He Found Me

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Female Ejaculation

I sat on the soft leather barstool, waiting. Sipping my white Russian through a tiny red straw, because I liked the way it felt rolling around on my tongue. My skirt was loose, short and frilly, the style I knew men liked best. I have on a tiny thong that is buried between my cunt lips, reminding me of why I am here and keeping my clit at a low throb. I grind against nothingness once in a while, restless to have something more than satin fabric tugging at my pussy. My blouse is sheer, a halter style, leaving my back bare, and my bra-less titties are tight and high. The light fabric barely brushes my girl-like pointy nipples, teasing and tormenting me with each movement. Once in a while, I run my fingers over a quivering tip, pinching as I go, and my hot little slit gets a trickle of cream in reward.

It’s time to start surveying the crowd. The dance floor is packed with bodies, rubbing and groping to their hearts delight. I spot a few nice asses and sets of wide shoulders, wondering who might have the same needs as me. There are groups of men standing around, some laughing, some looking horny and not-so-subtly elbowing each other over a nice set of tits or a well defined camel toe. As I scan the crowd, I re-cross my legs, letting my skirt slide further up my thighs and absently run my fingers across my faint valley of cleavage.

As I reach for my drink, I am startled as a dark tan hand from behind my picks up the glass and brings it around to my lips, the strong forearm attached brushing slightly against the side of my very curious tit.

“Drink”. His voice sounded like someone had dragged it through gravel. Smokey and hot. He leaned into my back and I felt the solid wall of his chest radiate heat against my bare back. As the straw touched my lips, I instinctively sucked, swallowing shakily. He lowered the drink and turned the barstool toward the dance floor, coming even more snugly behind me and sliding his hands around my waist. His hands spanned my belly, just under my breasts. His thumbs began lazily skimming along the bottom curve of each tit.

“These are making me crazy. I have been watching your hot little nipples pushing against this barely-there top all night. They look like little berries…hard and round, just right for my mouth, baby.” He leaned into my neck and nibbled just below my ear, then sucked an earlobe into the heat of his mouth, and I felt it in each nipple. I gasped and squeezed my thighs together against a rush of cream.

“I can smell your hot little pussy honey, is all that sweetness for me?” When I didn’t answer, he cupped my left breast and giresun escort lightly pinched the nipple. I automatically thrust my tits further into his hands and heard his amused chuckle. “I think it is. I think these ripe little berries and this sweet creamy cunt are all mine tonight.”

God, how did he know what I needed? I felt dizzy as his cock pressed against my ass and he continued to play with my nipples, unnoticed in a crowd.

“Are you mine tonight baby?” Do I get to play with you however I want?” I was breathless, frozen in the moment, unable to believe someone had tapped into my desires so perfectly. “Answer me, sweet girl, or I may have to go away and take my big cock with me. You don’t want to lose your big cock, do you now honey?” As he rolled his hips against my ass, I felt his fingers run up my neck to outline my lips.

“Open.” His command made me gasp again, and as my lips parted, he slipped his index finger onto my tongue.

“Suck.” I felt my cream running onto the suede barstool, tickling my thighs. His words were enough. I would have sucked anything he put into my mouth. I latched onto his finger and laved the tip with my tongue as I sucked the digit in and out of my hungry mouth.

“That’s my girl. Look at what a fucking sexy picture you make, baby. Your hard little tit is in one hand while your hot pink lips are sucking my finger like a warm-up cock. People are starting to notice you. They don’t know whether they should be watching you or not.” He gave my tit one more squeeze before pulling away and straightening. “I think it’s time we show everyone what you can do, baby girl. Let’s dance.” He swiftly turned my stool so that I faced him and he stood at my knees. His hands were on each side of the stool, locking me in. I looked up into his face. Jesus. Dark eyes surrounded by inky black lashes. His full lips were kicked up into a sexy half-smile. The lines at his mouth and eyes were just enough to make my mouth water.

“Uncross your hot little legs honey.” I felt his hands slide up the sides of my knees and he coaxed my legs apart. I obeyed without thinking and he stepped into the vee he made, holding my knees snug against his hips. He leaned forward and ran his tongue against the seam of my lips, a whisper of a lick. Then he pulled my lower lip between his teeth and sucked. I whimpered, clinging to his sleeves like a rag doll. Just as soon as he was there, he retreated. Offering his hand, he kicked up another smile. “C’mon, sweet baby. There’s more.” I followed behind him as he weaved through the thickening crowd, gümüşhane escort holding my hand behind his back.

He guided us to the center of the dance floor, and pulled me close. Draping my arms over his shoulders, he locked my fingers around his neck and whispered close to my ear, “Keep them there baby, I want to play.” I took a shaky breath, excited beyond my wildest imagination. His hands started a slow slide down the underside of my arms and came to rest at each side of my breasts, spanning my bare back, thumbs resting back under the curve of each little mound. With my arms raised, my nipples were stretched tight and high against his hard chest. As he began to move us slowly around the floor, his thumbs journeyed between us and circled the hard little nubs with devastating precision. My knees threatened to buckle.

“Hold steady sweet girl.” He gave each nipple a light pinch. “Lean into me. I won’t let you fall.” The thumbs went back to work on my hard little nips. He dropped one hand down to my lower back and nudged my pubic bone against his cock. Holding me there, his hand slid to my ass and started caressing the crease at the top of my leg in perfect rhythm with the slow torture he was inflicting on my nipple. I heard myself moan.

“Mmmm. Moan for me baby girl.” Hi increased the circles on my ass cheek and gave a light pinch. “God you have a hot little ass.” Let me feel you move it for me, angel. Grind your tight little butt for everyone to see. Just like a hot fuck with you on top baby.” I felt my panties wedge even further into my cunt lips and I began to do what he asked. Each time I thrust forward, his hard dick nudged my clit. Each time I thrust back, his fingers pushed closer to my aching pussy. His other hand dropped to my ass to join the first, and his thigh moved between my legs. Soon I was simply humping his leg on the dance floor, barely aware that he had slid his hands under my skirt and was running his cunt-wet fingers over my tight little asshole. I had lost all sense of surroundings, hearing only the throb of the dance beat and his hypnotizing words in my ear as he coaxed my closer and closer to the edge.

“Is my sweet little creamy cunt ready to come? Everyone is ready to watch you come all over me, baby. You’re such a hot little fuck doll, baby. Show them how you look when you come apart for me.” Turning my sideways in his arms, he slid a hand around my back and under my arm, supporting my weight. His fingers reached over my breast and pulled my blouse to the side, releasing my aching tit. His other hand snaked hakkari escort down between my legs and into my panties, finding my soaked slit and starting a slow massage that made my head roll back onto his arm. “Give me your mouth baby.” I jerked up at his abrupt tone, catching a glint of power in his eyes, and melting into a puddle of need. He toyed with my lips like a cat with it’s prey, not quite engaging, but teasing and biting just enough to make me squirm in his arms. Out of the corner of my eyes, I could see others watching us with steamy eyes, some fondling each other in turn. I was beyond caring. I was completely dependent upon the fingers playing my cunt and the brush of his palm against my exposed tit.

As my breathing became more ragged, me pulled back slightly, his mouth hovering inches above mine. “Look at your sweet little tittie, honey, just waiting to be sucked. And this pussy is dripping down my wrist with enough cream for this whole bar. I could slide my cock into your hot little hole and fuck you standing, couldn’t I, baby? So fucking hot and sweet. After you come all over me I am gonna give my pussy some hard dick to cream on. You like dick, don’t you baby girl? I watched you at the bar, looking for some cock for this hot little hole of yours.” His fingers rolled my bursting nipple, tugging and squeezing, while his fingers hit the perfect rhythm that had me moaning into his neck.

“Give me my cream, sweet girl. Jesus. Come. Now.” I bit his neck as my cunt thrust against his hand in an orgasm that had my knees buckling. He continued to rub and pet my weeping pussy as the contractions subsided, alternately pinching my puffy cunt-lips and slapping against my clit with his fingers. Every time he did more juice ran from my throbbing slit.

“C’mere, little one.” He faced me and lifted my legs around his waist, slipping his hands under my skirt, one finger sliding home into my drenched pussy. I wrapped my arms around his neck and let him carry me from the bar, no longer concerned about anyone seeing my shiny wet cunt lips peeking out from between my ass cheeks. He kissed me deep with his clever tongue all the way to his car, unlocked the door and placed me in the low seat with one more thrust of his finger in my dripping hole. Reclining the seat, he buckled me in, licked his fingers, and stepped back to shut the door. I heard him come around the car and let himself in. After starting the engine, his finger returned to my slit, running up and down between my still hard clit to my come-slick asshole.

“We are going to my house for the rest of the weekend. I am going to fuck you, baby, until you scream my name. Your hot little cunt is mine. Your chewable little titties are mine. Your sweet little tight ass is mine. And your sinful, hot mouth is definitely mine. In fact, let’s start getting that tempting little mouth warmed up on the way, shall we?

(to be continued)

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