Incest and the Evening News

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My name is Craig but I go by a stage name when I do the sports broadcast on the local evening news. I went to college on a sports scholarship but when it looked like I didn’t have the right stuff to play professional sports, I majored in television communications. I started out doing small town stations and eventually landed a job in a larger city of 1 million. I think I was hired because not only could I do the news and sports but knew how to operate the station equipment. I stayed at this Midwestern station for several years and seen many of my contemporaries go to bigger markets. It was a comfortable job but routine as my career and life was going nowhere. That is until Susan was hired as the weather girl.

The station hired a new girl, Susan, to do the weather. She was somewhat younger than 31, with a petite build, platinum blonde hair, and single. She was very attractive and most of the men at the station asked her out but she rebuffed all of them. Susan and I became good friends as we worked together on the station news programs and I think that I was about the only man at the station she trusted. I found out that her parents had died and she was raising her younger brother, Joe, who was 16 when Susan started working at the station. He was a good student and excellent athlete in high school who played on our station softball team the following spring. I don’t think we would have won many games with out his participation and I got to be a good friend to her brother as well.

Summer passed and soon winter was in the Midwest. A bad snow storm had hit the city which had many of the station personnel working a 24 hour shift which included Susan and myself. Some of the station’s technicians were stuck at home or on the roads due to the snow. The interstate highway was closed and the station manager directed Susan and I to do a live broadcast from one of the city’s overpasses where I would operate the camera and have Susan do the broadcast. Susan and I slipped on our station parkas, bottled some hot coffee, and climbed into the station’s only broadcasting van. The roads were bad as we slipped and slided to an overpass with a clear view of the interstate. I raised the van satellite antenna and prepared the signal to the station. Susan climbed out of the van and carefully positioned herself on the overpass while I opened the back of the van pulling out the cameras and lights. It was still dark for five in the morning but the snow and headlights from the cars stalled on the interstate gave a soft glow to the surroundings.

Susan began her broadcast of the weather and traffic with view of the highway and stalled cars in the background. After the broadcast, I shoved the equipment back of the van while Susan shivered into the passenger seat. She had taken off her hood and gloves for the live broadcast which left her head cold and wet from the melting snowflakes. I could see that she was in discomfort as I climbed into the driver’s seat and tried to help her get warm. I found a clean shop towel in the van and placed it on top of her head then rubbed her cold hands with mine. At that point, our eyes really connected and we drew our faces closer together until our lips met. We were still rubbing hands as we kissed for several minutes.

I think we surprised ourselves by our actions. We had been really good friends over the last year and never made passes at one another, but there we were, kissing passionately. Things were different after that live broadcast. At work, on the set, and in public we maintained our professional demeanor but privately we became involved a very hot love affair. We had to be careful because of the smaller town and station gossip and sent most of our time after hours in each other’s apartment. Joe became used to my presence at Susan’s place and he was pleased with my relationship with his sister.

As relationships grow and mutual trust grows as well, Susan revealed a secret about her personal life. It turned out to be a rather large one. Her parents were not dead and Joe was not her brother but was her son. As a high school freshman she had fallen in love with a senior and became pregnant with his child. The senior was no where to be found after graduation and Susan had Joe at the age of 15. She had plenty of loving support from her parents but it was still a long road to finish high school then college and it was the reason that she entered into broadcasting at a later age. She found that she was more likely to be hired if she was not an unwed mother and she could get Joe under her health insurance as her ward/brother. You would not have guessed that Joe was her son by the way they acted. Joe always called Susan by her first name, never “mom”. They really acted more like brother and sister. Susan explained that her mother was more of the traditional mother role model for Joe, especially in his early years and that they both grew up more like friends or siblings than a mother and son. Susan being young had a lot more in common with bayburt escort a young teen than your average mother.

Susan was wary of men because of her experience in high school and I guess I was lucky that I was the first man she trusted in many years. It seemed that she was making up for lost time in the bedroom judging from the frequency and intensity of our lovemaking. She confided in me that for many years she had gone without sex but as a very sexual person indulged in daily masturbation and developed a taste for erotic literature mainly from the internet. I understood especially in regards to her situation and raising a child and trying to complete her education.

One day the manager of the station asked me to fill in for the morning anchor who was on leave the next day. About two in the morning I left Susan’s warm bed, showered, dressed, and left to do the early news that morning. After doing that slot and the noon report I went back to Susan’s. It was around 1:30 when I let myself into Susan’s apartment and yelled “hello”. Joe was in school and wouldn’t be home until 4 so it was no surprise not to hear his voice but I did not hear anything from Susan. I knew she was home as I saw her parked car. I took off my shoes, climbed the stairs to the second floor where the bedrooms were, and peeked into Susan’s. There she was lying naked on her stomach, looking at her laptop screen, and lazily raising one foot off the bed and then the other.

“Having fun?” I asked with a smile.

Susan turned her head toward me and said, “Sorry I didn’t hear you come in”

“Must be something good on the net for you not to hear me” I said as I began to unbuckle my belt and drop my dress trousers.

Susan smiled at me, turned her attention back to the screen, and said “I found this free site with a lot of stories. Some of them are really hot!”

I finished taking off my briefs and kneeled on the bed next to Susan. I tried reading the screen but couldn’t read the text without getting down next to the laptop screen. I began to glide my hand along the inside of her white thighs. She spread her legs a bit wider as my hand smoothed up one thigh, across her butt, down the other thigh, and back. “So what story are you looking at now?” I asked.

Susan giggled and said, “This is really well written and very nasty too. It is almost believable. It’s about a brother and sister fucking each other.”

I could fell my cock grow as she told me. My hand stopped its’ gliding movement and stopped on her butt. My index finger followed the line between her butt cheeks down to her pussy and softly slid into her moist pussy. I heard Susan say “that feels nice” as my finger began to move in and out of her love canal. She continued reading the text as my finger went in pushing against one side and withdrawing pushing against the other side. It was not long before I had 2 fingers pushing in her and began to finger fuck her as fast as I could. Susan began to moan and then pushed her hips hard on the bed which wedged my hand between her pussy and the mattress.

Susan relaxed and then gave me this gazed look, “Put your cock in me, fuck me good”. She raised her hips in the air and stretched out her arms pushing the laptop to the floor. Still kneeling, I maneuvered my hips behind her butt and worked my cock into her wet pussy. I pushed in until my stomach pressed hard against her butt and we began a rocking motion with our hips. I bent over and cupped her breasts into my hands. Susan had small firm breasts with small brown nipples that just filled my hands. Sometimes I would open my hands and let her swaying nipples lightly rub the edge of my palms. I slide one hand away from her breasts along her stomach and reached between her legs to play with her clit. Susan repositioned herself on her elbows with her face buried in the pillow as I rubbed her clit and continued press and rotate my cock in her pussy. Soon she was moaning and letting out small squeals of delight from the folds of the pillow. I was feeling the pressure build in me as well as knew I would be coming soon. I grabbed Susan by her hips and began stroking my cock in and out of her as fast as I could, moving her hips hard and tight against me as I pushed in.

Sweat was glistening on Susan’s back as she let out a pleasurable “Oh God” then hung her head down in heavy breathing. I was still stroking away for a minute when I felt my hot cum erupt from my cock. I buried my cock deeply into her pussy as a flood of cum filled her pussy. I held my position, enjoying the pleasure then collapsed on the bed next to Susan. We rested next to each other as she laid the side of her face against my chest and ran her hands across my chest.

“Mmmm, that was nice” Susan softly sighed.

I smiled and said, “Me too. Been awhile since I had some afternoon delight.”

“We should do this more often” she smiled back.

“Well, you certainly had a good head start on me” I bilecik escort chuckled.

“I hadn’t planned on it.” she said, “I was ready to get into the shower but wanted to check my email real quick. One of the junk emails connected with this story site and the stories turned out to be really good, I lost track of time. At least until you came home!”

“I could tell” I smiled, “So was it just that story or do you enjoy those kind of family stories?”

“I hope you don’t think I’m bad but I do enjoy family stories” she said, “I don’t know why I do but I do. I have never had an incest experience but kind of enjoy the fantasy. You?”

“I guess” I said, “I really haven’t read much porn since I was in college. There is something about it that I find exciting. When I was a teenager, I used to peek in on my sister Jane when I knew she was undressing.”

“Really” Susan giggled.

“Yeah” I laughed, “I mean I saw some stuff, just her tits, that was about it. She never caught me peeking or anything. My brother told me that he felt her tits one time but I think he was just telling me a story.”

Susan broke into a sly grin and asked, “Did you jack off when you watched her?”

“Sort of” I smiled, “I couldn’t do that when I was watching because I was too much out in the open being at her hallway door. Afterwards, I got off when I went back to my room.”

Susan asked, “You have fucked her if you had the chance?”

I smiled and said, “Oh hell yes! Sure, a horny teen like I was would not turn down my attractive sister. I know you were an only child but did you ever think about doing something with your dad or something?”

Susan smiled, “No, I love my father but he did not age to well as he grew older. I really don’t find him very attractive.”

I said half joking and half serious, “Joe?”

“Hmmmmm, how should I answer that?” she said, “Don’t think of me as a horrible mother, but I have thought about. He is very handsome and built for his age. Joe does jack off a lot and I have peeked on him. He has some nice equipment.”

I laughed and said, “I see that I’m not the only peeping tom in the room and, no, I don’t think you are horrible or anything. I love you.”

Susan grinned, “You sound a bit too curious and I think this talk is turning you on.”

“Well you need to get that shower” I said, “It’s almost 2:30 and you have to at the station soon.”

“Oh my god” she exclaimed, “I going to have to hurry. Damn you for making me late.”

Susan headed for the shower while I laughed, “Hey, this afternoon wasn’t my idea. You started it. Besides you get to work with Chester on the evening news.”

Susan leaned out of the bathroom doorway and threw a wet towel at me. “That old man smells so bad. I wish the station would fire him and make him take a shower or something.”

I could hear her laughing until all I heard was the sound of water hissing from the shower. I relaxed back for a minute as it had been a busy day since 2 in the morning. I began imagine Susan with Joe and enjoyed thinking of them together. I popped back into reality and realized Joe would soon be home from school. I had to get going as well. I struggled to get dressed as Susan put on some quick make up. She put a nice bright blouse with dark pants and a jacket then met me at the door. She left a note on the table for Joe, gave me a kiss, and we left in our cars going in separate directions. We never did get to finish or return to that conversion from that afternoon. However there were times when I caught Joe giving her mother a second look and honestly, who wouldn’t. Susan was a very attractive woman.

Soon it was summer and Joe graduated from high school. I planned a vacation at this posh resort on a quiet island in the Gulf of Mexico. It would be a graduation surprise for Joe and a well needed break for Susan and me away from the station. After a long flight, we were happily unpacking our luggage at a two story condo overlooking the gulf. Joe was not excited at first about being on vacation with mom and her boyfriend but after seeing the incredible white beach outside of the condo, he was in good spirits. We let him change and explore the beach while Susan and I finished the unpacking. He came back after an hour telling us how awesome the place was and it was a good time to be back as our “resort staff” had arrived and was preparing a choice of dinners for us. The three of us sat a table on our private patio next to our own private pool where the staff fixed us drinks and fresh seafood while the sun set on the Gulf. After dinner, Susan and I headed for the bedroom to get some sleep as we planned to be up early the next day. Joe stayed up for some time checking out what was on cable especially if they had MTV.

After a sound night of rest, Susan and I woke up as the morning light came through glass doors leading to the deck of our second floor bedroom. Susan was getting into the shower while bingöl escort I called the number for the resort staff to come prepare breakfast for us. I slipped into the shower after Susan had finished and began to put on some light makeup. Soon we were drinking fresh juice on the patio in our white resort robes as the staff began to cook our order. Joe was still asleep and his mother let him rest but had extra food made for him when he awoke. After breakfast we changed into our swim suits and headed for the beach for a little early morning shell hunting. Susan looked wonderful in her black string bikini and I spent more time looking at her than looking for shells on the beach. It was nice to just walk the beach with her and hold her hands in the quiet of the early morning.

The beach began to populate with other vacationers and we decided to find three beach lounges with a large beach umbrella. We picked a set and the beach staff of the resort immediately set us up with towels and drinks. We relaxed with our drinks and enjoyed the view of the Gulf as the beach began to fill up. After an hour or hour, we saw Joe walking towards us. He was turning some heads, especially from the other young girls on the beach, as he strolled by in his shades and Speedo.

“This one mine?” asked Joe as glided onto the lounge next to his mother.

“Oh yes” smiled Susan, “I see you finally got up.”

“Yeah” said Joe, “I got your note. Thanks for leaving some breakfast for me. I was pretty hungry this morning. This is really a great place and I love this beach! What have you two been doing this morning?”

“Well, we decided to let you sleep” teased his mother, “Craig and I been walking the beach for shells but mainly relaxing and keeping out of the hot sun.”

Joe said, “Boy, is it hot out there. Your feet will burn on that sand unless you have your sandals on. Nice under the umbrella, the wind and shade make it real pleasant.”

I had just finished my drink when a couple of families walked by and settled under a couple of umbrellas about fifteen feet away from us. I assumed they were German from the language they were speaking. To our surprise and some of the others around us, the women of those families took off their bikinis out in the open and were completely naked for a minute. Then they put a one piece swim suit and went to swim in the ocean. After they came out of the water, they stripped off the one piece suits and put the bikinis back on and laid out under the umbrellas. The three of us just looked at each other as this rather bizarre behavior and shrugged. I know that Joe enjoyed that little strip show as he raised both of his legs at the knees to hide my hard cock.

I whispered, “It must be what they do on the beaches in Europe, I guess”

“I guess so” Susan smiled.

Pointing to some people in the water, Joe said “I want to go out on one of those rafts. How do you get one?”

“Oh, just show your resort key at that tent over there” I said, “They will give you one for all day. They have inner tubes and paddle boats if you one of those instead.”

“The raft will be cool” said Joe as he rose to his feet and put on his sandals.

His mother watched him get a raft and they waved to each other as he carried the raft to the edge of the water. Joe placed his sandals safely on the edge of the beach, placed the raft in the water, mounted it, and swam out across the waves. “I think Joe is having a good time” sighed Susan. “It is so nice and relaxing here.”

“He’s having fun and I think he likes more than just the ocean scenery” I grinned.

“You are so bad” grinned Susan. “I’m sure he is a little worked up over that show. You know there are a lot of women topless here not just those German people. Joe probably is getting a better view from the raft than by us.”

“Yeah and it is easier for him to hide his hard on.” I laughed.

Susan slapped my arm and said, “You are so bad today! Probably right though. You know I have never done that on a beach, I mean go topless. I have done it at home, in private, while lying out in the sun.”

I said, “Well, nobody knows us here. So, if you want to do as the romans do, be my guest. Just put some suntan lotion there. I don’t want a sunburn to spoil my fun with you.”

Susan gave a playful and sexy smile as she leaned over and moving her hands behind her back, unhooked her bikini top. She pulled it off her shoulders and she laid back. Her naked breasts looked so white and beautiful against the rest of her tanned body. She applied some lotion to her chest and this time I had to raise my knees to hide my stiffening cock.

“I can’t tell how good and almost liberating this feels” smiled Susan, “The breeze feels so good against my breasts.”

“Looks pretty good from here” I laughed as Susan playfully smacked my arm again.

For a couple of hours we relaxed under the umbrella, sometimes day dreaming, sometimes watching the Germans change their suits, and at times keeping an eye on Joe and his raft, making sure he was OK. At some point he swam back to shore, put on his sandals and carried the raft back to our umbrella. I could see that he was surprised that Susan was topless but I could tell that he was going to be cool and pretend not to notice.

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