Graduation: Part One

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He had just got a coffee from the machine and was settling in front of his computer screen to start work for the day when she rang him. He was to be waiting outside his office building in twenty minutes with his cock cage on (but no underwear) and $1500 in cash in his pocket. He would be taking the rest of the week off. As soon as she had given him that list she rang off quickly, without waiting for any sort of response, but he had been expecting the call and he knew what it meant; she had finished her lessons and was going to prove her skills on him to graduate.

As he waited for the lift down, excited but very nervous, he wondered if she had reached another decision as well; he hoped that being told to take the rest of the week off meant she had. He had got up from his desk and left the office without explanation or even logging off. He had to get to the bank to get the money she had asked for in time to meet her and time was tight; he would have to ring up later and say he had had a sudden illness and needed to go home.

Exactly on time a big white Executive taxi pulled up and he was only just ready. The bank had been more difficult than he had expected and his obviously being in a hurry hadn’t helped. The teller had been very suspicious about him withdrawing so much cash and he had had to show photo id and answer a lot of security questions. He was still sweating from nervousness and running up the hill to get back in front of his office as the taxi arrived.

C, was sitting in the back of the cab in a black dress and her favorite jacket with flowers embroidered over the back and shoulders. She was looking a little tense herself and gave him a tight smile though the window, which he returned as best he could. The driver, a grey-haired, portly middle aged man, held the door open for him. As soon as he got in C held out her hand for the money, took it and put it in the bag at her feet without saying anything. To his surprise she pulled a leather blindfold with an elastic strap out of the bag as she straightened up, slipped it over his head and adjusted it so he couldn’t see a thing. He had expected her to ask about his breathlessness but she stayed completely silent. As soon as the cab began to move she reached between his legs and felt for his cage and opened his fly to slip in a hand to see that he wasn’t wearing his underwear.

Getting out of his underwear at work had needed some careful work in the men’s toilets but the cage hadn’t been an issue; he had been wearing it for the last four weeks and she had the key. She left her hand in his trousers once she had checked he was as she had asked.

The car had moved off as soon as the driver was back in his seat, they must have discussed the destination before he got in and she didn’t want him to hear where they were going. Sitting in the back he was feeling an exciting mix of fear about what he hoped would happen next, embarrassment about what the driver was thinking and concern that someone from work had seen the blindfold or her reaching into his trousers. He held her other hand; she seemed more relaxed now that he was next to her but still said nothing. Slowly his breathing returned to normal.

The car journey took quite a while. He tried to guess where they were going but soon got confused. It was clear from the traffic and the noise from the streets that they were staying near the central city, so he guessed that the driver had been asked not to take a direct route but their destination was somewhere nearby. He sat holding her hand, trying to stay calm and wondering about what she had in store for him. He thought he could feel her excitement through the tension in her hand but it might just have been his.

Finally they stopped. There was the sound of people walking and talking nearby on the footpath but he wasn’t asked to remove his blindfold. The driver opened the door, took him by the arm and helped C guide him out. The footpath seemed quite crowded and he wondered what they thought about the blindfold and hoped even more they didn’t see his trousers were open. It clearly wasn’t bothering C so he did his best to look nonchalant under the mask and just follow where he was being led.

She guided him across the footpath to a doorway, letting him go while she spoke into an entry phone. The door clicked almost immediately and she led him into what seemed to be a narrow hallway. There was the sound of heels up above and a voice calling “Come upstairs!” She led him down the hall and started on the stairs but he was very slow in his blindfold, feeling for each tread as he walked up. There was an impatient clicking noise then a fairly fairly brusque, “Oh I see,” and the heels came down the stairs. He was taken firmly by the arm and pulled up at least four flights of stairs with a lot less regard than he had been shown before by C. At the top of the stairs he was pushed into a room and left for a minute while outside he could hear the heels saying, “You go along görükle escort and talk to Mistress — I’ll get him sorted.” The door opened and closed and his blindfold was removed. The wearer of the heels turned out to be a solidly built middle aged woman who looked at him in a business-like sort of way and said “Get undressed. You can leave your clothes on the chair. I’ll come and get you when they are ready.”

She left, leaving the door open and he heard the heels go down the hall. A door opened, there was a brief conversation and the heels came back down the hall past the door to his room. She glanced in as she passed and frowned at him on seeing he was still standing there fully dressed. He quickly took off his clothes and put them neatly over the only chair in the room, a big armchair. The room was small with only the chair, a small table and a frosted window by way of furnishing. Once undressed he was at a bit of a loss; it felt silly to be standing naked but the chair had a very grand look and didn’t seem meant for him. Finally he knelt upright in the middle of the floor facing the door and waited. In the quiet he realized that there was an open door to the outside somewhere. He could hear street noise and the sound of road works so he guessed they were near the new motorway extension close to the centre of town. He could smell cigarette smoke and also guessed it was the woman who had met them having a smoke while she waited. He could hear the occasional sound of heels elsewhere in the building. After a while the woman, now smelling strongly of smoke came back into the room “Good boy,” she said approvingly seeing him kneeling naked, “Now just put your head on the floor and don’t look up until I come for you,” and she left again, shutting the door this time.

He did as she asked and waited a long time. It was quiet except for the occasional sound of heels deep in the building and when she came he heard her approach a long way down the hall. She had a collar, lead and full-face bondage hood with her. In silence the collar was quickly buckled on but the hood was very tight and she spent a long time pulling his head around to get it on. Eventually it was in place and she locked it with a padlock at the back. She unzipped the mouth hole and made sure it was in the right place by pushing her fingers into his mouth.

“Do you know what your Mistress has in mind for you?” she asked.

“No, Ma’am, she hasn’t said.”

“But you are happy to undergo what she asks? Do you need to be able to use your safeword?”

“I am happy to take whatever she asks for. If she thinks I need my safeword she will ask me.”

“OK then but everything that happens here is consensual — you are sure about this? Kneel up and tell me that you are happy to go with whatever your Mistress asks”

“Yes, Ma’am, anything she wants of me.”

“Good. She’s going to have some fun and don’t come whining to me if you can’t handle it.”

Zipped back up again, the hood was so tight that it acted almost like a gag. She didn’t open the eye holes. “Crawl,” she said pulling on the lead and he followed her down the hall on his knees.

He was led into what felt to be the centre of a large room. The woman dropped the lead onto the floor beside him without saying anything, the heels retreated and a door closed. There was a long silence. He was waiting for his mistress, and other people maybe, to come into the room to start in on him when the creak of leather very close by gave him a shock. There were people in the room already. He stayed still trying to work out where they were, his heart beating hard. Suddenly, with no other warning he was dragged by the collar and pushed hard through a narrow opening scraping his shoulders. A metal door clanged shut. Whoever had grabbed him was surprisingly strong. He was held again and pulled upwards. He reached out and found he was holding the bars of a cage. “Stand up!” ordered a loud, deliberately harsh voice. The sudden movement and noise after the previous quiet waiting was disorienting. As soon as he was standing his hands were stretched out and cuffed one at a time so that his stomach was pressed against the bars. The leather creaked away. There was a silence then C said “He looks good like that.” He hadn’t even known she was in the room although now he knew she was there he could smell her scent — Angel.

“In a fucking cage where he belongs,” said the hash voice.

“What should I do with him?” asked his Mistress. Someone started to play with with cock in its cage through the bars.

“It’s up to you,” said the harsh voice, “Impress me with your control.”

“What I want is for him to be marked for me. I want bruises on him that will last as long as possible. I want people to know he is mine and know that he is prepared to suffer for it.” Her voice came from right next to him so he knew it was his Mistress playing with him. His cock was hard now and he was getting excited.

“OK, görükle escort bayan we can get his arse well bruised up with the strap the put some nice tramlines on it with the cane.”

“How many strokes? 12, 18?”

“We’ll see. Shall we have a few games to get him warmed up while we wait?” Wait for what he wondered.

C had moved away. Rougher hands took hold of his cock cage and sharp nails dug into his cock through the gaps in the metal work. “You have got him done up nicely haven’t you C? You can’t wank yourself with that on can you? It’s been a pleasure teaching your Mistress, pussy, and I look forward to seeing what she does to you.”

Both his nipples were twisted until he tried to squeak. He felt one nipple being pulled then it was bitten by a really sharp clamp. The other nipple was treated the same way then both clamps were pulled hard making him twist in his bonds and moan. The pressure was released the reapplied several times bringing him to his toes each time. Throughout this torment his balls were being fondled, keeping his cock hard and straining against the cage.

There was a brief whispered conversation and his hands were released. He was forced to his knees by someone pulling on the clamps then a strong hand on his head pushed him on to all fours. The cage was opened and he was pulled out by his lead and left on the floor. He could feel a chain between the nipple clamps dragging on the floor, catching on the edge of the cage as he was pulled out.

The harsh voice said “Crawl over to me.”

It was disorientating in the mask and the pain from the clips on his nipples was distracting. He crawled towards where he thought the voice was coming from. There was swoosh and a something hit one of his buttocks. “No slave, over here; show me your arse and I’ll paddle it for you.”

He turned around and crawled towards the voice again but there was a mocking laugh and his other buttock took a nasty blow. He heard C call “Over here!” and he crawled towards her voice. Five or six blows caught his arse and he caught his hand in the chain of the clamps badly hurting his nipples making him stop. There was more laughter. He felt legs go either side of his head holding him steady and a series of harder blows hit his arse making him squeak. From the smell of Angel he guessed it was C. She moved away and there were more calls and he was hit again.

Finally, still laughing someone dragged him across the floor.

“Fucking useless. Your Mistress wants her slave here to help her relax before she gets to work on you!” He felt someone else take the lead and he was pulled in between their legs. It was C. The zip over his mouth was undone and fingers pushed into his mouth making sure it could open wide. “Don’t think this is a chance to talk. Any sound from you and you’ll get more of this.” He was hit a few more times and his face was firmly pulled into his Mistress’s crotch as she pulled her panties to one side. He began the long slow licks to her labia and clitoris that he knew she liked. Bringing his hands up to steady himself he found that she had changed into a corset and boots. He ran his hand over her thigh above the boot top thinking he would slide a finger into her, which she usually liked, but his hand was brushed away. He could feel her move under his mouth, obviously very excited but she was in no hurry to come. His head was held firmly by the hood to direct his tongue exactly where she wanted and as he felt her come close to orgasm he was pulled away for a while then allowed to continue. At last she hooked her legs over his back; holding him in hard against herself and digging her heels into him she let herself come, arching her back in a long shuddering moan.

As soon as her orgasm subsided he was dragged away by the other woman and the hood zipped up. His face was still wet with his Mistress’s juices and her scent was strong in the hood. He was pulled into the centre of the room and told to kneel with his hands on his head. They were clipped to something that he soon realised was a chain as with a loud rattle it started to haul him slowly but relentlessly up. He was lifted clanking onto the balls of his feet and then onto his tiptoes before it stopped. Most of his weight was taken by his arms; almost immediately he started to feel the strain and his heat began to beat faster with the fear from feeling stretched out and terribly exposed.

There was a long silence as the two women looked at him and his arms ached. The silence was broken by the harsh voice, “Should we play a little more while we wait? Turn to me!”

He tried to shuffle round to where the voice was coming from but his toes scrabbled on the floor.

“Hurry up!” there was a loud swish and a crack and there was a shocking pain in his buttocks. “Show me your arse, slave, and I’ll hit it – you should have learned that by now.” There was another crack and his arse burned. The voice bursa escort seemed to be coming from the other direction now so he turned back towards it. There was a firm pull of the chain connected to his nipple clamps and he stopped. Someone started to play with his cock in the cage and the pull on nipple clamps got stronger and stronger. He gasped at the clamps but his cock was getting hard. The stroking went on, fondling his balls and touching his glans as his cock strained against the restraint of its cage.

From down below he heard a bell.

“Good slave” said the harsh voice “Stand nice and still, it’s nearly time for the show.”

The pressure on the clamps was released and the fondling stopped. , “Wait here for a moment,” said the voice. There was a chuckle, the clamps were pulled off sending a burning pain through his nipples that made him buck and gasp as the blood flowed back into them then he heard both women leave the room and the door close. The bell went again downstairs and people were talking, a number of people it sounded like. His arms were getting more painful and he tried to stand higher on tiptoe to take the weight off them. The bell rang a third time and there were some quite loud voices that were quickly shushed as they came up the stairs. The door opened and people started coming in. There was some quiet talk as they came through the door and then a surprised silence that was followed by a steady rise in excited whispering. There was nothing he could hear clearly but it was all feminine. As the room filled with a mixture of expensive scents he realised that C had invited a group of her friends to witness her graduation.

His arms and shoulders were aching and his legs beginning to tremble with the strain of keeping the weight off them. The volume of whispering was slowly rising and then suddenly stopped. In the quiet he heard the door close firmly and two set of heels walk across the room. The harsh voice spoke “Welcome to my Salon ladies, C has asked you here this morning to see her demonstrate her skills in domination. She has completed her lessons with me and now it is time for me to see what she has learned and if she has what it takes to graduate to working on her own. I would ask you to keep quiet so our subject here,” and she pinched his already aching nipple hard, “Can’t recognise you. Have many of you been involved in this sort of thing before?”

There was a vaguely negative rustle.

“Good, you are in for a treat then. C, over to you.”

C was standing next to him, her shoulder against his side, he could smell the Angel strongly and feel the warmth of her on his skin. He knew his Mistress didn’t like speaking in public but was good at it when she had to be.

“First,” she said, “I want to thank you all for joining us; this is an important day for me. Some of you have known about my hobbies, some for quite a while; I have been interested in bondage and discipline for a long time. However, this is the first time I have had a proper slave to show off to you.” He was patted on the backside. “Most of you might recognize him with the hood off and his clothes on.”

From the audience there was a delighted cry of, “Oh, I know who…” that was quickly shushed.

“I haven’t had a slave to show you before because this is the first I have found who was willing to totally give themselves to me and then I wasn’t confident enough of my skills to use him properly in front of you. Now I am. Mistress M has taught me a lot over the past few weeks and has provided the venue for our gathering. I hope I can do justice to her lessons.

Having a slave – and when he is like this he has no name just a function and that is to please me – is an important part of allowing me to express myself. I value and love him dearly – although that may seem an odd thing to say when you see how I treat him – for putting himself so totally under my control. I know that he is doing this for me to show his love. He trusts me completely and I won’t abuse that trust but I will take him far beyond his own pleasure to explore mine. It will be exciting for us both.”

At this his heart filled with love for her and a desperation to make her proud of him. He had looked forward to this day to prove he could love her as she needed and hope that it was the start of a new life for them.

“OK, so let us start the show. I think you will find it exciting too,” she finished, moving away from him, and there was a smattering of excited applause.

He felt someone securing his ankles. The chain holding his wrists was tightened, lifting his feet off the floor and stretching him out so that he was completely immobilized. He was just wondering how long he could stand the pain in his arms as they took his full weight when the first blow from the strap hit him. His Mistress had beaten him regularly but he had never been hit that hard before. The previous blows in their games had been almost playful in comparison, this was a new league. The pain in his arms and shoulders was forgotten. Being stretched out tight meant he could hardly react at all to the pain and the hood muffled his cry. There was a pause as his arse, already sore from before, began to burn and he was hit again.

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