In Jessica’s Dorm Room Ch. 02

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For those who haven’t read the first part of this story, while I was in college, I knew an Asian girl named Jessica who lived in the all-girls dorm. She was a pretty tight knit devout Christian girl, or at least seemed so when I first got to know her. One night, she opened up to me about herself sexually, and in the end, not only did we make out and engage in some foreplay, but she gave me a great parting present, maybe the best blow job I have ever had. Anyways, after that encounter, I began to think about Jessica a lot. I sadly didn’t see her for a while after our night in her dorm room, so I was left to playing with myself to thoughts of her. Eventually though, I once saw her online and messaged her. I asked her if she wanted to go out sometime, and she agreed. The topic of that night never came up in the conversation, but I think it was because we were both a little afraid to be the first to speak up about it. Ironic since we were so intimate the last time we were together, you think being shy wouldn’t even come up.

It was a Friday, probably a week or two after that night in the dorms, when we finally went out. There was a really nice Thai food place on the other side of campus from our dorms, so we met there for dinner. Over dinner we didn’t exchange anything but small banter back and forth, about school and stuff, nothing exciting. We were both so apprehensive about bring the whole incident up in conversation, that it didn’t come up until during dinner but afterwards, while we were walking up to the dorms. I told her I had been thinking about her a lot lately, and found out she had been thinking about me as well. I then just decided to throw it out there and asked if she wanted to see what happens tonight, and see seemed excited by the idea. We quickly walked faster back to her building and hurried to get to her dorm room. Yet we were out of luck. Her whole suite was empty except for one of the girls. While the girl wasn’t her roommate, she did stay in the room next to Jessica’s. He name was Stephanie. She was Asian just like Jessica, and I admit, she was also pretty cute. She had lighter skin then Jessica, and was just slightly slimmer and shorter. She was a cool girl and we got along pretty well, but the sight of her in the suite totally brought me down. Jessica and I must have had long faces, since she commented on how we both seemed bummed to see her. We both played it off like we didn’t and it was nothing, but I could feel that Stephanie knew something was up. Jessica Betturkey and I both then went into her room and closed the door, both feeling that we couldn’t really do anything tonight because it would be too risky.

We then sat in Jessica’s room, wondering what to do now. In a futile attempt to cheer Jessica up, I tried to look at things in perspective, telling her that we probably weren’t going to have sex anyways, but just fool around like we did last time. Jessica then looked at me and shook her head, telling me that she actually wanted to have sex with me tonight. The second I learned this, I got a little mad, not able to believe that one of her roommates ruined my chances at getting laid tonight. I eventually calmed myself down telling her and myself that it wouldn’t have been that great, since Jessica was a virgin. Now while sleeping with a virgin may seem great, I have actually done the real thing before, and it was really bad, since it hurt her most the time and I had to go really slow. All and all, it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Jessica then assured me that wouldn’t be the case with her, because even though she was an Asian and a virgin (read: very tight), she had experimented before with inserting things in her vagina, so that putting things inside didn’t really hurt anymore. With that, it suddenly began to seem everything was snowballing. I felt like a perfect opportunity and night was going to be ruined because Stephanie didn’t have a life on a Friday night and stayed in her dorm room, ruining mine and Jessica’s night in the process.

Jessica then asked me if I wanted to watch porn with her because she was horny and felt it was the only way she could let off some steam. I pointed towards the wall, implying we couldn’t since Stephanie would hear next door. She said it was okay, and she shut off her speakers so there wouldn’t be any sound coming from her laptop. I then agreed, and she opened up a bunch of files on her computer, all hardcore Japanese porn. That may have been the thing that put me over the edge, finally blowing away my perception of her as this good little Christian girl, out of the water. I then began to get hard, so I began to put my hand in my pants and stroked myself as the porno played on the screen. Jessica followed suit, putting her hands down her pants as well, and we both masturbated as we watched. If you were to ask me what was going on in the porno, I really couldn’t tell you, as I began to just jack off to the sight of Jessica’s Betturkey Giriş hand down her pants, her chest heaving as she breathed deeper and deeper. She was really getting into it until suddenly she took her hand from down her pants and placed in on my thigh. She looked into my eyes, and whispered to me she was so horny that she couldn’t take it. I had an idea of what she was leading to, but I was convinced we couldn’t do it tonight, with one of her roommates in the other room, with only a thin wall between us. She then whispered to me we couldn’t do it on the bed, because it would be too loud, but we could do it on her chair, so it wouldn’t make noise as we moved. I was so horny by this point that I finally ceded, and agreed.

I got my wallet out, and pulled out a condom, flashing it in Jessica’s face. I then asked her one final time if she really wanted to do this, but there was no swaying her now, her mind was made up. I was so nervous, but kind of turned on as well, because it felt so risky what we were about to do. I took my pants off, and put it under her desk, the opened the condom and rolled it out and on. It was one of those generic yellow ones, but it was ribbed, something I never tried before but thought would be worth a try. All the while, Jessica took off the clothes she was wearing, as long as the underwear underneath. She then pulled on an oversized grey t-shirt which went down all the way to her hips. Her nipples were erect, poking through the shirt and seemed to be pointing right at me. I then sat back in the chair near her desk and she walked over towards me. She then hiked her shirt up slightly, revealing her pussy and bush. I then took my right hand, and wrapped it around my penis, which was now fully erect. As she lowered herself onto me, I used my hand to guide myself in. She slowly eased herself onto me, taking in every inch until finally the mounds of her vulva were now resting at the base of my penis. She gasped when I was finally all the way in, then looked down at me and smiled.

At first it seemed she didn’t know completely what to do, as she just sat there resting on my penis. I then told her to rest both her hands on my thighs and then just move in rhythm. She then began to push her hips up and then lowered her ass down, in both a downwards and forward motion, while I tightened my thighs and ass to push up and then relaxed to ease down. As she rode me, her pubic hair would just graze the very bottom of my waste, almost Betturkey Güncel Giriş tickling me. Jessica was beginning to get to hang of it, and her eyes and facial expressions showed she was enjoying herself. I then told her to lift up her shirt, and she did, resting it right above her breast. I then pushed them both up with my two hands, and began to caress the beautiful set. Jessica didn’t have the biggest breast, actually, she was just average, but her nipples were erect and so sensitive; that she would slightly jump every time my fingers touched their tips. Her boobs kept jiggling with ever thrust of my penis into her vagina as we continued to move in rhythm, trying to be a quiet as possible. With my hands fondling each of her breast, and Jessica beginning to pick up in speed, I looked down at my penis into her vagina, not even able to comprehend how hot it looked. The inside of her pussy lips were visibly pink with slight brown near the very edge of the folds. The lips of her pussy were perfectly wrapped around the shaft of my member, tightening up around my penis ever time my penis would move out, only to shoot back in, like a piston. As the sex went on, Jessica for the most part kept a rhythm slowly enough that we were still 20 minutes into it and I didn’t feel I was about to cum anytime soon.

But she then almost out of nowhere began to ride increasingly faster, her breast now bouncing not just up and down, but left and right at well. She began to move her hips like a wave, allowing my penis to still move in and out of her vagina but only slightly. We were basically now grinding with me very deep inside her, skin to skin. Jessica was even becoming louder, and I began to lose focus, remember Stephanie was still nearby. My thought suddenly seemed like a 6th sense, as I suddenly heard the door swing up. Stephanie burst in the room, with a roar of her voice, blabbering something about something we needed to see. But she went dead silent when she saw both of us having sex on the chair. She then, almost in horror, ran out the room, leaving the door wide open. Jessica and I were in shock, unable to move for the first minute, only able to mutter a few words to each other. I asked her that I thought she had locked the door, to which Jessica responded she swear she had. Jessica then raised herself off of my, my penis still hard as it slide out. She then grabbed a pair of soccer shorts from her drawer and left the room, as I quickly pulled off the condom, then pulled up my boxers and pants. I tossed the condom in the trash, wiped my hands on my jeans and followed Jessica into Stephanie’s room. As I headed out the door, I couldn’t believe what had just happened, that we had been caught. But that was nothing compared to what was about to happen next.

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