Jen and Mike Ch. 21 Pt. 01

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This story is a homage to another current author Xleglover who has developed these 2 characters in another category. For the full history of Mike and Jen please go to the loving wives category and read He fucked my girl, All in my head, Making it work and Consequences. All of his stories are excellent but those four in that order tie into the first part of this story somewhat. I have taken the characters in a slight different direction into an alternate universe that it is now 18 years in the future and they have a daughter who will through circumstances discover all about her parents past. He was kind enough to give me permission for the use of his characters as long as I let Everyone know this is an alternate reality to the one his stories take place in.

Just a few notes on this chapter, it is really long so it’s split into 2 parts. The second part is 99% finished and should be up a day or two after this one. I apologize in advance to any purists who will find disagreement with any of the actions of the two main characters.



This morning was a wealth of activity on two separate coasts. All of it revolving in one way or another around the Andrews family. In Connecticut the morning had been a busy one because Mike had not packed the night before. So he was finishing up filling his suitcase with a few choices of clothes.

Jasmine hadn’t mentioned any specific type of clothes to bring for the interview so he wanted to cover all his bases. Casual, dressy and in between, so it meant a suit and a few other changes of clothes. To him it seemed to be way too much for two or three nights away from home but he was a guy. Jenny had helped him pick out what she thought he would look best in, even Jesse had chimed in with a few opinions.

On the surface it seemed like a normal morning but there was definitely a tension in the air at home. Even though he’d shared a very special night with his wife last night he could easily see her mind was already on the upcoming weekend here at home. They’d actually made love the night before and he had made her cum on his cock. It was special for both of them and when they fell asleep it almost felt like the clock had turned back years to when they were first in love.

Now however he could feel her anticipation of tonight rolling off her in little waves. He saw Jesse whisper to her a couple times and knew they were talking about tonight and what it held in store for them. It hurt him that they felt the need to make it a secret conversation but he didn’t push it. It was probably for the best that they did because they both knew how on edge he was about the arrival of their guests later in the morning.

Jesse came up to him and gave him a big hug because she had to head out to school for another final. She wished she could go to the airport to drop him off with her lover. She also wished she could go because Jenny was going to be picking Scott and Allie up at the same time. She was already wet thinking about how decadent the upcoming weekend was going to be for her and her mother.

Last night she had watched the copy of the Vegas DVD that her mother had left in her room the week before. While her parents were next door making love she’d been in her bed shoving one of the extra large dildoes in and out of her pussy. She wanted to be ready for Scott’s monster cock tonight and had felt a little extra stretching couldn’t hurt. She had stared at the screen watching how expertly he had been fucking her mother years ago. It was almost too surreal for her to accept that the same cock on the TV plunging in and out of her mother would soon be doing the same thing to her little teenage pussy.

She was going to be on a sexual high wire all day and wouldn’t be able to relax till she had her first orgasms on that wonderful looking piece of meat. She shivered inside thanking Cheryl silently for convincing her to get on the pill a year ago. She hadn’t needed it back then because she had no one in mind to give her virginity to. Now however she was happy she was using them because there was no way in hell she wanted to feel any rubber separating Scott from inside her pussy and she also craved the feeling of his semen shooting off the walls of her pussy.

As she hugged her father she leaned in and kissed him on the cheek and whispered to him, “Thank you for this weekend daddy, I know you aren’t really comfortable with it so thank you even more. I hope you will be able to join us on Skype tonight because I want you to see me, I want you to see me cumming on a real cock. You do want your mistress to cum tonight don’t you my pet.”

Mike winced slightly hearing those words especially considering he had made her cum the other night with his little cock. He knew she was playing with his feelings at the moment though and accepted the teasing in the spirit it was given.

“Yes mistress I want you to cum tonight. I want you to cum with all your lovers tonight and I hope I can see it all. I promise to be on the computer bursa eskort tonight too to witness it all first hand. I want to see my mistress’s face as she cums on his cock.” he said without mentioning Scott’s name.

Jesse hesitated for a bit knowing her father’s unease but went forward, “Whose cock daddy, whose cock is going to be making me cum tonight? I want to hear his name come off your lips. I want you to tell me that you want him to fuck me!”

“Oh god, mistress please, I don’t think… “

She gripped his balls in her hand and squeezed lightly, “Pet I haven’t given you any permission to play with this over the weekend. You know you are going to want to while you watch us. You don’t get any permission unless you say it!”

“Oh god, okay… Scott’s cock, Scott’s is going to be making you cum tonight. I want you to fuck Scott and cum on his cock!” Mike whispered.

“What else daddy pet, what else do you want him to do for your mistress?”

He seemed confused and couldn’t guess what she was going for in her question. “I’m… not sure what you are asking… “

“Think it through daddy pet what happens when a man fucks a woman at the end… ” Jesse teased. She saw the light go on his head and saw the pain increase in his eyes when he realized what she wanted him to say.

“Please don’t Jesse… “

At the mention of her name she squeezed a little tighter on his balls, “Jesse? Do I look like your loving little girl right now? Jesse doesn’t have your balls in her hand right now!”

“M..m..Mistress, I am sorry. Please don’t ask me to say that.”

“Come on daddy cucky, you’ve gone this far just finish up like a good little pet. Tell me

what you want Scott to give me tonight. If you do I will give you advance permission to play with your little cock as much as you want this weekend. Think about that, you won’t have to ask permission over Skype while Scott sit’s here with his cock inside me or mother.”

So he let the words leave his lips, “I want him to give you his cum mistress, I want him to cum inside you if it makes you happy.”

She smiled up at him and knew her work for the morning was finished. She hugged him tightly and once again whispered in his ear. This time it WAS his little girl not his mistress.

“Thank you daddy, I don’t want you to worry either. I know you don’t know it but I’m on the pill and have been for some time. Please try and have fun with the whole thing this weekend daddy. I need you to know that no one can ever make me think less of you, I’ll always be on your side. It’s just lots of fun and I want it to be just as much fun for you too.”

“Thank you baby, I know you do. I think once the moment is here I will be so hard I’ll burst. It’s just the anticipation affects me differently than you or your mom. Mine is a buildup of anxiety that makes it exciting for me.”

“I know daddy, I think I understand your needs pretty well. So now ask me what you need to ask and I will give you what you need.” she teased in a playful voice.

“Mistress may I please have permission to play with my little cock while I watch you and your mother get fucked this weekend. Please may I stroke my insignificant penis while a real man’s penis pleases the two of you.” he said with more conviction.

“Well said my pet, yes you may play with that cute little cock to your heart’s content all weekend.” she said and kissed him goodbye.

On the other side of the country Jasmine Kelly was having an early morning discussion with her partner. It all revolved around Mike’s impending visit there. If Scott was considered an alpha male Jasmine was his female counterpart minus the arrogance. She had always been able to set her eyes on things she wanted in life and gotten them. Mike Andrews was the one thing she failed to get.

She had set her eyes on him early on when they first met. It didn’t matter to her that he was married at the time and that was even before she knew anything about the unique lifestyle he led with his wife. There was just something about him that made her feel like a teenage girl with a crush.

She had never been the type of woman who was impressed with the jocks on campus. She always felt that the muscle that mattered the most was inside one’s head. Intellect was a major turn on for her and it was one of the reason she felt drawn to a career in hard news. Most women in the news industry with her looks had always gravitated towards the fluff or just became a talking head behind a desk. That wasn’t what she had ever wanted and she made sure she always put herself in the middle of the harder stories when she could.

She recognized Mike’s brilliance almost immediately after meeting him and the fact that he was pretty damn easy on the eyes didn’t hurt either. He was responsible for one of her first major newsbreaks early in her career too so that endeared him to her even more. When he developed Sapphire, the program that would be the cause of both his rise and decline in bursa bayan escort the software world he had given her an exclusive. Her abilities as an interviewer had shone through and had opened the eyes of her superiors.

It didn’t hurt matters any that the two of them seemed to have an easy chemistry between them either. The interview had felt to her like she was talking to a buddy and not some major brain that was about to turn the investing world upside down. If she thought back on it she could almost feel like she fell in love with him in the middle of it.

After that she had tried to make sure she was around him wherever it happened to be, always trying to make it look like a coincidence. Then when she found out about the strange nature of his relationship with his wife she felt she might stand a chance to pull him away. After all what they were living was in no way fair to him and she felt like it was her mission to let him know. She could almost understand the idea of an open marriage but a marriage where only one half gets to play seemed selfish and wrong to her.

When she actually did find the opportunity to ask him about it he just made it sound like she didn’t understand. Evidently he was a lot more complicated a person than she had ever imagined. He made it sound like he actually enjoyed knowing his wife was screaming in pleasure at the hands and appendage of someone other than himself. But she could see the angst on his face when he would tell her about it. She honestly didn’t believe he enjoyed this, maybe he had fooled himself into thinking he did for some reason.

One thing was for sure though he was deeply in love with his wife. She didn’t stand a snowballs chance in hell of pulling him away from her. She could have stood nude in front of him and even though she was sure he would have noticed he would not have taken advantage of it. It was a major blow to her ego too because she wasn’t used to being denied what she wanted.

Since then she had never met another man who had affected her in the same way so she had never married. She knew she carried an unrequited torch for Mike and she also knew that the idea of the twentieth anniversary interview was a thinly disguised ploy to see how he was doing in his life. He did deserve the interview and the chance to finally clear his name and reputation from the government scandal that had almost ruined him. She was just hoping against all hope that the wall that Jenny his wife represented might be more unstable after all these years. She also wondered to herself if they still lived the same lifestyle they had all those years ago. She thought it would be impossible to keep that kind of secret living where they did. Also with him being a high school teacher and them having a daughter that was on the verge of being a woman she thought it would be too much to maintain that level of secrecy.

So she sat at the breakfast nook of her Beverly Hills home and was discussing all this with her life partner. Jasmine wasn’t gay and neither was her partner but they were both heavily bi-sexual. Circumstances had played out that had led them both to living with each other of a number of years now neither one having ever been married. They both liked men and would share one on a regular basis if they found someone interesting but those relationships never lasted long.

Opposed to what many men would think it isn’t easy to be the third wheel in a relationship with two women who love each other. It is not easy for the male ego to accept that a woman could be equally important to another woman as he could be. Because of that none of the string of men in their lives had ever been willing to accept the polyamorous relationship they wanted.

“Jas honey I hope you aren’t setting your heart up this weekend. I know you have never let go of the dream.”

“I know, I know, I just can’t wait to see him. It’s been a lot of years and lots of time has gone by I just don’t know why I have never gotten over him. He never even knew how I felt either because it would have been pointless to tell him.”

“You got that right, the way he always fawned over her, she was nothing but a selfish slut if you ask me! He deserved someone like you and you deserved to be happy with him too.” her partner told her.

“Thank you sweetie, I appreciate your support. Even if nothing has changed it will still be nice to re-connect with him for a bit. I just wish you could be here too I know he would love to see you.”

“Hmmm it would be nice to see him too but you know I have business up the coast. I can’t miss those meetings or it will cost a pretty penny. You said he’s leaving Sunday I will try and get back early to at least say hello. Are you going to tell him about us at all?”

Jasmine smiled at her partner, “I don’t think I will have to tell him, he’ll see all the pictures of us together when he stays here.”

“What! Oh you evil manipulating witch what have you done?”

“Umm bursa ucuz escort let’s just say that when he goes to check in his hotel they will have mysteriously lost his reservation.” Jasmine said with a big grin.

“Okay honey I see you are getting ready to pull all the guns out this weekend. Remember one thing though, I love you too. If you had hooked up with him all those years ago we wouldn’t be here today and ii wouldn’t trade you for anyone.”

“I know honey, and I wouldn’t trade you for anyone either. Just think though we have always been looking for a third, someone who could accept our relationship and be a partner. Wouldn’t you think that because of his background Mike would be the perfect candidate? Remember also that you actually got to make out with him all those years ago in a hot tub. You were the one who came the closest to making him play outside that selfish bitches control.”

Tara thought back to all those years ago, she had definitely had a bad case of the hots for Mike Andrews. They had a huge age gap but she didn’t care, she wanted to jump his bones when she found out that his wife was screwing one of her college friends all while he sat there. She had been the one to tell Jasmine about his unusual relationship too because they met for the first time that very weekend.

She had met Jasmine at the bar and started venting about men and how she didn’t understand them. She didn’t know that Jasmine knew Mike and was telling her about this guy and his strange fetish. Then when he walked into the bar and pointed him out to Jasmine it got them talking even more. They had developed a friendship that weekend and had actually wound up sharing a mattress on that trip. Jasmine had never had a problem with her attraction to women as well as men but it had been Tara’s first time.

They had an on again off again affair over the years after that. Finally they decided that since they weren’t into getting married they settled on living with each other. That had blossomed into love for the both of them and now they considered themselves partners. They had considered briefly getting married with the advent of same sex marriage but decided against it for a number of reasons. Number one was the dream of meeting a man to share their lives with.

Jasmine truly felt that Mike could be that man for the both of them. He was so well fitted to sharing a lover especially after his game with his wife. It all was one big fantasy right now in her mind but she was the Alpha female after all and was used to making her fantasies reality. She would spend a large part of the weekend seeing if Mike’s home life was a stable happy situation. If it wasn’t she was ready to put on the claws and see if she could shred it to pieces.

Tara looked at her and just shook her head, she had seen the same look on Jasmines face before. It was a determined look that shouted don’t try and stop me. She wasn’t going to be around to see what happens this weekend but she hoped her Jas’ wouldn’t get too deep into her need to capture the one thing in her life that escaped her.

“Well baby you are a grown professional woman, don’t expect me to tell you not to do something you want. I wouldn’t be showing my love for you if I did that. Just know that I will be here to pick up the pieces for you on Sunday if he shoots you and your ideas down in flames,” Tara told her while hugging her tightly.

‘Thank you, I love you more every day knowing how right we are for each other. Don’t worry either I won’t jump in with both feet it’ll be more like putting my toes in the water to get the temperature.”

In another household actually not too far away from where Jasmine and Tara were discussing Mike, another couple was openly discussing his wife Jenny. Scott and Allie were just leaving the house on their way to the airport. Both of them were excited because it was the first time they were going to spend time with Jenny in over 19 years. It was going to be a reunion for the record books in Scott’s mind.

He was having similar thoughts as Jasmine about stealing a member of the Andrews family away but it was Jenny he wanted. He knew this weekend would bring all the memories of the amazing sex he had shared with her and his wife. He was sure he knew what made Jenny tick when it came to the bedroom. Now that she had decided to renew her slutty ways after so many years of living a chaste family lifestyle he wanted to get her back.

The last time the three of them had been together he knew that Jenny had almost made the decision to leave Mike to live in a threesome with him and Allie. He was enraged inside when she had chose to go back to Mike rather than stay with them. He knew she loved his cock and the way he always rocked her world. He never could understand her love for Mike. In his eyes the guy was a disgrace to his gender and was one step away from becoming a confirmed cocksucker.

It was a blow to his ego like he had never taken when Jenny chose the to stay with the pseudo fag and live her life with him. So when Allie had given him the news the week before that Jenny was back in the game he almost did a dance of celebration. He was able to maintain an air of interest without going overboard. He didn’t want Allie freaking out about what he wanted to make happen.

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