Forbidden Love Ch. 01

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Lying on my bed, with my eyes closed, I’m reliving the wonderful sight of mother in slow motion as she walked from the bathroom down the hall to her bedroom. Today, I was finally able to see her devoid of all clothing for the first time and I keep this image slowly going over and over in my head while I play with myself. She has been taking the liberty of walking around inside the house in just her underwear for a long time now. My mother is 42 years old, five foot six tall with large well defined breasts, size 40 D, they do droop a little, they do slightly curve outwards and defy gravity. At the point of each breast are two big fat nipples with lager dark areola surrounding each of them and her tits curve outwards to the side of her body. Mum has a quite little tight bum and legs that seem to go all the way to the top floor if you know what I mean.

The week after my 18th birthday, mum walked into the lounge room unexpectedly one evening in a very sheer and see-through white bra and panties set. I could not believe that she would ever do some thing like this and right in front of me. I can easily see the dark triangle of her pubic hair at the top of her thighs and her nipples as she walked towards me. Slowly doing a pirouette within a few feet of me, giving me a good look of her body clad only in her skimpy underwear. She asked me “What do you think of my new underwear darling?”

I was glade that I had a large folder on my lap to hide my stiffing cock from her gaze. I told her that, “In that mum, you look very sexy and any man, myself included would glad to have a lingerie clad girl like you sit with them anytime. If and when you decide to purchase any new stuff like this, I will gladly give my opinion to how it look on you.”

From that time on, all I wanted was to do was to see her in the nude and I had to wait one and a half years. This image of my mother I will never ever lose it for as long as I live. I watched her as she looked down the hall to my bedroom, seeing that I was not in it. She must have assumed that I had already left for Uni and so she headed for her room. I liked the way her large breasts swayed across her body as she walked along the hallway. I could not take my eyes away them and the large amount of thick dark pubic hair that is covering the most private part of her body.

I was not looking at her as my mother, but of a very lovely and desirable woman, a woman, I much wanted to have a long and loving sexual relationship with. I am sort of hoping she may have the same feeling about me as I do towards her. I know it wrong to be thinking along these lines, but mum and I have became close lately in more ways than one. I was sitting at the desk in the slightly darken study, doing some work on one of my many assignment and can see clearly down the hall towards the bathroom. Mum never thought to look in that direction, because if she did, she may have seen my smiling face looking back at her and she walked into her room leaving her door open.

Slipping off my shoes, I slowly sneak along wall of the hall as quietly as I can to her bedroom door. Cautiously peering in to her room, I watch her putting on a matching set of black lace bra and knickers. I watch in fascination as mum leans forward and with her hands moves her big tits into the right position within the bra. Standing up she admires her self in the full-length mirror.

Turning around to look at the reflection of her trim bottom in the mirror. Mum says to her self, “Well my sexy little bum, and you still the one thing that men take notice of all the time. At forty two, the rest of the body showing it age, but not you.” Facing the mirror again she fiddles with the gusset of her knickers, she can just see her son face at the door in the mirror. Thinking, “O hell, how long has he been standing at my door looking at me,” and her libido kicks in and she starts to get wet between her legs.

With total abandonment, she said to her self, “Well then, I will give him something to look at, and I know he wanted to catch me in the nude or doing something like this for some time, well my son, here is your private little show and I hope you like it.” Turning around to face the door, she opens her legs more to give her better access to her vaginal area.

She then puts a finger inside her knickers and starts to rub it along Bycasino her clit. After a minute of so, she inserts it and another finger into her vagina and starts to masturbate her self. Closing her eyes, she leans against the wall for support; she places her right hand on her ample breast. Pinching one nipple, then over to the other before squeezing her whole tit. God, I hope this is getting him all horny as hell, because it’s sure got my juices flowing.”

Watching as mother’s nipples become fully erect and push out the lace fabric of the bra cup. I am amazed at the size they become, about two inches long and an inch thick. God I want to suck on them like I did when she breast-feed me all those years ago. I am getting too turned on watching her, slowly creep away from the doorway and descend the stairs and out the front door.

Walking out to the front gate I walk to the corner to give mum some time to have her sexual release. Waiting at the corner for a couple of minutes before heading to our front gate. I let it slam it shut like I normally do when I come in and tread heavily on the steps, opening the screen door and let it slam shut.

Anne climax racks her body from head to toe, when it subsides, she looks at the door to see her son has disappeared. She then hears the front gate bang shut the way he always does when he comes home. I will act like nothing has happened and I am unawares of his spying on me. Mum yells out from her room, “Did you forget something Noel.”

“No mum, I just went for a walk around the block to calm the nerves before I head off to Uni.”

She says quietly to her self, “You will need more than a little walk to settle them nerves my son when I finish with you. I want to get my hands on you just as much as you want to get your hands me, god I want to feel that cock of yours sliding inside of me.”

Then mum yell back to me, “Okay love, I just about finished getting dressed and I be down shortly to head off to work. Can you please put on the kettle for me?”

“Sure mum, I know if you don’t get your daily dose of caffeine, all hell breaks loose and we couldn’t have that, so it will be ready for you as soon as you are down here.”

“Thank you darling, you are very thoughtful and will make a girl happy one day.”

“Only if she as gorgeous and sexy as what you are mum.”

She didn’t answer that last comment I made, maybe she did not hear it. Did I him hear rightly what he said to me, I most certainly did. I am going to have to tread very slowly and softly with him to see just where it’s going to lead us. I hope it leads us into each other’s arms and into bed as lovers.

I wonder what mum is going to wear over her sexy underwear. The jug boiled when mum starts to descend the stairs. As she takes each step coming down, I see that she has white lace knickers on now. She has put on a short white mini skirt and black low cuts see-through silk blouse that shows off a vast amount of cleavage and the black bra underneath. Pouring hot water into her cup and then stir in the milk and hand it to her.

Mum sits down on one of the two bar stools at the breakfast bar; she rests her left leg on her right knee. This has caused the hem of the mini skirt to ride to nearly to the top of her thighs. Looking at mum as she takes a sip of her coffee. I quickly notice I have an unrestricted view of the gusset of her knickers stretched tightly across her vagina. Bending down, I rest my elbows on the bench top and cradle my chin in the palms of my hands. This lowers my head closer to towards mum and affords me an even greater view of her crutch and also to hide the fact that I’m getting a hard on.

Looking up, I ask Mum, “What time do you finishing tonight Mum?”

Anne glances to her son and see that he is having a long interesting look at something. Casting her eyes down further, she sees that he in looking at her exposed knickers. She thinks to her self, “My god, he becoming aroused and excited by what he is seeing. I should just drop my leg and end this right now. No I won’t, I want him to look at me this way, and I know it’s normal for boys of his age to look at things like this when an opportunity arises. Well I have given him lots of opportunities over the last year and a half since his 18th birthday and I have enjoyed doing Bycasino giriş it. Well it has been a while, a long while in fact since a man or any has looked at me in this way. I have seen that same look on a lot of the male employees at work when they drool at me while I working at my desk. Now my own son has that look on his face, the same look that says I want you. Hell I want him just as badly. What are you thinking of Anne, he is your own son for god sake, I know, but it makes me feel so good and I need to know that I still can turn on a man like this, even if that man just happens to be my own flesh and blood. I wonder what he would he do if I open my legs a little further, well why don’t I find out?”

Moving her left leg causally along her thigh a bit more has made the skirt ride up to near to the top of her legs, exposing nearly all of the front part of her panties. Casting her eyes down to see her son eyes open widely and she smiles to her self with satisfaction.

I cannot believe my eyes; my mum has opened her legs even more, I am looking straight at her tightly stretched panties covering her fanny. I can see a faint wet spot forming on the gusset of her knickers and her pubic hair is beginning to poke out the sides. My cock jumps to its fully erected state.

This has not gone unnoticed by his mother, she can see for herself his aroused state. Look at the size of that thing in his pants, I got to get my hands on it some way or I will die trying.

This is nearly as good when I watched mum play with her self up stairs a short time ago. Hell she has got the best looking legs I have seen on a girl. I would just love to rub my hand up her leg and over the front of those panties her. I lean over and put my hand on mums left knee, the only thing I am thinking of is, this is one very sexy and beautiful woman.

I want to experience the joy of making love to her for as long as she wants me to. I begin to rub my hand slowly backward and forward along her left thigh for about a minute or two. There is no mistaking it; there is defiantly a mutual attraction between us, more than just a mother and son.

Thinking to her self again. “Yes, keeping rubbing your hand there like that and I will cum again soon. I have to stop before that happens. He may not understand at this time.”

“I should be home around five forty five and six o’clock darling.”

“Okay Mum, I will some thing ready for tea when you arrive home tonight.”

Mum has finished her cup of coffee and puts it down on the bench top, drops her leg down and stands up. Looking at her watch, she says to me, “Can you wash my cup up for me and I will see you when I come home tonight my darling.” Leaning over the breakfast bar and kisses me on the lips before walking away from me. She makes no attempt to pull the skirt back in place as she picks up her handbag and heads out the front door.

The way mum said “Darling” to me was very different this time compared to the past. Watching her walk away from me, I see her panties pulled tight across her cute bottom as she goes out the door. My cock is about to explode in my track pants; I run over, shut and lock the back door before going up the stairs to my room.

She hears the back door being locked and knows that her son is going upstairs to masturbate and relieve himself. Soon my son, soon you will be putting your seed in my womb and I may even let you make me pregnant with your child. Passing mums room I see her black knickers in a heap on the floor next to her laundry basket. I walk in, pick then up and go into my bedroom removing my track pants, underpants and lay down on my bed. I can clearly see the damp area on the knickers, lifting it to my nose and inhaling, I can smell her womanly sent in the material.

That where she has played with herself and her juices flowed, now like I am going to do and cum on the same spot. My other hand in now slides up and down the length of my swollen cock, giving me the release that I most crave for. With her knickers still my hand my senses are all about into overload mode. I can feel the contractions starting in the base of my cock as my sperm races along inside to the opening in its head.

I put mums knickers on my cock just as I am about to cum; I place the head of my cock in the middle Bycasino deneme bonusu of the thick gusset material just before I release my load. I want to cum on the very spot that her cunt rested in these panties. My sperm shoot out the eye of my cock with some force and pools on the material. When my climax is finished I look to see how much I have released and is amazed by the amount.

I lay mums knickers carefully on top of her laundry hamper so that she can see what I left inside of them. This is my way saying to mum, I want to put this inside of your vagina and a lot more beside this. It was hard to concentrate on my maths exam through the day thinking of my lovely mother in her sexy underwear. I am also wondering if mum was having these same thoughts that I am now.

Sitting at her desk in her office, Anne can still feel the tingling sensation on her left knee where Noel rubbed his hand earlier today. The persistence damp area on the gusset of her knickers told her one thing. She loved the feeling, it was O so nice, for she has been waiting for a long time and it is her own son that done it to her. She was very comfortable with what happened this morning with Noel, showing herself to him in the way she did. May be I will do it again to see if I can turn him on again and just how far we can go.

I was able to finish my exams early and run home, looking into mum’s bedroom to see her panties where I left them. Thinking, “I should put them straight into the washing machine, no leave them there, I want her to find them.” Going to my room I get clean clothes and have a shower to get ready for when mum comes home. Laying on the lounge, I think back the last few months, how little thing have happened between us.

Like one hot summer night five months ago, mum is sitting on the lounge in her bra and panties. They are thin and see-through, I come in the front door and mum pats the cousin beside her for me to sit next to her. Mum put her arm around my shoulder and gently pulls me to her. My head comes to rest on the upper part of her right breast, I can feel it firmness of it against my cheek. After a short while mum lays back more in the lounge causing her nipple to touch the side of my mouth. I can feel it hardening and pushing into the corner of my mouth.

I remember asking mum, “How was you day at work today mum.” Her bra covered nipple is in the corner of my mouth now. I can feel it growing longer and harder, and she answers, “Pretty hectic all day, but we got all the product shipped out on time.”

“So your happy to be able sit down, relax for a while now and enjoy watching some TV.”

“Especially with a hansom man like you beside me.”

Mum starts to run her hand through my hair and she gently pushes my head down a little further and across on her breast slightly. By doing this, mum has bought my mouth directly over her nipple and I allow it to enter my mouth. I am enjoying the feeling of her erect teat in my mouth and close my lips over it and start gently suck on it.

After about a minute or so, mum lift my head away from her breast, she says to me, “Before we get too comfortable with this, I want to have a shower to feel refresh and clean before tea. After dinner we can sit and watch a video I got from the store. Yes you can snuggle up to me again if you want too.” “I could not think of anything nicer Mum, to snuggle up to you like I use to do all those years ago.”

As she starts to get up from the lounge, I look between her thighs to see a wet patch on her knickers and think nothing about it. I know that mum has not even dated sense my so called father upped and walked out on us. I thought that might have upset mum by my what I did, it felt natural and the right thing to do at that moment.

As Anne walks up the hallway, she looks at her right breast to see how erect the nipple is form his gentle sucking. It was at that moment that she wanted him to make love to her. But she had to work it in such a way that it is he who is making the moves on her whit her guidance.

After her shower Anne puts on her sheerest lace teddy that just covers her mount of Venus with it’s matching dressing gown that glides around her long legs to her ankles. I have nearly finishing cooking tea for us when mum walks into the kitchen combined dinning room.

I let a loud audible gasp when mum floats into the room. A smile comes onto mums face when she hears my gasp, and mum lays on the lounge with her legs bent forward slightly. It was from that time on that I felt that I was being directed by mum to what ends I had no idea.

End chapter one.

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