Jennifer 01: Adventure at the Mall

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The house was silent, except for ambient humming of the air conditioner. It had been that way since Jennifer’s son had moved out for college in fall last year. Her daughter had already been living on her own for a couple of years by then. Their father was not really present in Jennifer’s life anymore. She had initially taken the divorce quite roughly, but the years went on, and she grew older and wiser. Now at the age of 44, Jennifer had gotten a bit curvier than she would have liked to be in some areas, but more than anything, she was a voluptuous vixen. Her breasts were round and full, her hips wide and ass large but firm. Her 5’9″ frame stood on a pair of long legs that were toned from hours of workouts.

She was sitting at the computer in nothing but a bathrobe and slippers, having just cleaned herself up in the shower. Drops of water found their way from her still wet dyed-blonde hair, down her neck and collarbones, and into the spilling cleavage at the junction of her robe. Absent-mindedly checking her emails and browsing the web, she noticed that she had received a new message from the man she had been chatting with in recent weeks. She unconsciously bit her lip, and her heart started beating faster, as it always did when a new message had come from him. Jennifer was eager to see what he wanted to say, and opened it.

The message spoke briefly of how his week had been, and how Jennifer had been on his mind. He mentioned that he had really enjoyed the pictures he had received, and hesitantly mentioned that he had been quite turned on by seeing Jennifer in them. Finishing the message, he coyly mentioned that she could send pictures of herself to him any time, and not so subtly encouraged her to be more adventurous with them. This made her blush a bit. She had sent him a few selfies, and a full body shot that a friend had taken of her outside. Sure, the weather was quite warm, and she could admit to wearing something on the revealing side in those photos. But she was never the type to send raunchy, sexy, whatever you would call them pictures to somebody.

Jennifer felt a tingle in her body as she thought about his request. He had definitely liked her previous pictures, and she was making an effort to be more sexually open minded lately. Her thoughts lingered on the word “adventurous”… There were so many ways to interpret that. Something more public? Something more… naked? As she considered what it could mean, she noticed that her right hand had unsconsciously wandered under her robe and was cupping her left breast, tweaking a large mommy nipple between her thumb and index finger, the large breast completely filling up the palm of her hand.

She had planned to take a trip to the mall that afternoon to pick up a new headset for her computer. A desire sparked deep inside of Jennfier. A desire to make the trip adventurous.

Later that day, Jennifer was in the bedroom, inspecting herself wearing her chosen adventure outfit in the mirror. Her shoulder-length blonde hair had short bangs that framed her maturing face. She was wearing light makeup. Enough to emphasize her best features, but nothing too extravagant. A bra was holding up her large, full breasts underneath a light but modest maroon tank top. Below that was a matching maroon skirt, a bit on the tight side but loose enough to give her long, toned legs plenty of room to move. On her feet, she wore dark brown strappy sandals with a slight heel, and her toenails were painted a dark red to match the rest of her outfit. A bit on the suggestive side she thought, but an adventure was an adventure. She was also wearing what she called her “just-in-case” panties, a pair of black lace lingerie bottoms that did not see much wear in recent years.

As she was packing her things for the trip into her purse, she suddenly remembered something. A few years back, a friend had given her a gag gift at a party, presumably as a prank. Jennifer had mostly just blushed, put it away, and forgot about it. Why it came to her mind now she had no idea, but she wasn’t sure if she was quite adventurous yet to try it out. The thought of it excited her, however, and she squirmed where she was, not sure what to do about this. In the end, she decided to compromise, and simply bring it with her on the trip, hidden in her purse. It could be her little secret, and she wouldn’t have to pressure herself to actually use it.

Jennifer stepped outside and locked the door to her house. Her car was in the driveway, just outside. She unlocked it, got in, and started driving towards the mall. The sun was shining, and traffic was light as it was still early in the afternoon. While driving, Jennifer considered what she was going to do at the mall. Buy the headset of course, but… what about the main purpose of the trip? She was a goal-oriented woman, and decided to set a mission herself: Take at least one “adventurous” picture, that she could send to him. That felt easy enough that she wouldn’t get overwhelmed, and also make it harder for her to talk herself out of it.

She Escort bayan noticed that she had drifted off at a red light, and was once again idly fingering her nipple with her hand under her top and bra. Startling a bit, she blushed and wondered if the driver in the next lane had seen her… She dared not look over to confirm either way. Part of it hoped that they had, whoever they were. She wasn’t sure why, but the thought of a stranger seeing her fondle herself like that was pretty exciting.

She arrived at the mall parking lot, and found an empty spot. Taking a deep breath, she tried to focus her thoughts on what she was doing, but it was difficult to stop indulging her increasingly naughtier fantasies about what could happen that day. Take the picture, buy the headset. Then she could go home and relax again.

The car door opened and her sandaled feet stepped onto the parking lot pavement, warm winds blowing around the bare legs below her skirt. She scanned her surroundings. The parking lot was nowhere near full capacity, but the mall wasn’t empty either. Plenty of people were walking to and from their cars with arms full of shopping bags. Seeing the main entrance ahead, she took a determined breath and started walking towards it.

Well inside, Jennifer looked around. There were escalators, and stores of all kinds. A large map with directions was on a billboard right in front of her, but she wasn’t quite sure where to begin. She only had two things to worry about, but her mind was racing all over the place. There were quite a lot of people here. Did any of them know what she was up to? That she was being a dirty slut, not just for a strange man she had met online, but for the ever increasing excitement she felt building up inside of her? Of course they didn’t, but as the excitement grew, so did her anxiety. She decided to sit down in a café to gather her bearings and get used to the environment, while she planned her next move.

Picking a café at random near the entrance, Jennifer walked in and ordered a cappuccino. She sat down at a small table, and shortly after the petite waitress came over with her order. She reminded Jennifer of her daughter, but smaller. Jennifer wondered how many guys the cute waitress had slept with, or maybe she preferred women? Women her age are a lot more liberated than Jennifer was, maybe she has intimate piercings… She stopped herself. Her heart was racing, and what was her mind doing, wandering all over the place? Her chest was flushed, and her feet were having trouble finding a comfortable position to stay in.

Jennifer finished her cappuccino quickly, and asked the alluring waitress for directions to the bathroom. It was probably her current aroused state of mind playing tricks on her, but she could have sworn she saw a certain… gleam in the waitress’ eye as they briefly conversed. She focused herself and followed the directions to the cafe’s ladies room, a modest one with a few stalls and a pair of sinks below a wide mirror.

It was empty, and Jennifer got the idea to complete her main mission in there. Acting quickly before the situation changed, she dug her phone out of her purse, and pointed it toward the mirror with the camera app running. She could see that she was blushing a bit, her face and chest both having a reddish hue. Snap. She took a picture, focusing the camera on her chest area just above the cleavage that was hinting at her full, heavy breasts. It was over and done, and she could now go get that headset and go home, should she want to.

Something inside her decided to act before she could reason about it further, and she snapped another photo, this one with a bigger emphasis on her actual breasts. She felt so dirty doing it, but she could not stop herself. With her free hand, she pulled her dress down slightly on one side, revealing a cup of her bra, behind which a hint of her dark araeolas showed. She didn’t care. She liked it. A heavy breath escaped her mouth as she pulled both her bra cups down, revealing her dark, erect nipples. Another photo.

The bathroom door opened, and Jennifer felt a jolt of panic shoot through her body. She all but slammed her phone on the sink counter beside her purse, and hastily pulled her bra and dress up, not quite making it look proper enough to evade suspicion. The sound of a door creaking was followed by heeled footsteps, and Jennifer could see the reflection of a woman entering the bathroom in the mirror. Another one of the café’s guests. Part of Jennifer had almost hoped that it would have been the waitress, and that she hadn’t quite managed to cover herself up, had it been her…

The strange woman walked past Jennifer and mostly ignored her, entering the left stall and locking the door. Jennifer’s thoughts were racing, and in her stress and excitement she decided that it would somehow make her look less suspicious if she used the other stall. She wasn’t sure why, but the coffee had made her bladder fill up, so she had to go anyway.

Jennifer locked Bayan escort the stall door behind her, and tried not to breathe too heavily. There was a small gap in the wall between the stalls at the floor. She hoped that the other woman would be done soon so she could be alone again, and lucky or her, she soon heard the other toilet flush followed once again by heeled footsteps, this time walking towards the bathroom exit. She allowed her breathing to get heavier, as was a bit short on it, and finally alone again. Those thirty or so seconds with that other woman in the stall had felt like an eternity.

She put her purse on the floor, and sat down on the toilet seat, reaching in under her skirt and pulling down her black lace panties to her ankles. Looking down at her feet, she could see that her panties were absolutely drenched with her wetness. Without stopping to think, she leaned down and, stepping out of her panties, she picked them up and held them in her hand in front of her. She could hear thoughts coming in her head, trying to talk herself out of what she was about to do next, so she decided to act quickly again. She stuffed her wet panties in her purse, and dug around for the gift package, finding it and pulling it out.

Fumbling to open the package, she eventually succeeded and pulled out its contents. A small, but solid, aluminium plug for her ass. Riding on a wave of almost animalistic lust, Jennifer stifled a moan by putting the plug in her mouth, sucking on it to make it slick with her saliva. Drooling around the plug, she put her hands behind her back and skillfully undid her bra. She allowed a muffled moan to slip out of her throat, stifled by the plug in her mouth, as she fished the bra out of her top. She started peeing into the toilet, and tweaked her nipples through the cloth of her top, closing her eyes and enjoying the relief she was getting and the simultaneous arousal of everything she was doing, not to mention the sensation of her aching nipples getting rubbed roughly through the fabric.

When she was done peeing, she put the bra in her purse as well, and got up. Remembering her mission, she put a foot up on the toilet seat, angling her leg out to the side, and pulling her skirt up. She found the phone in her purse, and spreading her pussy with her free hand, she snapped a picture between her legs, making sure everything was visible, from the curly dark pussy hairs on her mound, over her neatly trimmed and now slick wet pussy lips, all the way to the plug that was covering up her puckering asshole.

She exited the stall. The bathroom was still empty, but Jennifer was unsure if she even cared at this point. Her whole body was on fire, and she wanted more. She straightened herself out in the wide bathroom mirror and washed her face with cold water in an attempt to reduce the obvious blushing. Her hard nipples were sticking out like daggers through the fabric of her top. There was nothing she could do about that. There was nothing she really wanted to do about that, at the moment.

She smiled at the cute waitress on the wait out of the café, and she could see her gaze fixating on the obvious protrusions at the tips of her large breasts. Jennifer still had that headset to buy, she wouldn’t leave without it, but she was still on her mission. Her little adventure in the bathroom had only left her wanting to explore more of that side of herself.

Seeing all the people walking around the mall, Jennifer started becoming anxious and doubting herself, but she was so aroused that she couldn’t imagine doing anything else but powering through and continuing her adventures. While walking around, she could feel her ass gripping the cold metal plug tightly, the cold flat handle sticking out of it right next to her hot, dripping pussy. She found directions to an electronics store, and went up an escalator to find it. She wondered if anyone below her could see the sparkle of the aluminium plug, or the drops of pussy juice that were making her upper thighs slicker by the minute. She kind of hoped that someone did.

After a few minutes walk on somewhat shaky legs, Jennifer found the electronics store and walked in to start browsing. It was a fairly small store, and she found the section with headsets on display in short order. In her imagination at the very least, she could feel the gawking eyes of the store employees and the other customers, feasting on her full mature figure as she walked with determined steps through the store, the slight heels on her sandals emphasizing the tone of her long legs, and nipples guiding the way like arrows through her top. She imagined that the plug had set off a silent metal detector at the entrance of the store, and that the female employee knew exactly what had happened, because she had also…

“Excuse me madam, do you need any help?”

Jennifer startled and blushed, but gathered herself quickly and smiled. Before her was a handsome young man in black khakis, wearing a polo shirt with the store logo. He had an inch or two Escort on her in heels, and his body was obviously chiseled, even under the modest store employee uniform. He had a youthful face, with dark eyes and a full head of dark hair, reminding her a bit of her son, if slightly taller and more muscular. She cleared her throat, and explained that she was looking to buy a new headset for making calls to people over the internet.

The young man selected a few examples from the shelves, and started talking about them, presumably explaining different price classes or something along those lines. Jennifer was too focused on the sensation of the plug in her tight asshole. She could swear it was puckering in and out on its own, as her pussy was throbbing from her adventures that day. In her mind, the young employee was no longer wearing a shirt. He stood close to her, her hard nipples burying into his bare muscular chest, and gently teased a finger into her eager ass while running his fingers through her hair and breathing heavily into her ear.

“So, what will it be? Do you know what you want yet?”

“I want…” Jennifer snapped back to reality. She wanted so bad for him to just pull her skirt up and take her right then and there. “I think I’ll take these.” She pointed at a random pair of headphones in a plastic casing. She didn’t know why she picked those, but they looked like they would do the job. The young man walked her to the counter and rang her up, making jokes and very friendly small talk along the way. He made sure to touch the small of her back when he excused himself to squeeze behind the counter, sending a jolt from Jennifer’s spine all throughout the rest of her body. She gave him a big smile on the way out, and was sure that he was looking lustfully at her big, round ass as she walked out the store exit.

She was now done with both her mission and her errand, but she didn’t feel quite ready to leave yet. Her pussy was aching, her nipples were harder than ever before, and she wanted to escalate her adventure a bit further. She decided to go try on some clothes.

After a brief stroll through the mall, with the plug in her ass constantly reminding her of its presence, Jennifer found a store that sold women’s fashion. With a vague idea in her mind of what she wanted to do, she walked in and started to browse. Trying to seem already decided, so that the store employees would hopefully leave her alone, she started looking through skirts and dresses. The fit wasn’t the most important thing right now, she was looking for something sexy and revealing. Having gone through a few garments, she settled on a long white skirt that was almost see-through with enough light. There were probably sexier things in the store, but she wasn’t going to waste more time browsing.

She found an empty changing room, went in, and shut the curtain. The curtain was the only thing veiling what she was about to do from the world around her, making her nervous but all the more excited to do it. She pulled off her maroon skirt, placed it on the changing room bench, and pulled the store’s white skirt up to her waist. In the abundant light of the mall changing room, she could clearly see the outline of her dark pubic hairs through the white fabric of the skirt. She snapped a few pictures of herself like this, with the see-through part of the skirt clearly visible. She also snapped a few in the mirror after pulling the skirt up to reveal her bare pussy. The pubic hair on the mound was dark and curly, and the glistening pussy lips below were visibly red and swollen. Her erect clit was poking out from under its hood.

Jennifer sat down on the changing room bench, leaning against the wall with her legs spread and her eyes closed. Her hand found the soft fabric of the skirt, and moved over it towards her hot pussy. She started to rub her clit frantically through the white cloth, thinking about the man she was going to send the pictures to, and what he was going to after seeing them. About the cute waitress in the café, who had reminded her of her daughter, and had greedily admired her visibly aroused breasts. About the handsome young man in the store, who had reminded her of her son, with his broad shoulders, and how he must have been able to tell how aroused she was. Her rubbing grew more frantic as her mind wandered, and the skirt was now visibly soaked through from being ground against her dripping wet pussy.

In the distance, she heard the voices of women talking about how a queue had formed to the changing rooms. She snapped back to reality, and realized what she was doing. How much time had she taken up in that little cabin? She had no idea. Her clit was throbbing and her pussy was aching to be filled. Using all her willpower to stifle a moan, Jennifer tried frantically to finish herself off, but knowing that there were people waiting outside made it difficult to concentrate.

A little bit frustrated and embarrased, but mostly still turned on, she decided it was time to get going. She looked at the skirt, and seeing the big wet spot, she felt her face flush with warmth and could see it turn red in the mirror. Jennifer wasn’t sure what to do. Thinking was difficult, all she could focus on was finding somewhere to finish satisfying her eager cunt.

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