Julie’s Pantyhose Sex Ch. 12

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“What do you want Jenny?”

She moved forward and took a deep breath.

“I think it is time you had a few hard lessons in life. You have fucked up your own marriage, Lin and Mike are on the verge of divorce, and mummy won’t speak to you. Oh and of course, you won’t get any inheritance either, out of all those things I bet that hurts you the most,” she sneered.

“Fuck Lin and Mike, besides he could have stayed away. So why shouldn’t I get even with her? She and you fucked Barry, Lin told me herself.”

“Oh so that hurts does it? Well let’s just think for a minute. All those nights you thought he was playing darts. He was with me, for two years Julie, we have been having sex,” she said with a self satisfied grin.

“So what’s to stop me telling Greg,” I hissed back.

She crossed her arms and tossed her hair back like Joan Collins in a stupid Dynasty episode.

“He knows he was there. In fact Barry and I hardily fucked at all. He liked Greg and me to tease him.”

“You’re a liar Jenny he would never do that behind my back,” I spat.

“No? Sometimes we would make him lick me as Greg and I screwed. We even used to tease him, and he loved it. Now and then he would lick me afterwards, Christ I didn’t even have to ask him!”

I was close to lashing out at the cow, but Clive distracted me, he was unplugging my computer.

“What the hell are you doing?” I snapped moving forward.

Jenny caught my ankle with her foot and I went sprawling on the floor.

“He’s taking it away. Barry told me what you intended to do, he begged me to help. So we told him to have his fun with you, then Clive and I would take your computer away.”

I went to get up but felt a sharp pain on the back of my hand. Jenny had pinned my hand to the floor using the heel of her shoe. The stiletto dug in threatening to burst through my hand. I felt her grip hold of my hair and she yanked my head up. “Ouch!” I screamed.

“Oh poor Julie does that hurt some? Well it’s going to get a damn sight worse bitch!”

Clive was on his way out of the door with my computer, why the hell he was helping her was beyond me at that point. Still the computer was the least of my worries. I could feel tears forming, and Jenny would love to see me cry.

“Please let go, you can take the computer, have it. Ouch!”

She pulled hard on my hair again. I couldn’t ease the pain due to her heel still pinning my hand to the floor.

“Oh is that a tear Julie? Shame Lin and Mike aren’t here to see you bawl your head off. Now this is my victory, I must admit you really pissed me off from time to time. So whose Queen Bee now Julie? Whose number one? This is it, the end of the game, I’m about to win, and you are going to grovel at my feet!”

She yanked hard again until I was looking into her eyes, they opened wide; I swear I could see the devil in there! She threw my head down. I just had enough strength to stop it crashing against the floor. Despite trying not to I began to cry. She moved her foot off my hand. I quickly grabbed it to my stomach, and nursed it with my other hand. I sat there sobbing for a few minutes with my head bowed. I knew she was looking down at me. No doubt she was revelling in every second of my misery.

“What have you done?”

“Oh she’ll live Clive, shame though it is!” she spat.

“How can you let this happen?” I bawled looking up at Clive.

“Julie you are your own worst enemy. I’ve had to put up with you for years, all your bitching, teasing, and trying to turn your mother against me. God if you knew the trouble you caused between me and…..”

I watched him turn away. Then to my surprise I saw Jenny rub his back comforting him. Then she kissed his cheek!

“What the fuck!” I screeched.

I saw Jenny slip her hand into his. She looked at me and raised her eyebrows.

“What escort bursa is it Julie? Surely you guessed Clive and I had been seeing each other?”

I didn’t have a fucking clue!

“You complete bastard! The pair of you accusing me, and you two, are….”

“It is just sex Julie. Since your mum put the plug in a couple of years ago. Well poor Clive has been getting nothing.”

“Get out now or I’ll tell her everything, everything!” I yelled.

“Oh and do you think she will believe you her slut of a daughter? You will say and do anything to get in her good books. You know I told her everything about you and what you did to Lin. She even begged me to help stop you wrecking Barry’s chances with his new girlfriend.”

I suppose Jenny had a point, I was hardily top of mums Christmas card list!

“Still enough talk, it’s time you paid the price for fucking up people’s lives.”

I lashed out at her, but I felt Clive’s strong grip catch my wrist before it made contact with her smug fucking face. I looked up shocked into his deep brown eyes.

“No! You need to learn what it’s like to be on the receiving end for once,” Clive snarled.

I could see the muscle in his cheek tighten as he clenched his teeth together.

“Let me go you black…”

Again I was sent sprawling across the floor. This time it was Clive that landed a blow.

“Get her up stairs lets do this bitch!”

I looked shocked at Clive after his venomous words. It was like all the anger he had held back from his stepdaughter had finally surfaced. He bent down quickly and hauled me to my feet with ease. I was marched into the hall and up the stairs before I could react. Clive grunted as he threw me on the bed.

“No on the floor,” Jenny spat grabbing a handful of my hair.

“Ouch!” I screamed.

I went crashing to the floor landing hard on my back. Jenny let go of my hair and as I went to get up, I felt her shoe scrape down the top of my head. She had trapped my hair to the floor and pinned me down.

“Strip her!” she snapped.

Clive dropped to his knees and threw my ankles apart. I felt him rip my dress open.

“Please don’t do this, Clive you mustn’t,” I squealed.

“Oh stop bleating tart. Fuck her hard Clive.”

“Please let me on the bed,” I sobbed.

“Oh no the mattress will cushion the blow. No you are going to get it hard!” Jenny said with delight.

I felt my tights tear open. Then all of a sudden I saw 9 thick inches of black cock. I renewed my struggle. But Jenny just laughed as she pressed harder on my hair with her foot.

I looked up into Clive’s eyes, I was hoping for one last chance to plead with him. His face was taut as he shuffled further between my splayed legs.

“This will teach you bitch! I hope he splits you wide open,” Jenny growled.

Clive began rubbing his massive cock against my slit. He pushed in a little as I cried out. I could feel my poor pussy stretching as he pushed harder. I gasped and panted trying to cope as inch after inch pushed into me, until he stopped.

“All the shit I’ve had to take from you, you never liked me have you?” Clive moaned.

“I’m sorry, please take it out, it, it hurts,” I sobbed.

“Oh poor little Julie, snobby cow can’t take daddy’s dick.”

I ignored Jenny’s words. I saw a mad look in Clive’s deep brown eyes. Then I winced and cried out.

“Did you have to ram it in all at once?” I said sniffing back a tear.

He grinned down at me, and then looked at Jenny.

“He didn’t,” she said with a look of delight.

I got the rest in one swift movement. It almost caused me to pass out with the pain. He just stopped again with his cock buried deep in my poor cunt. I could feel his balls resting heavy on my ass.

“Don’t Clive, please don’t, it hurts!” bursa merkez escort I screeched in panic.

He smiled down. But it was Jenny who spoke.

“You have fucked so many people up you deserve this Julie. Clive is going to fuck you hard. It’s a shame you won’t get to enjoy it. It took me 3 or 4 fucks before it didn’t hurt anymore, but after all that’s the point here, we want it to hurt!”

I shrieked out as he began to move. I just as well have been a virgin because that’s what I felt like! I panted hard which caused Jenny to giggle.

“They tell pregnant women to do that, but I can tell you from experience it doesn’t help a great deal.”

She took her foot off my hair and moved away. Clive now fell forward and tried to kiss me.

“No you fucking don’t! This is her punishment just screw the tart!” Jenny spat.

Clive lifted his head away from me. I saw his white teeth clench together. He had upped the pace, putting real force into it. I began to cry out again and again, due to the increase of pain between my legs. Jenny knelt down next to Clive.

“Kiss me darling,” she purred.

I watched through tear stained eyes as the kissed passionately. When they broke she looked down at me.

“This is my finest hour Julie. I’m ‘Queen Bee’ now,” she said with a smug grin.

I watched her lips pout, and before I realised what she was doing I received an eyeful of spit.

“I’ll go and put the kettle on,” she told Clive.

I wiped her spit from my eye that had mixed with my tears.

“Uh, what are you doing?”

I felt Clive tugging at my clit until he began lightly teasing it. Suddenly the pain was second to the arousal I was feeling.

“Kiss me,” I whispered, “before she comes back.”

He looked over his shoulder, and then back to me like he was weighing things up.

“Go on Clive, it’s me your little girl.”

“No you bitch!” he hissed.

“Please, I know you have wanted me for years, and you’re rubbing me. You want me to cum too don’t you darling,” I whispered.

He looked over his shoulder again.

“It’s a shame you didn’t do this that day I was in fancy dress. You remember that school uniform don’t you?”

I had snaked my finger between us and began toying with my clit. He looked at me a little surprised.

“Well you want me to enjoy it a little don’t you,” I purred.

“Fuck Julie you are unbelievable!” he panted.

“All those wasted years when you could have been fucking me. Let me up now and we’ll get rid of her. Clive I can take my mums place. I’m I better fuck than Jenny, you’ll soon see darling,” I cooed.

He looked back to the bedroom door. I winced as his cock jabbed into me.

“Am I a better fuck than Jenny? What about mum? All those times we were alone. You could have been doing me. Kiss me Clive; I’m going, to….”

His head dropped, and our lips met. I groaned on the kiss and finally his tongue slipped into my mouth. I watched his eyes open wide. The surprised look on his face was soon replaced with panic, and then pain. I let go as soon as I tasted blood. He pulled away grabbing his mouth. He groaned and I saw a trickle of blood seep through his fingers. I pushed my knee into his chest and shoved with all my might. I cried out with pain again as his cock disappeared from my stretched pussy. But I was determined; I kicked my stiletto heel right into his balls. He didn’t know what to grab first, his bloodied mouth or his hurting bollocks! My victory was short lived. Jenny had grabbed my hair and was pulling hard. I was soon on my back and she gripped the hollows of my cheeks with her fingers.

“OK you cow. Clive will be back to put you on the fucking train at 11 o’clock tomorrow morning. So pack your stuff, and if I ever see you again I’ll shitting well bursa yabancı escort kill you!”

I felt a sharp blow between my legs from her right foot. I doubled up in pain, and curled up on the floor.

The house was quiet a few minutes later, apart from my occasional sobs.

I was packed and ready to go when Clive turned up.

“Mum not coming to wave me off then?” I said with a sarcastic tone.

He picked up my bags without a word.

“Well thanks for the lift Clive. Well you could at least wish me luck, or has a cat got your tongue?” I chuckled.

“Just get out and go,” he said with a wince.

“Your lucky I didn’t bite it off,” I spat viciously.

“Julie!” I turned round the packed London station. There he stood Uncle Alan, in a navy pinstripe suit. We hugged and kissed. Alan was 53 years old, with black hair and blue eyes. He was slim, and around 5’9″ tall, he always had a real devilish smile, like he could see something about you that maybe he shouldn’t, something you tried to hide. I suppose that was why he was so successful.

“So, how is my favourite niece?” he said with a grin.

I smiled, although I had tears rolling down my cheeks.

“Don’t worry I’ll look after you,” he said smiling warmly.

His house was immaculate, full of antiques, and good quality furniture. It sat in 4 acres of well kept grounds, right on the edge of London. The whole area was dripping in money and my uncle was slap bang in the middle! I was gob smacked by it. I mean I knew he was a top solicitor, but I never dreamed he was this well off. I didn’t see much of him for the first three days, but two days before Christmas he was home all day. He took me shopping in London, and before I knew it I had a girl in one department store for two hours as my personal assistant! I tried on countless outfits and before I realised it everything was being put into bags.

“Um, my uncle won’t like all this, I mean….”

“Madam my instructions are to ring up everything you try on,” she said with a smile.

“No I can’t have all of this, he’ll kill me!” I shrieked.

“I’ll kill you if you don’t.”

“Uncle I, I just tried things on, I never said I, I, wanted them all,” I stammered.

“What’s the damage Clare?”

“£2,356 Mr Harrison,” she announced without blinking an eye.

I watched him look around the shop.

“Get that in her size too. Now come on Julie we’ll go for a coffee while they load the car.”

I trailed numbly behind him, and looked up at the short slinky black dress he had pointed out. I swallowed at the price tag £499!”

I sat in my room staring at all the packages on my bed. My mind was floating somewhere in the clouds. The cook was dismissed after dinner was served, and we sat in the lounge. By the time the second bottle of wine had been consumed, I had spilled the beans on what had happened. Well not everything, but let’s just say I gave my uncle my side of the story. How I had to put with Barry screwing around behind my back, and everyone thought it was my fault! I even forced a few tears to make a good show.

“Well don’t worry Julie, you can stay here as long as you want,” he said lifting my chin.

“But I haven’t got a job, and you have bought me all those nice things.”

“Well perhaps you can do something for me. I could pay you to look out for things, and for me. How does £500 a week sound?”

My jaw hit the floor!

“Tomorrow I shall put a special gift on your bed to wear Christmas morning, then you can bring me a cup of tea and we’ll open your Christmas gifts together.”

“Really you don’t need to buy me anything else, and £500, I….”

He put a finger on my lip to shut me up.

“You are my niece and if you come to me in your Christmas gift, then well, you will never want for anything again.”

I felt him kiss my cheek, and then he pulled away then stopped. His eyes looked at my lips, and before I knew it he had planted a soft kiss on them!

So Christmas morning arrived. I got up and went to my own bathroom. I showered and brushed my teeth.

£500 a week I thought.

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