It Was A Hot Humid Day In Alabama Ch. 04

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All Characters are above the age of Eighteen! WARNING this story contains INCEST and SCAT.

Martha stood on her tippy toes; as she reached up to finish stocking the top shelve with pet supplies, before quitting for the day. Her toes squished in her sweat drenched flats. She couldn’t wait to go home to be pampered by her son Roy. While stocking the shelves, she found a pink dog collar studded with sparkling gems, and matching leash. She quickly finished, then she grabbed the collar and leash, paid for them, and punched out for the day.

Her mind reeled with anticipation as she drove home; her pussy tingled while she obsessed about how she was going to give Roy his gifts. She kept the Air conditioner turned off, causing her to perspire like a fat pig, so Roy could lick her clean.

When she stepped out of her car, her cunt felt like the Okefenokee Swamp, her plump mound of sticky wetness swished in her pants as she strolled into her mobile home. Roy was sitting alongside the ottoman, wearing his favorite pink baby doll nightie.

Martha sat and perched her feet on the ottoman, flipped off her shoes then said, “Are you my good boy?”

Roy nodded, “Yes Mommy.”

She inspected the house and everything appeared to be clean and in its proper place. She smiled, “OK, sweetie you can suck Mommy’s feet.” Wiggling her toes.

Roy leaned forward and inhaled the pungent aroma of his mother’s sweaty feet. His cock instantly grew hard in his silky panties. She watched his head bobbing up-and-down as he sucked her big toe. His heart pounded inside his chest, as he savored the taste of his mother’s sweaty feet.

Martha leaned to one side, raising her ass cheek, and let out a toot. She sighed as she sunk back into the couch. She unbuttoned her shirt, released the clasp of her bra and her sagging breasts dropped, resting on her fat belly. Roy’s Tongue slithered in and out between her toes, while she slid her hand down her pants and began to diddle her dripping pussy. Roy lost himself in the excitement, tasting the salty flavor of her feet, mingled with the strong stench of her fart, he felt drunk with pleasure. He sucked each toe, and then carefully bayburt escort licked the arches of her feet, and then he slurped on the balls, and finished by sucking each heel.

He finished, and looked up at his Mommy with eyes that were pleading for her approval. Her fingers dripped with cunt juice, as she removed them from her pants and held them out, waiting for Roy to sucked the cum off of them. Only streaks of red lipstick lingered on her fingertips after he sucked off all the nectar. Motherly pride welled up inside of her, as she gazed at her son who was kneeling on the floor beside her. Roy’s eyes lit up, as his mother removed a pink dog collar from the bag sitting beside her. Roy didn’t speak, as he held his head up high. She gently buckled the collar around his neck, and adjusted it. Martha then peeled off her pants and leaned back on the couch. Roy rested his head on her lap. “Are you Mommy’s good sissy boy?” She whispered.

He gazed at her with his dreamy brown eyes, lined, with eyeliner and pink shadow. He smiled, “Yes Mommy I am yours forever.”

Martha slowly opened her fat thighs and then Roy lifted her leg, positioning himself on the floor between them. The scent of his mother’s pussy made his head reel with desire, saliva rolled down the center of his tongue, and dribbled between Martha’s shaved, bulbous pussy lips. He gently licked her clit, savoring the tanginess. Her body shuddered with orgasmic ecstasy, while releasing a thunderous fart. Roy felt the warm air blow against his face as he continued eating her cunt. The stench from her bowels wafted up his nostrils then permeated his entire being like a drug pulsating through his veins.

Martha, spread eagle, slid her ass forward to the edge of the couch. Her sphincter hovered in Roy’s face. He slowly lapped her puckered brown hole, which tasted salty and sour. “Oh yes baby lick Mommy’s ass.”

His tongue snaked its way inside of her rectum, until the tip of his tongue met the rough edge of a turd that was hiding deep in her bowels. He swirled his tongue, lubricating the walls of her shit tunnel. Martha held her breath and pushed the turd bilecik escort forward, while Roy watched as her puckered asshole opened, and the brown log revealed itself. He welcomed her steaming shit into his mouth, as it slid out of her poop tunnel.

Martha sat up and held the end of her turd, “Suck my log like it’s a big brown cock.” Roy obeyed his head bobbed back and forth on her turd. It melted in his mouth; he swallowed then sucked it more. Her log slowly shrunk with each pass until there was only a small piece left. Martha slid the last piece of her shit onto Roy’s tongue he sucked on it as if it was a piece of candy dissolving, until it was gone.

Martha’s cunt throbbed, as she looked down at the bulge in Roy’s panties. She thought herself, god I need to be fucked so bad, it has been years, but he is my son I don’t know what to do? A fire burned deep inside of her pussy, her swollen clit ached more with every heartbeat. She stared at Roy dressed in girls lingerie, wearing make up, with a streak of shit on his chin and around his lips.

“Roy do you want to be my good sissy boy forever?”

“Yes Mommy, pleasing you is the only thing that makes me happy, I was depressed before I started licking your feet, now I have a purpose and something to look forward too. I never want this to end, I want to be yours forever and ever.”

Choked up with emotion her eyes welled up with tears, and a squirt of pussy juice spurted from her cunt. “Are you OK, Mommy?”

She sniffled and wiped away the tears, “Yes baby I feel the same way, I never new you could make me feel so happy and complete. Your are my little darling, since we both feel the same way I want to ask you something”

“You can ask me anything, I love you with all my heart”

A Shiver ran up her spine, as more juice squirted from her cunt, “Do you want want to stick your pee pee inside of Mommy?”

His eyes locked with hers, he realized he stopped breathing, he took a deep and breath and replied, “Yes, I wana put it in you Mommy. I always thought it was wrong and felt ashamed.” He rested his head on her lap; Martha felt his teardrop running bingöl escort dripping down her thighs and into her pussy.

Martha watched him as he knelt between her and pulled down his panties. His smooth seven-inch cock stood erect. He wiggled his hips position himself between Martha’s chunky thighs, and slowly slid his shaft inside her.

His eyes rolled back in ecstasy, as his mother’s warm wet pussy swallowed his young manhood. The head of his cock became hotter the deeper he pushed. She lifted her legs in the air resting her feet on his shoulders the motion of the cosmos washed over them, his hips began to sway thrusting his cock in and out of his Mommy’s wet cave.

Bouncing forward,” OH, yeah baby, fuck Mommy good!”

He pushed faster and deeper inside of her. Juice oozed from her swollen vulva, dripping onto the carpet. His balls tightened, his cock throbbed, and he continued to pound her harder until loosing control of himself. He slamming his Mother’s pussy, until he started to cum, he felt one spurt after another filling his Mother’s cunt it seemed like eternity, and Martha felt like she was filled with a gallon of cum, as she came along with him. Her fat belly jiggled as one orgasm after another, shook her being.

Roy collapsed on her, out of breath, and dripping with sweat. Martha lifted his head, and pulled him close, looking into his eyes; she kissed his plump young lips. A slow passionate kiss ensued between Mother and son.

After a few minutes of adoring kisses, Roy broke away from her lips, “Mommy I have to pee.”

Martha smiled, and reached into the bag that she brought home from work, and removed a matching pink leash and clipped it onto Roy’s collar, “OK, Mommy will take you for a walk so you can go pee pee.” She stood up, put on her robe, as Roy got down on all fours, still wearing his pink baby doll without panties, his limp cock dangled between his legs.

He followed his mother on all fours, to the back door, and outside. She led him to middle of the yard, “This looks like a good spot for you to go.”

He squatted like a female dog and relaxed his bladder. He felt relief as the stream of pee flowed.

A little stream of pee hit Martha’s foot, she smacked him on the butt, “Keep your pee away from my feet, or I will spank you again.”

Roy smiled, and straightened up, and finished his business without any other accidents.

“Good boy lets go back in the house.” She led the way.

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