Jacuzzi for 8

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Public Sex

True story:

(Well, mostly anyway)

The first day of our vacation couldn’t have been much worse: my wife got a terrible sunburn and was so uncomfortable by evening that we had to leave the restaurant halfway through dinner. Back at the hotel room I spread Solarcaine or whatever it’s called everyplace her bikini hadn’t covered (which was almost all of her), which unfortunately left me with a boner that was just going to frustrate me.

Adding to the fun, my wife’s sister and her husband, who’d joined us at the hotel, had been fighting non-stop the whole day.

The lotion finally made my wife comfortable enough that the sleeping pills could have their way with her.

It was just past midnight now, and I was actually thinking about surfing for some porn on my iPhone, which is NOT what I’d been expecting to do on the first night of our romantic vacation.

The hotel bar closed at 11, I knew, and I thought about getting into the car and driving into town for a bar that was open – but the mood I was in I might drink too much, and it’s not as if my wife could come and collect me.

So I decided to settle for a Coke instead. I knew there was a machine in the hotel lobby. The hotel was designed like a big donut, with the courtyard and pool in the middle, so I figured I’d save time and steps by cutting across to the lobby.

As I passed the jacuzzi next to the pool, I saw a group of people inside most with bottles of beer in their hands – and they saw me. One woman stood, and called me over. “Come join us,” she said, “we’re one man short.”

“Sounds like fun,” I said with a smile, “but I don’t have my suit.”

She laughed. “Neither do we. Just strip down to your underwear.”

“I don’t know,” I started to say. Then I noticed that what I thought was her bikini was actually a bra and panties. Oh, what the hell… it was dark, and I wasn’t really sleepy anyway, and they seemed friendly enough to offer me a beer. I quickly stripped down and as I eased myself into the tub next to the woman without a partner, I got a couple of surprises: two of the women in the water were topless and one of those, the one they had me sitting next to, was my sister-in-law Diana.

I tried to keep my eyes forward, also trying not to appear to be staring at the other topless woman, a thin woman with wild curly hair. Even without staring I could tell that her breasts were small, but with fat, very hard nipples. And just like that, my dick was good and hard again. I probably couldn’t have gotten up out of the water if I’d wanted to.

Introductions were made: the woman who’d invited me in, let’s call her Anna to keep things simple, was at the hotel with her husband Al kilis escort and their friends Betty and Bob. They came across the jacuzzi just after the hotel bar closed, and were just buzzed enough to strip down and get in. Betty wasn’t wearing a bra, hadn’t even packed one for this trip, and decided she didn’t care, hence the two hard nipples I was trying to avoid staring at.

Carlo and his girlfriend Christy had been wandering past, and were invited to join them.

And then Diana, who was fed up with her husband and decided to get some fresh air. And when Betty told her she was lonely being the only topless woman in the tub, Diana didn’t hesitate before tossing her own bra to the side.

I offered part of my story – that my wife was back in our room sunburned and drugged – but left out the part about Diana being my wife’s sister, which would have seemed too weird. The time to have said something, ideally, would have been before I got half naked and got into the water.

I had an arm around her, out of necessity, but I was being careful not to touch her improperly.

I wondered whether everybody else were getting a bit suspicious that I wasn’t looking at Diana at all. I’d seen her in bikini tops before, and other clothing that showed off her body, so I couldn’t imagine any straight male not paying a lot of attention to her bare breasts. Al, Bob and Carlo were certainly paying attention to them, to the extent that their significant others probably weren’t too pleased.

Even without looking at her breasts, I couldn’t ignore the fact that the jacuzzi was getting pretty crowded and our asses were pressed together. From what I could see through the water, she seemed to be wearing fairly brief panties. I was wearing boxers, but they were thin and silky and were clinging to me like a second skin. Well, we were dressed for our respective romantic vacations, right?

Christy was on the other wide of me, pressed against me just as hard, and it didn’t feel as if she were wearing more than a thong.

Diana seemed to know what I was thinking, and leaned into me and whispered “I don’t know how this could get more awkward.”

And then as if on cue, Betty said “We need to make more room,” then stood up (she was wearing a thong, making her as close to naked as a person could be) and sat on her husband Bob’s lap.

“Good idea,” Anna said, climbing onto Al, then Christy got up and sat down on Carlo. As she settled in, Carlo quickly unhooked her bra and threw it to the side. “Naughty!” she said to him, with a grin.

“Let’s do it, Anna,” Betty said, and as Anna was hesitating before taking off her own bra, Diana got up (very tiny boy kırıkkale escort shorts, I saw), whispered into my ear “We will never speak of this again. To anybody, ever,” and settled onto my lap.

After a minute or so she began squirming around, trying to get into a position where my dick wasn’t trying to impale her through two very thin pair of underwear. Which of course was only making my dick harder.

And I don’t think she realized that to the others, it looked like the opposite: that she was trying to work my dick onto just the right spot between her legs.

Across from us, Betty gave us a smile and began grinding rhythmically on Bob’s lap. He looked surprised, but certainly not unhappy. He’d also had his arm around Betty’s waist, and now he moved both arms up her body to cup her small breasts. Betty made a soft, contented sound.

Encouraged by this, Al brought his hands to his own wife’s breasts and began rubbing them. There wasn’t any pretense that this wasn’t sexual, if not actually foreplay. Diana and I had started a chain reaction by trying to avoid sexual contact.

Not to be outdone, Christy stood up, turned around, and got back onto Carlo’s lap facing him. They kissed, energetically and noisily, and we could see that Carlo had slipped his right hand down the back of Christy’s panties.

I was starting to whisper into Diana’s ear that we’d better leave before things go too far, when she took both of my hands and brought them up to her breasts. I’d be lying if I said I’d never fantasized about having my hands on her breasts, sister-in-law or not.

That shut me up, and she said “We’ve already crossed way too many lines. And if I don’t cum, I’m going to scream. And I think you’re ready to cum any second.” She ground herself into my lap as she spoke, which made what she was saying all the more true. “And if I’m going to make you cum anyway, it’s no worse if you do it inside of me.”

“If I what??”

“Just this once, okay?” she said, sliding off of my lap while gripping the waistband of my boxer shorts. I lifted myself up just enough that she could pull them off.

Somehow I was able to convince myself that as long as she was the one pulling them off, I wasn’t doing anything wrong.

She climbed back onto my lap. Somehow, she’d gotten rid of her own panties without my noticing.

Diana motioned over at Carlo and Christy with her head. Christy was bouncing up and down on Carlo’s lap now, and we could see she wasn’t wearing panties either. Presumably he was equally naked. They were fucking in the jacuzzi in full sight of the rest of us, and this is when I realized that I really was about to kırklareli escort fuck my wife’s younger sister.

Diana lifted herself up just enough to grab my dick, then lowered her body down until she enveloped it. Holy shit.

I’d never cheated on my wife before, or even come close. We’d met as teenagers, and I’d only ever had sex with one girl before her. And now here I was balls-deep in Diana, and all I could think about was how warm and wet and tight she felt, and how she was groaning in my ear as she bounced up and down on my dick.

I didn’t even notice that Anna was sitting on the edge of the pool to the right of me, naked, her legs spread wide and Al standing in front of her with his face in her pussy, until she shouted “Oh, fuck!” and Betty, braced against the wall with Bob ramming into her from behind, said “Hush, you’ll get us all arrested!” And then both women laughed, as much as anybody can laugh when they’re on the verge of cumming.

This all made Diana even more aggressive. “Wanted this, needed this so much,” she was gasping. And finally she came, and she sounded like her sister when she came, and I knew somehow that should have made me feel guilty, but it didn’t. “Keep going,” she said, “More. Keep going. Cum in me.”

“Are you sure?” I said, wanting more than anything to shoot a load into her. But somehow I thought as long as I didn’t cum in her, it wouldn’t be as bad.

“You need to cum, you need to fill me up,” she said. “I’m ready to cum again so hard. Make a baby in me! Show me how strong you are, show me what a man you are, knock me up, knock up your wife’s little sister. Do it.”

Was she really unprotected? Was she saying this to scare me? To turn me on? Whichever it was, it certainly worked: I’d never been more turned on in my life, and never more terrified while having sex. “Do it, do it, do it,” she was shouting rhythmically, raising herself just enough that my dick was half out of her, then shoving her body down hard onto me, again and again, making me afraid she was going to hurt me, and afraid of getting her pregnant, and horny enough that I couldn’t think straight. I was vaguely aware that the other three couples had stopped what they were doing and were watching us.

“OH, FUCK, YES!” she shouted as I came inside of her, and came and came, as if every drop of cum were being pulled out of me, somehow certain that I’d never cum again that hard in my life. Swear to God, I think I almost passed out.

And I know that if she really had wanted me to knock her up, if her womb were fertile and waiting, that would have done the job.

In the quiet night, Diana might as well have been sounding a church bell. Everybody scampered out of the tub and quickly put on only the necessary clothing – their shorts, shirts for the ladies, just carrying their underwear and shoes – and scattered off toward their respective rooms.

But Betty stopped as she was passing me, put her lips next to my ear, and whispered “Room 103, right now!”

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