Indian Family Reunion

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Usha walked gingerly down the small trail in the woods of Kodaikanal, looking for the brook. She could hear one down below. She dodged low branches of the lush trees that lined the narrow trail, making her way down to the water for a refreshing bath. She was wearing a knee-length robe over her underwear, and carried a small plastic bag containing her fresh clothes.

She had come to this heavily wooded campsite with her 19-year old son Ashok. It had been their annual ritual during Ashok’s spring break for the past five years since her husband suddenly died of heart attack while on a business trip overseas. At the young age of 40, Usha found herself widowed, with a teenage son to rise. Her older daughter Latha had gone away to college, and Usha was left to take care of the household by herself. After the initial shock had worn off, Ashok had told his mother that he would take care of her, and true to his word, he had been an exemplary son, helping out in all the chores, and taking on many of the routine jobs which his father used to do. Usha had become very fond of her son, and adored him tremendously. She depended on him, and he on her, and they had developed a very strong bond of love between them.

Usha kept thinking of how the five years had gone by, as she got closer to the water. She could see glimpses of the shimmering surface through the dense foliage, but she was still a few hundred feet above the water. As she turned to her right past a rather large tree, she suddenly came upon a clearing through which she could see the gently flowing stream of water. She stood there, watching the beautiful sight, looking at the reflection of the clouds above, and the thick forest along the bank of the brook. She was about to move on, when she caught a glimpse of a man in the water, as he stepped out and reached for the towel. At first she did not recognized him, but in a moment realized that it was her son, Ashok.

Usha watched as he scrubbed himself clean. Her eyes grew in disbelief as he vigorously scrubbed his groin, massaging the whole area as he dried himself. She could not believe the size of his cock as it grew due to the friction of the towel. In a few moments it was stiff, pointing at his belly. She suddenly felt guilty watching her own son like that, and moved on, making her way down to the water. She knew he had not seen her, because she was well hidden by the foliage. Besides, he had been too busy finishing up to realize that she was standing above him.

Ashok looked up as she came down the trail, and smiled.

“Good morning, Mom. Did you sleep well?” He picked up his towel and moved toward her.

Usha simply nodded, looking at her young son’s slim body. He had put on his shorts and tee shirt, and was scrubbing his hair. Ashok gave her a hug, and kissed her on the cheek. Usha kissed him on his head, giresun escort and turned to look for a place to put down her bag.

“How’s the water, Ashok?”

“Oh, it’s great. Very refreshing. I know you will like it. But to really enjoy it, you have to go skinny dipping.”

“Not when you are around, Ashok,” Usha replied.

“That’s okay, Mom. I understand. I am heading back to the cabin. But I suggest you do go skinny dipping.”

“I’ll see.”

“Okay. I’ll see you later. Don’t be too long. We have to be at the Dining Hall by 8. You have 30 minutes to get back to the cabin.”

“Okay. Now go.”

Ashok laughed, as he watched his mother fidgeting and blushing at the thought of going nude in the water. He turned and started walking back up the trail.

“You know, Mom. You shouldn’t worry about skinny dipping. You are quite good looking,” he said, as he waved at her, and disappeared in the foliage.

Later at the Dining Hall, Ashok leaned over to his mother, and asked in a low voice, “Did you do it, Mom?”

She looked at him blankly at first, and then realizing what he was asking, smiled at him, and said, “Yes, Ashok. You were right. The cool water felt so good against the skin. I feel quite refreshed. Thanks for the tip.”

Ashok beamed with joy. He looked at his mother. She looked radiant. She was 45 years old, but looked not a day over 35. She had managed to maintain her slender but well-endowed figure by regular exercise, and as a result, her breasts showed no sag despite bearing two children. She was nearly as tall as her son, who was a few inches less than six feet tall. Because of her height, her otherwise large breasts did not look overly large, and she carried herself quite gracefully. She was a vivacious woman, full of life and energy, and stunningly beautiful. Ashok was very proud of her.

“You look so gorgeous, Mom.”

“Thanks honey. You are also quite handsome. What is the plan for the day?”

Ashok told her about the hiking trip after breakfast, and then some outdoor games following lunch and siesta. The campsite people had planned a camp fire at night, if the nice, sunny weather held up through the day. Usha listened to her son, catching his enthusiasm and joy in the outdoors activities. As she watched his animated face, the earlier sight of him coming out of the water floated back into her consciousness.

Usha recalled his youthful form, and bit her lip as the memory of his erect organ, jutting out from his golden bush, came back. She looked at his face, and his blonde locks, his narrow chin and straight nose. She found his deep blue eyes very fascinating, as she always had. He was handsome, and now as he became an adult, he had taken after his father, showing signs of the same rugged, athletic look her husband had. gümüşhane escort She missed her husband very much, but now she was quite happy having her son around. He was the best son any mother could have, and she was very proud of him.

She recalled how, when he graduated from high school, he declined all the offers from big schools, even those that were willing to offer him scholarships, because he wanted to stay close to his mother. He loved her very much, and after his father died suddenly, he made a decision never to leave her alone. She knew he had sacrificed good schools for her, and she was extremely grateful. Now in his second year at the local college, Ashok was very popular with his professors and especially the girls. But he kept the girls at bay, not wanting anything to distract him from his studies and his mother.

Usha patted his hand, and said, “Which group are you going with?”

“I don’t know, Mom. How about you? Aren’t you going hiking?”

“I haven’t decided.”

“Then join our group. I’d love to hike with you.”

“Okay. Go and find out which group we’ll be in. I’ll get ready. Do you suppose I could wear shorts, or should I stick with my jeans?”

“Anything is okay, Mom. You look gorgeous in anything.”

Usha laughed. She knew it was true, but she loved to hear it from her son. She knew he simply adored her, and was very proud of her stunning beauty. She also knew that he was still almost like a child, and quite innocent in the ways of the world, considering he was already 19 years old.

She got up, and said, “All right, Ashok. I’m going to the cabin. You find out where we are supposed to meet, and get me. I think I’ll change into shorts, and your dad’s shirt. It is very soft.”

“Great, Mom. I’ll get you when they are ready to leave. I want to talk to some other kids for a while.” He kissed her on the cheek, and left.

The hike turned out to be quite an adventure. Ashok stayed close to his mother, making sure she could negotiate the narrow trails which sometimes got too close to the edge of the hillside. They hiked along the trail, circling the brook, and stopped for lunch at almost the same spot where Ashok and Usha had bathed that morning. Ashok sat next to his mother, and said, “Isn’t this the best spot, Mom? Nobody can see you from above until they are practically on top of you. I love the privacy of this place. So how did you like skinny dipping? Will you do it again tomorrow?”

“Maybe. How many people know about this place?”

“Oh, everybody knows about it. But our cabin is closest to it, and so when I come here early, I have the whole place to myself. There is no one to watch you if you want to swim in the buff, or lie naked in the water. It feels great. You should try it, Mom.”

“I don’t know. Someone hakkari escort could show up suddenly, and then it would be quite embarrassing.”

“How about if we come early in the morning, Mom? Nobody gets up before 7. We’ll get here by six, and then we’ll have a whole hour. How about it, Mom?”

“Won’t the water be cold so early in the morning?”

“Not too cold. This brook comes off of a hot spring a couple of miles upstream. So the water is kind of warm. The Indian guide told us last year that the water has many medicinal qualities and cures all skin diseases. He said the Indians always bathe in this water, and the medicine man uses this water to make his medicines. So it would be perfect for us, Mom. Is it a deal?”

“Let me think about it, son.”

“You are not sure about skinny dipping in front of me, is that it?”, Ashok asked.

Usha didn’t know how to answer him. He was always direct, and candid about how he felt, and what he thought. He was a simple, innocent young man, and that was one quality she loved in her son. So she knew he expected a straight answer.

“I think so, son. I am not sure it would be a good idea.”

“Okay, but I think you are making a big deal about it, Mom. I mean, you have seen me naked many times before. And frankly, I don’t see why you are shy about it yourself. You have a great figure, Mom. You should be proud of it.”

“It’s not that, honey. Of course I am proud of my body. But you are not a child anymore. You are a grown up young man. It would be okay for you to be nude in front of me, but not for me to be nude in front of you. I am your mother.”

“Okay, I am not pushing. But it is really no big deal. It’s not like I don’t know what a female body looks like. I have seen pictures in magazines.”

They got up, and headed back to the cabin, before going to the Dining Hall for lunch. Usha said nothing. She did not know if she could handle her feelings and reactions looking at her son’s nakedness. She had been shocked to find that the sight of his nude body that morning had caused a mild response from her. She had felt the hardening of her nipples, and a tingle between her legs. She knew it was not a good sign, and so she did not want to confront the situation.

Ashok was quite considerate of his mother. He figured the reason why she had declined was that she did not want him to see her naked body.

He had seen her slender, curvaceous form many times, and knew she had a very firm and voluptuous body. He had often reacted to her femaleness, especially around the time of her monthly period when her body gave out strong female smells. He had found himself being aroused by it, and also at the sight of her body clad in her favorite silk night dresses which clung to her body. He knew she slept in the nude, just as he did, and had often caught glimpses of her breasts or hips whenever he passed by her bedroom in the morning. He was often attracted to her physically, but had never entertained any erotic thoughts about her. She was his mother, and he simply loved her. And he loved hugging her and kissing her, enjoying the warmth of her body at such times.

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