Garden Fun

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I come into the house but don’t find you there. Looking out the back window I see you in the garden. The light summer dress clinging to your curves. Your long black hair in a pony tail hanging down your back. I stand there smiling as I admire the curve of your tanned legs. The swell of your breasts. Noticing by the way they move that your not wearing a bra I smile even wider. You brush a loose strand of hair from your face and bend over to pull a weed. The short dress slides up your thighs and I hold my breath hoping for a peek beneath it. wondering if your wearing panties but thinking your probably not. I let out a sigh as the dress stops rising just short of giving me a peek.

“Damn” I think. “You are so gorgeous. Who’d I get so lucky as to have you fall in love with me?”

You stand and stretch. The thin cotton pulling tight over your breasts. The wind must be cool for I see your nipples hardening. Straining against the cotton. Making me long to suck them. Moving back so you can’t see me as you turn and walk to the table. Liking watching you when you don’t know I’m there. You set your gloves down and take you glass of ice tea. I watch your throat as you swallow. Beads of sweat on your neck. Your dress open enough so I can see a hint of cleavage. You must be hot for after draining the ice tea you open 2 more buttons on your dress and then slide the ice filled glass over your face, along your neck and down between your breasts. your head back, eyes closed istanbul escort as you enjoy the feeling. Opening one more button with your free hand you slide the glass inside. I watch as your hand runs it over your nipple and shiver. The sight turning me one so much I reach down and rub myself through my jeans. Seeing the phone laying on the table I get an idea.

Taking out my cell phone I dial our number and see you jump in surprise when it rings. You pick it up but don’t stop rubbing your nipple with the glass. your eyes are glazed with passion and your voice husky with desire as you answer.


“Hi baby. It’s me. How’s your day going?”

“Good” You reply. “Just finished up some gardening and was thinking of you. Will you be home soon?”

“Not for a while yet baby. But I’m too horny to work. Will you cum for me so I can concentrate again?”

“Ummmm. I’d love too hon.” The grin on your face matching the sound of delight in your voice. “Just let me go inside.”

“No baby. I want you to do it outside”

“OK.” you reply after a brief hesitation. “I was rubbing my breasts with a cold glass when you called. Wish you were here but I’ll continue without you if you like.”

“I’d love that baby. Lay on the lounger and continue.” My voice getting husky. Cock already hard as I think about it I release it from my jeans and slowly start to stroke it. “What are you wearing?”

You izmir escort move to the lounger as we talk. The glass of ice still on your nipple. “That light blue summer dress that you love. With the buttons up the front. I have 4 of them open” you giggle, “and a glass of ice inside on my nipple. I’m really horny hon. Wish you were here to fuck me.”

“I wish I was there too baby. I’d love to see you like that. Now I want you to lay on the lounger. Open a few more buttons so your breasts are exposed.” Watching as you follow my instructions. My hand slowly moving on my cock. “Don’t reply just follow my instructions and let me hear your breathing and cries of pleasure baby. That’s good.” I say as I hear you moan. “Make your nipples nice and hard for me. Use the ice glass on one and pinch the other. You like that baby?” I watch you nod and hear you moan in pleasure. “I bet your pussy is nice and wet. Why don’t you pull up your dress and check?” You release your nipple and slide your hand down over your stomach and take hold of your dress. Sliding it up to your waist. Luckily your lounger is facing the window so I can see your pussy as you expose it. The lips are already red and swollen. you run a finger over it then between the lips. moaning again as you do.

“I’m soaked hon. Very wet and very horny.” You tell me breathlessly. “Please let me cum.” You beg.

“OK baby. Make yourself cum for me. Slide your finger deep into izmit escort your wet little pussy. Take an ice cube and rub your clit with it.” Setting the glass down you follow my instructions. Moaning louder as you do. My eyes on your fingers as I watch you plunge them into your pussy. Seeing you add a second and then a third as you try to easy the longing you feel. Shivers running through as you rub the ice over your clit. your breathing and moans getting louder and faster as you near the peak.

“Cumming hon!” You scream as your orgasm rushes through you. Your body stiffening. Your head thrown back. Breasts thrust up. your nipples hard little pebbles. I have to take my hand from my cock so I don’t cum watching you. Wanting to save that for when I’m in you.

“That’s it baby. Cum hard for me.” I encourage you as you ride your fingers. Your cries filling my ears. “I bet that feels good doesn’t it baby? Now suck your fingers for me. I want to hear you slurping up your juices.” Listening to and watching you loudly sucking them. Your legs splayed wide exposing your glistening sex to me and the open air.

“Damn you look good!” I say.

“Look?” You reply. Sitting up and looking around as I move to the window so you can see me. “You jerk.” You say with a smile. “You were there the whole time weren’t you?”

“Yes I was hon. And I loved the show.” I reply with a grin. “Now get in here and let me have some of that wet pussy.”

“Your gonna pay for that buster.” You say with a laugh then hanging up the phone you run into the house, your dress flying back exposing your body once more to my gaze. I wait eagerly in our room knowing that I’ll have a long evening of “paying for it” ahead of me and looking forward to every minute of it.

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