Francis Meets a Black Stud Ch. 02

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The first story was easy and this one went by pretty well. If you have any thoughts or suggestions for where Francis should go in installment
email me. I will respond to your email and sometimes I will send out previews of what I am working on if you treat me right. Thanks.

As I was walking to get the key to my camper I wanted to cum so badly and really needed to jack off, but my new found lover had told me not to cum, and I was afraid that if I even touched my dick, I would lose my load. I did delicately rub my dick and balls with the tips of my nails though. I was so wet with my cum running down my dick and balls that I couldn’t believe it. Since my new lover did not say anything about the cum leaking out of my dick, I carefully wiped my dick and balls with my nails and then licked my cum off of my fingers. I lit the other joint and kept on walking and thinking.
I finally made it my key and back to my camper. I had calmed down somewhat and began thinking about what I had just done with some fear and regret. However, since I was still so sexually excited and had not cum in over a week, the desire to have this black stud make me cum won out over any reservations that I had. At this point, I just wanted to suck his black cock and see if I could cum with him fucking me in the ass.

I checked my phone to find he had already sent the photos and video. I took a hit off my bowl and uploaded them to my computer and checked myself out in the photos and played the video. I did not realize it at the time, but I had gotten quite vocal while he was cumming on my face an in my mouth. I opened a folder of interracial videos on my computer and hit play and turned up the volume where I could here it good in the bathroom. I removed my clothes and then washed the dried cum and make up off of my face, dried and brushed out my hair. I put it up it 2 pony tails at the top and back of my head, if he would be taking more pictures, I did not want my hair blocking the camera from see his beautiful black cock moving in and out of my mouth. I then unlocked the leather binding from around my balls to let them breath a little and removed the dog collar from around my neck, so I could fix my makeup.

I put on a pair of pink stockings and garter and then sat down to put on my make up. I really liked the way the garter framed my hard dick. I was fixed up in about twenty minutes but still needed to finish dressing. I put on a matching merry widow top and no panties. I applied pink lip stick and reapplied my makeup. I put on a pink dog collar that had “cocksucker” written on it. I added a short pink skirt and pink heels. I put my camera and video camera in my purse along with tiny tripods, another joint, the black dildo off my make up table and some condoms. I walked out my door and left it unlocked this time.

I could not believe how late it was, it was getting light out and soon the sun would be up, I was dressed up like a slut going to suck some big black cock and for the second time in my life I was in drag in a public place where people could possibly see me. I of course thought about how the sun would be up by the time I returned to my camper and for just a second I wanted to turn around and run back to my camper. I was not sure how I would deal with walking back, especially after I had cum. Instead of turning around, I walked across the campground to his trailer and quietly crept in. All the lights were on and it was quite bright. He was asleep in a chair with a thin blanket over him. I noticed that a professional looking video camera was on a tripod and pointed at his lap. I put down my bag and walked over to him, I heard the camera come on and kneeled down and pulled back the covers to find my prize, only this time it was completely soft.

I took his black cock in my hand and marveled at how soft and black it was especially when contrasted against my pale skin. I began to gently caress it; I felt it begin to get hard in my hands and could not wait another moment. I kept looking at the camera put the head of his black cock to my lips and slowly lowered my mouth while pushing his semi-soft cock into my mouth. After I slobbered on it and got it wet, it was real easy to slide his black cock in and out of my little white mouth and it kept getting harder the whole adana escort time. He was finally completely hard and I heard him moan something and then felt his hand stroking the back of my head. He said, “Good girl, you just keep on sucking Daddies big black cock.”

After a few minutes, he told me to stop, I was disappointed and pouted for a minute, and then he asked if I brought my camera. I rummaged through my bag and produced my still and video camera. He asked me what else I had in there, so I dumped it all out on his little coffee table. We lit the joint and smoked it and then he told me to put everything back in the bag, slipped on his boxers, grabbed a towel and said follow me. It was pretty bright out now and anyone driving in the campground could see me easily. I followed my first black lover back to the ladies bath house.

While walking, I asked about his video camera. He responded that he was a part of a group of black men that humiliated and trained white women to appreciate serving black cocks and that they filmed these women and put them on their website and charged for membership. He also told me that they didn’t have any films with a sissy white submissive transvestite yet, but that he thought that I had a lot of potential to be a part of their project. I did not know exactly what he meant, but my dick throbbed when he said this and I was already leaking cum again. This also scared me a little as I did not really want anyone else to have a record of me dressing up. But I was intoxicated by the lack of sex for the last week and how badly I needed to cum and figured that it was too late to turn back and that I only wanted be on my knees with his pink lips wrapped around his big black cock and besides I rationalized that since I was wearing make up and women’s lingerie, no one I knew would recognize me even if they did see.

Once inside he placed the towel on the floor again, and set up mine and his video camera. He set the black dildo on the counter and told me to stand in front of the camera. He pressed start and then began to interview me.

He asked for:

My name, I responded, “Francis”.

Where I was from, I responded, “Georgia”.

When was the first time I dressed up, I responded, “a couple of years ago”.

Have you ever sucked cock, I responded, “YES”.

When was the first time, I responded, “earlier tonight”.

Was it a white cock? I responded, “No, it was black”.

Did you like it, I responded, “NO, I loved it, it was delicious!”

Did you swallow, I responded YES!

My eyes were mostly closed in passion, but I kept seeing flashes and assumed he was using my still camera.

“Then show me what you can do with that dildo,” he said. I picked up the black dildo started licking it and pushing into my mouth.

He continued, “Have you ever been fucked?”

I responded, “Not with a real cock, only dildos and butt plugs”.

“Do you cum when you fuck dildos?”

I responded “Yes I do.”

“Do you want to be fucked by a real cock?” He asked.

I responded, “YES!”

Then get over here on your knees and make me hard. I set the dildo beside the sink and the second time in the last few hours began making love to this beautiful black cock with my mouth. I began by licking his big black balls while holding his black cock on the top of my face. I kept looking at the camera while doing this. I sucked each of his nectar filled black balls into my mouth and then began to licking up the underside of his black cock until I got to the head and slowly slid it into my mouth as far as I could. My nose was almost touching him and I was pushing him into my mouth hard and stretching my lips forward to try and get every bit of it into my mouth, but I didn’t gag and that made me pretty proud.

I continued suckling and jacking his cock in my mouth with one hand and stroking his balls with my nails of the other hand as he told me what a dirty little sissy slut I was.
He then asked, “Are you ready to be fucked?”
“YES!” I hissed.
“First get yourself ready for me by sliding that black rubber cock up your ass and fucking it first.”
I squirted some lube onto the black rubber cock and put the base of it against the eskişehir escort counter in front of the sink and backed into it moving slowly back and forth on it and inching in into my ass. He then walked over and leaned me forward and put his cock in my mouth. It was about then that I realized that I was fucking my own black dildo in the women’s bathhouse while I was sucking the big black cock of a man who I do not even know his name.
I was in heaven, I had never even dreamed that I would do something like this, when he commanded, “That’s really nice bitch, but whatever you do, you had better not cum without permission. If you do, you will regret it”

I did not know what he meant by that, but I replied, “Yes sir.”

“Stop talking slut and suck my cock.”

I did too! I was rocking back and forth on my black dildo, all the while my semen seemed to be boiling in my balls. I could stand it no more, “Please sir, may I cum?”

He took his cock from me and said “No slut, not yet. I haven’t fucked you yet. Pull that rubber cock out of your ass and turn around.”
I was so near to cumming that I was afraid that if I pulled the dildo out of my ass that I would cum right there. This caused me fear in 2 very sexual ways. The first was that I wanted to feel him inside of me before I got off, because I was afraid that if I came first that I would feel too guilty and be too humiliated and embarrassed to continue and I did not know how he or I would respond to that. The second was that he had commanded me not to cum without permission and he had not given me permission.

He saw me struggling to get my big black dildo out of my ass without cumming and asked what was taking me so long. I told him and he grabbed and twisted my nipple very hard as he slapped my ass and shouted, “hurry up you sissy bitch!”

This sudden pain distracted me from cumming as I snatched the dildo out of my ass, but the pain also made me moan, which really surprised me, but I did like it.

“Damn, so you like a little pain, huh bitch?”

The pain from my nipple temporarily distracted me from cumming. I pulled the dildo out of my ass it took my breath away and. I whispered, “Yes.”

He told to turn around and lean over the sick and to look into the mirror. He then adjusted the cameras and walked p behind me. He squirted lube on his big black cock and pressed the head up against my asshole. He then squirted some of the lube at the top of the crack of my white ass and let it slide down. I tried to look back and see what he was doing, but he scolded me and said, “What you looking at slut? You don’t need to be looking at anything except what you can see in that mirror!”
He then began slowly pushing his big black cock into my tight white ass. I gasped, “Please be gentle.”

He said “shut up sissy!” He then pressed in a little farther and I clenched my teeth and contorted my fingers while I held myself up over the counter. It hurt really nice and I closed my eyes in ecstasy. He then shouted, “Open your eyes bitch and look at yourself in the mirror!”

I just stared into my own eyes as he slowly slipped his big black cock into my white ass and soon I felt his him all the way in and his hips were pressed against my ass. I just kind of curled up some on the counter around the sink and groaned. He then started pulling his cock out of me a little bit and then shoved back in quickly. I just grunted and he demanded that I keep looking at myself in the mirror.

He added a little more lube and then stated pumping in and out of my ass slowly at first and then my Daddy picked up the speed a little. My mouth was hanging open and I was whimpering as I looked at myself in the mirror. I leaned on my left elbow and reached back to try and stroke my dick. My Daddy stopped fucking with only a little of his black cock in me and slapped my white ass really hard and said, “Don’t you dare touch that sissy! If you can’t get cum from being fucked, then you won’t cum at all.”
I just groaned, “Ok, ok just fuck me.”
He said “What? I didn’t understand what you said.”
I responded, “Please fuck me.”
He said, “I can’t hear you and straighten up and look into your eyes in the mirror and tell me what you want.”

Time sakarya escort just seemed to stop as I looked into the mirror. My eyes were glazed over with the sexual intensity of the situation. My senses seemed to be heightened and I noticed little things like how my hair looked and that one of my straps was down and especially what a beautiful girl I was. I then looked lower at my hard dick in the mirror and thought about how nice it would be to have it my mouth. My eyes then moved to my pale hips and the black hands that were holding them in place. I then looked into my eyes and pleaded, “Please daddy, please slide your big black dick all the way up my ass and fuck me hard. Please daddy, I need to come so bad.”

This must have been the right answer as he then slapped my ass again and then started fucking me hard. Daddy kept this up for a few minutes and then I started feeling the he cum in my balls begin to boil, I asked, “Daddy, I am getting close may I please cum.”
“No bitch, not yet. You just keep looking in the mirror!” He commanded.

I kept getting closer and closer, so I started to pull my hair to keep from cumming. I pleaded, “Daddy, please let me cum, I am going crazy!”

He responded, “Just another minute and I’ll be ready too.”

He had just told me he was going to cum really soon, but I didn’t think I could wait. He slapped my ass again and told to look into the mirror. I was beginning to shake involuntarily and began making little noises that I had never made before.

Daddy slapped my ass again and said, “You ready bitch?”

I whimpered, “Yes Daddy. I am ready to cum while you fuck my white ass with your big black cock.”
Daddy commanded, “Look into your eyes in the mirror then!” I did and was about to cum when he thrust hard all the way up into my ass and he started cumming inside of me. Once again, time seemed to stop. I couldn’t hold back anymore, and as he squirted his seed deep into my ass and I looked into the eyes of this beautiful slut in the mirror, I began to cum and was completely out of control. I kept looking into the mirror shouting, “Fuck me, fuck me Daddy! Fuck with Daddies big black cock! Cum in me Daddy! Fuck me Daddy!”

He just held my white hips with those big black hands and just shook my white ass around on his black cock. I looked down at my cock and saw it still squirting cum. I reached down and cupped my hand under head and my dick just kept squirting cum into my hand. I then turned my attention back to the stunning slut in the mirror, things had become very surreal and it was like I was watching this happen to someone else. I felt like I was finished cumming, but Daddy was still grinding his black cock in my ass. I continued looking into the mirror and carefully moved my cum filled hand to my mouth and watched myself as I began to lap my cum from my hand as I panted and tried to catch my breath. I watched as I dipped my lips into the pool of cum and sucked it all up and then looked at my um covered lips in the mirror and opened my mouth to see the cum clinging to the roof of my mouth and floating around my tongue, just as I was watching myself swallow, Daddy pulled his cock out of me. I swallowed and then slumped to the floor. I suddenly felt so empty and leaned forward, wrapped my rams around Daddies leg and kissed his thigh.
He told me to let, that he needed to go to sleep. He then commanded, “Go get yourself cleaned up and go to work. But get cleaned up and dressed properly as soon as get back and come straight to my camper and don’t you dare cum without asking me first!” He then, started to gather up the cameras and walk away.

I just reveled in the feeling that I had just experienced and then pulled myself to my feet. This time when I looked into the mirror, all I saw was this trashy looking slut who looked like she had been well fucked. I began have guilty feelings and felt totally humiliated by what I had done. I became terrified that someone would see me like this and peeked slowly out the door and saw that no one had come to the campground yet. I ran to my camper, grabbed my soap and a towel and went back to the bathhouse. Just as I was going in Daddy walked up to shower himself. He told me to leave the men’s bathhouse, that I belonged in the women’s bathhouse and that I had better get in there. I begged him not to make me do go in there, not now. But Daddy gave me this look that made me know I would be in big trouble if I didn’t do what he said.

I picked up my towel and submitted to what Daddy told me. As I began to wash myself, I wondered just what I had gotten myself in to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32