For Jasmyn – Her New Daddy

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I lay naked, sprawled out above the sheets, head-to-toe sweat cooling on my skin. Her tiny 18-year-old body was nestled up against my side, my arm wrapped around her, my hand gently cupping her firm, full breast. She emitted a light moaning sigh in her sleep as her delicate little hand slid over my belly and down to rest on my exhausted 43-year-old cock. After all the use my little girl had put it to in recent weeks and especially the previous six hours, I was amazed to feel it stirring again.

But I suppose I should go back to the beginning…

One morning late in the summer, creeping close to autumn, actually, there was a knock at my front door. It was a Saturday and since my daughter Holly had already taken off to Colorado to get settled in before her first semester at college, I was the only one home and sleeping in. The knocking woke me and I was about to take my first step down the stairs when I realized I was naked.

A quick trip back to my room to throw on a robe and I was soon peeking through the peephole in the front door. There on my porch was Jasmyn, one of Holly’s best friends, from just down the road. She was always one of my favorites, always so sweet, so polite. She was a joy to have around the house. I opened the door and smiled down at her, she was tiny, maybe 5’2″…at least a full foot shorter than me. Her body was tight and athletic except for her generous, firm breasts which looked even larger on her small frame. Her big dark eyes beamed up at me and her pink lips pulled back into a beautiful toothy smile. I was surprised to see her in her black and orange high school cheerleading uniform; a short skirt with a very form-fitting top, little ankle socks and brand new tennis shoes. I knew she was a year behind Holly, so a senior this upcoming year, but school didn’t start for a couple weeks.

“Hi, Mr. Black!”

“Told you a million times, Jasmyn, you don’t have to call me Mr. Black.”

“Sorry, I always forget,” she giggled and shrugged.

Holding the door wide and stepping aside, I motioned for her to enter. “So what can I do for you, sweetheart?”

She came in and walked past me, her breast brushing against my forearm, headed into the living room as she spoke. “Um, well, I went to cheer practice and then I was supposed to stay at my dad’s house this weekend. But he had to work all weekend so he told me to just go back home to my mom’s. When I got back there I remembered my mom and everybody else is gone for the weekend and the house is all locked up! And THEN I went to my car to get my house key and realized I was locked out of my car! No keys, no phone… can I use your phone and stay here until I figure out what to do next?”

I chuckled in amazement at the nonstop string of words flying out of her mouth. Wrapping both my arms around her shoulders I pulled her to me and gave her a hug. I kissed her on the top of her head, breathing deep, her long dark hair smelled faintly of lilacs and the sweat of the afternoon’s workout.

“Haha…of course, Jazz. Make yourself at home, as always. You’re family.”

She squeezed me tight and buried her face in my chest. Then she jumped up a foot and planted a kiss on my cheek. “Thank you! You’re the best.”

An hour later, after we had called Jazz’s mother and agreed it was easiest to just let her stay in Holly’s room for the weekend, I was dozing on the couch. Fifteen minutes or so after arriving she’d gone up to Holly’s room to use her shower and find something to wear. My daughter the amazon was twice her size but she was sure she could find something.

The couch was comfortable and very easy to fall asleep on. I was sleeping like a stone, having the most inappropriate dream about my young guest. She was 18 now, it’s not like it’s was THAT wrong. In my dream the teenage cheerleader with the beautiful eyes, dark silken hair and the delicious tan skin was kneeling at my feet smiling up at me. Her little hand stroked my rigid cock in front of her face. I could feel myself approaching climax.

The closer my dream orgasm came the more awake I became. Until I was conscious enough to realize my robe was open and delicate fingers encircled my cock, stroking it tentatively. I kept my eyes closed and enjoyed the sensation for a moment, afraid of what I’d see and not wanting to have to put a stop to it. My conscience only let me hold off for maybe thirty seconds. I looked down to see little Jazz on her knees beside the couch, one hand slowly jerking my cock as she leaned in close. Her eyes eagerly drank in the sight of what she was doing.

“Jasmyn! What the hell?!”

Her kaynarca escort head jerked back and she looked at me, eyes wide, and released my member. “Oh god! I’m sorry, I’m so sorry! I came down stairs, your robe was open and your…thing…was standing up and I just…just–“

She was so embarrassed and looked so afraid I would be angry, she looked like she might be about to cry. I quickly sat up, swinging my legs off the edge and reached out to her. I was so concerned with comforting her I didn’t realize sitting up like that would put her right between my legs.

“Aww, Jasmyn! It’s ok, don’t be upset.” Without thinking I hunched down, wrapped my arms around and hugged her to me. “I’m not mad.”

It took only seconds to realize my exposed cock was resting against her chest, pointing upwards resting between her magnificent young breasts. It throbbed against her and she pressed herself into it. A soft groan escaped my lips and all worries of propriety began to flee my mind. Her soft little hand came up to gentle cup my balls as she moved away just far enough to duck her head and plant a tender kiss on the tip of my aching cock.

“Jazz, sweetie, no.” I grabbed her firmly by the shoulders, pushing her gently away and turning her to face me. “We can’t do this.”

That’s when I noticed the oversized button up silk shirt she was wearing was mine, not Holly’s. Holly had bought it for me to wear to her graduation, insisting ‘just this once’ I wear a proper suit and tie. Jasmyn saw the recognition in my eyes.

“I hope you don’t mind. I know Holly made you wear this to graduation… you were so handsome. It’s so comfortable.”

“Yeah, that’s fine.” She looked adorable in my shirt, it was long enough to be a short dress on her. I placed one hand on the side of her face, gently stroking her cheek with my thumb. I couldn’t help but smile and look into her big brown eyes. “It looks really cute on you.”

She turned her head slightly, never taking her eyes off mine, and gently kissed the inside of my wrist. “Thank you. I’m glad you like it, Mr. Black.”

“Haha!” Cupping her face in both my hands, I lean forward and kiss her forehead. I pull back just far enough to look into her eyes. “You REALLY have to start calling me ANYTHING but Mr. Black, Jazz.”

“Okay…” She leaned in suddenly, her soft pink lips pressing against mine. Our mouths opened slightly and I felt her the tip of her wet tongue slide across the inside of my upper lip. “…Daddy.”


“Yeah, Daddy. Is that okay?” She pouted and looked up at me with playful innocence.

My answer to her was wrapping one arm around her waist, placing the other hand on the back of her head and pulling her to me in a deep kiss. Our tongues invaded each others mouths, sliding lazily over each other. Leaning back onto the couch I pulled her to lay on top of me, our gentle kisses uninterrupted. She tasted sweet. We continued to kiss, hands caressing and exploring each other. She pulled my robe completely open and scratched lightly at my bare chest.

As she moved I could feel the firm curves of her breasts sliding against me through the slippery, smooth material of her shirt. She kissed me hard, reached between us and squeezed my cock. I groaned into her mouth. My hands coasted down her back, each large hand grasping one cheek of her tight little butt. I squeezed her ass and buried my face against the side of her neck, kissing and nibbling at the sensitive skin there. She moaned and squeezed my captive member harder.

I sat up suddenly, lifting her up high enough that I could playfully bite at the nipples poking against the powder blue silk. She squealed, grabbed my head and pulled my face tightly to her breast. Then sitting back, resting her hands behind her on my thighs, she smiled at me. She was so beautiful, so young and sweet. I couldn’t believe it was happening…or how perfectly natural it felt. She tossed her hair back over her shoulders and looked away nervously as she unbuttoned the big shirt that looked far better on her than it ever did on me.

As the buttons came undone the shirt fell open, revealing first the soft skin between her breasts and then her flat stomach and cute little belly ring. She paused, still looking away. She fiddled with the last button but couldn’t seem to bring herself to undo it. I reached out and slowly let my fingertips glide from her neck down to her tummy, stopping well away from that final button.

“Jazz? Baby, we can stop right here.” I put two fingers under her chin and turned her face toward küçükyalı escort me so she could see my eyes. “I would never want to do anything you don’t want. We can stop.”

“You mean it, Daddy?” She grasped the hand that had been cradling her chin in both of hers and kissed my fingers. “You wouldn’t be mad?”

“Of course not, baby.” I leaned forward and kissed the warm flesh between her breasts. “I’m surprised and happy you wanted to share even this much of yourself with me.”

She beamed up at me. “You’re such a good daddy, Daddy.”

She leaned back again, taking that bottom button between her fingers. I kept my eyes on her face trying reassure her. In my peripheral vision I could see the shirt was now open, barely covering her breasts and open all the way at the bottom. I didn’t allow myself to look until she was ready for me to. She smiled nervously then sucked her finger into her mouth. My eyes followed that finger as it left her mouth, trailed down her neck, down her chest and stomach. It guided my gaze down between her legs to the smooth skin of her completely shaved pussy. I could actually see the glistening wetness along her excited slit and my heart pounded, a wave of heat spreading from my chest out to my extremities.

“Do you like my little pussy, Daddy?”

“Mmmmmm…yes, babygirl. It’s very pretty.”

“Will you touch it for me?”

“Are you sure, Jazz? You want Daddy to play with it?”

She grabbed my hand and guided it toward her crotch. “Yes, Daddy. You made me so wet. Please play with my juicy little cunt.”

She released my hand and leaned back putting her hands behind her on my knees. The shirt fell back away from the lower part of her body but still just barely covering her pert nipples. I ran my hands over her firm stomach, across her pelvis and down her strong legs to her knees, then back up the inside of her thighs toward her waiting womanhood. The back of my fingers brushed, just barely, against her puffy, hairless outer lips and a little shudder went through her body. Slowly my fingers moved up and down, occasionally grazing the super sensitive flesh, each time bringing a shiver and a shuddering sigh.

She suddenly grabbed my wrist with both hands. “God, Daddy! Stop teasing!”

“But what if I don’t want to, baby? I think I LIKE teasing you and making you squirm.”

I grinned mischievously and she scowled back at me. “Be nice, Daddy!”

“Be nice? How do you want me to be nice, Jazz?”

“Da-DEEE…” She actually blushed and lowered her eyes.

“Tell me, Jasmyn. Tell Daddy what you want.”

“You know what I want.” She smiled uncomfortably.

I put my big hands on her little waist and lifted her toward me. Face-to-face, our noses almost touching, it was almost impossible for her to avoid my gaze. I kissed her cheek, the tip of her nose, then softly, her pretty little mouth.

“Tell me,” I whispered. “I have to know this is what you want, baby.”

“I…I want…” She breathed deep and leaned in close to whisper in my ear, her hot breath carrying her words. “I want you to make love to me, Daddy.”

She nuzzled her face into my neck, I think to hide her awkwardness. One hand stroked the back of her head, the other rubbing up and down her back.

“Have you ever done this before, baby? Have you had sex?”

After a brief silence she replied. “Yes, Daddy. A few times, six or seven months ago with my boyfriend.”

I wasn’t sure what to say. Secretly I was a touch relieved, a young woman’s first time is nothing to take lightly. This took some of the pressure off.

“Daddy?” She found the courage to look me in the face again. She wore a troubled expression. “You’re so quiet, are you disappointed in me?”

I smiled and kissed her, a quick peck on the mouth. “Don’t be silly, sweetheart. I just needed to know.”

“So? Are we going to…?”

She squealed and giggled when I suddenly stood up, holding her in my strong arms. She smiled, caressed my face, then kissed me passionately as I carried her up the stairs. After lowering her softly to the bed and kissing her bare belly, I turned on the small lamp on my dresser. I took several candles from the nightstand drawer and lit them here and there around the room. There was enough light to see each other but it was low enough to be romantic. I saw her watching me as I moved around the room. Sometimes she watched what I was doing, but when she thought I wasn’t paying attention her gaze lowered to my half hard cock. She had taken off the shirt and I could finally see all of her. She skootched sancaktepe escort up the bed to lean back against the headboard and toyed with her dark nipples as she watched me.

I slid into bed beside her, there was no turning back now. If either of us still had any reservations we were both far too worked up to stop ourselves by that point. I kissed her and ran a hand across her stomach and down onto her hip. My kisses moved down to her collar bone, then on to the soft mounds of her perfect breasts. One finger gently toyed with her pussy. I moved into position to bury my tongue in her wet folds.

“Daddy? I…I want all this too… more than you can imagine, but…”

She paused. I kissed the inside of her thigh. “What is it, baby?”

“Oh God, Daddy, I just want you inside me so bad.”

Smiling, I pulled her down the bed toward me and leaned down to kiss her. My eager cock laid across the silken skin of her hairless mound, my balls up snug against her slit.

“Whatever my baby wants.” I repositioned myself and rubbed the fat head of my cock against her 18-year-old pussy. “Spread yourself open for me, baby.”

Her little fingers pulled her lips apart revealing the unbelievably small, pink, glistening wetness anxiously waiting to receive my manhood. I placed the tip of my shaft in the her opening, she sighed heavily, anticipating pleasure. I pushed forward, in one long, slow continuous motion I squeezed my cock into her velvet vice. She held her breath, lower lip quivering, until I was in her completely, buried to the hilt.

Then a long, low moan trickled from her little mouth, “Daaaaaddeeee.”

I held my hips still, letting her adjust to being filled with me. I slid my hands up her smooth body and lightly squeezed her firm breasts.

“I’m ready, Daddy,” she whined, “I can’t wait anymore.”

We quickly found a slow, deep rhythm…my cock gliding in and out of the tightest pussy I’d ever experienced, her hips rolling to meet mine. I kissed between her breasts while she pulled at her nipples, then up her neck to her lips. She sighed into my mouth as my tongue entered hers. Her hands moved to the sides of my face and kissed me hard. Grabbing a fistful of hair in each hand she pushed my head away to look at me. Our bodies moved faster, my thrusts a little harder.

“Ooooooohhhh, Daddy,” she moaned dreamily. “I…I love being with you, Daddy. I can’t believe you’re inside me.”

“Oh, Jasmyn baby, I don’t want this to ever end…but…unhh…I don’t think I can hold off much longer.”

“It’s okay. I’m almost there, I’m almost ready to cum, Daddy. Oh GOD, it’s so close!”

I began thrusting into her harder and faster, both of us moaning. She gripped my hair tighter, pulling my face tightly to her chest glistening with sweat.

“Oh fuck, Daddy! Fuck! Fuck me, Daddy!” My hips slammed into her harder, she groaned at the top of her lungs with every thrust. “Are you ready, Daddy? Are you going to cum for me? Ooohh, give me your cum! Cum in my hot little pussy, Daddy!”

I growled like a wild beast as the first heavy blast of cum burst forth from my cock head deep, deep within her. She cried out, feeling my hot seed flooding her cunt triggered her own orgasm. She shuddered and whined and squealed beneath me as blast after blast of my spunk coated her insides. I made one final thrust and held myself deep inside her as the last weak spurts trickled from me. Her hips shuddered against me, her entire body almost convulsing.

Exhausted sighs left us both. Barely an ounce of strength left in me, I collapsed onto her. I held myself up the best I could to keep from crushing her tiny frame but still pushed her down into the mattress. A couple deep breaths cleared my head enough to move again and I kissed her gently on the lips before rolling off and collapsing on my back beside her.

We laid there, silent except for our heavy breathing. I reached out and took her small hand, she entwined her fingers in mine. She rolled up onto her hands and knees, took my deflating cock in her mouth to taste our combined juices, then climbed up to snuggle on top of me. Her head rested on my chest, I felt her hot breath whoosh rhythmically across my chest.

“Mmmmmm…that was so wonderful, Daddy. I’ve never had a boy shoot inside me before.”

“Oh my God! What was I thinking?! I didn’t–“

“Hahaha! It’s okay! Relax, Daddy, I’ve been on the pill for a while. Ever since I decided I wanted this to happen.”

“You mean you planned this?!”

She lifted her head and donned an expression of feigned offense. “Of course! I didn’t just throw myself at you on the spur of the moment. Do you think I’m, like, some wild slut or something?”

“No, I think you’re my baby.”

She smiled. “And you’re my new Daddy.” She kissed me and we both chuckled. “Always?”

“Always, Jazz.”

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