Her Sister Ch. 02

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All characters in this story are at least 18 years old.

Chapter 2: Her Body

Hearing Nikki’s confession, Katie almost threw herself at her sister. She hugged her so tightly, she was trembling.

“You’re crushing me, Katie.” – Nikki said as she inhaled her sister’s scent.

“Sorry, did I hurt you again?” – Katie replied and eased the embrace.

“No, it doesn’t hurt, just relax a little, you’re trembling.” – Nikki said and added tenderly – “Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere.”

She heard her sister cry out in a happy laugh and it filled her heart with warm happiness.

After a few seconds, they both fell silent, enjoying the embrace. Nikki was full of love for this girl – “I know this sounds a little corny, but I wish tonight would go on forever.”

“It’s not corny, it’s true. I wish this would go on forever too.” – Katie replied in a tiny voice

Nikki took a deep breath from between Katie’s hair – “Katie, you smell so wonderfully.”

“Thank you.” – Katie whispered softly – “You do too.”

Nikki could feel Katie’s hot breath on her neck. It felt so wonderful, Nikki thought she would die.

“Say, Katie?”


“Would it be OK if I kissed you?”

When she felt Katie hold her closer again, she quickly added – “It’s OK if you don’t want to, I understand.”

“Wait Nikki.” – Katie stopped her. She drew her head back and looked Nikki into her eyes – “I would love to kiss you. I was just so happy to hear you ask it. I didn’t have the nerve to ask you, cause I was afraid you would say no and I would lose you again.”

Nikki smiled and gently touched Katie’s nose with her own, rubbing it from side to side. She brought her right hand from her sister’s back to her neck, gently touching and stroking it from behind. When Katie closed her eyes, Nikki did the same. She turned her head slightly to the left as she felt her sister do the same in the other direction. Then she felt her sister’s beautiful scent again. She inhaled it deeply and opened her lips slightly.

Then her mouth finally made contact with Katie’s soft lips. She was kissing this beautiful young girl, a girl she knew almost all her life, a girl she loved more than anyone and who loved her back. They kissed playfully years ago when they were younger, but this time it was different. This time their true love for each other made it significant.

She remembered the last kiss with her boyfriend and realized how much better this kiss felt. Her sister’s mouth was incredibly soft and gentle.

She held Katie close for a few seconds, their lips pressed together. Then she pulled away and their mouths parted with a soft, loving sound.

When their eyes met again, Nikki couldn’t help but whisper – “Katie, you are so beautiful.” – and she really meant it.

“You really think so?”

“Yes, you are the most beautiful girl in the whole world” – Nikki replied and felt her heart skip a beat when she saw a smile brighten Katie’s cute blushing face.

“No, I think you are prettier.” – Katie said and after a few seconds added – “Sorry to ruin the moment, but I think I need to blow my nose.”

Nikki smiled at her sister’s sincerity – “Me too, it’s the crying. Wait here, I’ll go get tissues.”

A minute later she returned with a box and sat back down next to her sister. By the time they cleared their noses and wiped the drying tears, the box was empty. Katie asked – “Can we kiss again? Like grownups this time?”

Nikki nodded and moved closer. She closed her eyes again, as did Katie.

When their lips met again, Nikki opened her mouth and carefully stuck out her tongue. She felt Katie do the same. First they just touched each other’s tongue tips, but after a few seconds they both grew bolder and they let their tongues dance and explore each other’s mouths. She could taste her sister’s sweet scent. It was so exciting they both started to breathe heavily, with an occasional moan escaping between their lips. They grabbed their necks and heads and pressed their bodies together as hot passion engulfed both of them.

Nikki’s head was spinning. It felt so good, she couldn’t stop. Again, there was no comparison to her boyfriend, kissing her sister felt so much better. She wanted to tear Katie’s clothes off and make passionate love to her right there on the floor. Then she remembered she is the older one and is supposed to be responsible. She never expected a mutual confession, let alone so much passion between them. She wasn’t really prepared for this situation. Now she had to repeat to herself that Katie’s happiness was the most important thing and it was her responsibility to restrain herself. Slowly, if reluctantly, she closed her mouth. She felt Katie’s tongue linger in her mouth for a while, then quickly returning as Nikki closed her lips and withdrew them.

Still in a tight embrace, the siblings looked into each other’s eyes again.

“That felt amazing.” – Katie said with a happy smile and longing in her eyes mersin escort and lips that once again tested the limits of Nikki’s self control.

“I think so too.” – Nikki agreed, smiling as well.

“Hmm-” – Katie moaned softly and closed her eyes – “That’s so nice.”

Nikki realized she had been gently stroking Katie’s neck with her fingers. Hearing Katie’s soft moans made her heart beat faster. Again, she remembered her obligation to restrain herself and stopped moving.

Katie opened her eyes to see what happened – “Why did you stop?” – then her eyes lit up again – “Oh I know, you want me to be nice to you too.”

She started to stroke Nikki’s neck and shoulders as well. Nikki involuntarily closed her eyes and enjoyed the tender stimulation.

She heard her sister’s deep breaths and felt Katie’s hands freeze for a second. When Katie found her courage, Nikki felt Katie’s trembling hands slowly moving lower. For a moment she thought about how great it would feel if Katie touched the rest of her body and felt her heart skip a beat. A thought crossed her mind. Maybe it would be OK if she enjoyed it for just a moment. But she realized she might not have the willpower to stop her later, so she opened her eyes and quickly grabbed her sister’s hands, just before they made contact with Nikki’s breasts, saying – “No, wait.”

“What? Why?” – Katie said in a startled voice – “Was I doing it wrong?”

“No, you were doing great, it was amazing.” – Nikki replied – “But that’s why we have to stop.”

Katie just looked at her with a confused look.

Nikki continued as she took Katie’s palms into hers – “Katie, I love you so much. But if you did that, it would feel so good I would want to do more things with you.” – and knowing she had to be careful how she chose her words, she added – “But maybe we shouldn’t. I mean, I am a girl and your older sister. I’m supposed to be looking after you.”

“Yeah, about that-” – Katie responded – “Does us two, I mean, our relationship, bother you?”

“I don’t know, does it bother you?” – Nikki felt as if the proper words were escaping her somehow.

“Well, I haven’t really thought about that. I don’t think I’m a lesbian, I mean, I was never interested in other girls. Though not boys really either.” – Katie answered.

A short pause and she continued – “And about us being sisters .. I think that just means I can trust you more.”

“I trust you too.” – Nikki replied with a smile – “You know, I read in a magazine that trusting each other is the basis of every good relationship.”

“See? Doesn’t that mean we would be happy together?” – Katie looked into her eyes as they were holding hands, then looked away – “Nikki, I want to be with you, in all the ways possible. Is that so wrong? Are you disgusted at the thought of being with me?”

“I’m not disgusted. I’m excited. And incredibly happy. But having sex with you, I’m a little afraid I would feel guilty afterwards.” – Nikki said, a little surprised she was able to say the s-word with regards to her sister.

“Why would you feel guilty?” – Katie asked as she looked into Nikki’s eyes again.

“Because, you know, I would feel like I took advantage of you.” – Nikki said – “Like some heartless bitch, seducing her innocent younger sister just to satisfy her perverted desires.”

“I know you better than that, Nikki.” – Katie assured her with a smile – “You are not like that. I think you are a wonderful girl, always looking after her little sister. I know you would never do anything bad to me, I trust you.”

“Thank you.” – Nikki was relieved, feeling a little less guilty about the situation.

Then Katie continued – “I know it’s not common for a sister to feel this way, but I love you and I really would like us to do it, so don’t think you would be using me. I know it would make me really happy. But I know I’m not as pretty as you, so I understand it.”

Katie started to withdraw her hands, but Nikki quickly caught them again – “No wait Katie! You are pretty!”

“No, I mean my body..” – Katie objected.

“No, god, I want to kill myself for those things I said when we were arguing! You have a very sexy body!” – Nikki insisted, looking into Katie’s eyes, then continued – “But, I would love you even if you didn’t! So I really, really do want to be with you too, Katie!” – she smiled and added – “A lot.”

Katie smiled too.

After a few seconds Nikki said – “But maybe we should clean up first.”

Katie looked around and saw the mess they were sitting in.

“Yeah, you’re right, but I’m not sure I can let go of your hand.” – she said as they stood up.

Nikki smiled and added – “But I have to go to the kitchen to get the broom and dustpan.”

Katie held her firmly for a few seconds, then she slowly released her – “OK, then, but promise you won’t be longer than absolutely necessary!”

“I promise.” – Nikki said with a smile and left the room.

Katie kocaeli escort could barely contain her happiness. Humming a happy tune she turned down the volume on the TV to keep only a soft background noise. She collected the unbroken plate and the cutlery, then started to pick up the bigger pieces of the broken plate.

“Leave the rest, I’ll take care of it.” – Nikki said when she returned. She swept the little pieces into the dustpan while Katie took the big parts to the kitchen – “Looks like we’ll have to vacuum it to get the rest out of the carpet.”

“I’ll get it!” – Katie said and jumped happily towards the closet, looking at Nikki on her way there. She noticed Nikki watching her with a loving smile and she smiled, waving her hand.

“Watch out!” – Nikki exclaimed with raised hands and Katie looked around, stopping inches from the door frame, almost bumping into it.

Katie giggled and entered the hall, noticing Nikki shaking her head from the corner of her eye. She returned with the vacuum as Nikki was just entering from the kitchen after returning the dustpan. Nikki took the cable and plugged it in. Her sister declared joyfully – “See? Told you, we’re a great team!”

Nikki nodded and watched Katie thoroughly clean the carpet.

After she put away the vacuum, Nikki was waiting for her, standing in the middle of the living room. Katie quickly jumped right next to her, almost bumping into Nikki. She was eager to touch her, but a little afraid to do so. She wasn’t used to being allowed to. So instead she said – “So, what are we going to tell mum?”

“Why not tell her the truth?” – Nikki answered and seeing Katie’s eagerness, she opened her arms for her. Katie immediately clamped onto Nikki like she was drowning and her sister was a life vest. She pressed her left cheek on the front of Nikki’s left shoulder. Nikki continued, smiling – “I mean, that we tripped and fell, not about the two of us.”

“Yeah.” – Katie replied. She continued talking, as she used her right hand to play with the pale blue fabric of Nikki’s pajamas on her shoulder. She felt safe in Nikki’s arms. – “What do you think our parents would say if they knew about us?”

“I don’t know. I don’t think they would be happy.” – Nikki said as she put her right hand in Katie’s hair and gently massaged her skin with her fingers. Katie closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling as Nikki continued – “They would probably think we are disturbed. I don’t think they would let us be together.”

“Are we? I mean, I don’t feel disturbed.” – Katie said, with her eyes closed.

“I don’t know Katie. I don’t feel disturbed either.” – Nikki said. She let go of Katie’s back and took her head into her hands. Katie moved her head backwards and their eyes met as Nikki continued – “All I know is I always want to look into those beautiful blue eyes of yours and watch that lovely smile on your face.”

Hearing her sister, Katie smiled happily. She felt loved and it made her fall in love with Nikki all the more.

“Thank you.” – she said – “It feels so nice when you say that. I too want to be with you, forever and ever.”

Then she closed her eyes, puckered her lips and leaned forward. She was glad that Nikki understood and agreed with the kissing proposal.

“Wanna sit down?” – Nikki asked when they finished the kiss.

Katie nodded and she felt Nikki’s hands on her shoulder, guiding her to the large sofa. With a beating heart and blushed face, she sat down. Nikki sat to her left, holding her hands, just as red in her face as she was. Katie heard both of them breathing deep and felt her hands tremble as she turned and took Nikki’s slim waist in her arms. ‘Oh god, we’re really gonna do it.’ – Katie thought. The anxiety and excitement in both girls was almost reaching panic levels.

“Katie-” – Nikki said and put her right hand on Katie’s shoulder just as Katie was about to lean in and kiss her again. Her heart skipped a beat, fearing Nikki didn’t want their loving to continue. Nikki whispered – “Are you sure about this?”

Katie looked into her eyes deeply, swallowed, bit her lower lip and nodded.

After a few seconds, Nikki said – “OK then, so let’s put our legs up, so we can face each other, OK?”

Katie nodded, looking down. Nikki pulled her right leg from the ground to Katie’s left side and Katie pulled her right one over Nikki’s left one, so that they were facing each other while sitting. Now Katie could get closer to Nikki in a tight hug as they enjoyed the closeness of their bodies. Katie looked up and they French kissed again. Nikki started stroking Katie’s back with her hands. After a few seconds Katie got the message and did it to Nikki as well, as they continued their deep kiss.

After a few minutes of this gentle lovemaking, they slowly broke the kiss, catching their breaths and looking into each other’s eyes again. A few seconds later, Katie looked down at her own pajama top, hoping her sister would samsun escort understand she was ready for more. Nikki nodded in response and let go of Katie’s back. Katie loosened her grip on Nikki’s body, so Nikki could move her hands to her sister’s neck and start undoing the buttons on her pajama top. She was intently staring down at her hands, or as Katie was hoping, Katie’s breasts beneath.

While Nikki fumbled with the buttons, Katie lovingly stroked Nikki’s hair and slowly studied her sister’s beautiful face. Her deep blue eyes. Her cute nose. Her clean skin. Her full lips. The golden blond hair, flowing over her shoulders. Even her ears were lovely. She saw this face many times before. But she never even hoped she would get this close to her sister. She felt the happiness overcome her again.

After a while Katie looked down to see how Nikki’s doing, only to see that her sister’s trembling hands were still struggling with the first button. She was so excited and nervous her fingers lacked the dexterity necessary to grab the button and push it through the hole in the orange garment.

“S-sorry.” – the flushed Nikki stammered, fingers fumbling – “Can’t seem to undo it.”

Katie was in no hurry. She could keep looking at Nikki’s face the whole night. But seeing the stressed expression on her face, she thought that besides being their first time, maybe Nikki felt the burden of responsibility as well. Or, she hoped, Katie’s closeness was making her sister so intensely aroused. In any case, Katie found it refreshing that she was the calm, mature one for once and decided to help her sister.

“Relax.” – Katie said and brought her hands to the button – “I’ll help you.”

“Thanks.” – Nikki whispered, took a deep breath and put her hands on Katie’s waist. She started gently tickling her, stroking her thumbs up and down. After a few seconds, Katie’s hands managed to undo the first button. When she felt Nikki’s fingers burrow under the bottom hem of her top and rise it up slowly, she got the idea. She pulled her arms out of the top, then the collar over her head and quickly threw the top to the ground with her right hand, while taking care to keep her breasts covered with the other one, then bringing the right arm back to cover herself up. Her sudden nakedness made her feel exposed to the gaze of her pretty lover.

Katie knew that once Nikki saw she wasn’t ready yet, she took care that she didn’t look at her sister’s breasts without her approval. Being respected like this reminded her just how much she loved her sister. Now she stroked the sides of Katie’s naked arms with her fingers and looking into Katie’s eyes, she asked tenderly – “Can I look?”

“Mmm.” – Katie shook her head. Seeing a hint of a hurt expression on her lover’s face, she quickly added – “I mean, I love that you want to see and really want to show you, I’m just a little ashamed. Please can you take off yours too? I think then it would be better.” – then Katie broke eye contact, looking to the side, and blushing even more and mumbled — “Also, I wanna look at you too.”

Nikki probably found it cute, because she smiled and answered – “For you, Katie, anything.”

Now calmer, it was easy for Nikki to undo all her buttons. With only a moment’s hesitation to take a deep breath, she pulled the top open and slipped her hands out of the sleeves.

Naturally, growing up together, the sisters saw each other’s bodies before, when in the bathroom, or when changing clothes. But in those times they were fleeting, seemingly innocent glances, trying not to stare at intimate areas. Then, Katie was afraid to really look, for fear of being caught and labeled a pervert.

Now, knowing Nikki loved her too, she felt a need to explore every part of her sister’s body. Her gaze immediately fell on Nikki’s uncovered breasts, studying them intently with an open mouth. When she felt Nikki’s hands on her arms again, she eased her arms and let them fall in her lap.

“Uh, sorry!” – said Katie when she woke up from her trance. She looked in Nikki’s eyes and blushed again – “I didn’t mean to stare.”

“I want you to look, Katie.” – Nikki said calmly, then, slightly unsure of herself, she added carefully – “Do you like them?”

“I do.” – Katie nodded and took another long glance at her sister’s breasts, before looking at Nikki’s face again – “I think they are perfect. Mine are too small.” – Katie said in a frustrated tone and looked down at her chest as if to compare.

“No, Katie.” – Nikki said, looking at Katie’s breasts, then, taking Katie’s chin between her fingers, she moved her face up and looked into her eyes, saying – “I think they are just beautiful. And in a few years, they will be just as big as mine, don’t worry. Especially if we take good care of them.” – she said with a smile.

Katie giggled and said – “Thank you.”

Nikki leaned in and the sisters shared another passionate kiss. After a few seconds, Katie made up her mind and lifted her hands from her lap towards Nikki’s waist. She took hold of it and slowly slid her hands upwards. She felt Nikki’s left hand touch her chest under her right breast and slowly moving up. When she felt her own hands reach the bottom of Nikki’s breasts, she broke their kiss, breathing deeply, looking into Nikki’s eyes.

“I want to look at them.” – Katie said.

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