Helping My Daughter

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Congressman Chris Jones was your typical politician. He started out as a councilman then mayor and now state congressman and his eyes on U.S. congressman. He was dating a prominent lady because his campaign manager said his single profile wasn’t polling well so he found a mature lady who like power just as much as he did and left her husband to have her share of power. It was a great arrangement. He could still have his wondering eyes and she would be with the most prominent people and not just a wife to a successful dentist who didn’t want more except being a dentist. He was busy in his office working on a conservation bill and his upcoming campaign. When his office phone went off.

Congressman Jones a Sarah Stevens is here to see you for your 2 o’clock meeting. His secretary said.

Oh yes thank you Samantha. Chris said with a smile.

“Congressman Jones.” Sarah said as she closed the door behind her.

“Come on Sarah we’ve known each other too long for that.” Chris said as walked over to hug Sarah.

“What can I do for you?” As help her to a chair.

“Thank you.” Sarah said as she situated her skirt sitting down.

“I need a favor. You’re public girlfriend is trying to screw over her husband and that is hindering my daughter from going to college and being a dentist and I need that to stop.”

“Oh I see.” Chris said with a smirk. How is Brittany doing these days?

“She’s doing good she’s working for Dr. Johnson and getting ready for college.”

“Oh I’m guessing Richard is going to help her with schooling and probably tuition?”


“Well Sarah the only thing that is holding up that divorce is their savings Gaziantep Escort Numaraları account and 401k plan. Every month for over 12 years they would put money into both accounts more his money than her but that’s besides the point and over those 12 years those accounts have accumulated about $700,000. She’s agreed to let him have their $175,000 house that he completely paid for and just about everything else but she wants all of their savings and I don’t blame her.”

“Is it because that money could help with your campaign coming up in a month?” Sarah asked knowing what the answer would be.

“It’s about her not me.” “I’m representing the women of the world who men think they can control.” Chris said in a typical politician stance.

“Look I agree she should get half. But all of it is a little much don’t you agree Chris?”

“It’s not my call it’s Melissa’s.”

“Well if that’s your stance I guess I’ll be on my way.” Sarah said as she started getting up.

“Before you go.” Chris said as he walked behind her locking the door.

“How about a little fun for old times sake?” He asked as he started messaging Sarah’s shoulders.

“Mmmmmmm I would be more than happy to have fun in this office representative Jones. But I need help with my problem first.” Sarah said as she arched her back revealing her cleavage to Chris.

“Well maybe I get her to take 75% instead of all of it?” Chris said as he slid his hands past her shoulders.

“Half representative jones.” Sarah said as she helped him grabbed her left breast.

“We both know she doesn’t even deserve that but it’s fair.”

“Get me half and you can blow your load in my ass in this office right now!” Sarah said as she got up and bent over his desk.

“DEAL!” Chris said as he unbuttoned his slacks and pulled down his boxer shorts. “Besides she doesn’t do anal.”

“Oh representative Jones don’t worry. I’ll give it to you when she won’t.” Sarah said as she raised up her skirt showing Chris she had no panties.

Put that cock in my ass congressman!

Chris nudged the head up to her tiny little hole grabbed her hips and shoved it deep inside her ass.

“Mmmmmm that’s right congressman Jones I’m your little whore.” I’ll let you fuck me however you want to fuck.” Sarah said as she grabbed the edge of Chris’s desk.

“That’s right!” “You’re my dirty little whore! Take that cock in your ass!” Chris said as he yanked on Sarah’s hair.

“Mmmmm fuck congressman Jones I want you to cum in that ass.” Give your cum congressman Jones.

“Mmmmmm fuck!”

Chris started cumming in her Sarah’s ass. Sarah could feel his cock pulsing and squirting his hot cum inside her.

“That’s it baby give me that cum.” Sarah said.

After he finished Chris pulled up his pants buttoned them back.

“Wow good as ever Sarah. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Do we still have a deal?” Sarah asked as she freshened up and rearranged her clothes.

“Well we have to see what she wants to do.” Chris said hem hawing around.

“Well if we don’t have a deal Chris. That whole incident was video and sent somewhere where they will take care of it quickly.” Sarah said rather pissed.

“Also the media will know all the other times you fucked me and rape me as a councilman and mayor!”

“You’re bluffing.” Chris said laughing.

Sarah opened up her purse and showed him the video.

“You screwed me over before and I let it go as you know. But I’m not letting this go.” I know other women you screwed over and I’m sure they’ll help me put an end to this!”

“Why are you doing this now?”

“This could help my daughter. And like I said we both know you nor her deserve all of that money. Half is plenty good.” “So do we have a deal?”

“Ok. I’ll get her to accept half, but I want your word this will be dropped and videos will be destroyed now.”

“No I can’t believe you so once I know the deal is made and finalized I will destroy evidence. You have my word and you know I’ve never lied to you before.” Sarah said sticking her hand out.

“Agreed.” Chris said as she shook her hand. “For the record don’t ever call me wanting anything ever again.”

“Don’t worry I won’t.” Sarah said as she walked out the door.

Sarah went home. Later that evening Brittany came home from work.

“Hey sweetheart how was work?” Sarah said as she hugged Brittany.

“It was good. Dr. Johnson let me do an X-ray on a patient and explained the details to me today.” Brittany said with excitement.

“That’s great honey.”

“How was your day mom?”

“I think it was good. Let me know if Dr. Johnson gets his divorce finalized and he keeps half of his savings please?”

“Did you go take care of that?”

“I think I did. Just need to keep me posted please.”

“Thank you mom you’re the best.” Brittany said as she gave her mom a big hug.

“I’m going to go shower and then go over to Dr. Johnson’s house. I want to cook for him.”

“Have fun dear I love you” Sarah said as Brittany went into the bedroom.