Heidi’s Diary: Day 02

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Oh my God.

Today was even worse. I can’t believe what’s happening to me, it all seems like some kind of nightmare. Justine is actually sleeping in my bed now, but once she found out about my diary, she made me write down everything that happened today.

I started the day with the same confidence I had going to bed last night. I decided I needed to dress myself a little more carefully today. Up top I wore a lightweight cream colored turtleneck sweater, with a T-shirt and bra underneath. I wore a good pair of sturdy cotton panties, pantyhose, wool slacks, and a blazer. It was a touch warm for the weather, but I figured that it would be very hard to get me out of that outfit.

I drove into the office, and thanked God it was a different guard behind the desk. As I walked by the cube farm, Justine and the three clerks were standing around giggling. Justine just looked at me with a predatory smile, and all of my courage and resolve seemed to vanish. I decided to go to my office before confronting her. When I got there, there was a large envelope on my keyboard. With trepidation, I opened up, and was horrified to see several 8 1/2 x 11 glossies of me in the mesh outfit. Two were of me in the lobby, one from the front and one from the rear. Under the bright lights of the lobby that outfit showed absolutely everything. The other three photos were from the gas station, two of them with my boobs out, and one with me showing my kitty as well. I should have guessed that she would take pictures, but I never saw any cameras, so it was a real surprise for me. There was a note in the envelope saying I should come to her desk. I walked back there, feeling none of the confidence I felt last night.

Justine looked up as I approached, and frowned. She told me she was very disappointed in my outfit, but first she needed me to talk to someone. She picked up the phone, dialed a number, told the person on the other end “she’s here, sir,” and handed me the phone. I had no idea what she was up to, but I took the phone and said hello. It was Jared McIntyre. The president of our biggest client, and the defendant in the biggest case this firm has ever had. Getting assigned to this case was the linchpin of my plans to become partner. If I did well on this case, I’d be partner by the end of the year.

I listened to him as he talked (which he can do quite a lot of) and occasionally answered his general questions. Suddenly I felt Nicole and Melissa on either side of me, pulling my blazer off my shoulders. I struggled with them briefly, but then I heard a strange noise. Justine had a large pair of scissors out, and was snipping the air with them. The message was clear, let them undress me, or they would cut the clothes off. I started to panic, and tried to think of a way out of this. As the clerks relieved my of my blazer, I asked Mr. McIntyre if he could wait a second for me to go back to my office so I could look at my notes. Unfortunately he insisted that this would just take a few minutes, and that he just wanted to tell me his latest thoughts on the strategy for the case. By this time, Justine had come around to the front of her desk, and sat on it in front of me. Slowly, she lifted the bottom of my sweater up, up to about my navel. She then undid the side zip on my slacks, and they slipped straight to the floor. I made a little yelp, which surprised Mr. McIntyre, and I had to spend a few seconds explaining it was nothing.

As McIntyre proceeded to go on with his inane theories, Melissa and Nicole started to roll the top of my pantyhose down, until the waistband of my panties was exposed. Justine took the scissors, and with two quick snips, she cut the hips of the panties, and was able to pull them out the front. The friction of them sliding over my pubes reminded me that I was sore from all the time I spent diddling myself yesterday, but it also made me shudder uncontrollably. I tried to keep my composure as McIntyre asked me my thoughts, and I was forced to do more talking. As I tried to steer him back to our firm’s established strategy, Melissa and Nicole pulled my sweater off my arms, and over my head. My T-shirt followed quickly. Much to my horror, I was standing out in the middle of our office, wearing only a bra and pantyhose, while I tried to persuade our biggest client not to do anything really stupid. I was totally humiliated, and even worse, I knew I was getting turned on again.

Justine pushed her knee between mine, forcing me to spread my legs a little. She held out her hand, palm up, about two inches in front of my crotch. For a few seconds I couldn’t figure out what she was doing, and then it hit me. She expected me to hump her hand again. My mind was screaming “no,” but after the multiple orgasm of the night before, combined with the frustration of no orgasms since then, my body just took over. Almost by themselves, my hips thrust forward, pushing my crotch onto her hand. I began to work my hips back and forth, while trying desperately not to let McIntyre karabük escort know anything was up. Suddenly, Tina’s hands came around me, and she began to kiss my neck and squeeze my breasts. It let out a moan that I couldn’t hide from McIntyre. Tina pulled my breasts out of their cups, and began tugging my nipples in time with my pelvic thrusts. She also began nibble on my ear, which was almost enough to send me over. Thank God McIntyre started talking again, so all I had to do was keep him from hearing my panting. I started gyrating my hips faster and faster, and Tina was pinching my nipples harder and tugging them more ruthlessly. Even though it was hurting quite a bit, I found myself edging closer and closer.

Just as I thought I was going to cum, McIntyre wrapped his bizarre theories, and said good-bye. Tina stopped playing with my nipples and Justine pulled her hand away before I could climax. I whined in frustration as I realized I wasn’t going to find release. Justine looked at her wet, slimy hand, and made a point of telling everyone how gross that was, and how she couldn’t believe I had soaked through my hose. She proceeded to wipe her hand dry on my boobs. I hate to admit it, but even that almost made me orgasm, but she stopped too quickly.

While I was still catching my breath, Justine moved faster than I could imagine, took her scissors, and cut my bra in three places. The ruined garment fell to the floor. Justine took the phone from me, and told me to sit at her desk until she got back. I was so disoriented that I didn’t say anything as I sat down and she walked off with my clothes.

The clerks went back to their desks and got to work. I thought of telling them that they were in big trouble, but since I was the one with nothing on but a sheer pair of pantyhose, that didn’t seem too smart. I covered my boobs with my arm, and kept my thighs tight together, but there was no hiding that I was naked. I kept wondering where Justine could be, when I heard Derek’s voice coming down the hall. Thinking fast, I grabbed Justine’s copy of the newspaper from her desk, and opened up like I was reading it, hiding everything but my hands. I heard Derek say “hi,” to Melissa, Nicole, and Tina, and then he said “hi Justine,” to me. I froze and didn’t say anything. I heard him whisper to Tina, “what’s up with her?” Tina didn’t really say, and soon he was hitting on her, the way he does with all the women in the office. I was just thinking that I might get away with this when I heard Justine say “hi,” to Derek. Derek sounded confused, and then asked who was at Justine’s desk. I lowered the paper to just reveal my face and said that I was just checking out the paper. Justine came up beside me holding my sweater, and told Derek that I had spilled some coffee on my sweater, and that she had been helping me out. As she said that, she grabbed the paper from me and said my sweater was ready. I was so shocked I couldn’t even move as Derek stared at my exposed breasts. Justine commanded me sharply to put my arms in the air, and so help me, I didn’t resist as she pulled my arms up, thrusting my bare boobs out. I think Derek was about to have an accident in his pants, when Justine acted like she just noticed him, and asked “could Heidi have a little privacy?” She made it sound like she was totally offended, and Derek became embarrassed, and left immediately. I couldn’t believe that I had just let Derek see my boobs, but my brain felt like it was stuck in oatmeal, and no matter how much I tried, I just couldn’t summon the will to resist Justine.

Justine started to laugh as she pulled the sweater over my head, and whispered in my ear how fantastic that was. She left the sweater above my breasts, and pulled me out of her chair and told me to get to work in my office. I tried to pull down the sweater, but she swatted my hand away, saying I could take care of that in my office. I can’t believe it, but I started to cry again. I was planning to ask for the rest of my clothes back, to try to get control again, but I was so humiliated I just ran to my office. Fortunately, no one saw me get there, and I quickly sat behind my desk and pulled the sweater down. It was then that I discovered what Justine had done. She had cut the sweater off just at my navel. That meant if I pulled in tight to my desk, no one could see anything, but if I pulled away from my desk my pubic hair was completely visible through the pantyhose. In addition, the sweater was incredibly tight across my boobs, making my nipples point out dramatically. I quickly realized that she had used a safety pin (probably mine!) to gather the sweater in the back, making it obscenely tight. I contemplated removing it, but I decided I didn’t dare cross Justine.

I was still incredibly horny, and if anything my current state of undress made me more so. I knew I should get some work done, but my hand drifted down to my crotch. As Justine had pointed out my hose were completely soaked at the karaman escort crotch. I slid my hand inside my hose, and played with myself for several minutes, but I just couldn’t get myself to cum. I decided I’d better get some work on my desk, in case someone came in. That’s when I realized that I had forgotten to get more tissues. I tried to wipe my slippery fingers on my hose, but they really didn’t absorb much, so I ended up wiping them on the inside of my sweater. I got out a couple files, and opened them on my desk, hoping no one would walk in while I was standing with my butt on display. I slid back in close to my desk, so the only thing noticeable was that my nipples were poking out my sweater.

I managed to get a little work done, although my hands kept drifting to my crotch or to my boobs. I would alternate between sliding a hand inside my pantyhose and working one up under my sweater and pulling on my nipple the way Tina had been. What’s happened to me? Last week I was a serious career woman, and now I’m some kind of slut who gets undressed at work and plays with herself.

Fortunately I heard Bob and Steve talking with each other in the hall, and I had time to pull myself into my desk and look as presentable as possible. They came into my office, asking me about my conversation with McIntyre. Steve, the schmuck, basically stared at my boobs the whole time, while Bob tried to be a bit more discreet. In spite of my annoyance, I could feel my nipples getting harder and harder. I was so horny, I started to rub my thighs together. Thanks God, the meeting didn’t take too long, and soon they stood up to leave. Steve shook my hand again as he left, but all he got this time was a jiggle show instead of a nipple.

Once they were gone, I reached under my shirt and pinched my nipples and started rubbing my kitty as hard as I could. I almost started to cry in frustration, but after a couple minutes it was clear I still wasn’t going to cum. By this point, my hose were truly gross, and I decided they were worse than going naked. So I shucked them off, and tried to use them to wipe my crotch. I couldn’t believe how much lubricant I was producing. It’s not like I’ve ever had any trouble getting wet, but it seems like the last couple days that my crotch is more like a faucet.

I tried to get back to work, but Justine came in with my slacks and blazer, saying that we needed to take a trip during lunch hour. I was so glad to get them back, I didn’t even ask what she had in mind; I just grabbed them and pulled them on. With the blazer buttoned, you couldn’t tell that Justine had altered the sweater, and it wasn’t even obvious that I was braless. The wool slacks were itchy without anything under them, but they were way better than being naked.

Justine grabbed a black work-out bag, and we walked out through the lobby to my car. Justine said she really admired my car, and wanted to drive it. I thought about defying her, but at this point it seemed like pretty small thing. I mean, I love my car, but if letting her drive would keep me dressed decently, then it seemed like a good idea.

At least, it did for a couple seconds. As soon as I had handed over the keys, she popped the trunk to put her bag in, and then she suggested I put my blazer in there. I started to tell her no, that I wasn’t going to do it, but I had barely said the word “no” when Justine reached out and grabbed my nipple through the sweater. My protest ended in a whine, which I hoped wouldn’t attract too much attention. Justine’s not very big, but she has a super-human grip. The pain in my nipple was excruciating, and if I did anything to try and get her hand off, it became truly unbearable. After about five seconds I would have done anything to get her to let go. She hissed at me that I’d better do what she told me to, or not only would everyone I know see the pictures she’s taken, but she’d strip me naked right there and leave me. Tears were falling down my cheeks again as I shucked off the blazer and tossed into the trunk. Justine gave my nipple one more crushing squeeze before letting go, telling me that I would be punished for that later. She proceeded to get in and lower the top of my convertible like nothing unusual had happened.

As I climbed in the passenger seat I asked where we were going. She told me that she thought I needed to tone up a bit, so we were going to do a step aerobics class over lunch. I protested that I didn’t have any work out gear. She smiled and patted my thigh, telling me not to worry. She didn’t move her hand away, she actually slid it up to my crotch, and to my horror, I started to uncontrollably thrust my crotch on her hand. Thank God we didn’t pass any trucks as we drove! I didn’t cum during the short drive, but I was flushed and breathing hard when we got to the health club. Justine grabbed her bag and I followed her in as I tried to catch my breath.

Justine used her membership to get me past the girl at the front kars escort desk, and we went to the locker rooms. She told me I could share her locker and that I should go ahead and hang my clothes in there. She proceeded to undress herself and pull on a leotard and some gym shorts. She never handed me anything to wear, so I hesitated, but then she gave me a stern look that told me I’d better do as she said. It only took a couple seconds to shed my two pieces of clothing. As I started to hang them, Justine started talking in a loud voice about what a slut I was, and that she knew I wasn’t wearing a bra, but she couldn’t believe I wasn’t wearing panties. She kept talking about how I must have had a “quickie” on the way in to work. Other women in the locker room looked over at me standing there naked and either smirked or looked disgusted. I was so humiliated.

Justine handed me some shoes (my size!) and anklets, and pointed for me to sit down and put them on. I was seriously getting worried that she’d make me do aerobics in the nude, but I didn’t really have much choice. As I tied the shoes on, Justine kept making comments on my nudity, and how I must be quite the slut. Once she was dressed, and I had the shoes on, she handed me the rest of my clothes. It consisted of a white sports bra, and a large pair of basketball shorts. The bra was very tight, and my brown nipples were clearly visible through the material. The shorts on the other hand, were very loose, and I wasn’t sure they would stay on. They hung so loose on my hips that my pubic hair was at risk slipping out, and the crack of my bum was showing. Justine said that she just loved my outfit, and she led me to the class.

One other thing about the locker room is that I saw Justine naked. Since I was humiliated and nervous about my own state of dress (or undress!), I didn’t have a lot of chance to look at her as she took off her sleeveless top and mini-skirt, but I did notice that she had very pretty underwear. Once she took that off, I have to admit I did pay more attention. Anyone who met Justine would say she was pretty, but with her undressed I was in awe. She is very fit but soft in the right places, her boobs were high and firm and her tan appeared to stretch to every inch of her body. I felt very pale and inadequate standing there.

The class was sheer hell. I’m in pretty good shape, and I jog most evenings, but this class was very intense. It was all I could do to keep up with the wild motions of the male instructor. On top of that, the shorts Justine gave me kept slipping down. I’m sure the people behind me got tired of seeing my bare butt, and the instructor even got to see my kitty a couple times. The bra I was wearing didn’t really support my boobs very well, so they were bouncing around like mad, and as I sweated the material became even more transparent. Twenty minutes later I was soaked, and gasping for breath. As the class ended and the people filed out, Justine took my hand and led me up to the instructor, who she introduced as Trevor. Thankfully, Trevor was clearly gay, but he still made a comment about my sexy outfit and that it was always interesting when Justine brought a guest.

As Justine chatted with Trevor, she pulled my left hand around her and on to her shoulder, holding it with her left hand. She then wrapped her right arm around me, resting it on my right hip. It felt very intimate, and made me very uncomfortable. I didn’t want everyone thinking we were a lesbian couple, but I didn’t want Justine to make a scene in front of this guy. After a minute or so, her hand dropped down, and slipped inside the loose shorts. My right hand had a tight grip on the shorts at my hip, or I’m sure I would have lost them right there! Even so, she tugged them down on the left side, and from Trevor’s glances I knew that a lot of my lower abdomen was exposed. Justine kept right on talking and joking with Trevor as her hand explored my bum. Then she began run a finger up and down the crack of my ass. I struggled to appear normal as she started to rub a finger around my anus, but I couldn’t contain my gasp when she actually stuck her finger up my butt! Brad was always trying to get me to let him do me there, but it’s just too dirty, I would never let him. There I was, though, with Justine slowly working her finger up and down in my ass. Unbelievably, I got turned on, and soon I was starting to pant from the stimulation. Fortunately I was still flushed and sweaty from the workout, or Trevor would have known for sure what was going on.

Finally Justine said that we had to go, and she pulled her finger out of me and my shorts. But instead of moving away from me, she pressed herself closer, and then used her right had (the one that had just been up my ass!) pull my head close to hers, and she started to kiss me right in front of some guy I’d just met. I moved my right hand up to hers, to try to free my head, but it was useless. Before I knew it, I was kissing her back, letting her tongue explore my mouth, and I hate to admit it, sucking on her luscious lips. I know that it seems hard to believe reading this diary, but I’m not a dyke, and I’m not turned on by girls. But I have to admit that I wanted desperately to kiss Justine. It’s like she’s a force of nature, and I’m helpless before her.

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