Giving My Wife To My Enemy

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Keywords: Mdom, M/F, wife, spank, object, whip, cuckold

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Short Summary: Man agrees to surrender his wife to his enemy!

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Please, if you are under the age of 18, don’t read this material. Just wait a few years and you’ll be all good and legal for this kind of stuff. Now for the rest of you, Enjoy!

Phoenix Arrow

In the world of Fantasy, we make our Reality!

* * *

Gosh Damit!!!

What’s the matter Bill?

Oh that faggot Jefferson got the promotion. I can’t believe they gave it to him. I hate his fucken guts.

Gosh man, that really sucks. I thought you were a shoe in.

That’s what I thought, I was a hell of a lot more qualified that him. That asshole has always had one over me. Ever since middle school we’ve been competing. And more times than not he’s won. This times no different.

You must really hate this guy. Too bad he always wins. Maybe you should let him fuck your wife so he can let you win a few times.

Ha ha, very funny. Don’t even joke like that. Marry is the best thing that ever happened to me, and one of the few things I’ve had over Jeff.

Ya, that’s why you should let him fuck her, so he wins in that too.

Mark that’s really not funny, I….

Ok ok, I’m only kidding. But that is kind of erotic if you think about it.

I prefer not to.

Just think about it for a second. Letting your worst enemy, and enemy whose been essentially fucking you up the ass for years, fuck your wife. That would wrap up the humiliation completely.

Mark, I really was looking for moral support here, not ideas for how to further humiliate myself for the benefit of my mortal enemy.

I help when I can. Besides, this is something you can fantasies over.

The only thing I’ll be fantasizing over is going home and fucking my wife. Hey wait, that didn’t come out right…

Ha ha ha, Freudian slip? You see, your already thinking about it.

Mark leave me alone, I’m done talking about this.

Bob, you can’t tell me that you don’t find the idea of letting your worst enemy fuck your wife at least a little bit stimulating.

If I answer will you leave me alone?


Ok fine, I admit its a little stimulating to think about. I love my wife with all my soul, and I cringe at the mere idea of even him seeing her, let alone letting him fuck her. Even so, the idea of allowing my worst enemy to…..spoil my wife is a bit….provocative.

There, now was that so hard to admit.

What ever, now can we please drop it.

Ok fine. But $10 bucks says you’ll be thinking about it all day.

I doubt that.

Oh ya, then don’t let me catch you walking into Jefferson’s new office and asking him to fuck your wife.

Ha, don’t worry, you won’t.

You know, I wonder if he’d agree to do it.

Excuse me?

I mean if you actually asked him to fuck your wife, would he agree to ruin her?

Mark, I thought we were finished talking about this…

Maybe I should ask him for you?

Don’t even think about it you bastard.

Easy man, I’m just talk’en. If any one is going to ask him to fuck your wife, it should be you.

Good point, and here’s an even better one, IT WONT HAPPEN!!!

What ever you say. I just think it would be the best way to complete his humiliation of you.

Dude, ENOUGH. This is getting perverted.

No, that’s not perverted. Perverted is after you ask him to fuck your wife, asking him if you could film it. Now that’s perverted.

I’m out of here.

Hey man, your secretes safe with me, just make sure you get me a copy….


Hey mark, here you go.

What the hell is this.

Its…em…your copy of the tape.

What tape, what are you talking about…….oh shit! You don’t mean?


Holy Fuck, you actually did it, you actually fuck’en did it.

Shhhhhhh, quiet down damit. I don’t want the whole office to hear.

You actually let Jefferson…..fuck you wife?

Yes I did.

Oh man you’ve got to be kidding me. I was just playing around with you. I didn’t actually think that you would do it.

I didn’t think I would either. But something just came over me. It happened a week after we had that little conversation. I was sitting at my desk looking at the picture of my lovely wife. You’ve seen it right?

Ya, I know the one.

Well I was just looking at her, relieved that I had such a beautiful woman all to myself. At that very same moment Jefferson happened to be walking by my desk. When I looked up, I saw his disgusting smirk. The smirk that said I’m the winner. With the image of my wife still fresh in my mind and his cocky, self-confidant smile, I felt my cock twitch.

So, what happened?

For some reason that did it for me. Almost in a trance, I grabbed the picture of my wife and walked into istanbul travesti his office.

Gosh man, I can’t believe you were really going to ask him.

Before saying a word, I placed the picture of my wife facing him on his desk. He looked at it for a moment…..

Ohhhh, ya, that whole thing you said about not even wanting him to see your wife.

Right, well now he got a good look at her. After a moment he looked up spoke:

“Good looking broad. Now who the fuck is she?”

“She’s….my wife.”

“How did a fuck up like you manage to get a decent looking piece of ass?”


“Don’t answer, I really don’t give a fuck. Now what the hell do you want?”

“Well, I wanted…to…ask…you…”

“What….the…fuck….do you want you stuttering fool. Its really such a shame, you used to be such a good competitor, now you can hardly even get out a sentence. Now for the last time, what do you want?”

“I wanted to know if you want to….sleep with….my wife?”

He just stared at me for a full minute. Trying to figure out my angle.

“You want me to fuck your wife?”

“No, I don’t want you to…but…I’ll let you if you want to.”

“Is this some kind of joke.”


Again he looked at me for a full minute.

“Does she have large tits? I only fuck chicks with large tits.”

“Yes she has large breasts.”

“Hmmmm, I could have fun with those. Can I do anything I want to her.”

“Yes, I’ll let you do what ever you want with her.”

“Ok, I suppose I could do it. I must warn you that I wont be gentle.”

“I understand.”

“Ok, now if there isn’t anything else, get the fuck out of my office.”

“Oh, there is…one more thing.”


“Is it ok with you if I….record it?”

“You know, I really had no idea what a twisted fuck you are. You really are pathetic. If I let you record it, what’s in it for me?”

“What do you mean.”

“I want something more if I let you record me fucking your wife.”

“What do you want?”

“Hmmmmm……I know, you see that name plate on my office door? The one that says: Jefferson Smith, Vice President?”


“Well slide it off. You see how its long and flat, and shaped like a ruler?”

“Umm, yes.”

“Well while I fuck your wife, I want you to slap your worthless dick with that name plate. The same name plate that could have had your name on it. The same name of the man who took your promotion. The same man who will be fucking every hole in your wife’s body. And I want you to do it in full view of your little recording. Now get the fuck out of my office and I’ll call you when I decide to screw your wife.”

When I went to take my wife’s picture, he stopped me, telling me to leave it there.

Whoa man, this is unbelievable. I still think all this is very exciting, but your wife? You actually offered your wife to your worst enemy? I can’t believe it. What did Marry think about all this?

She was shocked. Especially when I mentioned who it was. I’ve always complained to her how much I hated Jefferson, and how many times he beat me at something. She knew our history. So telling her that I was going to let him fuck her was a drastic change in attitudes.

And she was willing to go along with it?

Well not really. I could tell that she didn’t want to do it. But she loves me very much, and if its something I wanted her to do, than she would go along with it.

What a great wife. Too bad you had to go and let her be used like that.

Did I mention she was a virgin when we met.


Yep, so far I’ve been the only man to ever enter her. Any way, two days later he told me he was ready for a good fuck. That night I prepared all the camera equipment in our master bedroom. I looked at my wife as she got ready, how truly beautiful she was. Long flowing brown hair, large supple breasts, unblemished white skin. It was all mine. And in about 15 minutes I was going to willingly let my worst enemy have his way with her.

Dude man, this is so hot. Sorry it had to be you, but dame, I can’t wait to see the video.

Well anyway, soon the doorbell rang and I opened the door. Standing there with his annoying grin was Jeff. Without even so much as a hello he pushed his way into my house.

“Where’s the bitch?”

At that point Marry came out and went to introduce herself. She looked great in her buttoned blouse and mid-thigh skirt. Jeff said he wanted her to look sexy for him.

As she made to introduce herself, Jeff grabbed her ass, pulled her to him and kissed her full on the mouth.

It was at that point that it finally hit me as to what I was allowing to happen. This was my wife! My wife and my worst enemy! How could I let this happen?

As my wife moaned from under his kiss, Jeff reached up and began grouping her left breast through the thin material. anadolu yakası travestileri Marry was braless and she squirmed under his assault.

I started to get sick. This was crazy. I had to stop this. I had to move. Yet the only thing that moved was my dick as I watched my worst enemy openly fondle my wife.

After another moment, he released her from his kiss, possessively squeezed her ass and looked at me:

“Ok Bob, I’m ready to fuck your wife. Show us to the bedroom.”

With my head hung down, I showed Jeff our marital bed. The same bed where I made love to my wife countless times. The same bed where Jeff would soon ravage her upon.

They entered the room and Jeff immediately started shredding her cloths off. Her top was off in seconds and he roughly squeezed her large firm breasts. He alternated sucking each nipple as he painfully squeezed.

I was so involved with what was happening, that I almost forgot to turn on the camera. By the time I had turned it on, he had my wife completely naked and was examining her cunt.

It was such a beautiful thing to behold. Her slightly blushing lips gave way to the pink interior. Mary always kept her pussy shaved for me, except for a nice tuft of hair above her clit.

Now he was roughly pulling her lips this way and that, occasionally pinching her clit. He had her wincing in pain under him.

Soon he tired of this petting and turned her around, having her bend over the bed.

With her red tits dangling below her and her gorgeous ass high in the air, Jeff raised his hand behind my wife while looking over to me.

“Bob, we’ve been enemies for quite some time. I hate everything about you, and that includes your wife. So I am going to spank her ass for marrying such a loser.”

With that, he brought down his hand hard on my wife’s ass. She shrieked but held still as he brought down slap after slap. Jeff looked up at me as he continued to spank her and noticed my hard on.

“Its ok Bob, you can jerk off while I spank your wife.”

And I did. I couldn’t help it. I should have been utterly revolted by the site before me. Seeing my beautiful, gorgeous wife, bent over our marital bed, as my all time worst enemy spanked her perfect ass, and all with my consent, was just so….so….


Yes Mark, I guess that’s what its called.

What else could it be? What other reason would you have to be jerking off to the sight of the man you hate with all your guts spanking the woman you love with all your heart?

Any way, by now Marry was openly sobbing from the abuse. Her ass had become even redder than her tits. Jeff then ordered her on her knees, took off all his cloths and sat on the edge of the bed demanding she suck him to full hardness.

Marry and I hardly ever had oral sex. She was too afraid of putting a penis inside her mouth. Yet now she had no choice as she worked his tool as best she could. Jeff held her head with both hands to better help him fuck my wife’s face.

I just continued to jerk off as he enjoyed my wife.

Soon he was completely hard and ordered my wife to lay across our bed. Pushing her legs apart, he positioned his manhood at the entrance of her sweet pussy. The same pussy that’s only known one cock all of its life, Mine.

Jefferson then looked over his shoulder:

“Ok Bob, this is the last chance to back out. Just say the word and I’m out of here. If your still willing to let me fuck your wife, then you know what to do.”

He looked back down at my wife and smiled. She looked over to me with pleading eyes. I hesitated for a moment…….SLAP.

Jeff plunged deep into my wife in one thrust. She gasped as his hardness filled her. Then he pulled out and began fucking the hell out of her. I just stood by and watched my worst enemy ravage my wife as I continued whipping my own cock with his nameplate.

Wow man, how truly degrading that must have been for you. How could you stand for that.

I have no idea. But I just did.

So ten minutes later he finally filled up my wife’s vagina. She had organized several times during that span, and I myself had cum from the whipping.

He pulled out of her and crudely slapped his sloppy dick against the side of her face. She dutifully opened her mouth and took him in. She moaned and chocked as she did her best to clean it.

When she was finished, Jeff rolled off her onto his side and, while playing with my wife’s nipples, spoke:

“Bob, why don’t you stop playing with yourself and go fix me a drink while I rest here a little bit.”

I nodded and started walking out.

“Oh hey, and while your at it, fix something for Bitch to.”

Man, if a guy called my wife a bitch, I’d punch his lights out. You on the other hand let him fuck her.

Please Mark, this is all really hard for me. I love my wife so much, it pains me to see istanbul travesti him abuse her like this.

Than why in the hell did you ask him to fuck your wife?


Because you get off on the humiliation.

That must be it. How else can I explain it.

You can’t, so what happened next?

Well it pretty much was more of the same the rest of the night. I watched as he took her ass, fucked her chest, slapped and pulled her breasts, whipped her body with his belt. Eventually I just couldn’t take it any more. I left the video camera rolling and went back out to sit in the living room.

For the next two hours I just listen to their moans and grunts as my once pure, perfect wife was fucked every which way by my most hated rival.

At around 3:00 am, Jeff finally came out of our bedroom. He was still naked, and his semi-erect cock was slick and red. He hardly looked at me as he walked across the living room and stepped into the bathroom.

I was hoping that the ordeal would finally be over. Despite wacking off 2 more times on the sofa, I just wanted him out of my house already. But my hopes would not be realized as Jeff came out and walked right back into my bedroom and slammed the door.

For the rest of the night the door remained closed. I had long since fell asleep when he finally emerged from the room in the morning. As he walked to the door already fully dressed, he gave me his typical “I’m the Winner!” smile, before he spoke:

“Bob, there’s nothing like fucking your worst enemies wife, especially when he so stupid as to allow it. See ya at work.”

And he walked out. For the next half hour I didn’t move. I just couldn’t bare to see what was left of my gorgeous wife. I got up and took a drink to calm my nerves. Finally I made my way into my bedroom, and my eyes swelled up with tears.

The love of my life was a complete mess. She was passed out on the bed from the countless hours of fucking and looked as if every part of her body had been used. Her large white breasts where now dark red with bite marks all over them. Her pussy lips were also red, large and swollen, and her once pristine, tight vagina was stretched and oozing cum.

Her ass faired no better. Her taught white skin now had angry red welts crisscrossing her ass and upper thighs. Even a few hand marks could still be seen. Her asshole was equally stretched and leaking cum.

I looked back up to her face, her sweet beautiful face. It was completely drenched in come. The pearl necklace he left from fucking her tits was still not completely dry.

Then I noticed the shiny glint coming from her pussy. I peered inside and looking through all the cum, I saw that there was a metallic object lodged inside. I stuck my fingers into my wife’s used pussy and slowly pulled out the object. Marry moaned as it was removed.

When it was finally out, I realized it was a metal plate. I turned it around and read: “Jefferson Smith, Vice President”

I cried as I put it back in.

Unbelievable. He truly fucked the hell out of your wife. I still can’t believe it. More over, I still can’t believe you actually let him do it.

I still don’t really know why I did.

In any case, how did Marry handle it?

We really haven’t talked about it. And the worst part is we still haven’t made love since. She’s still just too sore and can hardly walk, let alone have sex. But I fear that making love to her will just never be the same again. Jefferson truly ruined her body.

Guys tend to do that to their worst enemies’ wives when given the chance.

I suppose. But there’s something else that really bothers me.

What’s that.

For some reason she keeps his nameplate next to her night stand.

Your kidding? What the hell for?

I think she may actually have enjoyed it. I think she may even want to see him again.

Oh that’s fucked up.

Tell me about.

Has Jeff showed any interest in wanting to fuck her again?

I don’t think he does.

How do you know that?

He called me into his office the next day. Thanked me for giving him something to screw, but not to expect him to ease off on our competing.

The bastard, its the least he should do.

Then he told me that though he had fun ruining my wife, he wouldn’t fuck something so ugly and nasty again.


Ya, not only did he ravage my wife, now he tells me she’s not good enough to fuck again.

Well my friend, your humiliation at the hand of your worst enemy is now complete.

I suppose so. Here’s the tape you asked for. Enjoy it.

Wow, sorry to say this, but I will. Just for the sake of asking, did you watch any of it yet?

Yeah, five times already.

The End!


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