Home Alone…Almost

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Spring was finally here and Joni sat at home alone. Hubby Sam had left for work and she got comfy in her chair settling in for a day of surfing the net, trying to find something to entertain her brain. On a whim, she checked the history to find out just exactly what Sam had been doing while she was gone on her “girls’ weekend” to the city.

As she browsed, the porn started pouring out of the history files. Sam had been a naughty boy while she was gone and it turned her on to think of him checking out different sites and stroking while he was doing it. There was just something about a man who is plain raw horny. Her juices started flowing and the panties she had just put on were getting wet. Damn, she thought, I wish he were here right now.

She decided to forgo the visual stimulation and get right to the heart of the problem. She was horny and knew it would not take much to achieve climax as she drew mental pictures of Sam gliding his cock into her waiting kitty. As she daydreamed, Joni slid her hand over her ample breasts. She cupped her left breast and the rose colored niğde escort nipple was rock hard. Her hand trailed down her belly, fingers tracing circles as she leaned back and put her feet up on the computer desk.

The sensations of touch ignited her body, and she tickled her love button with the tip of her finger. Images of Sam with his fat cock in his hand fueled the fire and she began to work faster. In her mind Sam was standing over her, sweat beading up on his forehead and arms, working it like a pro, just the right jack motion and he began to hold his breath as his cum began to rise.

Joni rammed three fingers into her moist love-box, but in her fertile imagination it was Sam’s fat joystick. Her back arched as she dreamed of him grabbing her by the hips and entering her hot and fast, exploding with enough pressure to make her cum instantly. She moaned out loud as the thought of Sam’s self-stimulation just before entering her made cumming imminent.

Then the phone rang. Breathlessly she answered and Sam was on the other end.

“Watcha ordu escort doin’, woman?” he said softly.

Joni, with a smile in her voice said, “Wishing you were home.”

“Why baby? Do you need something?”

“Well, I was daydreaming, and you were in it. If you really want to know, I was imagining you jacking off while you stood in front of me and when the phone rang I was about to cum.”

Sam was intrigued. “Tell me about it,” he whispered into her ear from his cell phone.

“I don’t know how to describe it,” Joni said, “but my God, you were good.”

“You know, we could just take care of this little problem over the phone if you need to,” Sam said.

“You want to phone sex me??” Joni was a little surprised, but willing to give it a go.

“Hell yeah, put your fingers on your sweet little magic pearl and work it just for me. I am driving right now, but I am always willing to give my woman what she wants.” Joni could hear him unzipping his pants and his voice tightened as he took his manhood in his hand.

As osmaniye escort Sam began to stroke his cock, Joni’s hungry pussy dripped on her fingers while she listened to him breathe a little quicker. “Sam, tell me what you’re thinking,” Joni said.

“I am thinking about my woman, home with her feet up on the desk and her panties hanging from one ankle as I kneel in front of her, her hips in my hands and my cock sliding right into that sweet pussy.”

“Sam,” rasped Joni, “I’m gonna cum for you, I can’t help it, I want to feel you inside me right now!” Her body began to tense as she started cumming.

“Joni, baby, God you sound so hot when you cum. It’s gonna make me cum with you.” She listened, stroking her clit, as Sam started breathing harder. “Baby, I am filling you with my juice. Can you feel it?” Sam came hard and hot, juice dripping over his hand while he sat in his truck.

“Wow, that was a first for us. I think I like this phone sex thing,” Joni sighed breathlessly, soaking in the feeling of satisfaction.

“Me too, but just wait until I get home. I am really gonna pound it to you then.”

Joni thought this might be a good evening to stay in after all. “Ok stud, so how long before you get here? I am ready when you are.”

Sam smiled as he walked to the front door. “About 30 seconds. I was in the driveway for most of it.”

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