Her Inconvenience

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Lindsay walked into her room and looked around. She was pissed! Her space, her private sanctuary was being invaded by him. She had just turned 18 and was looking forward to more freedom, but with her older brother sharing her room that freedom would be gone. Their Aunt Melody and Uncle Frank were in town and would be staying in her brother Dean’s room. She looked over at the fold away bed that had been set up on the other side of the room.

Her and her older brother Dean had always gotten along Ok, but she didn’t like the fact that she could no longer retreat to her room and be alone if she wanted to. At that moment her brother came walking in with some crates of his things. Dean was 6’2” well built and very good looking.

Dean who didn’t seem to be too upset about the ordeal sat down on the fold away bed and started to sort through his things. He looked over at his sister. She was short, cute with long black hair and tits that were way too big for her small frame. Dean didn’t mind being in the presence of those triple D’s.

“I know it’s not easy for you giving up your space this way.”

Lindsay felt her hostility towards her brother melting. “Thanks. But I know it’s not easy for you either. I may have to share this space, but at least I didn’t have to give it up completely.”

Dean looked thoughtfully for a minute “How about we grab a movie tonight?”

Lindsay’s demeanor changed “Dean, that’s a great idea. What do you want to see?”

“Don’t worry about that. I’ll pick the movie. It will be a surprise. And I’ll even pay.”

Lindsay smiled “It doesn’t get any better than that.”

Lindsay parked the van while Dean went to buy the tickets. He stood in front of the theatre waving her in. She realized that the movie must be starting and she broke out into a run. She was in so much of a rush that she never looked at the marquee outside or inside of the theatre. Once they found seats Dean took the van keys, then went for popcorn. Lindsay settled into the movie seat as the theatre went dark. The movie trailers were starting.

The first trailer took Lindsay by surprise, there was quite a bit of sex in it. All the trailers that followed were the same. She had an intake of breath as all those erotic images made her aroused. Dean arrived just as the last one ended. She leaned over to him. “Dean, what kind of movie is this?”

“It’s a foreign film called ‘Baudelaire’s Mistress’. It got great reviews.”

She frowned up her face “Don’t tell me there are subtitles.”

Dean shrugged his shoulders. “Just try and keep an open mind.”

She smiled and decided she would try. She knew Dean loved foreign films, and they had different standards of sex and nudity in other countries. She decided not to worry about it. The movie started out Ok, but 10 minutes into it she felt like she was watching porno.

Every other scene took place in the bedroom. And she didn’t have to worry about too many subtitles with all that moaning and groaning going on. She kept expecting Dean to be embarrassed and grab her so they could leave, but he just sat there as if they were watching Saturday morning cartoons.

The movie was having an effect on Lindsay even if Dean was immune to all those images of people fucking. Halfway through the movie Dean put his arm around his sister. This was no big deal because he often did the same at home when they were watching TV.

Lindsay leaned into her brother and tried to be nonchalant about the movie. A few moments passed and Dean shifted making himself more comfortable. That in itself wasn’t a big deal, but the way he was now clutching her arm made her feel that urfa escort the movie was affecting him as well.

Dean’s arm moved a little lower behind her back and now his fingers were level with the swell of her tits. With the way he was gripping her arm the outside of his fingers were touching her tit. She was sure her brother had no idea he was touching her that way, but it aroused her all the same. The scene that was currently playing was the most intense of them all. The male lead was relentlessly fucking a particularly beautiful redhead with really large tits.

Lindsay started breathing a little harder. Then Dean’s hand released her arm and slid over to her tit. She was so in shock that she couldn’t say or do anything. Did Dean forget that he was here with his sister instead of a date?

Now the couple on the screen had switched positions and he was taking her from behind. The lead character grabbed the tits of the woman on the screen and Dean started to move his hand on Lindsay’s tit. He squeezed the large triple D breast a few times and then ran his hand over the erect nipple. Lindsay decided to look away from the screen for a minute to get a sense of what was on Dean’s mind. When she glanced over she saw that Dean’s hand was in his lap. He was squeezing his cock through his jeans while he fondled her.

Lindsay looked at her brother’s face thinking he would come to his senses. After a few moments he looked over at her. He leaned over and kissed the side of her face. It was short but not nearly a peck. His lips had been parted when he kissed her. Lindsay decided to turn her attentions back to the screen. This couple was now on their third sexual position. Dean’s other hand moved from his lap to the tit closest to him. Now he was freely fondling both her tits.

The scene ended, but Dean’s hands kept going. As the next sex scene started Dean reached his hand under his sister’s midriff top. His hand was seeking to pull down the cup of her bra. When he reached over he found the front closure of her bra. It was one well placed snap designed to keep her large tits in place. Dean flipped the clasp like an expert and everything came spilling out. Now both of Dean’s hands were under her shirt and pumping her tits furiously. Sometimes he’d stop pumping the meat and move to pinching her nipples.

Lindsay felt like she should stop him, but the truth was that she didn’t want to. She liked his warm hands on her. Dean leaned over and gave her another kiss on the neck. Lindsay started to pant, she realized that she might cum right there if Dean didn’t stop. When Lindsay started to squirm Dean stopped moving his hands, but he never removed them from her tits. He held her tits as prisoners until the end of the movie.

As the movie was on its last scene Dean suddenly removed his hands and very calmly placed his hands back in his lap as if nothing happened. Lindsay felt cold without his warm hands on her tits, but she reached her shirt and put her tits back in her bra.

When the credits began Dean got up and started walking without even looking back. Lindsay followed her brother back to the van. He opened her door and got in on the driver’s side. In silence they drove. Lindsay kept waiting for an explanation, an excuse, anything. But Dean drove as if she wasn’t even in the van. She eventually noticed that they weren’t heading home.

“Dean, where are we going?”

“Some place where we can talk.”

The thought settled Lindsay. She tried to decide how she would react to his apology. She decided she would be gracious and accept his apology without too much hassle. They balıkesir escort pulled off a dark road into an empty clearing. There was no one around, and no other vehicles. When they stopped Dean turned off the van, put the keys in his pocket and went to the back of the van. He sat down on the couch and waited. Lindsay realized she was expected to follow and did so.

When she sat down next to him on the couch he reached over and grabbed a handful of her tits. When she opened her mouth to protest he covered it with his own. Her mouth was full of his tongue. Dean quickly lifted her shirt and undid the fastening of her bra. As her tits spilled out of her bra for the second time that night her brother’s warm hands were there. Now he was able to caress, pump and pull them without trying to hide from the general public that he was doing so. He pulled away from Lindsay’s mouth leaving her breathless and he was immediately on his knees in front of her.

Dean had one of her nipples from her massive tits in his mouth, sucking hard. Lindsay was panting again. She wasn’t sure what was going on. How far would her brother go? Should she try and stop him? Did she want to stop him? He finished with her tits and started pulling her pants down. Her pants were just easy pull on sweats, so she lost her pants and panties in one swift move. They went flying across the van as her brother was sticking his face between her legs.

Any thoughts of trying to stop him flew out of her mind when his tongue flicked her clit. She’d never gone this far with a boy before. Her tit’s had been fondled and sucked by a lot of guys. It was the first thing every boyfriend she’d ever had demanded. But to be sucked down between her legs was something new. Her brother sucked her until she came. When she came he sat with her on the couch and held her. He gave her another kiss.

“I’ve always loved you Lindsay. I’ve always wanted to be with you. This is like a dream come true.” He gave her another kiss on the forehead before he let her go.

This time Dean reached for his own pants. He pulled them off in record time. Lindsay sat there looking at Dean’s massive cock. It was sticking straight up in the air. Dean sat back down next to her and kissed her some more. He reached over and took her hand in his. He led it to his cock and placed it on top. The he began to move her hand up and down his cock. When she picked up the rhythm on her own he moved his hand back to her tits.

“Lindsay, you ever suck a cock before?” Lindsay shook her head no. Dean grabbed her arm and led her to get on her knees in front of him.

“Just put your mouth on it Lindsay and go up and down.” Lindsay sat looking at the massive cock in front of her.

“Come on Lindsay, you can do it.” Lindsay leaned forward tentatively and took her brother’s cock in her mouth.

“Yeah Lindsay, just like that. Just a little harder.”

After several minutes Dean knew he was on the verge of cumming, but that wouldn’t do. He wanted to lose his seed deep inside of his sister. He pulled his cock away from her and directed her to go to the front of the van for a minute. Dean pulled the couch so it lay down flat like a bed.

“Come lay down Lindsay.” She obediently followed him.

“You been fucked before?” Lindsay shook her head.

Dean smiled “I’m so glad to be your first.”

He put his cock and her opening. “Lindsay, this is going to hurt a little, but I promise I’ll be gentle.”

He started to ease his cock into her. She groaned a little. “Don’t worry Lindsay. Once we get past the head it will go a lot easier.” trabzon escort

He got the head of his cock in her and waited for a moment or two.

“Okay Lindsay, this is going to hurt a little, but be brave.”

Lindsay looked into the loving eyes of her brother and nodded. At once he shoved his cock head into her. Lindsay gasped as Dean continued to slide his cock up into her. He slid along until he was all the way in. He didn’t move for a minute allowing Lindsay to get over any discomfort she may feel.

“Okay now Lindsay?” She nodded.

Dean started moving on top of his sister. His large cock sliding in and out of her.

“Lindsay, you feel so good my dick. I knew you would. I always knew.” After a few minutes he started to speed up the pace.

“Do you like it Lindsay, does my cock feel good inside you?” Dean waited expectantly for her answer as he continued to fuck his sister.

“Yes Dean, you feel good.” Lindsay was now starting to move against him and Dean moaned. She had gotten over the newness of the experience and was joining him in the fuck.

“Lindsay, are you ready to try something different? The movie we saw tonight showed couples doing it a couple of different ways. Do you want to try my favorite position?”

“Yes Dean, I want to try.”

Dean pulled his throbbing cock out of his sister. “Get on your hands and knees Lindsay, I’m going to ride you from behind.”

She obediently moved as he told her. There wasn’t enough room for Dean to straighten up behind her like he would have liked, but they’d have time for that on another occasion. He leaned over her, his chest against her back. He slid his cock into his sister’s tight hole easily.

“I like this position because I can play with your tits while I fuck you. It’s also nice when we really get moving because my balls are going to hit you in the ass.”

Dean started to move forward. He straightened his back as much as he could and grabbed hold onto her hips. He just wanted to set the pace for her so she’d know what she was supposed to do. Several hard thumps from his cock and she fell right into the rhythm. He leaned back over against her back and continued to fuck her. A few moments more and he braced himself on one hand and played with her tits with the other hand as promised.

“You have the best tits Lindsay. I’ve wanted to suck and touch them for so long. I spied you on the couch one day with one of your boyfriends. You both thought the house was empty, but I was there. I watched him feel you up. The way he squeezed your tits, and then you let him suck on them. I was hard every time I thought about it. But now they’re mine.” Dean took at extra hard squeeze as if to prove his point.

Minutes later Dean felt himself on the verge again. “I’m cumming Lindsay.”

Lindsay braced herself as her brother stopped moving at once and then seemed to pump his cock into her really hard two more times. She felt his warm cum inside her and sliding down her leg. Dean pulled his cock out.

“Come on, we gotta get dressed quickly Mom and Dad are going to be worried if we don’t get home soon.” Both pulled on their clothes and Dean took off for home at top speed.

When they got home everyone was heading up to bed. The siblings went to Lindsay’s room. Dean locked the door. They took off their clothes and when Lindsay went to put on her pajamas Dean stopped her.

“Put them on in the morning. I want to feel your body next to mind.” Lindsay looked up at her brother

“You’re sleeping in my bed?”

He smiled “Oh yeah, from now on we sleep together. Even when our Aunt & Uncle go back home I’m going to come to your bedroom every night and just go back to my room in the mornings.”

Lindsay got in her twin size bed and Dean spooned up behind his sister. He put his limp cock against her and wrapped his hands around her tits. He gently fondled her tits all night as he slept that night, and every night thereafter.

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