Good Girl for Daddy!

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My real father passed away when I was 3 years old so I didn’t really know him. He was a tall Korean business man. His family did not like his choice in a wife, a gorgeous raven haired Russia lady that was sharp as a tack and cold as Siberia. My mother did things normal mothers did but she never really did them with a smile. She worked hard and was very successful. I was never in need of anything material but I was raised mostly by nannies since she didn’t have much of a family and my father’s family never affiliated with us.

When I was 14 years old my mother remarried. He had played soccer in Italy professionally and now was a business man. He had two daughters that were older than me, 19 and 20 at the time of the marriage. They treated me like I was the greatest thing in the world. I was a good kid, rather humble and they just adored me to no end. It was the first time I felt like I had a family.

He treated me extremely well. He never tried to be a real dad but he was very sly even in his broken english about giving me advice. Having two daughters I knew that he had wisdom when it came to which boys were bad and the types of things I should and shouldn’t be doing. He never had to worry about my grades and my after school activities though, I just had no interest in rebelling and I got tons of attention from him, my sisters and all the boys, whom I picked carefully.

It was not until my junior year of college on summer break that I noticed just how sexy he was. We had flirted for years since I started college but it was harmless stuff. Then one day at the pool while I was doing my nails I found myself examining him through my sunglasses for a good twenty minutes as he swam. I day dreamed about those muscles getting used to contort me into sexy positions. He fact he had a handsome visage didn’t hurt either.

My mother went away on business the next day and would not return for four or five days. That is when the flirting got a little stronger. I won’t go into too many details but essentially I told him I wanted to thank him for being such a cool step dad but sucking his cock. Yeah, it had gotten to that point. He laughed like it was a joke but he knew it wasn’t.

Later that very day, he was drinking wine in the living room watching a game. I came in wearing nothing but some pink panties and a tight white t-shirt with no bra. I sat next to him, my bare thigh against his leg. I snatched up his wine glass and began drinking. I emptied it before refilling it, taking a few more sips and putting it down where he had originally left it.

I tried to pull my most sultry look as I stared into his unreadable face but I just ended up giggling. “This is so wrong, isn’t it?” I nervously laughed as I looked away from his eyes, instead peering down at his lower body. He was in expensive looking slacks and had a leather belt on. His button down was still tucked into his pants. It was tight against his torso, I could see the outline of his abs when I looked hard enough.

He didn’t answer the guilt inducing response to my aborted attempt at hyptonizing him with the ol’ tried and true sex eyes. Instead he just sipped his wine, examining me like I was an intriguing art piece. He was being very patience, if he was nervous he was not showing it. I looked into his face again, smiling as I brushed my straightened hair back, cupping it and expertly executing a pony tail bun with a hair-tie.

“You look beautiful at all times.. but with your face so.. in view. It so amazing.” He gave me a devilish grin, complimenting me as I finished up with my hair. I knew he was just feeding me a line as he was getting excited, knowing full well that the ponytail bun was the universal predecessor to cock gobbling. “Why thank you, allow me to get a little closer for your viewing pleasure!” I explained as I twisted my body, my bare thighs straddling his clothed legs. The fabric was soft and smooth against my flesh.

I scooted my ass up as far as it would go until my tits were pressed against his chest, his legs stayed still and each one of my butt cheeks sat on corresponding thighs. He didn’t put down his wine glass, instead he just held it off to the side. My hands combed his shoulders, one began petting the side of his face, brushing the hair by his ear. His dark eyes were locked onto me and I couldn’t break away. I was flushed with nervousness, finally touching him like this had my heart racing.

In my mind, I thought as soon as I did this that I could begin kissing him. I had stalled though, just locked with his gaze, softly stroking his body and trying not to be awkward with my movements. He seemed totally relaxed, as if he would allow me to climb him like a jungle gym and do whatever I wanted. I sat like that for a little bit, touching his shoulders, neck and the side of his head, examining the dark recesses of his irises. “I’m nervous,” I admitted in a soft but not frightened voice. He slowly brought his wine glass to my lips, I took it with my hand that had been petting his hair. “Thanks,” I whispered as I ümraniye escort tilted it back, downing the rest and swallowing it in a big gulp.

He laughed at me, took the glass out of my hand and just tossed it onto the floor. I am sure if any drops got on the floor it would stain it! Mother would be furious. I wonder what she would be more mad about, the stain on a carpet or her husband and daughter doing.. whatever it was we were about to do. After the carefree disregard for the normal way things are ran in this household, his expression changed to a more serious tone. My heart was racing, he was definitely ready for something to happen.

I closed my eyes and leaned in, tilting my head. Our lips met, for the first second they were closed, wet from the wine, I could feel his shape. Soon after that though we both parted and our tongues began to dance. I could taste the wine and saliva. His tongue was soft but strong, bigger than what I was used to.

His hands gripped my waist as he pulled me even closer, I didn’t realize I had left so much room. My tits pressed harder against his chest but they didn’t seem to mind as my nipples were already like two glacier peaks, I doubt they’d ever get soft. He relaxed his posture, scooting down and pulling me up. I felt his belt buckle touching between my belly button and my sex.

I couldn’t get enough of kissing him. He was the best kisser I had ever encountered. Though to be fair I didn’t go around making out with dozens of guys. I felt out of my league. My hands searched for things to do as I rubbed the sides of his chest then moved them to the back of his head before flowing down to his shoulders. Finally I began to explore his sexy as fuck arms, their layered rocky muscles unlike anything I’ve felt before.

He on the other hand, knew what he was doing. Slowly his hands pressed against my flesh and began to sink down until his strong fingers were entrenched around my ass cheeks. He squeezed them, then parted them slightly. I felt exposed from this and it turned me on. I was relaxing now, letting nature take over as the pace of our kissing remained at a gentle constant. Something we could do all day and night.

Finally I got to my senses and reached up to the middle of his neck and began to blindly unbutton his shirt. Still kissing him and with him firmly gripping my ass, I arched my back giving my hands enough space to work between my tits as I worked my way down the buttons. I was reminded of unwrapping presents on Christmas. In fact I was reminded of some of the presents he had given me on Christmas. This would definitely be his best one, I was so sure of it.

Finally I got down to his belt and I untucked his shirt, he was not wearing an undershirt. My hands drifted under his loose shirt, my fingers exploring his muscular abs and working up to his pex. He was not a shaved man. I could feel his curly, short hair. Normally that was not my preference but for some reason it just made me burn with animalistic desire.

It was not long before I had reached my hands around to his lower back, not really getting farther than his sides but I had enough reach that I could get the leverage I wanted. With his hands still gripping my ass, I began to grind against him. It was instinctual, I was desperate for my pussy to feel some friction against him. I tried to twist my waist, turn it, push it down, anything to find some part of his body or belt that could scratch this horny itch.

It was at that time that I realize he was not even erect. How could he be? I would have felt it! I began to panic a little. Was this not something he wanted to do? Was I just being a silly girl and he was just appeasing me, like some sort of pity fuck? Why would he pity fuck me though, shouldn’t he just tell me to piss off instead of putting himself at risk? These thoughts and more came flooding in as my damp panties could not find the mark.

Then his hands left my ass. I wanted desperately to slide to the side and just start grinding against his thigh. He stopped kissing me so I leaned back from him. “I’m sorry, I was just getting a little too excited!” I grinned at him believing he stopped because I was squirming around. “You are excited, huh.” He said, his tone was solemn and not very jovial. It was a tone I had never really encountered with him, he was always so warm.

With that he pulled up my shirt. I obliged straightening my arms and helped him finish. My exposed tits felt the air but I was not cold. My nipples were like little dark brown spikes. My breasts sat firm, I liked them – I was proud. I postured a bit pushing them out just slightly. This is after all what he wanted to see, right? But he didn’t look at them. Instead he just kept staring into my eyes.

Now with the shirt next to the glass on the floor, things were getting a bit messy. If anyone walked in there definitely would be no explaining this away. It was fine though, no one was going to come. Even if someone did show up, I was so horny I would fuck him in front of them. By pendik escort this time all my fears, doubts, worries were just bundled up into sexual excitement.

He didn’t even give my tits a squeeze, he just pushed my left shoulder and gentle guided me to lay down on the couch. I was not quite sure what was going on but I was going to follow any of his directions. He positioned me face down on the couch with my tits laying on the leather. I turned my head to look at him, my ass resting on his lap. My feet were propped up on the arm of the couch, resting comfortable. What was he planning? Being controlled like this was getting me more excited than I had ever been.

“So you are a bad girl.” He spoke in his accented english, eyeing me with a very serious look. “I.. uh..” I couldn’t quite respond, a mixture of horniness and confusion. He just kept staring at me with that look, waiting for me to acknowledge his statement. “Yeah.. Daddy.” I said, my face no longer smiling. “You want to fuck your step dad?” He said in a very stern manner. One of his strong hands held me down against the leather at the small of my back, the other rested on my outside thigh making sure my legs didn’t stray from the couch.

“Yes.” I said, without hesitation. My juices must have soaked my panties by now, I could feel how wet I was. I normally only feel this wet when I am getting buzzed by my vibrator not with barely any physical contact at all. “This terrible, you’re dirty slut,” he said, with a slight sneer. I had never heard this type of language from him nor have I ever been called such things by guys before. I had never been one to get talked dirty to or talk dirty to someone. He did not sound playful with it either.

I gazed at him in an almost trance of horniness. I didn’t react to him calling me a dirty slut, he could call me anything he wanted. I thought I was about to get fingered which I was kind of excited for. Instead his hands began to move around. He gently squeezed my back as he stroked it, with his other hand he ran it up and down my legs, massaging my muscles. He didn’t go over to my ass at all.

“Soft skin and nice muscle,” he said to me as he maneuvered around my pale flesh. “You could fuck any man but you want fuck your daddy?” He questioned me in a very neutral tone now. “Yes, very much I want to fuck you.” I replied quickly, then more demandingly, “I need your cock.” Yeah, I could do this dirty talk stuff I thought to myself. I tucked my lower lip between my teeth as I looked back at him waiting for him to get to work.

With no warning, the first strike came. The same hand that had been massaging my legs smacked against my ass making the muscular cheeks jiggle. My body reacted but his hand on my back kept me from moving, I gasped. The pain crept in, he had struck me with decent force. “Only answer when I talk,” he said with a slight smirk. My cheeks were turning red where he had connected, I had never been treated like this before.

I was not necessarily against this type of thing but I didn’t expect it from him. I thought this would be more of a two lovers embracing kind of thing. The more I thought about it though the more I realized that .. my cold mother.. that couldn’t be the type of thing she liked. No, I had judged this all wrong. Then came the second strike, just as hard as the first. I let out a short whimper as he steadied me against my back and rubbed my now assaulted ass with his other hand.

I did not say anything to him, just stared at him with wide eyes. I felt a tinge of fear as the pain in my ass subsided a little from the rubbing. Then came two consecutive strikes. The first one stung like the others but the second one hurt even more because there was no time for recuperation. I made an audible pain noise and he just smiled at me, rubbing my ass and holding me down on the couch.

He didn’t ask if I was ok, he just gave me another smack. Then another. Then another. I contained a cry of pain, stifling it as I took the blows. I breathed heavily and whimpered into the couch as he continued his onslaught. He smacked my ass until it was bright red and raw, the barrage felt like it lasted for ten minutes but in reality it was only a matter of seconds. “That hurts!” I finally exclaimed, my eyes and facial expression begging for mercy.

“Oh?” He said as his free hand slide my panties down. Then he took his hand off my back and spread my now aching ass cheeks. “You are wet like dog in heat,” He said matter of fact. The kind man I knew now examined me like a piece of meat. Come to think of it, he had been tenderizing me too. In any case he was not wrong. I had not lost my thirst to be invaded. I can not say that this was something that made me want to orgasm but I also can not say I was not a willing participant.

He slipped off my panties and I laid on him now completely naked. “Your pussy makes stain on my pants,” he laughed and then slide his finger along my exposed slit, gathering some of the juices that were now leaking. He sucked them off of his finger bostancı escort then looked at me with a pleased look. “You taste good.” Him touching my pussy put me right back into it. My ass still hurt but god damn my pussy hurt in a totally different way.

He smacked my ass again but this time I didn’t make a sound. Then he did it several more times. I compartmentalized my anguish and kept myself from making any truly audible noise. He did not have to restrain me either, I just laid and took it. “Good slut daughter,” he said in a more neutral tone. My aching ass once again got a soft massage. I lay there for a bit staring off into the wall as he fondled my sensitive butt.

Then without warning he turned me over, rolling me towards him. He scooped me up in his arms and I clasped mine around his neck. His open shirt going wide and he pressed me against his bare chest as he carried me towards the bedroom. He was taking me to where him and mother slept. Where he would fuck her. Where she would blow his cock. Where they spilled their juices on each other. I felt a sprinkle of guilt but that quickly faded as he laid me down on the sheets, face up.

I stayed quiet remembering what he had said before. He walked over to the dresser and removed something then walked back to me. It was a leather choke collar. “Put on, it fit you.” Yeah, I knew it would.. I am the same size as my mother. I took it and did as I was told. It had a ring on the front of it but it was not studded. It closed with some hefty buttons. Apparently he did not think I chose the right button and he popped it and tightened it one deeper. It was snug, I could breath – but it was tight.

“Stand up.” he ordered me, I obeyed. I stood at attention in front of him in nothing but the my mother’s collar. This was the first time he touched my tits, fondling them for a few seconds. “Good daughter,” he whispered as he sat down on the side of the bed. He looked me in the eyes then looked down at his crotch. I fell to my knees quickly and began to unbuckle his pants, pulling his belt off. I kept my eyes locked with his in case he had some extra commands.

I unzipped the pants, he was not wearing underwear. I went to pull his pants down and he moved my hands away. So instead I just set the flaps to the side exposing his cock. It was like I had suspected, he was not erect. He had a slight chub. I left his gaze and went to pick up his semi-chub in my hand when a firm smack on my left tit startled me. “No hands, daughter,” he grinned like the devil at me then with an index finger curled around the ring on my collar and dragged my face down into his crotch.

He smelled good, I had to admit. He had cleaned himself, trimmed his pubes and it seemed like he put on some cologne or something around the area. Instinctively I began to lick his cock, it reacted and began to pulse with blood. My mouth drained out saliva as I juiced his testicles, feeling his shaft start to grow against my face. I drew my outstretched tongue up his shaft to the head of his still growing cock and then collapsed my mouth onto of the head of his penis.

He let out a pleased sigh as he moved my arms around to my back. I obliged and grabbed my right wrist with my left hand. His cock grew in my mouth, I opened wide, went deep and stuck my tongue out. I bobbed my head several times like this, my tongue managing to almost touch his sack. My saliva was getting everywhere but he didn’t seem to mind and neither did I.

I realized this cock was just going to keep growing. I had been with a big guy before, I was his girlfriend for almost a year. This cock was ending up bigger. I am not in the club that bigger is better but it seemed like this thing was going to get to do whatever it wanted in whichever hole it wanted. I quickly accepted my fate and began to employ a technique I had used when blowing my old boyfriend, clasping my thumbs against my palms. This broke my clasp on my wrist, but I still held my hands behind my back. I took my tongue back into my mouth and came up for some air.

Spit dribbled down my chin, hanged for a moment then splattered on my right tit. I stared at him for a moment with pure lust in my eyes before I went back to work. I engulfed his cock and went as deep as I could go. He was fully erect now, I was not really sure how big he actually was. I do know I could only get to about three fourths of the way down before my gag reflex kicked in. Even by gripping my thumbs, he was just too big to get down on without my gag going off.

I pulled out again, this time the saliva was thick. It is a different kind of saliva that comes out when you gag on a cock. It is thicker, ropey and it is the best stuff for sex. I breathed a few times then went back down. I wondered if the collar was stopping me from getting deeper. Then I felt his hand on the back of my head, his fingers wrapped around my pony tail bun.

He let out a moan as I gagged again, he let me come up some but not all the way. He then guided me back down along his shaft. I happily obliged, sacrificing my throat for his pleasure. I wanted to make him feel so good. I wanted to thank him for being so nice to me all these years. I also, for some reason, wanted to compete with my mother. I wondered.. what type of stuff did she do for him?

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