Incest Roleplay: Trapped In A Storm

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Another roleplay I did on another forum. Thanks to Coladrinker for doing this with me

Sister: Ok so it’s Memorial weekend and me and my big bro are at home alone waiting for our parents to come back from out of town…the only thing is that there is a huge thunderstorm heading our way that warns everyone to stay indoors. I’m trapped at home with my brother all alone…..

Brother:I sigh at the Weather Channel report, then I go and look out the window. It’s midday and it was already starting to get dark as the clouds roll in.

“Looks like a really bad one, sis,” I say. I turn my head back to my baby sister on the couch, where she was watching the report with me. “And I know how you’re scared of thunder and lightning.”

Sister:I watch frightfully knowing that thunderstorms have always scared me. “I hate these storms bro. I hope mom and dad are ok. I hope they don’t worry about us.”

I continue to watch the TV report. My brother puts his arms around me as if he’s trying to console me. “It’s ok sis,” he says, “I’m here for you. Remember when we were kids and you were so scared when it rained. I’d lay down with you and you’d fall asleep with me.”

I smile. “I do remember. That was so nice of you bro.”

My bro gives me a gentle squeeze and strokes my hair. “I’m here for you sis.”

My heart races…..

Brother: “Hey, I got an idea!” I say. “You wanna play a game? We’ve got Monopoly, Risk, Parcheesi…you know, something to keep your mind off the thunder…”

She gives me a wicked smile. I see a gleam in her eye. “How about we play…Truth or Dare?”

I raise an eyebrow. Truth or dare? I think. Hmmmm…the possibilities…

Sister: I giggle…”yes truth or dare, don’t you remember we used to play as kids?”

My brother shifts closer to me and I to him. “Ok sis we’ll play truth or dare…who goes first?”

I grin wickedly. “Me. Now let me ask you bro…truth or dare?”

Brother: return her wicked grin. “Okay, sis,” I say. “Truth.” The raindrops hit the window, faster and harder this time. It wouldn’t be long until the thunder and lightning would become more frequent.

Sister: I turn to my bro and giggle….”ok is it true that you made out with Rachel Stevens (a real nerdy girl) behind the gym your senior year?”

Brother: I laugh. “What?! Nooo. She kissed me, but we never made out behind the gym. I think she has eyes for Rick Carson (the football player).” I give her the wicked smile again. “Okay, sis, my turn. Truth or dare?”

Sister: Hmm…I think and say, “I’ll take truth as well…” The rain outside begins to pour…

Brother: I look her straight in the eye and ask, “Who did you have a major crush on in school?” The lightning started flashing in our windows and the thunder was getting louder.

Sister: I blush and do not dare to say it’s my own brother i have a secret crush on…so I lie…”I had a crush on…Jerry Thompson” (the captain of the basketball team) I stammer.

Bro looks at me in disbelief knowing I’d never check out the jocks. “Are you serious?” he asks me.

I squirm on the couch and nod. “Yes I am. Why don’t you believe me bro?” ….

Brother: I look into her eyes. She looks upset. “I didn’t say I didn’t believe you, baby (my nickname for my baby sis). It’s just…that…”

“What?” she asks, staring back at me.

“Well…Jerry Thompson’s one of those guys that loves ’em and leaves ’em, sometimes on the same night. Then he brags about it to his friends afterwards, sometimes in explicit detail. I wouldn’t want to hear about that about you if you decided to hook up with him. I’d be beside myself with anger.” I take her hand. “I love you too much for you to be hurt like that.”

I couldn’t tell how much I really felt about her, that my love for her was beginning to be more than just a sibling type of love. I didn’t know how she would take the news that the love I had for her was unnatural for a brother and a sister to have; yet, it felt so right to me. That’s why I couldn’t understand why she had a crush on a jerk like Thompson, a guy who bangs girls just for the bragging rights.

Suddenly, a white light fills the room for just half a second, followed by the loudest clap of thunder either of us ever heard. Sis jumps and screams in terror at the sound.

Sister: “W-what was that? This storm sounds pretty bad!” I say in terror….

I feel bro come from behind me and put his arms around me. “It’s ok baby, I’m here. I can assure you we’ll be safe…”

Just then another loud roll of thunder hits and the lights go off leaving me and my bro in a dark room filled with silence and only the sound of the storm outside. “Ahhhh” I scream out and my brother holds me closer.

“Shhh, it’s ok baby. I’ll get some candles.”

“no wait! Don’t leave me…I’ll go with you…”

He laughs softly. “Ok baby. Here hold on to my hand…”

We head up to our parents room to get some candles…

Brother: When we reach our parents’ room, it’s nearly pitch Escort bayan dark. I can’t see where the closet with the candles is. My dad told me that they would be on the floor in a box, but I’d have to see which one of the two sliding doors I’d have to open “You’re gonna hate me for this, sis,” I joke. “I have to wait for a bolt of lightning to find the closet.”

“Do you have to?” she whispers, pleading. In the dark, she sounds like she’s about to cry. My heart aches at the sound.

“Hey,” I tell her, “it’s okay. Tell you what…just wrap your arms around me and bury your head on my back and close your eyes. When the lightning hits and I see the closet, we’ll walk together like that towards it.” I laugh at the idea and she starts to chuckle. We both imagine how ridiculous we would look walking like that.

Finally, she agrees. “Okay,” she says. I guide her arms around my torso as she places her head and her torso against my back. I hold onto her arms, for reassurance. “I’m ready,” she says.

I could feel her fully formed chest, complete with her rapidly pounding heart, on my back. She is completely terrified of this storm. I want to turn around and hold her in my arms, and kiss her luscious lips and whisper to her that I’ll protect her from the storm or from anything else in the world that scares her. But I can’t! I keep reminding myself I’m her big brother, nothing more! I don’t know how she would react to my romantic overtures or whether she feels the same.

Finally, the lightning illuminates the room. I see the closet, and the bed we have to walk around. “Here we go,” I murmur. Baby holds me tighter as the thunder booms overhead.

Sister: Bro grabs a few candles and matches and I still hold on to him. He lights one candle up brightening the room. “That’s much better,” he says turning around and handing me the candle. “Here baby, go put that by the nightstand there. We can hang out in mom and dad’s room if you like. They have only two windows which makes it better to avoid the lightening.”

I smile. “Yes let’s stay here. We can…talk or whatever,” I say nervously.

Bro lights up two more candles and I make my way to mom and dad’s bed. I lay down and stare up at the ceiling listening to the thunder and rain outside. A few seconds later, I feel bro lay next to me and I turn to face him. He holds my hand, “see it’s all fine now sis. We got light now and once the storm is over you’ll be just fine.”

“Thank you,” I whisper and lean over to kiss him softly on the cheek…

Brother: “You’re welcome,” I whisper back. I caress her cheek and kiss her on the forehead. We stare at each for a few moments. Her eyes are sparkling in the candlelight.

More thunder and lightning. Sis moves closer to me. Our faces barely touch. My heart is pounding faster. I don’t realize until moments later that the back of her hand, which I was holding was against my chest. My eyes widened just a bit. Did she feel my heartbeat?

“You…you know,” I stumble, “we could still play Truth or Dare…”

Baby nods. “Yeah,” she says softly. “We still could. Who’s turn is it?”

“Mine,” I say. I reach up and move the hair out of her beautiful face. My brain, which seemed to be smarter than I would ever be, is screaming at me to stop, don’t say anything else, move away from her, just be her brother. If you do this, you’ll be sorry, it says.

I don’t listen to it.

“OK,” my mouth seems to be saying, but later I wouldn’t remember moving it. “Dare.”

Sister: I feel bold now having my hot brother so close to me. The candle lights dance around us and only the sound of the storm surrounds us. “Ok…I dare you…I dare you to kiss me,” I finally say.

Bro’s eyes widen from shock. I’m sure he’d never expect his sister to ask him for a kiss…”K-kiss you?” he stammers…

“yes,” I whisper.

“Kiss you where?” He asks nervously.

I smiled and put his finger against my lips. “Right here” ….

Brother: She dares me to kiss her, me, her own brother, on the lips. My heart is beating a mile a minute. I keep thinking to myself if this is some kind of joke, if she found out about my crush for her, and she’s just stringing me along until she laughs in my face. But…but…she wants me to kiss her. She can’t know…

Can she?

I look into her eyes once again. She looks at me, wanting me to kiss her. I see no trace of malice, no sign of mischief. I gulp once, then screwing up my courage, I lean closer to her.

My lips brush up against hers. I open mine slightly, enough to kiss her. I give her what I think is a friendly peck on the lips. As I kiss her, she presses her lips harder against mine. She’s kissing me back!

Sister: My brother’s lips against mine feel so wonderful! I part my lips slightly and kiss him. We kiss so innocently like two people enjoying their first kiss…

Bro quickly backs away leaving me yearning for more of his kiss…”uh well…that was one…that was one hell of a dare sis,” he says nervously.

I Bayan escort feel my heart racing. “ok it’s my turn,” I say trying not to sound disappointed that bro pulled back.

He gulps and finally speaks. “Truth or dare…”

“Dare,” I say….

Brother: Our kiss was wonderful! When I pulled back, I saw her face as if she wanted to continue. She looked disappointed when I didn’t. I keep wondering if she was responding to my kissing her.

Now she’s daring me , and I keep wondering if we should stop with this game. But I know in my heart of hearts that we should keep going.

I feel my lips drying and I consciously lick them. Finally I sigh. “I dare you to kiss me again,” I whisper.

Sister: I don’t hesitate one minute longer and move closer to my brother slowly placing my lips on his. He is kissing me back, I can feel it. Our lips part slowly and suddenly I feel him sliding his tongue in my mouth! Oh god my brother actually wants to French kiss me like a boyfriend would!

I let his tongue explore my mouth and then my tongue meets with his. We share a long wet deep kiss thta only lovers would. I feel his hand slowly moving up and gently touching my breasts over my top…

Brother: I am becoming lost in my own sister. I continue kissing her, and she returns my kisses like lovers would do. I feel my cock beginning to stir. I am aroused. I move my hand to her breasts, and she doesn’t pull it away from them. She wants me to keep my hand on her. She wants me to feel her.

And suddenly I know — as much as she knows — we are totally in love with each other.

I break the kiss and look into her eyes again. Tears are welling up in them and she breathes a sigh of relief, as if a burden had been lifted from her. And those beautiful blue pools are also registering a need, a want, for the one she loves…me.

And I…love her…so much…

I raise my hand to brush the hair away from her face, and then I caress her cheek. She responds by letting out a soft moan and moving her head onto my hand. She kisses my palm, and slowly looks up at me. A look of understanding crossed her face, as much as it mirrored mine. Now I would be the one tearing up.

I look at her with so much adoration. “Oh, Baby…I love you so much,” I whisper; and I mean it.

Sister: “I love you too! I’m so in love with you!” I blurt out with tears running down my face. “It feels so good to finally tell you.”

Bro kisses my forehead and holds me in his arms. There is a quiet moment, which only the rain outside can be heard. Bro cups my face and kisses me again. We share another long wet kiss and once again his hands touch my breasts over my top.

“mmmm,” i moan into his kiss.

He breaks our kiss and smiles. “You like that baby? You like me touching you?”

“Yes,” I purr.

“Can I touch you more?”

“Please!” I beg.

Bro then slides his hands slowly up between my legs. I’m wearing short blue jean shorts and his hand keeps crawling up until it’s flat on my pussy. He gently rubs me and I moan louder. We continue to kiss more….

Brother: We kiss each other hungrily as I rub her pussy through her shorts, and she moans in my mouth. Her breathing becomes shorter as she enjoys my touching her.

Suddenly, I feel a hand touching my groin. I look down to see my sister’s hand rubbing my growing and hardening cock. She can feel me throbbing through my jeans. It’s my turn to moan softly.

Sis smiles. “You like that, my darling brother?”

I smile back. “Yeah, baby, I do,” I murmur. “But I asked you first.”

And with that, I slowly unbutton the top of her jeans, then I unzip the front of her shorts. I get them loose enough for me to slip my hand in and inside the thong underwear she’s wearing. My hand finds her pubic hair, neat and finely trimmed from the feel of it. I move my hand down some more and finally touch her pussy. God, she is so wet!

At my touch, my sister closes her eyes and takes in a short but sweet sounding gasp. Her face is one of ecstasy. She breathes heavier as I move my middle finger between her pussy lips. My fingers are becoming drenched in her wetness. She is moaning a little louder now; she is enjoying my delicate and loving touch.

I kiss her again, our tongues savoring each other in our mouths. Sis is now moaning and squealing in delight. I hear a snap and a zip. My beautiful baby sister has unbuttoned and opened the front of my jeans. She feels my hard cock through my underwear. I start to breathe heavily. Finally, she sticks her hand in my underwear and grabs my cock. At the same moment, my wet finger touches her delicate and sensitive clit.

Sister: “Ooh god! T-this feels sooo good!” I moan. I hold my brother’s hard cock in my hand slowly moving my hand up and down on it feeling the veins and hardness of his lovely cock.

“I want this in my mouth,” I boldly state.

Bro blushes. “Yeah? You want to taste me sis? Because I want to taste you too baby. I want to see how sweet Escort you are.”

I giggle and raise my hips up and remove my shorts and panties letting bro take a good look at my wet pussy. “See what you do me bro. God you’re so hot! You’re probably the hottest guy I’ve ever known! I hate seeing girls ask you out or flirt with you! I wanted you to be mine!”

Bro kisses me softly and touches my face. “I am yours baby. only yours”….

Brother: “Wait…let’s do this right, baby,” I say. I want her so much; every cell in my body hungers for her, but I want to do this right. “Let’s stand up.”

Sis and I get off the bed. She starts to giggle. “What are you doing?”

“Shhh,” I say, smiling. “We may wanna tear our clothes off like everybody else we know, but this is…special.”

Her smile slowly fades, but it’s replaced with one of love and understanding. “It is, isn’t it?” she whispers.

“Let’s do this slowly, sis,” I whisper back. “Let’s make it last.”

As the storm rages outside, all is peaceful inside our parents’ bedroom. We stand in front of each other next to our parents’ bed, already nearly half naked. We kiss each other tenderly, then lustily. We embrace, never wanting to let go of each other. After several moments, we break our kiss, and sis slowly pulls the bottom end of my T-shirt up. She relishes every second of her deliberate movements. I raise my arms and pulls the shirt up and over my head. She stares at my bare chest, biting her lower lip, wanting so much to kiss my muscular torso.

I slowly pull her top off in the same deliberate way. She has on a lacy nude colored bra that matches her skin color so nicely. I fondle her breasts and she moans, prompting me to give her another lusty kiss. She calmly puts my hands down and reaches back for the clasps. I watch in awe as the bra comes loose and sis pulls it away from her now naked C cup sized breasts. Her nipples, hard and ready to be sucked, were in full view only for me. My sister, my beautiful baby sister, was standing in front of me completely naked.

We kiss again, and I feel sis pulling at my pants. She has some resistance from my hard dick straining to keep straight ahead. She kneels in front of me and completely pulls my pants off down to my legs. I helpfully step out of my jeans, thanking heaven above that I had no socks on. I am totally nude as well.

Sis is fascinated and turned on by my erect 7 1/2″ long cock. “It’s so…beautiful,” she whispers. She gently holds onto my cock. Her soft touch makes me close my eyes for a moment in anticipation. I look down as she kisses the head of my cock. She slowly licks the head a few times with her tongue, then begins to suck the tip gently and slowly. My breathing quickly becomes short, I softly moan and my whole body tingles.

The thunder and lightning wake me from the feeling, prompting me to take my sister’s arm and gently lift her up. Her mouth lets go, and she quickly places it on my open mouth. We embrace again as we suck on each other’s tongues, tasting each other greedily. My cock is grinding against her wet warm cunt. The frightening lightning and loud thunder are the furthest things from our minds now.

“I want you,” sis says breathlessly, not containing her lust anymore. “I want to taste your cock in my mouth again and I want your tongue in my pussy. I want you to lick my clit and make me cum!”

I stare into my sister’s eyes, “God, I want you too,” I whisper. “We have all the time in the world, baby, all the time in the world. I desperately want to make sweet beautiful love to you, my sister, my baby, my love!”

One last kiss, and we climb onto our parents’ bed, where they had made love themselves countless times. Now, it was our turn.

Sister: “Bro, before we go any further, I just need you to know that…well I’ve never had sex.” I say softly.

He kisses my forehead and smiles. “I will be gentle with you baby. You know I will.”

My bro lies on top of me and trails kisses starting from my lips down to my neck. He gently sucks on my neck leaving little red spots as if he was marking his territory. Then he moves down to my breasts taking turns sucking each nipple. I moan and spread my legs feeling his head move lower and lower kissing my tummy and then he looks up at me. “I can smell your sweet feminine scent baby. I can tell your ready for me to taste you.”

“I am ready. I’ve been ready ever since I can remember! I love you so much!”

Bro moves down and kisses my thighs slowly. I feel goose bumps all lover my body with each touch of his lips. Finally he spreads my pussy lips and stares at my pussy for a minute before diving in. I feel his long tongue begin to flick my swollen clit…

Brother: I hear my baby sister moaning louder as I flick her clit, slowly at first, then a little faster. She’s squirming and panting, and I move my head to keep up. My nose is resting on her pubic hair, her sweet pussy scent intoxicating me. I use an old trick I read about in a sex manual I read when I was younger. I spell out the alphabet on her clit, and she’s loving every minute of it. By the letter E, she is quivering and half-moaning, half-calling my name. By J, she is screaming and crying, pushing my head closer to her wet pussy!

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