Her Husband; Her Toilet. Ch. 01

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They were a good looking couple, early twenties, with a bright future ahead of them. They had met in college in the computer programing course and had started dating almost immediately. Her long red hair and green eyes had charmed him. She was not in love with him but he was a good roommate and she appreciated his abilities at cunnilingus.

He had graduated in computer science and started working in a bank as a programmer. She had returned to college to finish her master degree in economics.

She remembered the chilly fall day when she was chatting with Shirley and her laptop suddenly died. She checked the battery pack, plugged it in, toggle the on and off switch, to no avail so she had moved to his desk to use his computer telling herself that he would not know about it. She would leave everything as she found it.

She finished chatting with Shirley and decided to explore what he had on his precious machine hoping to find out why he was so reluctant to let her use it. Why was he routinely erasing the history every time? She happily found out that he had forgotten to do it the last time and what she found sealed his faith.

She was expecting to find technical site addresses’ and was very surprised with the sites of female domination. As she browsed the sites it became clear to her that she could go a lot further in exploring her darker more cruel side.

Those sites opened a lot of possibilities for her it reached her fantasy when she got to the toilet servitude sites he seemed to favor. Especially the forum where he posted his wishes to be trained as a toilet for women.

On New Year’s Day he had proposed and she had accepted against the advice of her twin sister Tina and her friends.

He was dressing up in his tuxedo thinking about the big day at last they would be married and would leave for their one week honeymoon in Hawaii starting their new life as husband and wife. One short week was better than nothing. They were moving from the east coast to Los Angeles where Tracy would work for a large pension fund.

The bad news was Tina moving in with them until she found a place of her own.

Since she had accepted to marry him she had been more assertive asking him to do more chores around the house to help more with everything. She had been more dominating in their lovemaking too. Demanding that he go down on her before she would let him penetrate her sometimes and only if she was on top. He had enjoyed her attitude and did her bidding. To push her in the thralls of orgasmic pleasures with his mouth was a great satisfaction in itself for him.

He had visited Mistress Sandra for a few days when she had gone to Los Angeles for a week to finalize her employment conditions and find an apartment for them. He had used the safe word to stop the training after drinking Lady Sandra’s pee despite the fact that he had paid for a full toilet slavery week end. It was too much for him.

She had spent the night at her parent’s house. They would start their new life as Mistress and slave. She had planned to inform him that she knew all about his secret desires when they would be pronounce husband and wife. In a chat room she had found Mistress Sandra and they had exchanged information’s about his visit. She would love to have a slave at her beck and call. He did not know it yet but he would get what he wished for: a cruel Mistress.

“I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.” The minister said.

They faced each other and kissed. Then she hugged him and put her lips to his ear.

“I found out about your favorite porno sites and about your visit to Lady Sandra, my slave.”

She pulled back and said out loud:

“Smile! As of now it is a brand new life for us.” The crowd applauding them.

John was flabbergasted. He looked at Tracy’s face. She was sporting her tremendous smile and her eyes green eyes were sparkling. He knew he had heard her correctly. He got hold of himself he could not let the panic he felt get over him. He had to play it cool in front of their families and friends.

He had tried to talk to her during the evening but she had avoided answering his questions mingling with their guests. At last they were in the hotel room getting ready for the trip.

“Tracy what do you mean by you found out about my porno sites?” John asked.

“I mean that I found out about that chat room where you expressed your desire to be a slave, a toilet slave. I contacted Lady Sandra and we had very informative conversations. I know all about your visit to her dungeon. Gaziantep Escort Numaraları

“So now that you are my husband you are my slave. You will obey all my orders. You will call me Mistress or Madam and you are to speak to me only when spoken to. ” Tracy informed him.

“But Tracy that chat room is a fantasy world. It is not real. Lady Sandra’s visit was only to see what a dungeon was. A last fling before getting married. We did not have sex.” John told her.

She briskly walked up to him and slapped him hard.

“It is Mistress Tracy to you. On your knees right now. Kiss my feet.” She shouted at him.

“Tracy.” He started to say when she slapped him on the other cheek.

“You better start to obey or all those chats will be sent to everyone in your address book with the photos of you that Sandra took when she peed in your mouth. After that I will ask for a divorce and leave you with nothing.” Tracy threatened him.

With his cheeks on fire he knelt down and started kissing her shoes. When she was satisfied that he had obeyed she walked toward the mirror.

He was near panic. She had had contacts with Lady Sandra. What did Tracy learned from Sandra? He worriedly asked himself. He had to obey. He had resigned from the bank at her suggestion. She had offered to support him until he found another job in California.

“We should go back and say good bye or we will miss our flight slave.” She said applying red gloss on her full lips.

He washed his face with cold water and they went back to their wedding reception. Tracy had told everything to her twin sister Tina. She had showed her the sites, the photos and let her read his chats.

As they were leaving Tina ran to them and hugged Tracy first then John. She said in his ear;

“Welcome to your new life slave. I liked the photos of you all tied up under Sandra. I look forward to your return to do the same and more. It will be fun!”

They were seated in the plane when Tracy asked him;

“Do you know about the mile high club slave?”

“Yes Madam I do.” John answered.

“Good I want you to give me an orgasm or two with your mouth slave.” She said

“What if we get caught?” He asked her.

She frowned at him.

” Do I have to remind you how to address me properly slave?” She asked him raising her voice.

“No Mistress you do not.” He answered with his head bowed sure that the good looking blond stewardess had heard them.

When the plane had reached her flight altitude at 35,000 feet she had him follow her to the toilet.

“On your knees.” Tracy ordered him as she was sitting on the bowl to pee.

When she was done she got up putting a hand on his shoulder to keep him on the floor. He had always loved to practice cunnilingus on her. It was a caress that she was very responsive too.

“Come on slave get your mouth between my legs.” She ordered.

“But Mistress you did not wipe.” He said.

“So what? You want to be a toilet. You drank Lady Sandra’s pee. Get going!” She ordered him.

He pushed his face in her cunt and started to lick her. He did not like the salty taste of her pee. He was relieved when her juices started flowing washing that taste away. He felt her tense and she squeezed his head with her tights. After a few orgasms she went back to her seat and he followed her after using the toilet.

The good looking blond stewardess took their order for the meal and smiled at him in a strange way.

After their meal Tracy informed him in front of the stewardess;

“Slave I will face sit you often every day allowing you to rim my asshole or lick my cunt. I read about it and Tina agrees rimming looks like fun. Those porno sites that you like so much had some very explicit photos and stories about that and other practices like toilet services.”

“Please Mistress I am not into that.” He pleaded red face.

“I will train you as my full service human toilet.” Tracy said looking sternly at him.

“Excuse me but I have to ask: Is he a newbie slave?” The stewardess asked Tracy.

“Yes he is. We got married this afternoon and I informed him about his new position in life right after the ceremony.” Tracy answered the stewardess.

“Slave when Lady Sandra sat on your face what did she asked of you? ” Tracy asked him.

“That I drink her pee and lick her clean.” He answered.

“What else?” Tracy asked in a stern voice.

“She wanted me to perform cunnilingus on her.” He answered his head bowed.

“Was she satisfied?” Tracy asked him.

“Yes very satisfied Mistress.” He answered feeling humiliated to say it aloud in front of the stewardess.

“When she was seated on your face did she use your mouth for anything else?” Tracy asked him.

“I had to lick her ass and stick my tongue in her asshole to clean it thoroughly.” He lamely answered.

“You did write down that you wanted to be a toilet for women. Didn’t you?” Tracy asked him.

“Yes Mistress but that was before tasting Lady Sandra’s pee and cleaning her ass. I did not like the taste and I do not want that anymore.” He answered.

“I can hardly wait to use your mouth for my toilet needs.” Tracy told him smiling.

“No Mistress please I do not want to be a toilet.” John stammered.

“Shut up slave. You do not have a say in the matter.” Tracy warned him.

“You will enjoy his squirming under your ass especially when you will fart in his face.” The stewardess said laughing.

“I see. You are experience in face sitting then.” Tracy said.

“Yes I am. Most men I meet like it but I enjoy the one’s that are refusing to let me do it. I usually tie them down and then I have them clean my asshole with their tongue and when they think it is over I fart in their mouth. They usually give me a good ride when they are trying to get me off their face.” She said sitting down on the armrest of his seat.

“Maybe you would like to demonstrate your face sitting technique with my slave?” Tracy asked her laughing.

“Sure I will be in Hawaii for three days.” The stewardess said.

“It is settled then. I am Tracy and he is John my husband slave.” Tracy said giving her the hotel coordinates.

“I am Joan and I am staying at the same hotel.” Joan said happily.

“We will be there for a week before moving to L.A.” Tracy said.

“Hey that is where I am based. Have you started to toilet train him?” Joan asked.

“Not yet. I was planning to begin at the hotel.” Tracy said.

“No, Mistress please I do not want to be a toilet.” John stammered forgetting about the interdiction to speak.

Tracy stomped on his foot hard. He was worried that she might have broken his small toe.

“You are my slave. You will do what I tell you to. You should be grateful I will make you live your dream. Get use to the idea.” Tracy told him in a stern voice.

“I used the well trained toilet slave of a friend once in Germany. It is very sensual. You feel his lips making a seal around your asshole. Then you push a stool in his mouth and he closed his lips with your asshole after. I liked feeling his jaws chewing. When you are done you have him lick you clean. It is a lot softer than any piece of paper and much more pleasing. If you want you can start training him now.” Joan said to Tracy looking at John.

“I read a few articles about it and asked a dominatrix for a few pointers. I still have not picked a plan of action.” Tracy said.

“Would you like some help in training him?” Joan asked.

“Since you have used one at your friends place your help would be welcome.” Tracy answered Joan.

“It will be my pleasure. Do you have any questions? Maybe I can answer some?” Joan offered.

“Will it be long to train him for all my toilet needs?” Tracy asked Joan.

“I asked that question to my friend and she told me that it depends of your slave. You should start by peeing in his mouth and have him hold it in for a few minutes. Then he swallows it and you fill his mouth again until you have emptied your bladder.” Joan answered.

“Is it long before the slave can keep up with the flow?” Tracy asked.

“We are thinking alike. I asked the same question to my friend and she said: in about a week a good slave should be able to cope with it maybe sooner if he practiced often. Has he been licking your ass on a regular basis?” Joan asked.

“No he did not want to do that before. From now on he will do it often.” Tracy said.

“Then, when you will use the toilet have him lick your ass clean. After a few times you sit on is mouth and push a little bit of shit in his mouth. You remain seated until he has swallowed it. That is how my friend did it.” Joan said as a soft chime was calling her away.

She stood up and walked toward the front of the plane. She would enjoy her three days off. He had nice lips that would feel good around her asshole. Should I have an accident in his mouth when he will be licking my asshole? She was asking herself as she reached an old lady who wanted water.

“You are a lucky man slave. You will drink the piss of this nice stewardess and clean her asshole. If you put enough efforts in it you might even eat her shit.” Tracy told him laughing.

“Please Mistress I do not want to be a toilet.” He pleaded with her.

“Enough! You will be my human toilet!” She told him.

“Mistress I love you and I am so sorry to have visited Lady Sandra. I beg you for your forgiveness. Please do not use me as your toilet.” He pleaded with tears in his eyes.

“Think of how intimate that service to me will be. Lady Sandra told me all about the training you wanted.” Tracy reminded him.

“Please Mistress. I did not like my experience in the dungeon.” He said.

“Let’s go to the toilet.” She ordered standing up.

They met Joan who opened the door and winked at him. Tracy had him kneel in front of her.

“Why wait to start your toilet training. We will try what Joan suggested. ” She told him lifting her skirt up and pulling his head in between her long tights.

“Open your mouth and stick your tongue out.”She positioned herself and started to pee. When it sounded like a filed glass she stopped. His mouth was full and he did not like the taste.

“Swallow! Slave.” She ordered has she was getting back in position.

She filled his mouth three times.

“Lick me clean slave.” She ordered.

She had enjoyed peeing in his mouth. It would be so much better when he would keep up with her flow. Then she turned around and pushed her ass in his face.

“Spread my cheeks and kiss my asshole. It should be a tasty treat I did not wipe.” Tracy ordered.

He took a deep breath then pushed his face in her ass and lightly kissed her dirty asshole.

“Come on slave. You can do better than that. Lick it clean. It will help educate your mouth.” Tracy said to him.

He hesitantly stuck his tongue out and licked her asshole then all around it getting his first taste of her shit.

As she was getting back to her seat Joan asked Tracy;

“Did you use him?”

“Yes I did as you suggested. I enjoyed it a lot. I imagine that it will be even better when he will keep up with the flow. The cleaning with his tongue nearly started me going again.” Tracy answered smiling.

“I can use him too if you want. It would help educate his mouth.” Joan said feeling her full bladder.

“Would you? He is a good kisser. Test him on your asshole.” Tracy answered her.

He was walking down the aisle when Joan intercepted him and directed him toward the toilet. He had looked at Tracy who had nodded yes.

He was on his knees as Joan was lifting her dress up and pushing her tong to the side to position her cunt on his mouth. She started to fill his mouth. Her pee was bitterer than Tracy’s. That surprised him. He expected it to taste the same.

“Swallow.” Joan ordered.

He had closed his eyes because looking at her was giving him an erection.

“Open your eyes! Look at me.” Joan ordered as she was filling his mouth for the fourth time.

“I see that you like this. Swallow and lick me clean.” Joan ordered.

When he was done she turned around and pushed her ass in his face.

“Your wife told me to try this kiss my asshole.” Joan told him.

He was putting his hands on her cheeks when she said.

“No hands. Push your face in my crack.” Joan ordered.

When she was satisfied she moved away and straightened her uniform before sending him back to his seat and going back to work.

He could not wash his mouth and the aftertaste was awful. When he returned to his seat Tracy was asleep. Her face was so angelic how could she be so evil? He wondered.

He had asked Joan for a soft drink and she had refused whispering that it was part of his training he needed to get used to the taste. If he was that thirsty she could get another stewardess to pee in his mouth. He had politely refused her offer and started reading his book feeling so ashamed.

When he had gone back to the toilet to empty his bladder Joan had followed him making sure he was not dinking any water.

Tracy woke up an hour before landing and ask for a large soft drink.

“Have you slept well?” Joan asked Tracy.

“Oh yes.” Tracy answered stretching herself.

“I kept him from drinking anything else. I know he does not like it but he has a natural ability. He did not spill a drop.” Joan informed Tracy.

“Yes he has. He did not spill any pee with me either.” Tracy said.

“Slave you are a natural for your new toilet duties. I can hardly wait to move to solids. I promised Tina that you would be completely trained by the end of our honeymoon.” Tracy said laughing at his disgusted expression.