quickly and roughly pulled her pants down and off her ankles, spread her legs, reinserted two fingers into her vagina, and while leaning over her, looking down on her tortured face, he frigged her energetically. When she opened her eyes for a moment and gazed into his, it was as if they were looking into each other’s souls, and while in this mesmerised state, her face contorted, without losing eye contact with him, her body stiffened, and she cried out again.

He wasted no time in throwing a leg over her, and entering her. As he thrust deep into her he kept his eyes fixed on hers, and, as best she could, she did the same during her orgasm, which started with an explosion in her groin, followed by a tidal wave of sensation that spread down to her toes, and up to her scalp. her brain short circuited in the process, creating a burst of stars in her field of vision. The strong contractions of her vaginal and pelvic floor muscles on his rigid member quickly brought him to orgasm too, sometime between her first and second climaxes. She held his arms tightly and watched as his eyes rolled back and every muscle in his face contorted and combined in a grimace of agony and ecstasy as he paused, and then filled her up… and then she came again! – the intense mental stimulation of looking into his eyes while they were doing it, and watching him climaxing, was too much for her, and she suffered the exquisite pain and pleasure of aftershock after aftershock, as did he.

When he finally collapsed, first on her, but then immediately rolling off onto the mattress beside her, she pulled the covers up over their naked bodies and they cuddled for a long time in the afterglow. Finally, he said:

“That definitely made up for two days of abstinence.”

“It sure did, and I’ve also had one of my fantasies satisfied. It was so awesome to see you shoot your load, Jake, and now, every time you come inside me I can imagine how much love you are pumping into me. I’m sure those thoughts will make me come even harder, if that’s possible. The multiple orgasms I just had were amazing.”

“Mine too,” he confirmed as he cuddled her and let his hand wander slowly over her very sexy body.

“We haven’t seen a lot of each other over the last few days,” she said. “Any news? Any new young ladies hanging around my young man at uni?”

Jake chuckled and said, “Not any that I’m interested in. I’m not saying they’re ugly or anything – quite the contrary. The plain girls tend to hang back. It’s the dolly birds who are more confident and forthcoming.”

“Well, if they’re good looking, why aren’t you interested? You need to expand your sex life one day soon, Jake.”

“So, I’m wearing you out, am I?” he teased. “Novelty’s wearing off, is it, Mum?”

She gave him a painful dig in the ribs and said, “You’re a naughty boy for saying that. Heaven for me would be to be shipwrecked on a desert island with you, walking along the beach naked, and making love at every opportunity. You know that!”

“I do,” he said with a chuckle. “Me too, and that’s why I don’t encourage them. I’m not rude to them, and I allow them to keep face by telling them I’m seeing someone off-campus at the moment,” and sensing her maternal concern he added, “…but don’t worry Mum; when someone special comes along I’ll be available. It’s just that when I have everything I want at home I can’t see any reason to neglect my studies by spending a lot of time courting a girl for sex, at least not until Miss Perfect comes along.”

She snuggled in and said, “I’m happy you feel like that,” and her maternal concern faded away.

“That reminds me,” he said, “there’s one girl I’ve become friends with, just friends, and I was wondering if it would be okay to ask her around for lunch on Saturday or Sunday, depending on your shifts at the hospital?”

“I’m working both days, but Sunday would be good – I don’t Göztepe Escort start until three o’clock.” She sat up now, suddenly interested in this bit of news. “So who’s this new friend of yours. Tell me all about her.”

“Her name’s Madeleine, or ‘Maddy’ for short,” he replied.

“You’ve mentioned her before,” she said, “but never gone on about her so I assumed there was nothing to tell.”

“Well, there wasn’t anything to tell, until yesterday, but you weren’t around to tell. There still isn’t any great romance to announce,” he said. “She’s just a friend. She’s four years older than me, for one thing, so we’re not courting, if that’s what you were thinking.”

“Four years! I’m sixteen years older than you and that doesn’t seem to dampen your ardour.”

“But you’re my Mum and sixteen years is an extraordinarily small age difference between mother and son. On top of that, you’re the sexiest woman I know – more attractive and more desirable than any of the seventeen and eighteen year olds at uni.”

“Aww, Jake, that was a lovely thing to say,” she said as she slid back down under the covers and cuddled him, her hand automatically going to his cock, just as his often went unthinkingly to her breast. “Okay, tell me about her.”

Well, it started one day when I sat down at a table in the library to study, and she was sitting opposite me. She’s a medical student in her second last year. Next time I was studying in the library she sat at my table. I don’t know if it was by chance, given that the table was near the medical section, or because we got into conversation last time, and sort of knew each other a bit. I enjoyed studying with her, so next time I went to the library I actually sought her out. That time we had a coffee break together in the library café, and since then, when we’re both in the library, we always sit together. As I say, she’s four years older than me, and there’s no question of either one of us conning the other up. It’s just a very relaxed friendship with no ulterior motives. It’s relaxing and nice, not like sitting with someone you want to date, and having to mind your ‘p’s and ‘q’s.”

“That’s nice, Jake. It is nice to have a friend of the opposite sex who’s not primarily interested in getting into your pants. I’ve got a couple of friends at work among the doctors and male nurses like that. But, tell me, if there’s nothing going on between you two, what prompted you to want to bring her home to share a meal with us? …and, what did you mean when you said: ‘there wasn’t anything to tell, until yesterday’, huh?”

“Yes, well, we were having coffee yesterday and chatting about all sorts of things – we get on very well conversationally. She asked me if I had a girlfriend, and knowing she wasn’t flirting with me, this time I gave an honest answer and said: no, not at the moment. Until the right girl comes along I’m more interested in studying and getting good grades to set up my future. You?”

“I’m like you”, she replied. “Medicine isn’t an easy course, and your grades count a lot when a hospital is deciding who they are going to take on as interns, so, no, I don’t have time for a boyfriend at the moment – plenty of time for that after I graduate. The only downside is that I’m a normal girl with a healthy libido, and sometimes a sexual drought is almost as distracting as a boyfriend might be.”

“I said to her, surely a girl like you wouldn’t have a problem getting a bit of casual sex from time to time, or better still, finding a fuck buddy, you know, a friend with extras, so you two could get together for a bit of mutual satisfaction and relief when it’s mutually desirable, without having to take much time away from your studies at all.”

“Casual sex if out of the question,” she said. “Even in this promiscuous age, a girl still has to be careful of her reputation, especially if she wants to be a doctor one day, and command the respect of her colleagues and patients. A fuck buddy would be perfect and that’s why I brought the subject up. How would you feel about being my fuck buddy, Jake, just until the end of uni, or, I suppose, for as long as we want to keep the special part of the friendship going – no obligations, just a bit of gratuitous sex between friends when we feel like it?”

“Me? I said, gobsmacked. But I’m four years younger than you. Wouldn’t you be better off with someone your own age, a med student perhaps, so you could study together and have a sex break every now and again, instead of a coffee break.”

“She laughed and said, That wouldn’t work. Firstly, if we were the same age or he was a little older than me, then it’d probably end up becoming a normal girlfriend-boyfriend situation, which I don’t want at the moment. Secondly, the med students are a tight nit, gossipy group, and I fear that everybody would know about it sooner or later. As for you being four years younger than me, I don’t see what the has to do with it. I’m not proposing a long term romantic or committed relationship – although I do hope we’ll always be friends later in life, with or without extras. It’s just that both of us put our studies before partying; both of us are missing out on one of life’s pleasures and necessities; I like you a lot, and you seem to like me; so why not help each other out, huh?”

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